The Neti Pot For Allergies and Colds

Everyone Needs A Neti Pot

I heard about the Neti Pot from some friends and thought it wasn't for me. I soon changed my ind. Because I suffer with allergies during the Spring and Fall seasons, I found myself in need of some help. I was miserable from the allergy symptome and suffering with a stuffy nose! I was miserable enough to march down to the nearest drugstore and purchase my own Neti Pot. I became a believer instantly.

By using this little container, I can clear my head, eliminate constant sneezing, breathe better, and often get rid of sinus pain. I buy the prepackaged saline packets for my solution. They are easy to use and travel easily in your suitcase. Yes, I take my neti pot on trips.

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How To Use It

Here are some easy to follow instructions on using the Neti Pot. Pour the contents of the saline packet into your pot and add warm water. Distilled water is recommended to avoid bacterias and germs from normal water sources. My pot came with a small spoon to stir the mixture. By tilting the head to one side over a sink, mouth open for breathing, pour the water into one nostril and let it flow out the other nostril. Pour the solution into the other nostril with the head tilted the other direction. Blow your nose after the rinse and help packed sinuses get clear. With this saline solution, swelling is diminished. Your nose may continue to drip for awhile as the solution works its way out. When I am traveling or suffering from allergies or a cold, I use the neti pot in the morning and at night. Othertimes, I use it as needed.

To clean the neti pot, wash with soap and water after each use. I put mine in the dishwasher periodically to sanitize it well. They are very easy to use and clean.

The cost for the neti pot and saline solution are minimal and the relief is worth it! I recommend that you invest in this simple tool to clear your head and possibly even prevent a cold or two. Breathe easy!

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Comments 12 comments

PaulaK profile image

PaulaK 6 years ago from Austin. Texas Author

Hey Iowac, thanks for sharing your experience!

iowac profile image

iowac 6 years ago from North Carolina

I dont have a netti pot, but I certainly can say that using saline solution doing the same in one nose out the other technique big time will clean out your sinuses. When mine is clogged partially if I close off one side and try to breathe in the other side will colapse as the airway is just blocked. After doing this techniqe no problems.

PaulaK profile image

PaulaK 6 years ago from Austin. Texas Author

Thanks Sage.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago

The neti pot is wonderful. Great job on this hub, Paula


PaulaK profile image

PaulaK 6 years ago from Austin. Texas Author

Thanks MPG Narratives for your comment. I think I like the prepared packages of saline solution for the very reason that the saline balance is usually good if you mix it well.

MPG Narratives profile image

MPG Narratives 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

My doctor gave me a chinese pot which I used for some years. I used warm saline water I prepared. It worked quite well as long as I didn't make the water too hot or too salty. Thanks, great information.

pmccray profile image

pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

OOh I need this for my husband. Thanks for the great hub bookmarked!!

TINA V profile image

TINA V 6 years ago

I have a friend who has a sinus. I will refer this article to him. This is an informative hub! Thanks for sharing.

PaulaK profile image

PaulaK 6 years ago from Austin. Texas Author

Peggy W, I think you are on to something good!

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

I have not used this but use saline solution in spray form all the time when I get a sinus infection. Works just as fast as antibiotics ever did to clear the infection. Will have to check into this Neti pot. Thanks for the information.

PaulaK profile image

PaulaK 6 years ago from Austin. Texas Author

Quill, if only we had thought of it first!

profile image

"Quill" 6 years ago

Seems right that I should be first, Mrs. Quill bought me one and I love the thing. Takes a little getting used to but I have been converted...thank you for the great hub...we need shares in this little gem...smiles


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