Slendertone System Abs Belt Review

While there are so many different types of ab belt today, the Slendertone System Abdominal Muscle Toner ab belt is definitely different than the rest. This ab belt helps to target your abdominal muscles, toning them by the technology of electronic muscle stimulation. Coupling together a good ab exercise program with the Slendertone ab belt could really help you to produce results and get toned abdominal muscles. The Slendertone ab belt could definitely help you with your fitness goals.

What Is The Slenderton Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Technology?

Electrical stimulation technology, also known as an EMS uses mild electricity to cause your muscles to contract, and wearing this ab belt would target the lower back muscles, the transverse abdominal muscles, and the obliques. The electric signal is sent through the gel pads to stimulate the nerves of your muscles, causing it to repetitively contract and relax, just like when you do any ab exercise.

According to research, the EMS technology that Slendertone uses is effective, and it supports the development of muscles due to the constant contraction. The Slendertone ab belt is approved to be healthy and safe by the American Food and Drug Administration.

Overview Of The Slendertone System Ab Belt

The Slendertone system ab belt is definitely a cutting edge technology. It comes with an LCD screen along with three gel pads as well as a travel bag with plastic covers. The batteries are rechargeable, which means you would save a lot from having to purchase new batteries every time when it runs out of power. The Slendertone ab belt comes with seven different program settings to choose from, and you could adjust the intensity of the EMS from between 1 to 99, in accordance to what you are comfortable with.

When you wear the Slenderton ab belt for the very first time, be sure to start with the lowest intensity setting. If you are not used to EMS, you would feel a mild tingling sensation to your muscles. As you increase the intensity you would notice that your muscles would start to contract on its own. At first the feeling might be uncomfortable, but you should leave it be as it would help to tone your muscles.

Just like lifting weights, the stimulation helps to stimulate muscle fibers to break it down, growing stronger than ever. Together with a good ab exercise program, the Slendertone ab belt would do wonders.

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