Sleep Paralysis, Anyone?

5 Ways to Prevent Sleep Paralysis

I used to be a chronic victim of sleep paralysis. In the Philippines we call it "bangungot", although this word may also mean ' a nightmare'. It is also called Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome (SUDS), Brugada Syndrome.

It was almost every night I have this temporary sleep paralysis. Having an "attack" is almost always frightening. Sometimes it comes during or after a 'normal' dream or a nightmare. It will really give you a heart attack! Some of those who died from this "mysterious" malady diagnosed to have died of heart attacks. Well, who will not have one when you are in a state where you can not move, and everyone thinks you're just asleep, and when you cry for help, they will presume you're just dreaming..? Victims hear things and see things... it's eerie. We can read their stories from from some forums in other sites. What they are experiencing are just like "hallucinations". There are sites that explains thoroughly the truth about sleep paralysis (avoid the paranormal explanations. It is far from it, believe me.)

It is true that there are unexplained "happenings" inside the room.. like you are in a horror thriller.. or a terror flick. Somebody's "watching", but you don't see them. Or you see yourself going about , just like Jim Carrie in the movie "The Truman Show". Or you see yourself floating, like having astral travel..whatever. I have experienced all that, and more. And I've experienced "near death" situations several times. But the Lord spared me. He always hear my silent cry for help. Indeed God sees us when no one is looking. Praise God Almighty.

I remember it all started when I was in my teens. I used to read pocketbooks. And I read them to sleep. That's when my eyes and brains get tired and will have the "bangungot", but the attacks has nothing to do with the books I read. (by the way, I read mostly romantic novels then). I wake up and find out I couldn't move.. I start to shout but no one seems to hear me. I noticed that every time I try to do that, or every time I try to move, I feel like a battery slowly going out of power. My brain is like being squeezed and it is so uncomfortable. In severe attacks, It feels like a welding rod touch my brain. It is frightening. It could be that my brain is starting to need more oxygen..? I don't know, really. This is all my experience, and it is only I can explain what's going on inside my brain, or while asleep while in the state of paralysis. Some do the research but they don't experience what some of us did. All they do is have volunteers (perhaps) by attaching some kind of apparatus to monitor their sleep. And they talk of things like temporary sleep paralysis do happen during REM stage, etc. Like it is just as simple as that.

Sometimes, when I'm in the state where I couldn't move at all, and when panic has not seized me yet, slowly moving the fingers until my brain will pick what I am doing could help me move at all. This is helpful in "slight" sleep paralysis. I know others have tried this, too, and has proven this effective (although not always.) It is best to do preventive measures.

For seven years or more now that I experienced just occasional attacks, having found ways to prevent it. It greatly helped me. Of course I am still vulnerable to attacks but at least now I found ways how PREVENT it. I hope this will help other victims too.

1. Just before going down to bed, drink a full glass of water. I guess drinking a glass of water will also hydrate the brains.

2. If you've done a lot of reading, or watching tv, or having mental stress due to your kind of job, sit and observe if there is throbbing at the back of your neck or at the nape. If there is some sort of throbbing if you turn your head down, then start to do a light neck exercise. Turn your head gently side to side for a few counts, then up and down, then gently rotate it.

3. After the neck exercise (you can do it while squatting on yourbed), look up and inhale and exhale deeply, like filling more oxygen to your brains. Do this 10 to 12 times.

4.Check if the throbbing at your nape is gone. If it is gone then I may say that it is safe for you to go to sleep.. but

5. Don't forget to say your prayers for protection from the Lord God Almighty.

Have a safe and sound sleep.

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ash.aus.xx 6 years ago

hi. i have sleep patralysis. it is getting more extreme.. it started when i was young and i used to get tickled at night while i was paralysed. and we never knew what type of explenation it could be. im 16 in 2 weeks. and im terrified in my own home to be comfterble and live my life.. sleep paralysis has only just come back and more severe in the past few months. it went from me being in an episode and not knowing wat was going on to me sencing that something evil was coming. an evil man. then it started to get more severe... in another episode i went straight into one. and heard a really evil laugh. that one i was only in for a few seconds. then after that my other episodes now i start hearing really loud noises every where and i just cant wake up arhh i hate it. i also suffer anxiety really badly. so it doesent help. it puts me down in the dumps some days.... my longest worst episode so far.. was when i was in an episode for half an hour. and as i tried to wake up i heard an animal liking it self at the end of my bed and as i tried to wake up to see what this fearfull noise was i realised that i was paralysed and couldnt move.. then i started getting huge huge vibrations rin through my upper bopdy getting rite in my comfert zone. it was the scarest thing that has happend in my whole life!.. id do anything for it to go away... in the past months i would say i have had over 20 episodes. i am seeing a brain docter/sleep specialist in a month. and io have also cut down on my caffene.. if any one can help me and if there is any one that i can help.. then please email me on, thats an old primary school email that my friend made for me that i no longer use but i will be checking it all the time to hear back from people about there sleep paralysis........ thank you.

Alta5656 profile image

Alta5656 6 years ago from Davao City, Philippines Author

Hi, twosexy4u, what I have written here in my hub is all I have to help you lessen, or perhaps prevent the attacks you're having. This year I've had but one slight attack, and no more. I have listed possible ways to feign attacks. So far I'm doing okay. I believe our brains seems "dehydrated" when we do things like too much reading, watching TV, or doing computer works that sometimes our head feels heavy and tired, and that, at times, we feel like sleeping while doing those things ( or fall asleep at all). Try to figure out what triggers the attacks. I hope this hub can help others suffering from sleep paralysis.

Ashleigh 6 years ago

hey thanks heaps for that yes i have tried to see what triggers my attacks but its still unknown. it just keeps happening. i hear loud noises and go through things that make me feel as if im never going to wake up. i am seeing a sleep/brain doctor thsi month hopefully i can get some answers ..

Alta5656 profile image

Alta5656 6 years ago from Davao City, Philippines Author

Yes, as I have mentioned, it feels like you're never gonna wake up.. it is indeed very scary. No wonder sufferers who died were found out to die in heart attacks! Panic seems to trigger it. I had several near death experiences.

Loud noises are hallucinations. If someone's with you in the room, say, a friend or a family member, you can even see them by trying to open your eyes. You can or you may call them (for help) but all they'll hear from you is unintelligible groans and moans..whatever.

The best thing to do is to prevent them to happen.

writer83 profile image

writer83 5 years ago from Cyber Space

I watched a program on this and it sounds awful ! I hope you an find a cure :)

writer83 profile image

writer83 5 years ago from Cyber Space

I watched a program on this and it sounds awful ! I hope you an find a cure :)

Ash.aus xx 5 years ago

hey.. i seen my sleep doctor in perth.. since then i have had a sleep study.. and it was very un accurate because i was the first person in 10 years to wake up at 2am and stay awake... so they had to call other doctors in ans start my test really early and stuff i had over like 22 coards attatched to my head face and body.. he couldnt fine anything from it although i have now been diagnosed with severe sleep paralysis also sleep apnia also with a heartr murmor asthma and upper airway obstruction.. i have such a better understanding of it all now.... also people there is no demons ok. and nothing haunting you.. its all very phsycological. im only 16 yrs of age but i have such a good understanding of it. and i stay stong. i have another sleep study in arpil 2010.. i am very tired all the time it sucks, im also part narcoleptic i found out. and thats where you fall asleep on the spot. so my next sleep study is to find out wheather my main issue is a narrow throwt or if i am going to become full narcoleptic. fingers crossed i wont :(. if any one has any Questions im always here hey and ill try an check this hub when i can . but i have the best understanding of all this sleep stuff especially so much experience with sleep paralysis and i have had so many severe fuckinhg scary episodes were i thought i was never going to wake up and i have experienced some of the scariest stuff ever. im here always cheers :). an stay stdong coz theres no demons no matter what. i also have sever REM sleep.... and i hilusinate fuckin scary shit an my brain is like a computer and thinks of so many scary things and it becomes reality when i am paralysed. thats what REM sleep is then wego paralysed to stop our selves fromhurting our selves or acting out these actions. any questions please ask because iv studied this so bad, and iv now seen a specialist and i know so much. and im here to help. if yu read how confident i am now from when i first wrote on here yull understanhd :). i know alot . try hold in . feeel so sorry for every one like me with all this sleeping shit :(:(

Alta5656 profile image

Alta5656 5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines Author

Hello again. Am I fortunate that I didn't have to see a doctor to correct this. I had one slight attack since I posted this hub. It was a simple negligence on my part. My sister noticed my cry for help so she tried to wake me up. You worry too much that it is giving you more stress. Try to "hydrate" your brain. I'm not sure though if this is the right term but this is what helped me most.I needn't spend money doing this.

I hope you will be okay after seeing your sleep specialist.

EMF 5 years ago

Why are you so afraid of these attacks? I've experienced this more than a hundred times. I panicked the first five times. Now, I just relax when I experience this. No reason to get so panicky.

ja 5 years ago

i have this occasionally. the first few times i did panic, but after a while, it's just an annoyance. what you should do is try to move your pinky toe first, since it's the smallest extremity. once you can get it to wiggle you can slowly move up the rest of your body.

by the way, your grammar could use a lot of improvement.

Kellsie 21 months ago

Smka-cdab what I was looking for-ty!

Midge 21 months ago

I apciperate you taking to time to contribute That's very helpful.

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