Sober Living Starts At Home

Everyone knows that some people that have entered a Rehabilitation Center for the treatment of an addiction sometimes have to enter into sober living thereafter.

This is to help the individual to stay sober if they or the councilors feel they may relapse after treatment in a Rehab. Center. Many people do very well in sober living and their lives change all for the better as each day and week passes.

For myself, being addicted to alcohol for so long and now in the recovery process I was fortunate enough that I did not need to enter a Rehab Center. I took upon myself to just try this sobriety on my own with no help, but my mind and my God.

With these two things I was able to achieve what I thought was the impossible for me. I got myself in a position to try to figure out and prepare for my sobriety.

The very first thing was to set my mind into a positive attitude and tell myself that I must surrender to my addiction and say to myself, I may never ever pick up a drink of alcohol again. When I was okay with that decision I then started to plan my attack on my demons that controlled me as well as everyone that has any kind of an addiction, whether it be drugs or alcohol.

When I finally realized where I was in my life, it all could of been avoided only if I had the willpower and the strength to not abuse the alcohol as I did.

I thought to myself that sober living starts at home and I didn't let that happen. We are sometimes too weak to stay sober and then realize that our addictions that we created and chose to do, started at home, rather than being clean and sober starting at home and staying at home.





So if you are one of the ones that an addiction has taken over your life, seek the proper care and treatment to get yourself clean and sober. You have nothing to loose except your addictions, and that is something you will never miss once you find sobriety and live with it forever.

Continue to keep a Positive Attitude towards your sobriety and never give up. Remember that you have the power deep within you to destroy the demons within that have taken your body and mind into their world and basically ruining your life and other lives as well.

Catch it before it gets out of hand and live sober in you own home with your loving and caring family. Protect and Love each other and live the clean life together.

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jacobkuttyta profile image

jacobkuttyta 6 years ago from Delhi, India

Nice hub. Yes it is a demon that control us in doing all that are bad.

Hope your hub will be beneficial for many.

Keep up the good work.

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ jacobkuttyta, Thank you and I do hope my writing on this subject helps many people to stay sober.

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

Mark, you are unique in the sense that you took command and control and overcame the hurdles of addiction. Many do not have the resolve that you have, but require the help of others. You have proven that one's desire is greater than the forces that tempt. Living sobereity is a change in lifestyle -- removing all temptations, and that might include friends and family who can provide the addiction. You have accomplished a feat of a great human. Be proud Mark. xox

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Beth, Again thanks Beth. It really make me feel great when I hear such inspiring comments. I wish so bad that my writings could help someone else in the world achieve their sobriety as I did. Thank you!

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

There is strength in numbers and when one discovers that one is not alone, one gains more courage to take the first step with faith. Your writings and encouragement will be read by those who need to borrow your strength and your courage. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and when you need something, it will appear. You just have to open your eyes and your heart to see and feel it. Those seeking will find -- it's like magic. I have written on domestic abuse, and I have many visitors who come and leave comments - and sometimes they are not from HP. They leave with what they need, and those who leave your page, will leave with what they need too.

Your desire and resolve are inspirational to those who may feel they cannot. It only takes one success to show others that it can be done. You've done it. And you're here to share. Again, thanks Mark for the sharing this intimate part of your life.

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Beth. You know Beth when I read your comments, they really touch my heart and I will always remember these words of inspiration and so kind too. Thank you again oxox


alastair 6 years ago

after living on a diet of vodka coke weed an ecstasy for 21 years soberity is different i am a high funcitioning alcoholic with a good job house wife 4 kids i found depression haunted me so since new year ive been sober only a mere 22 days but that is a miracle 4 me yep its hard but im a big boy an ive been tested but have no desire 2 send myself back in2 the pits of depresson i luv myself 2 much 4 dat ur blog rocks mark totally

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ alastair, First off thank you for your comment and secondly you should be very proud of yourself for your 22 days sober. That is wonderful and each day will get easier for you. Keep staying strong and believe in yourself and keep that positive attitude going and you will beat this addiction. Don't let anything stand in your way to getting and staying sober. Everyday sober is a plus and just take it one day at a time. Stay busy physically and mentally and before you know it you will begin to forget the life you once had. I only saying this because this is how I did it over one year ago and I will never ever go back. You will see just how great life can be being clean and sober.

Congrats to you and keep up the great work... Be Proud :)

alastair 6 years ago

thanks mark well its day 24 an im still sober i am proud of myself and i am keeping positive im finally acpecting the help ive fought 4 so long they say every alcoholic has a bottom well 4 the last 6 years i was in that bottom an still drinking the aa talk of being sick an tired of bein sick an tired i was but still couldnt stop. being sober has taught me how 2 live an b happy an accpect who i am and ive found im not that bad after all im lucky 2 have an amazin wife 4 great kids an house if i relapse im sure i will lose them butt i am stayin sober 4 me an my sanity thanks mark

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

alastair See even though you may think the days are so longm but you have made it 2 more days since we spoke last. Congrats!!!! to you. When I decided to quit drinking, the first week or two were the hardest and each day that went by it got easier as it should for you. I was so excited everyday when I woke up and when night came and I went to bed I said to myself I made it ONE more day sober. Before you know it you will be counting the MONTHS as I did and then years :):) That's what I did and still do now. I look forward to Oct 27,2011 to say I made it 2 years sober. Keep up the hard work and believe me, you will thank yourself for standing strong to yourself and beating off those horrible demons. Be Proud of your accomplishments my friend

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