Skin cancers: why worry? Because some kill!


A malignant melanoma can kill: surely

Not all moles are benign. To the untrained eye a simple dark spot on the skin is nothing to worry about. No! don't do it! Let a doctor take a look at it. Even a highly trained, board certified dermatologist, who knows what he or she is doing, oftentimes takes a biopsy of the skin-lesion (that is the "discolored skin") and sends it to pathology for a definitive diagnosis.

Having written the warning paragraph above, I want you to take a deep breath and relax for a bit, because most skin lesions are not malignant melanomas. Actually, most skin lesions that I have seen, and I have a lot of skin lesions (working in the clinic in the Military) and most of them wre benign.

There are two other skin cancer types besides the malignant melanoma but I will not bore you taking about them. They can be routinely cured if you go into the doctor's office and get some help. The earlier you go in, the better off you are.

Try to help yourself a bit by using sun screen. You have heard this being said before. Some things never change. I like to wear a long-sleeved white shirt if I am out in the sun for a long time hiking, picking black berries or in a boat out on the water. Be careful!

Normally, I would spend more time writing 300 more words but it makes no sense to continue writing when you have said enough about a particular subject.

Melanomas usually kill you if you do not find them on your skin early and treat them aggressively.

Need I say more.

Be careful!


Dr. Haddox

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