Smoke Rings And Destiny

















Smoke Rings And Destiny.



O .`

My Grand-pap
used to blow smoke rings
from his Raleigh cigarettes.
They looked so heavenly,
those circles of bluish white,
that we his grandkids stuck
our fingers through,
or moved with gentle hand waves,
across the space of his living room.
He collected the Raleigh coupons
on the back of each pack
to get valuable gifts.
He got coolers,
sports stuff,
and cancer cells in his lungs.
It wasn't what killed him but
it helped contribute a lot
to his failing heart.
I can almost picture him now in Heaven
studying that white ring halo above his head,
and wishing he had a Raleigh
or some grandchildren nearby
to chase his habit away.

In memory of: Benjamin F. Eby with love,

Art-whimsically Yours studio-MFBIII

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