Sleeping Between Two "Strangers"

Mama Has Dementia

One Saturday I took mama to my brother Abe's house nearby. It is just about 50 meters from our place. Both my brother and his wife Jinny were at home that day. They were at the bedroom watching tv while on their bed. They said hello to mama, but since they're now both "strangers" to her, mama was hesitant to come into the room. Jinny got up and took mama's hand and led her to the bed and said, "Come here, mama, let's watch tv together." They placed her between them. Not a word from mama. Her glances at the "strangers" were quick and shy. She still kept that smile. Abe said to leave mama to them. He added that they will just take her home if she wants to. So I left her to them.

Jinny often comes to our house. When she does, she would usually keep mama on her side and would lie on her lap and ask mama to hum her favorite melody. Mama would gladly grant her "request". Jinny would pretend to sleep. After a relaxing moment on her lap, jinny will praise her "generosity", for letting her lie on her lap and for her songs. And mama would give her a sweet, sweet smile. 

Later jinny, my sis-in-law, told us that during those times mama was with them, between them, she would look at her, or at my brother, then she would close her eyes. But there was no hint of fear or reluctance in her but a sense of peace. She just stayed between them quietly.

My sister Emma and I know that fifteen or twenty minutes away from us , or to be with people "unknown" to her, or to be in a place other than her house, is already too long for mama not to be anxious to go home. Strange.. we thought. Why, she's not yet home, so I went back to Abe's house to check. There is mama, still lying quietly between the two "strangers". She looked at me, but she did not seem to be eager or excited to see me again. Hmmm.. she liked where she is. Well, maybe, to mama, it feels like "heaven". Just like a child sleeping between her parents. My brother signalled to me to just give her more time, and that we will just wait until the time they'll sense that she wants to go home. And she stayed for a total of three hours.

She could be thinking how wonderful it is to have "strangers" around who could also make her feel safe and peaceful. Hmmmm...

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lyjo 5 years ago are a very special writer, thanks for this hub...look forward to reading more of your writings. Take care!

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Alta5656 5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines Author

Thank you, lyjo.

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