Simple Exercise to Keep Weight Off

How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

If you have ever been called thunder thighs, bubble butt or even pleasantly plump this hub is for you. I know most people say it's so easy to lose weight once they have the weight off but lets talk about what keeps it off. First and foremost I know it's boring to hear but you have to do some exercise. Yes, I know you are trying to leave this hub as I type but wait a minute hold on. I gate the idea of exercising for 2 hours a day too. Now that you know I am on your side and I am here to help read on my friend I know you will be glad you did by the time you get to the end.

Not all exercise is hard or bad I know you are a very busy person so I won't waste your time. First of all don't waste your time with exercise that you don't need to be doing. Yes I said don't waste your time. Make sure you get plenty of water daily don't over due the soda it can ad so many empty calories to your day that any desert will push you over your calorie intake limit and it will add weight to your body. What I mean by that is that most programs out there are for 1 size fits all. If you are still reading then you are thinking like I am that there has to be someone out there that doesn't need to go through a 200 step program just to pick the exercise that fits you right?

In this hub I want to out line a few very unique and very effective exercises to maximize your work out time and get you the results you need and want. Simply look for the tip you need to exercise the area you want to lose weight or tone in and there you go. Instead of wasting your whole afternoon with a 2 hour exercise routine that you will never stick to just simply pick the exercises you need for the problem areas you have then you will see in a few weeks time your body will change in wonderful ways.

Exercise for many is a very dirty word I know because I am one of those people; however there are many different ways to get your body moving without really thinking much about it. I have gathered some great tips to help keep you going on your quest to lose weight and tone your body. I too am on this journey and have found success in just staying engaged and motivated. A good tip from Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser is in order to keep yourself on the right track to eat foods that are good for you try to to eat things that grow from trees or the ground. That is a great tip Bob.

My Favorite Exercise Target Those Love Handles and Abs

Target Exercise is so Great

First and foremost my all time favorite exercise has to be the side plank. The side plank is a great way to keep those hips toned and those love handles at bay. If you do not believe me try 15 side planks each side everyday while you watch TV for 2 weeks watch your pant size shrink.

Don't believe me challenge yourself and see then leave everyone else a comment to let them know how it goes. Watch the first video called: My Favorite Exercise Target Those Love Handles and Abs if you do not know how to do a side plank they are so easy and you can do them at beginner level if you have never tried them before. Once you master that you can move up to the next level.

Target Arm Exercise 5 minutes

Target your Arms with this 5 minute Work Out

If you have problems with flabby arms try this 5 minute work out to target your arms. You can do this for 5 minutes while you watch TV. Even if you do not have weight you can use bottles of water or even soup cans as your weights to help with your work out. In no time those floppy arms will be beautiful. Keep up the good work.

5 Minute Exercise to Target the Booty

5 Minute Booty Exercise

If you are like me your booty could use some work before the summer sun hits and you have to hold your breath as you turn around in the mirror inspecting last years bathing suite. If you hit this 5 minute booty work out a few times a week that moment may not seems so bad after all. Remember anything worth having is worth working for. Use your target exercise for the areas you need it the most a few time a week and you will have a great summer body in not time.

Exercise Routines

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5 Minute Ab Exercise

Target your Abs with This 5 Minute Workout

One you use a few minutes of your time wisely and you see the great results you will understand that exercise is about what you need and want not about doing every exercise there is and burning out the first day. Pick your battles!! Use what you need when you need it. Do not over do your exercise or you will give it up completely. Use what you need when you have time. Fit a few needed exercising into your daily life. try to do you leg exercises while you talk to a friend on the phone daily. Try to fit in a side plank work out for those love handles while you watch your favorite shows every week day. I promise you if you dedicate some time to making your body better it will pay off big time. Try it see for yourself.

Here it is Ladies & Gents Lose Your Double Chin!!

Target Your Double Chin to Get Rid of it!!

Yes this one last target exercise is worth it's weight in gold! I can tell you if you add a small ball about 3 or 4 inches around mine is made from polyester fiber and has some good resistance to it. You need just enough resistance that you have to push down with slight force to push it down towards your chest. Repeat this as many times as you feel you can comfortable handle it will help you lose your double chin twice as fast! Yes it really works I love this exercise and I do it while I check my email it is so easy. The results of this exercise will be a younger looking you and no one will be able to put their finger on why you look so much younger. People will swear you had some kind of surgery or some thing but it will be our little secret. Of course feel free to pass this on to all your guy and gal pals you want to help look great! Don't forget to leave me a comment let me know how it goes. Take a picture of before and after so you can see the results for yourself. I will love hearing all about it. Happy target hunting everyone!

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