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Many people the world over are troubles by the problem of ageing. They therefore are continually seeking anti ageing methods that will leave them feeling younger and keep the effects of ageing at bay. One of the surest ways of attaining this goal is through the use of anti ageing exercises so as to be able to keep your body in top condition. By doing this, you will not only be avoiding the effects of age but avoiding diseases that come about due to lack of exercises.

Muscle Atrophy

When the body is not exposed to exercise, it wastes away slowly and will therefore cause a problem sooner or later due to the inactivity that is occasioned by this. Due to the hassles of every day, the time to exercise might lack but it is always important to keep to an exercise regime however simple. Lack of exercise causes muscles to waste away, commonly known as muscle atrophy. For the effects of ageing to be kept at bay, it is very important to keep active to prevent muscles from wasting.

According to scientific research the benefits of exercise span a long way by preventing disease, making you attain optimum mental alertness, stronger bones and making you have a good mood always that helps you have a positive attitude to life. It however should be noted that not a single exercise can do all the work of helping you in attaining all the above. A combination of exercises aimed at different parts of the body should be employed so as to realize the dream of anti ageing.


The first exercise that is advised is aerobics. These are simple exercises that are aimed at increasing the body temperature of the body by making your heart to pump quicker. By so doing, you will be toning your body muscles and organs. The easiest and most fun methods of aerobic exercise include bicycling, skiing, jogging dancing or even walking.

Balance and Coordination

The next exercise that you need to employ is the coordination and balancing. The importance of this exercise if that you will be able to prevent the many cases that are documented of bones breaking due to an awkward fall. This can easily be kept at bay by doing some simple balancing act for 5 – 10 minutes a day. Some simple exercise that you can start with is the standing on one foot and trying to maintain your balance. If you succeed, you then can go a step further by hopping on one leg over a short distance. For the advanced form of balancing exercises, it would be a good idea that you look to techniques like Yoga and Tai Chi.

Moderate Weight Loss Exercise

Further, you can even engage in a weight loss program just to shed off the extra weight which is quite dangerous and can cause serious effects to your health. This is especially recommended for people that have a family history of health conditions in their old age.

Whichever form of anti ageing method you will choose to employ, it is important to note that results that have been outlined will come with time and are not immediate. It is also advisable that you seek the guidance of a health professional that will help in determining the best exercises that are suited for you.

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Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 3 years ago

This sure is a great article on some useful and interesting tips. I am getting to the age where I will work on implementing some , if not all that you have outlined. A person's thyroid plays a role in weight and managing of the highs and lows on the scale. Voted this up++

Shared & tweeted. :) Wishing you great health.

Davidnjoroge profile image

Davidnjoroge 3 years ago from Nairobi Author

I'm glad I made your life that much easier. Thank you for reading and tweeting.

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