Smiles Laughter And Being Happy Can Change Our Life

Do You Want to Change Your Life?

Are you the type of person that is down in life? Did you know that smiles, laughter and being happy can change our life?

So many people are so unhappy with their lives they have. You can just see it in their faces that there is something really bothering them deep inside. Can you just imagine walking around each day being so unhappy with nothing to look forward to in life?

I look at these people and often wonder, what could be so bad in this person's life that would make them so unhappy? Could it be the lack of money or having no job to make money? Could it be that their relationship with their spouse is on the rocks. Are they having trouble with their children acting up at home or in school?

It could be a million reasons that so many people are so unhappy. If we only learn to think positive, smile and laugh more often, our lives would start to look better to ourselves.

We need to try hard to make negative things in our lives turn into something positive. I have written and said this many times, that we all are here on earth, but one time, and we really should try our hardest to be happier people no matter what is going on in our life. Try to look beyond your problems and make a smile and laugh when ever you can. Smiling and laughter in one's life will make you a happier person, at least it does for me.

Smiling and Laughter Works Wonders in Life

You would be surprised how a little smile and some laughter coming out of you will make you feel. Even if you have to think of something funny to get that smile and laugh to come out of you it will work, and if it is for only a few seconds, it will be a few seconds out of your day that you were happy and full of laughter. Just try it and see if it works, which I'm sure it will and when it does keep on doing whatever you did to get that smile and laugh out of yourself.

Everyone must try their hardest to make the best of everyday in our lives, no matter how stressed you are or how sad you are for some reason, take a moment to just make yourself happy by smiling and laughing.

Your attitude will certainly change while you are making yourself smile and laugh. All of us have the power to think and act any way we wish, so why not make yourself happy by smiling and laughter to make you happy?


© 2012 Mark Bruno

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CJ Sledgehammer 4 years ago

Clean Life:

The Bible states that with more wisdom comes greater sorrow. Placing a smile on your face, however, does not change the circumstances surrounding your life and laughing does not feed the world.

I appreciate your thoughts and I understand your message.

Best wishes and be well - C.J. Sledgehammer

the clean life profile image

the clean life 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

CJ Sledgehammer, I appreciate your comment, however what I was trying to say was that people might want to smile and laugh a bit more to lighten up the stress we all have in our lives. I didn't mean that smiling and laughter is the fix all in life.

Best wishes to you as well.

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CJ Sledgehammer 4 years ago

I agree with you, but thought I needed to mention it anyways. :0)

Be well - C.J. Sledgehammer

hoteltravel profile image

hoteltravel 4 years ago from Thailand

Most of us concentrate on how to stay happy and smiling. And, to make this possible, we do things that make us happy. Instead, if we focus our energy on making others happy, we will feel more happiness. Bringing a smile to someone's face is one of the most rewarding of experiences. Thanks for highlighting the topic. Voted up and interesting.

the clean life profile image

the clean life 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

hoteltravel Thank you for the comment, and you are so right. It brings me joy to make others happy as well. It makes me happy to see others with a smile on their face because of what I had said or have given them. That is what life is all about.

Annette R. Smith profile image

Annette R. Smith 4 years ago from Grand Island, Florida

Thank you for posting this, Mark. We can't always change our circumstances, but we can certainly change our reactions to them. Smiles feel so much better than frowns, and laughter really is good medicine. Your words are a welcome reminder of this. Voted up!

the clean life profile image

the clean life 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Annette, Thanks for reading and your comment. You are so right. We all have the gift to be able to laugh and smile. The problem is for many, we just don't even try. Both, laughter and smiling, as you said, are Good Medicine for each and everyone of us.

Thanks so much for the Vote Up!

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