Simple Remedies for Asthma

What is Asthma

The word asthma is from 'asma' a Greek word meaning 'panting' or 'breathing hard'.  The primary symptom of asthma is difficulty to breathe.  Sir John Floyer the author of 'A Treatise of the Asthma' and Dr. Thomas Willis were two of the earliest doctors who wrote extensively on asthma.  They belong to the 17th century period, when allopathy was at a nascent stage.  Incidentally, they both suffered from asthma.  Dr. Floyer says that constriction of airway passage leads to asthma. It was in the next century that the role of lungs became apparent.

If there is blockage of airway passage due to phlegm, or if the inner walls of the passage becomes inflamed, or when the inner wall muscles contract, there is constriction of the airway passage and this results in asthma.  Difficulty to breathe would be the initial symptom of asthma.

Know Asthma

Alternative Remedies for Asthma

Though conventional medicine says there is no cure for asthma, alternative systems like Ayurveda and Siddha claim that asthma is curable.  Ancient Siddha texts in fact talk about almost sixteen types of asthma.  Siddha medicines for asthma strengthen human body's immunity and thus cures you of the disease.  Some of the preparations that are found to be effective are Eladhi chooranam, thippili rasayanam, thoothuvalai ghee.  These preparations are useful for people with chronic cough.  In case of difficult breathing, nasal congestion etc, chitharathai chooranam is found to be helpful.  All these preparations are available at Siddha medicine stores.  You can get them from the famous IMPCOPS store in Chennai, India.  Their website accepts online orders too.

One other preparation that I found useful was Pankajakasthuri, Vasaristham and Kanakasavam combination.  One spoonful of Pankajakasthuri powder is mixed with vasarishtam and kanakasavam of the same quantity. This should be taken twice a day after food.  This regimen is to be followed for six months at least.  This does not have any side effects unlike the inhalers.  This strengthens the lungs and acts as an immunomodulator and improves the immunity.

Since these preparations when taken as prescribed do not have the side effects unlike the inhalers etc, it is worth a try.  These are even cost effective too!  

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rb77 profile image

rb77 7 years ago from Las Vegas

Thumbs up!! 100% agreement about curing and not just treating as western medicine prescribes. Is your last compound products common in the U.S.? Good information.

jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 7 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Hi rb77

Thanks for visiting.

Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala, IMPCOPS, are some of the reliable shops where you can get Vasarishtam, kanakasavam.  Pankajakasthuri is available online. All the three preparations are easily available in Kerala, but I am not sure about the U.S. 

Jaysin 6 years ago

I tried Pankajakasthuri for my 7 yr. old son but not so effective.. i dont know if i try Vasarishtam & Kanakasavam with Pankaj Kasthruri will help.. any way sure i will try..

Kannan 5 years ago

A good and useful post.

Kannan Erode 5 years ago

Imcops , Dabur, are good. can get in Chennai, India. Kanakasava is good for Astma. Thank You. Kannan Erode

Karthik 5 years ago


My son is 2.5yrs old, suspected of having asthma trouble, currently he is taking inhalers. Along with this we want to give him Kanagasavam + Vasakadyaristham(instead of Vasaristham) + Pankajakashuri(each 5 ml)..

Any suggestions from your side?


Radhika 4 years ago

Kanakavasam & Vasarishtam is best for Asthama alongwith Swasanandam Gulika

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