Speed healing of trauma injuries through self directed regeneration

Results are directly related to the time and effort employed.

It hurts? Take a deep breath and feel all that tension, fear and pain, on the exhale let all that tension and fear go. Do this several times please to active the relaxation response. If successful you have just mastered the first step in self directed healing. This step is important because tension, fear or being emotional upset hinders the healing systems ability to function.

If it does not hurt and you know it's damaged you can apply stress to make it hurt, standing up straight on a hard floor is the method which has the smallest chance of causing further damage. There is also the jigsaw method you use the parts you can feel to define the parts you cannot same as in putting together a puzzle.

I discovered how to deal with the "pain" the morning after my last bicycle crash when it hurt to breath and I could not stand up straight. Standing in the living room it came to me, this is not how I'm going to spent the rest of my life. I knew of two ways to obtain extraordinary healing, through prayer or force of will. Exactly how they worked was unknown so I sat down and explored one thing both methods have in common. They originate or are activated inside your head.

The first thing I found as I explored inside my head was a pain signal. Upon examining that signal closely I discovered there was more information than location and ouch in it. Pain or a distress signal is a holographic burst transmission generated by injured cells.The ouch or pain part is the feeling centers interpretation of the flag or priority indicator of a distress signal.

If you route a distress signal through your visual cortex you will see in 3D color exactly what's wrong.

Ripped cables(muscles), crushed pipes(veins/arteries), crimped wires(nerves), muscle imbalances or anything else you have damaged. This routing is done by focusing on the distress signal in a manner very similar to focusing your eyes on a tiny detail while insisting, demanding, commanding to see what the problem is. Eye hand coordination the ability to scratch your nose without poking your eye out would require the sense of feel and sight to communicate. So a "channel" exists It's up to your to determine the content being processed.

Once you know exactly what the problem is it can be fix directly, speedily.

Pain has a peak intensity of approximately 220 volts. I can make that comparison because I burnt a pair of side cutters on a live line at work one day.

Yes if you focus on the signal to the degree necessary you will experience pain at peak intensities. The alternative to short term discomfort/agony is a lifetime of disability and pain.

You have an automatic regeneration/healing system, but it does not work well over distance. For example if the ends of cut muscles are not lined up exactly they are reattached as is or not at all, causing a muscle imbalance. So using isometric exercises or self massage you will have to line the loose ends up exactly so the auto system can reconnect them in the correct position.

Fresh injuries as in minutes old can be healed extraordinarily fast. Old injuries due limitations of the auto system and complications are a major hassle.The best example of a complication is limping or compensating. Most people shift muscle use and tension when injured to avoid aggravating the injury. This sets up muscle imbalances which over time become locked in, then they pull your joints and spine out of alignment. Those imbalances also increase the risk of further injury.

The process is tedious and painful but I can sprint across a street to beat traffic or put in a day at work where it use to hurt to breath.

I discovered this bit of human ability in Nov of 1986.

A very use full skill the relaxation response . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_applications_and_clinical_studies_of_meditation

The placebo effect can increase the effectiveness of sugar pills against disease between 5-10%. think of it as software. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Placebo_Effect

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JamesB 8 years ago Author

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If you think this information is worthless please state why. Be more than a number make it worth your while if you click that comment box.

ziomofzioms 7 years ago

it does not work at all

i take a deep breath let tension go concentrate on pain close my eys and i do not see it

JamesB 7 years ago Author

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How long exactly did you concentrate? This is a new skill mastering it instantly is an unreasonable expectation.

:/ 7 years ago

I don't really understand this. Its not helping my pain.

JamesB 7 years ago Author

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It's not supposed to help your pain directly in fact using this will in the short term subject you to more suffering. As stated in paragraph three the thing/signal labeled pain has multiple parts you will have to "work through the ouch part to get the detailed picture of what is generating the signal. Experimentation and perseverance are key to success, even if you do not see what the problem is clearly an direct attention to the problem is beneficial. Healing through prayer according to me is the passive acceptance of the signal, merely getting out of the way allows the healing system to work "miracles".

cool 7 years ago

it worked for me my pain actually went away for the most part and lately i've been healing faster than usual

JamesB 7 years ago Author

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Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Jess 7 years ago

If it is working, than your pain is obviously just psychological. Pain is a reaction to a mishap, it's apart of life.

JamesB 7 years ago Author

Wrong Jess and in so many ways. All pain is psychological, it's an electrochemical signal not a tangible or physical thing. Pain is the flag or priority indicator of a signal generated by damaged or distressed tissue and it's only part of life if you are clumsy, self destructive or to stupid to correctly identify it.

John Doe 7 years ago

It would be interesting to see a more detailed version of this information given to several doctors to review as Im sure it has some merit but very little medical evidence/basis.

Most of your readers are going to be saturated with the 'generation NOW' mentality and will not have the insight or patience to consider it beyond the possabilities of immediate gratification.

Probably very little medical basis, thought provoking though.

JamesB 7 years ago Author

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Doctors have seen several versions of this, they are totally not interested in putting them selves out of business. The "medical" community is just starting to explore this area via the relaxation response and the placebo effect. This link is a place to start if you want more information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_applications_a...

SamW 7 years ago

i don't find this advice very usefull.

if you get pain from sprinting across a street you are obviously just not physically in shape at all

JamesB 7 years ago Author

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Maddie 7 years ago

You need real medical care to help heal bad injuries

Ryan 7 years ago

You have provided no form of evidence based practice to prove this works, and that said i doubt it will. PLEASE DON'T SUBSTITUTE THIS FOR PROPER MEDICAL TREATMENT.

JamesB 7 years ago Author

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Hey Ryan go read Yahoo answers injury section for a year or two. You will find lots of evidence that proper medical treatment does not exist. You "doubt" that means you have absolutely no evidence or experience.

You who are suffering have three choices; 1) Learn how to fix things and suffer for a short time. 2)Waste piles of time and money at the "doctors" and suffer for ever. 3)Suffer for ever. Pick one.

mike 7 years ago

James, You are obviously very well educated and John Doe makes a good point to very well put.

Honestly anyone who actually is small minded enough to doubt the power of the mind/body connection has never done anything that requires this connection! visualized breathing like tai-chi etc has been around thousands of years in chinese history along with focusing energy to certain points of your body through movement etc etc... seriously don't doubt the merit of this thread just because you yourself are to ignorent or impatient to master such techniques, better not to post at all!

JamesB 7 years ago Author

Thanks mike. Thousands of years of evidence from every culture and I generally get ignored.

Dave 7 years ago

Are you familiar with Dr John Sarno? His view point on healing is similar to yours and he's helped thousands of people with chronic pain.

JamesB 7 years ago Author

Never heard of him.

mario 6 years ago

Really good advice James, meditation can definetely help a healing process.

Joe 6 years ago

I can loosely associate this method with how ive dealt with anxiety/depression and the overall difficulty with life we all come to face everyday. It was all about locating the issue, and determining what was causing that issue and releiving the real culprit of its autocratic position over my thoughts, and well being.

For instance i once hated myself, but determined criticism sent down by media and most mainstream culture played off my insecurities for their benefit and hopes i would play that game. But realized that it wasn't I who had the problem, they just convinced me I did. In turn i realized who i was, and no longer hated myself, but saw the short comings of certain influences in society. Sometimes issues can be so deep we cannot recognize where they erupt.

I just read this today, and am extremely excited to try it out in the physical aspect. Im not entirely sure how to advance the healing, but to trust it to do it on its own? When i close my eyes and focus on the pain, and breath i feel as if im trying to alter it physically, as if i were 'telapathic.'

Im not sure i am understanding how to address this... what do you think?

If you have any additional info you wouldn't mind passing along, id greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


JamesB 6 years ago Author

I think of it as playing a video game in my head. To play a game the regular way you manipulate buttons to make something happen on a screen in response to stimulus. With this you manipulate your body directly with information in response to stimulus. In both cases you do not have time to think it has to be done on a reflex level. There is also a learning curve in both cases, trial and error, experimentation because every injury is different.

Prakaash Jumaani 6 years ago

Hi James.. you have hit the nail on the head and that is what incenses the medical community, because, if you get followers, their 'business' gets affected. Very good work.. pl keep it up..

Yup 6 years ago

this works you neophytes!!

Michael 6 years ago

This definitely works. I do it all the time. I cut my arm one day just to see if it works and it did.-

I'm just a little surprized that this is on the internet. This in a way is an example of mental enlightment as you take control of your body by actually listening to it and going on manual instead of letting the auto-response do all the work, you plan it out and tell it how to do it. I do this when I'm nervous and it also calms me down.

-The nerve signals are like telephone calls to your building where you are the boss\mastermind and naturally know all the rules.When you apply this it is like you actually answering a call yourself and listening to the corresponding caller(whatever you are thinking of when you do this) and paying attention to the information the caller is providing. Pain is like an emergency call that alerts itself right away and is more noticeable than other calls depending on the degree of pain. Your feelings act as strategy map settings. Like a Snowy Mountain Valley in a military map and the pretty girl as a secondary optional priority and you passing that test as a primary optional priority and living through the day as your main goal.

JamesB 6 years ago Author

I'm glad you like it Michael and thank you for the description, my attempts have not worked out to well.

Pb 6 years ago

Wonderful! This corroborates Doctor David R Hawkins' findings in his book 'Healing and Recovery'. Instant healing IS possible!

JamesB 6 years ago Author

I shall be interested in when the "doctor" published his work and just what he has to say. Thank you for the information.

Mister L 6 years ago

This is very interesting. Someone posted this link on my Yahoo Answers page because my ankle hurt when I move it too much (But not when I just walk normally). So if I just meditate on healing my ankle should it heal? Is that the basic gist of it? I was just wondering because I want to try it but I'm not quite sure how to do it. Please respond tot his comment and thanks you JamesB.

JamesB 6 years ago Author

No, the basic gist of it is you "focus" on the problem while in a meditative state. Focusing on/seeing an internal signal is very similar to the act of focus on and seeing an external object. As soon as you start processing/focusing on a pain signal it starts healing, the more time/effort you apply to the task the faster it gets finished.

Mister L 6 years ago

So should I just focus on the injury (so it can heal)? Or should I focus on healing the injury?

JamesB 6 years ago Author

There is no just, it's a two step process. First you focus on the injury which starts the healing process. At present you are blocking the information flow, which hinders or stops the healing process completely. Secondly you access the information flow through seeing and do what ever possible to help. Lets say you have torn muscle fibers. Your automatic/build in healing system cannot straighten out and line up the fibers. You will have to do so through massage or isometric exercise. At present you do not know what the problem is on a microscopic mechanical level once you do it becomes real obvious what needs to be done. Understanding is not needed for this to work, experimentation and effort are. You have to learn it as you go because I cannot tell you how to use/operate your brain. Chose... suffer for ever or explore the inside of your skull.

Mary Ellen 6 years ago

Looks good on paper, impractical in so many ways. While biofeedback is a known helpful treatment in pain relief, it is an adjunct, not a cure and certainly not a substitute for proper medical care. For instance, you can't think your way out of a ruptured appendix or a compound fracture. It's irresponsible of you to keep linking to this page as a cure-all.

JamesB 6 years ago Author

You are correct it would be totally useless for a ruptured appendix or a compound fracture until after the surgery.

You are totally incorrect in stating that I claim or state this is a cure-all. I very carefully select the questions I provide this link to or state within the answer that I have no clue as to whether it will work or not.

Me 6 years ago

JamesB, you are extremely knowledgable, with your explanation of the healing process but also with the way you are answering and responding to the questions/comments. This infect dies work. I have had a stances ankle for a few days now and in reading this I have practiced (and failed) but still continued to practice and I have finally kinda done it! It's not completely healed but it feels relieved for sure. Thanks to everyone on this page. Your critical thoughts and ideas have really taken a key role in LEARNING just how to do this.

Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 6 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Yes, it is working as you said. I also discovered this ability - and using it when needed.

With chronic pain it can be a little bit more challenging, because brain gets used to the pain software, but...it also works.

Thank you for sharing.

Kevin 6 years ago

I am fond of the practices of meditation, and I have successfully opened my third eye before, but I can not produce an image of my injured wrist. All that happens is that the slight pain the I have simply vanishes. I know I can still use self directed regeneration through meditation with-out seeing the problem, but do you know why I can't? My injury is not bad, I believe it to be a hyper extension type injury, and I can still practice my tumbling, but if I position my hand wrong it can hurt quite bad. I know the human body is very complex, and that if I don't let my wrist heal I may cause permanent damage, but I have so much energy and can not refrain from training. So yeah, why can't I visualize the problem? Also, do you think I could do this while I sleep if I meditate on the issue before I go to sleep?

Appreciation given in advance if you take the time to answer.


JamesB 6 years ago Author

The terms "produce and visualize" means you are doing instead of receiving. Do you produce or visualize the external world? No you focus same goes for the internal world. I do not meditate on an injury. I get into a meditative state and then deal with the pain signal. Have you positioned your wrist and then caused it to generate a pain signal? Direct stimulation so that you have an active/strong signal makes it easier to see.

Yes it is possible to do this while in the dream states of sleep but it really messes with the quality of your sleep. Once again the intensity of the signal is key. I make sure through exercise/direct stimulation that there is an active/noticeable annoying signal before going to sleep. First thing in the morning is really the most productive time.

mikayla 6 years ago

Ever heard of using commas? No offense, but run-on sentences kind of distract from what the article is saying.

JamesB 6 years ago Author

You need classes, there are lots of real tiny periods everywhere.

Daniel 6 years ago

I have a condition known as osgood-schlatters disease otherwise known as athletes knee. As a response to injury, my upper tibia grows bone onto itself. Could your treatment be used to cure this?

JamesB 6 years ago Author

No idea. Ive never had that problem and nobody has ever reported any success. As far as I know osgood-schlatters has no cure so how about you give it a try and let me know if it works.

Daniel 6 years ago

ok and also would it help if i had a picture of what was hurting me in front of me. like the tendons supporting my knee hurt so should i find i picture of them and then try?

JamesB 6 years ago Author

No, what you have and what the picture will show you are two very different things. So do not confuse the issue and go with the picture the pain signal contains. All I ever see is a portion of a muscle the part which is directly affected by the injury. Some of the structures are very abstract due to the microscopic view. So do not do a lot of thinking practical experimentation while observing the effects is the most productive method.

John Smith 6 years ago

HAHAHA you're a moron. People like you shouldn't even be allowed to spread their crazy ideas around. "Self-directed regeneration?" Do you hear how stupid that sounds? As a medical student let me give you some advice.

1. Learn some English. I could barely keep myself from vomiting over your complete bastardization of the language.

2. The medical community is not afraid of putting itself out of a job. There will always be plenty of conditions that voodoo or witchcraft or whatever can't cure and thus there will always be plenty of work for us to do.

3. You need to go to school and learn how the body works before you start coming up with your wonderful ideas and leading other ignorant people down the same misguided road.

4. I like the idea of meditation as a medium for pain management. Pain is psychological and therefore it would only make sense that putting yourself in a calm psychological state would help ease that pain. However, your ridiculous notion that you can reroute a pain signal "through your visual cortex [to] see in 3D color exactly what's wrong" could not be any further from the truth. The nerves that transmit pain stimuli do not transmit visual stimuli. Your nerves aren't tiny cameras that let you see inside yourself, and to assert that they are is lunacy. Whatever you are claiming to "see" when you concentrate on it is simply your imagination. To confuse your imagination with reality is a strong indicator of a psychiatric illness.

JamesB 6 years ago Author

Thank you for your post John. I'm sure everyone who visits here will find it informative.

John Smith 6 years ago

Believe me James, I hope no one else ever visits here.

Ivan 6 years ago

I have to undoubtedly agree with what John is saying. As much as it is impossible to reroute your neural signals into different parts of your brain, it is equally blasphemous to think about something and have it healed "extraordinarily fast". Of course a specific state of mind has the capability to influence our hormone balance and induce physiological changes in the body. However, this article clearly overplays it by suggesting that even serious conditions can be remedied and downplays the crucial role that professional healthcare has in our society.

Even though John Smith sounds like an arrogant, douchebag medical student, he has the most valid points that were made on this entire page.

JamesB 6 years ago Author

I'd suggest you read up on the latest research being done by the medical profession concerning the placebo effect, Ivan. While you are at it please explain healing through prayer and force of will healing. Did you know doctors cannot heal/fix a sprained ankle? Go ask one, all they can do is provide "support" it's up to your build in "repair" systems to either do the job or as in most cases not do the job.

JamesB 6 years ago Author

LOL Spend a couple of years reading questions at Yahoo Answers injuries section Ivan. The support provided by the medical system for a sprained ankle is useless the number of people looking for relief of old injuries is huge. If you had read the latest research on the placebo effect you would of learned that science has no idea of the scope or effectiveness of the placebo effect, that's why they are studying it. According to science the healing system is 100% autonomous but it is influenced by emotion and attitude. Many studies have been done on the observable variation in healing rate.

Say something is impossible say it a million times as long as you keep saying it...it's impossible. But say it's possible and start experimenting and you can put a man on the moon. The list of things that where once considered impossible and now are everyday ordinary events is vast. If humans had listened to the status quo we would still be on the plains of Africa picking lice of each other not on the internet.

gillian 5 years ago

great James, thanks

Kris 5 years ago

James, Thanks for posting this. I have experienced what you describe, but didn't have a clear picture of what was actually happening to me until I read your post.

I suffered two separate back injuries which aggravated an old injury from a car wreck a decade earlier. I had unrelenting back pain, including constant sciatica (absolutely not a second of relief) for a year and then found out I was expecting a child.

My back doctor refused to treat me until after the pregnancy and I went into intense physical therapy and biofeedback for pain management. Despite 3x weekly sessions, I had zero relief from sciatica and back pain. Then at 8 months gestation, I went to a faith healer who prayed over me to relieve my sciatica.

Then next day I went to physical therapy and during the session, my sciatica resolved and has never come back. Realizing the power, I continued biofeedback with heightened awareness. Following the birth, I did as you described: I activated my back pain and meditated on where it was coming from. I visualized the torn areas and sank into the pain.

Today, I am back pain free for the most part. It's an old injury for me, so it can still flare up if I'm not careful with my activities or have a sudden slip/fall, but I am able to self-heal rapidly if I address it right away. I believe in my own power.

Just wanted to share my experience. Thanks for providing a forum to do it.

gerard loftus 5 years ago

i treat nerve impingement quite often or (trapped nerve as we call it)it can sometimes be an easy treatment and othertimes quite difficult to untrap depending how close to the vertible body the nerve is trapped. Sometimes its trapped in the facet joints due to imbalance or trauma i find this area easy. i start with therapeutic massage heat cupping then acupuncture hope this helps someone out there.Thats the crux of it but one needs to mix and match depending on client and the severity of the pain.

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Thanks that trapped nerve description always raised the question "how do you trap a nerve". Impingement due to trauma or imbalance is a much more useful description of the problem.

borris 5 years ago

You know this idea is awful just awful ok! Holding your breath doesn't make pain go and it never will neither will concentrating on anything else the only sure way to get rid of an injury and clear the pain is to see a doctor and get it sorted properly your useless ideas jeeeeezz!

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Well borris how about you or a doctor explain all the chronically sick and long term disabled people out there in the world.

Seems to me that doctors are largely useless past the stitches and cast level. Maybe I'm wrong but all those chronically sick and disabled people out there indicate a serious problem exists.

borris 5 years ago

well some illnesses are untreatable everyone knows that their rare and nothing can be done about them. so holding your breath and all this nonsense about alternate medicine is awful, scientists work every day to find cures for any illness whether it be chronic or your standard everyday cold they try and find new ways to get rid of it.

MS  5 years ago

I find all this Very interesting James. I am willing to try anything. I suffer with chronic pain from Multiple Scelerosis. Pain meds, doesn't always cover it all. I am on 3 scripts for pain treatment. I have had the hands on healing, which does relax, and relieves alot of pain. So I look forward to giving your therory a go. Thanks for the advise and suggestions. god bless

JamesB 5 years ago Author

MS...I do not have a clue if it works for Multiple Sclerosis or even what causes M.S. so you are all alone in the wilderness on this one. Good luck.

Taylor 5 years ago

If I wish hard enough can I have a pony. You should not spread this "secret". Then everyone will have a pony. :(

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Makes me wonder what they are teaching kids in school these days.

Try applying effort or working it will get you a pony way faster than "wishing".

Falepay 5 years ago

This is useful but I want,to know how to stop the pain because I pullef a mucel in my right arm

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Total hits 29550

The only way to stop the generation of a pain signal is to fix the damage. The only way to fix the damage is to process the signal. As far as I know processing the pain signal and "seeing" the damage is the most effective way to find out exactly what's wrong and then fix the damage.

StandYourGround 5 years ago

Hello. I totally agree with the author. I figured this out a long time ago when I was a kid, but I didn't know what it is. If you really concentrate and put some positive thinking into it than you can fix a lot that is wrong with self. This applys to everything. I use this when I work out to get the most out of my exercise. You can also help others when they are in pain by telling them what you would tell yourself if in the same situation. Its not easy to explain. But its not hard to do, its very basic.

SarahSweet profile image

SarahSweet 5 years ago from Massachusetts

As useful as this could be once we practice enough and truly learn to concentrate, it's not useful right now; most people reading this are probably in pain right now. Nevertheless, it'll probably be more useful in the future :)

JamesB 5 years ago Author

I disagree Sarah nobody is going to take the time/effort to learn this unless they have a compelling reason. Like They are in extreme discomfort, completely tired of a chronic condition or have something important to do. I knew it was possible for decades and never put any effort into it. The day I realized I was trashed....it took 5 minutes to figure out the basics.

SarahSweet profile image

SarahSweet 5 years ago from Massachusetts

'Nobody'? That's a bit pessimistic. Not to mention we can't all go and get trashed...

JamesB 5 years ago Author

I've been doing this and talking to people since 1986 and have no illusions about it's acceptance rate. A person has to be highly motivated to go for it. Trashed as in completely broken, bent, twisted...wreaked. Bad bad idea to wait that long to start fixing stuff. The longer you wait the more injuries you accumulate and complications created. The speed part is only valid with fresh injuries. After that it becomes an extremely tedious hassle requiring unreasonable amounts of time and effort. Or you can forget the whole thing and live a limited life style, abuse drugs, suffer....lots of options.

SarahSweet profile image

SarahSweet 5 years ago from Massachusetts

Oh, that clears it up! Sorry for being slightly skeptical, thanks for replying. Again, very useful with the right scenario at least.

ben 5 years ago

Can you please explain again what do I do after I make it hurt and then concentrate on the pain?

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Information processing. As stated pain contains more information than ouch and location. You have to extract that additional information to find out exactly what the problem is. By concentrating/focusing on the pain signal you bring your entire brain online rather than just your sense of feeling. With practice/effort/experimentation you get that information and then use it to fix the problem. Thoughts are both energy and information, so if you think move, change or add "stuff" here and you do it clearly in response to the actual damage build in subsystems make it happen. It's a lot like playing a video game or working a computer. You type or issue commands and if they are valid stuff happens. You do not have to understand how the computer works you just need to know what's going on and what you want to do about it. Yes it is vague that's because I do not know how it works. I just know how to work the buttons to make it happen

ben 5 years ago

So what exactly are you doing? Exercise, massage, and meditation? I don't know if this has anything to do with what you said but this reminds me of something that I've started doing. I have terrible neck shoulder and arm pains because of my job and my hobbies. I'm always behind the wheel or working on a computer or on xbox. Last year my jaw started making a popping noise and giving me pain on the right side when I opened it wide. Whenever I was eating this was a huge problem. The dentist told me I had TMJ. Then a couple months later my neck started hurting. I've always had neck and back problems but last year neck started hurting so much that I could barely turn my neck without it hurting and it was almost impossible for me to drive because it caused me pain to keep my head in the forward position. I started resting as much as I could. In the morning when I woke up my neck was extremely stiff and I could not move it side to side and I was barely able to open my jaw. Then my shoulders and my chest started hurting especially when I tried to hold a position with my chest out and shoulders back. I learned now that my muscles were compensating for the injured ones. I was subconsciously standing and sitting in positions that over worked non injured muscles eventually causing them to be injured too. What I did to fix it stunned me. I was sitting around one day in a lot of pain and I started to pay attention to the pain trying to determine which muscle specifically were hurting. I found dozens of muscle knots all over my face, neck, shoulders, arms and everywhere that hurt. I pressed down on the knots really hard and massaged them. It hurt a lot but felt a little better afterwards. I started to notice where ever there was stiffness the muscle felt like it was asleep. I could not move it even if I focused. I mean I could move my neck but some specific muscles felt like they were cramped, could not loosen and hurt so much I couldn't move them. I started moving my neck/head in circles, left, right while focusing on those muscles and the area right around it that I could still feel. I found if I couldn't move my neck a certain direction, I could attack it at an angle and little by little it loosened it. Each time it made a cracking noise and I felt a lot of pain. It felt like the stiff area was velcro and I was pulling it off little by little. This took a long time. Probably about an hour or two. I noticed the pain went away completely on my back of my neck! I could move my neck around and it did not crack at all any more. Then I noticed some more pain where the base of the skull meets the neck. I started to focus on that and moved my head around again and got rid of the pain there too. Another thing that amazed me was my TMJ was completely gone! Now when I'm really stressed or tired and I do this to relax and loosen my muscles. I wish I could figure out a good method to do this to my arm because it still hurts when I move it certain ways. It is getting better but I'm still working on the best way to fix it. Thanks for the response!

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Information processing. I do everything you do but I do it with a degree of control you do not have. If you keep doing what you are doing it will be possible to fix your arm, if you add in what I do you can get it done faster.

BoBO 5 years ago

This was truly helpful. I had my arm cut off and the pain receptors were so horrible. I tried this technique after dealing with doctors for three days and this stopped the pain! I have now reattached my arm through breathing and self meditation!

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Great! Now all I have to do is decide between accepting your post as real or sarcasm. The problem is what you claim is theoretical possible but highly improbable. Feel free to post any news URL's or other documentation.

Kristopher P 5 years ago

One word:


Precisely what you've been discussing altogether. Without, you know, the implied hypnotism. You've definitely got the right idea, James. I've healed all of my fractures/strains/swellings through said mentality. How else would Lance Armstrong overcome testicular and cephalic cancer? How would Shaolin monks regulate their heartbeats to impossible levels? My sole misgiving with your claim is relatively unrelated; notably, that I believe pain thresholds vary with each individual. But 220V wouldn't be off my own mark! Otherwise, count me as a positive for your long deserted tally.

JamesB 5 years ago Author

People have been doing remarkable "stuff" for centuries. I have simply attempted to explain in understandable language how to access the mechanisms. You are correct pain thresh holds do vary by individual but peak intensity does not. It's part of system function not perception.

Hayley 5 years ago

Pain is just a signal your brain sends you to tell you that there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed. While I agree with this post (and might I add that it works for me ;D) I do not suggest using this as something to replace going to the doctors for. Say for example if you burned yourself slightly then this method will deffinately help but say if you cut your arm pretty bad, I suggest you go to the doctors to get that fixed up. But even if you do cut your arm badly and had to go to the doctors who says you still can't use this method to help with the painful healing process?

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Exactly Hayley this will not replace doctors completely as much as I wish it would. If you break bones casts are needed, serious cuts or gun shot wounds need stitches. After the doctor does the emergency support work this process is extremely helpful. I mainly use it for stuff doctors are completely useless for strains/sprains and smashed fingers.

cai 5 years ago

Stand up on a hard wooden floor?!?!?!?!? That's the WORST possible thing I could do!!!!!! I broke my foot (Jones Fracture) and I can't wait to get up and moving again. I have a walking cast and crutches and if I put any weight on my bad foot it will not heal and I will need a screw put in... thanks for the VERY helpful info when you don't even know my injury...

JamesB 5 years ago Author

You obviously ask horribly phrased questions lacking in detail, it's an extremely common practice on YA. Your sarcasm is completely wasted on me because I'm not the one responsible or suffering you are. Enjoy.

Tony 5 years ago

An utter waste of precious time. Ridiculous.

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Your comment definitely qualifies...what's your point?

JamesB 5 years ago Author

LiL A got deleted for ranting in the most irrational fashion. He/she/it did raise one valid point about making an injury "hurt" so you can find it. All you have to do to stimulate an ankle injury is standup straight on a hard floor with bare feet for five or ten minutes. A little common sense is required people.

GageH 5 years ago

I don't get it how is focusing on the pain going to help it?

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Pain is not a "thing" it's a signal which contains information, it's impossible to help pain. The ouch part is simply a priority indicator. You have to focus on the signal to extract the information it contains, once you have that information it's possible to fix the damage/issue which is causing the signal to be generated. It's a two part process and if you do not complete the first part you suffer for ever or until you die.

Sach 5 years ago

What you say is very much in tune with yoga and meditation and what has been practised for thousands of years by the Chinese and Indians and other cultures. Everything evolves from thought. Pain is an electromechanical signal generated by thought. You are correct to say that understanding the signals and the source of pain will assist in the healing process. You are also correct to say that this does not replace the doctor. However, it is a very powerful healing technique. There is no science to prove the power of thought, but most of us have an example of where the power of our minds overcame something we thought we wouldn't be able to.

Sach 5 years ago

Some great comments. And the fact that this blog has been active for a couple of years almost proves it's truth. You do have to believe a little, bit more importantly, you have to start understanding your own self and body, and mind!

JamesB 5 years ago Author

I have problems with just about everything you posted Sach except..."you have to start understanding your own self and body, and mind!" and it has serious sentence structure and punctuation problems. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject.

adgthsrthj 5 years ago

Funny- you can not "speedheal" a sprained ankle because a sprained ankle doesn't really "heal" your ankle is weak for life unless you have surgery.

JamesB 5 years ago Author

You are correct under certain conditions about a sprained ankle never healing and totally wrong about the effectiveness of surgery.

1) You are normal..IE a brainwashed system drone or a poorly programed robot.

2) You follow a doctors advice

lilly 5 years ago

What about my whole body aches everyday I'm only 20. Nothings working

JamesB 5 years ago Author

That would depend on why your whole body aches. I've only used this for injuries/accidents and the resulting complications of not knowing how to heal them when they are fresh. It will also work on poor posture conditions and uneven muscle development because these are how complications manifest themselves. If your "problem" is something else then you will have to experiment. The basic concept of processing an internal signal to obtain more information is valid no matter what your condition is. All the standard options are not designed to fix/heal you, which explains at lest to me why nothing has helped you yet.

Anon 5 years ago


I've had neck pain for a few days I tried this and nothing worked.

Went to the doctor turns out I had to be prescribed medication for the pain I was sitting here for a good hour concentrating .

Truthfully when you show me your university degree saying you were taught this by someone who knew what they were doing then I will believe you

JamesB 5 years ago Author

Pain medication blocks the reception of pain signals in the brain if you stop eating the pills the pain will register/get through/hurt, so you get to eat them forever.

I'd suggest some research on the long term consequences of pain medication, such as the "fact" that a given dose becomes ineffectual requiring larger doses of stronger pills to block the signal. You get to choose between suffering for ever or becoming a prescription drug addict. Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger are excellent examples of what you can expect for the future.

StephanieP 5 years ago

I really like the idea of this method..I stumbled upon this because I just stubbed my toe severely..but have to confess I just had 300mg of ibuprofen which I really did not want to do..I hate taking meds..If I can master this technique I know it will benefit me in other areas of my life as well.. Thank you James for taking the time to post.

Tim 4 years ago

How is it suppose to help heal my sprained ankle.

JamesB 4 years ago Author

It does not. It tells you how to access and use the information and tools inside your head so you can fix your sprained ankle.

Tim 4 years ago

I'm not understanding

JamesB 4 years ago Author

What do you not understand? Seriously define the problem clearly and I can help, if you cannot define the problem then there is nothing I can do for you.

Tim 4 years ago

When i sprained my ankle during the basketball game, i kept on playing, which was a stupid thing to do. I've had X-Rays and there were no fractures. I was in crutches for 2 weeks and after that i went straight to the park to play basketball, which wasn't a good idea. I've been to the orthopedist, but he gave me pills, which doesn't help much. Both sides of my right ankle are still a bit swollen, and it hurts when i walk a lot. I haven't played any sports for 3 months. What can i do to help my ankle heal?

JamesB 4 years ago Author

This is a repeat of your post on YA and does not help at all, in fact it's a complete waste of time and space.

To repeat myself...What do you not understand after reading the article and other comments?

ExpandYourWisdom 4 years ago


I think the biggest problem here is just how unconscious we have become, so 100% tuned out of our bodies ( and minds ) on a day-to-day basis. It’s only when something starts to really hurt or not feel right that we remember we're attached to these mobile blobs called our bodies.

If we paid better attention to ourselves - if we performed a regular self-check just like we lift our car bonnet to check the oil and water - we would probably recognise bunches of little hints and clues that parts of ourselves need attending to. For example: maybe we need to do some correctly performed exercises for strength, or to neaten up a skeleton that’s floppy and untidy and pinching nerves. We might need to stretch tight muscles, or massage knotted muscles that are giving us headaches. Maybe a cold pack is needed on an inflamed area to give it some relief at the very least whilst awaiting a doctor’s appointment. What happens if we ignore all that sort of stuff? Or if we don’t go looking for it?

It would be a rare person who was running like a perfect machine with not one single part of their body needing some level of attention. Do the maths and you will begin to see we all probably have stuff going on in our bodies that should be checked out and worked on. Little stuff, through to possibly big stuff.


How do we figure any part of this stuff out about our bodies, all by ourselves?

Well, we don’t. Remember – no has ever said we have to diagnose and cure of all our daily and accumulated maladies all by ourselves by psychic scanning and starfish-type regeneration - or by any other means. But you? Yes, you. You can listen to your body. Does it ache anywhere? Is your posture and skeleton as aligned as it could be? Do you feel ill or funny after eating certain foods? Are you sleeping peacefully and well? Does your breath generally smell ok? When you pee or poop does it smell like an uncleaned public latrine? Ask yourselves these things, and more. Ask yourself often. Do it with the view in mind that YOUR BODY is the VERY FIRST WITNESS to something going wrong with you. Do it with the view in mind that YOU deserve to know what is going on when it comes to your body. You will only get better and better at this self-check if you do it regularly, and if you concentrate on it. You will never be 100% perfect at it, you may get some nasty surprises from the doctor, but expect that, just do the best you can for yourself, do not ignore yourself.

Today, the way things have become, it’s become normal and even expected to actually NOT tune into our own bodies. It’s become normal to know very little about our bodies, about our own ailments, about our own inner signals. We can trot off to the doctor when suddenly it has all gotten too much for us. We can let the doctor make all the diagnoses and decisions. Then we can trot off to the pharmacy, script in hand, and trot home totally disconnected from ourselves. We can swallow a pill. There are times when this path is the only answer. There are times when there are dozens of other paths and answers. I will not cast any negatives on doctors, they are brilliant, they are constant learners of new information, they are educators who pass their knowledge and advice onto us. They save lives. They are not to be cut out of any picture, they are here for you, on your side, and the more you can tell them about what you are feeling and experiencing the more accurate they can be in diagnosis and treatment.


Now for some obvious stuff, stuff which I think is confusing people in this thread – if you have a serious injury, like if you break your leg or rupture an organ or split your guts open GO TO HOSPITAL ASAP. This is a very basic concept. This is STAGE 1 of beginning to treat and heal a major or serious injury. GET EMERGENCY HELP. FAST. This is your first line of survival. Do not sit around using psychic powers to try and heal yourself. Do not get muddled about that! It’s pretty straight forward. GET EMERGENCY HELP.

However, I will say this: unless the pain or the situation is utterly overwhelming you can use your mighty mind and your inner strength to try and remain calm while help is coming. You can try to help your body not freak out too much. You are your first medical officer. Calm and assess yourself.

And so…. You go to hospital. Then at some stage hospital releases you…

You are now home. Your injuries are hurting. Take the correct level of prescribed pain relief and other prescribed meds. Do what you have been told to do to aid and support your recovery. Rest if you’ve been told to. Get up and begin working that knee gently after reconstruction if you’ve been told to.

And use your self-check system. You know where you hurt. You know the worst pain sites. Your body is telling you it needs your help and support. Read up on natural pain relief techniques and feel free to ask your doctor or your hospital etc if you can use some of the more gentle and sensible ones to enhance your own healing. Do not ignore the wealth of information out there. Find ways to help yourself.

And think very carefully about your healing. Does it feel as if healing is progressing along ok? Are the parts of your body that were unaffected, still unaffected? Or are those parts now inflamed? Rashy? Tender? Do your best to build up some information about how you are going in your recovery so you can exchange that info with your medics.


Remember this when you exit this post….

Women in childbirth have been taught techniques to lessen the extreme and intense pain of labour. Breathing. Relaxation. Focus. Working WITH their bodies, not AGAINST their own bodies. Muscle identification. Muscle control. Soothing music can help. Subtle light. Calm environment. Strong calm support. There are so many ways to TRY to help reduce pain. It is all about trying to get the body to work in the best possible fashion.

Meditation (done properly and well) has a great reputation for chilling out the mind and letting the body do it’s stuff. It lifts the mind away from the pain zone. Distracts it. But don’t expect to master meditative pain control in the midst of a medical crisis! Have a few meditation skills long before that moment that we hope never happens.

Spend years really listening to your body on a regular basis. Move your body, learn how to flex and stretch it to test it, learn how to examine it, learn how to feed and support it, don’t treat it like a stranger. And then maybe one day, I say maybe because there are no guarantees in life beyond death and taxes, you might actually find your body working for you and telling you what’s bothering it, and where. You might form a nice connection with it and begin to pick up signals you were oblivious to before, that you were unconscious to before. It all hinges on how well and how often you train and improve yourself to be ever more aware and alert.

Nature has given us so much possibility and potential. Explore that to the final letter. Because starting at ‘A’ and saying you don’t get it, or you don’t believe it, is no way to go. Do better! Test life yourself. Find your own results through your own efforts. You are not someone else in this tread with THEIR long or short, wise or foolish experiences. You are YOU.

JamesB 4 years ago Author

That was not a comment expandyourwisdom it was a manifesto and I'm going to leave it here because you make some good points you also in my opinion completely miss on others. I have and will continue to down grade doctors because for the most part they are not only useless they are down right dangerous to your health. So if you have not been shot, stabbed or run over by a car you had better take care of it your self because the doctor cannot fix anything. The number one factor in the dramatic increase of human longevity is public health awareness sewers, clean water, disease/pest control, better housing, personal hygiene. Doctors/medical systems have had very little to do with it. Trauma surgery developed on battle fields is the one area where vast improvements have been made, the rest is still stuck in the 3rd century.

TheOne 4 years ago

"I have and will continue to down grade doctors because for the most part they are not only useless they are down right dangerous to your health."

This pretty much makes you lose all credability already. Your free to think whatever you want but saying doctors are useless and dangorous for your health is borderline retardation. Lets see you take your own advice after you receive a life threatening injury.

JamesB 4 years ago Author

Since you seem incapable of reading or comprehending what I wrote allow me to repeat my self;

So if you have not been shot, stabbed or run over by a car you had better take care of it your self because the doctor cannot fix anything.

Doctors can stitch up the holes and put casts on the broken bones but it's up to your internal systems to actually heal the damage. If those internal systems fail to heal the damage you die and there is nothing...ZERO...any doctor can do about it.

Of course I'll take my advice in case of a life threatening injury, way before I'd take the advice of a doctor or you.

TheOne 4 years ago

Tell that to people who receive transplants, dialysis, and other forms of treatments like chemotherapy when their bodies fail them or refuse to heal. See what kind of answers you get.

JamesB 4 years ago Author

Not a single example you have posted has anything with the failure to heal damage. If you receive a transplant and the connections fail to heal you die. Dialysis replaces a failed/failing body part and chemotherapy is designed to kill stuff not fix it. None of these "treatments" fix/heal the condition.

TheOne 4 years ago

I'm beginning to think arguing with you is pointless, as with most writers who will do anything to defend their work, even if it means disagreeing with valid evidence. Doctors can prescribe medications, shots, provide physical healing and therapy courses. Depending on what kinds of damage you have, whether it be skin damage, bruises, swelling, or even broken bones, torn ligaments (sometimes twisted ankles and wrists along with other breaks need to be set correctly and the only way to ensure is with x-rays) there are things they can do for you and saying they are useless destroys any credability you would have had otherwise for any medical related professional who comes here to read this. I'm going to guess you went overboard with that statement cause I just don't see how someone could say something like that when doctors save lives every day. Continue believing what you want, close your eyes and try to see what you obviously just cant see and sure maybe your foot will heal a litte faster. Walk on it, induce pain to get used to the pain and not even realize you could actually be slowing it down without even knowing it... It's going to heal one way or another. We don't heal cuts faster by picking at them and inducing pain. We don't close our eyes and envision where the bones are broken then use those broken limbs to speed the healing process of said limbs. Some of this seems silly to me but whatever works for you. Honestly the only thing your doing by inducing pain and using the hurt muscles and tendons or whatever is damaged is lowering the therapy portion of the healing if anything. I don't believe in meditation for anything other than mental healing, so I'll just agree to disagree. Your useless doctor statement still bothered me enough to say something, since I'm looking at becoming one. Anyone who is reading this after a trauma injury should go see a doctor anyway just to make sure its not something more serious than they think. It absolutely does not hurt to get a professional opinion, its your body and you only get one, take care of it. Last thing we need is more people dying from a hemorrhage caused by hematoma from a recent head trauma injury they thought was no big deal.

JamesB 4 years ago Author

Thank you for proving my point. Everybody else please read these posts carefully. This type of mind set is what you get when you go to a doctor.

TheOne 4 years ago

I haven't proved anything for your stance on this. I just simply proved where you're wrong about doctors and what you said earlier about them being dangerous for your health (next tell me the one how teachers are bad for learning or cops are bad for crime) and my stance on what you wrote in your article. I didn't dismiss it but I certainly don't agree with it. Any person with common sense will come along and notice this and with that, I'm done here. I certainly hope everyone else reads these posts carefully too cause there is nothing wrong with this mindset. Saying doctors are dangerous for your health... Now thats a troubled mindset. Good day to you sir.

ExpandYourThinking 4 years ago

When it is ourselves or dearly loved ones who are injured, in pain, suffering, we do care an awful lot about repair and healing. Almost everyone alive and who has ever lived since the dawn of time has had their share of physical injuries.

However, aiding recovery is not about cutting anyone out of the equation unless their suggestions/methods are flawed/unsound/dangerous. The surgeon who repairs the hole in the heart of the new born babe will not be viewed as dangerous by the parents, but rather as a one and only lifeline.

Aiding recovery is in its early infancy, it’s an ever evolving field stumbling along, leaping sometimes, falling over other times. Not so long ago a crushed foot was amputated whilst the patient bit down on a piece of wood. Doctors did not know that hands needed to be washed to prevent the spread of unwanted and fatal matter. Medicine and healing are just beginning. Step by step millions of doctors are endeavouring to lead us all in the right direction, but they are pioneers, early explorers, not gods of whom you and I should expect blatant miracles.

We are mere baby steps into a future that I think will be brighter and better than the greatest of optimists could ever hope for. But getting to that desirable place means that everyone must open their minds and work together, pooling knowledge, expanding knowledge. Fields must merge and become one. Left of field and right of field must be embraced and shifted into the centre.

Meanwhile, while we wait for that day where perhaps healing never need take place because our bones are unbreakable, our flesh impenetrable, our blood self-cleaning, our systems infallible and undamageable - whilst we wait - do not forget there are doctors out there who will scan every horizon to help you, who have experienced life and injury and healing themselves, who care more about getting back to basics to protect the body than they care about pharmaceutical companies and private health companies. How do I know this? Personal experience. Medicines in the bin on one doctor’s advice. A diet changed and a new life begun. There are doctors out there who take that road whenever they can. Who look for causes. Who are true investigators.

I think much depends on where you live. On your country. On the services it provides. On what you have to do to access those services. On how much you have to pay and how many hoops you have to jump through. And on who is really in control of what.

Or maybe like me you live in a country where hospitals are free and plenty of doctors bulk bill meaning you pay nothing to get their advice and assistance. These doctors are free to recommend what they have come to know from practical and real-life experience. Their allegiance is to you, not to filling you full of medications for irritable bowel syndrome when maybe what you really need is to get off gluten because you’re gluten intolerant.

Sometimes doctors are only as good as the systems that they work in will allow them to be. Support them. Let them really do their work. Let them learn more. Bring them more of your personal experiences on how you healed, or helped yourself. Education has to flow. Has to grow. Has to exchange. Doctors in many parts of the world must be freed up to treat underlying causes rather than apply pharmaceutical bandaids.

Now that, I would fight for.

JamesB 4 years ago Author

Bullshit! Total complete bullshit..but I'm leaving it in.

Healing through prayer has been known and documented for centuries. Force of will has been known and documented for a while. I sat down and figured out how this works in 5 minutes in 1986 since then I've talked to doctors, politicians and bureaucrats not a single one of them evaluated the data..not one. I have been told politely several times to go away and stop bothering them and you want me to accept that doctors have the patients best interest at heart! Yea right sure.

Doctors and politicians are running huge scams farming the sheeple. If doctors and politicians where even a tiny bit effective this information would be build into the school curriculum. You would not be able to do sports at school unless you passed a test and a physical. There are billions of dollars at stake here the doctors and pharmacy companies stand to lose it all if people learn to heal themselves or adopt healthy life styles.

Jason 4 years ago

you seem to be putting too much emphasis of your claims on Yahoo Answers responses. These are not reliable sources at all, but anyways I would like to have a better understanding of this process. What exactly are you doing? Concentrating hard on pain does not create any type of image...

JamesB 4 years ago Author

Pain is part of a signal generated by damaged tissue to inform your brain there is a problem. If you process this signal in the "feeling" module you get location and "OUCH". If you process the signal in your visual cortex you get a three D picture of exactly what's wrong.

Most humans think the eye see's this is totally wrong. The the eye is a translation device which turns reflected light into a signal which is transported to the visual cortex where it is "seen".

Your brain is cross connected to a massive degree and also has the ability to grow new connections. So you make a decision and "focus" not concentrate on the pain signal. This routes the signal to the visual cortex where you see it. What do you do with cut cables? Me I line them up and push them together so they can heal properly.

Get access to a top quality anatomy reference book and check out what I'm claiming about the human body. Do some research on how the brain works. Let me know which facts/data I've got wrong...if you can find any.

What for? 4 years ago

Why you so hostile and angry to everyone?

JamesB 4 years ago Author

I have a head ache due to old injuries which are taking for ever to fix. I'm old male and totally disgusted with the stupidity of humans in general, politicians and doctors in particular. I've tried the nice guy route it tends to attract parasites and muggers, being cranky and hostile on the other hand repeals them. Any other questions?

Hass 4 years ago

wow, i played football with friends yesterday and pulled a muscle near my thigh and pelvis. I could barely walk but being a proper man i walked everywhere even though i was in pain without wincing. As soon as i got home the pain got abit worse, i read this and it worked! the reason why is because pain is in the mind and can be controlled-and now i know how, thanks

JamesB 4 years ago Author

Thank you for the opportunity to be useful

Passerby 4 years ago


Didnt read all of the responses so I don't know where you're at right now, but what you have said has been scientifically proven. Here is another article for you to reference if need be. Also, I can testify to the validity of this healing method. Not only have I been able to fix emotional and physical pains without the use of a therapist or drugs (what did bodies do before these things?), but a MicroBiologist professor of mine was able to break down everything on a biological level similar to the article link i posted. SO IF YOU'RE READING THIS WITH DOUBTS(random passerbys like myself) SEARCH FOR THE PROOF BECAUSE IT IS OUT THERE!!!!!

That guy 4 years ago

"I have a head ache due to old injuries which are taking for ever to fix"

If they're old injuries you should have had plenty of time to heal them then shouldn't you? No? Why not?

It's funny, I had a well written, fully fleshed out argument covering every point you'd made so far. I chose to delete it when I considered the likelihood of you saying I was in the doctors pockets. For someone who has shown themselves to be as ignorant as you are, whose arguments are fundamentally "I know you are but what am I?" it seemed pretty likely.

I hope you never have need of the men and women you so carelessly deride as useless. Not because they wouldn't treat you, of course they will, they've dedicated their lives to helping others. No, I hope you never need them because of the massive beating your ego will have to take that day.

Despite what you may think, a medical degree is not just a business degree with a bit of sewing thrown in. Don't be the one to lead people to ill health by inciting a distrust of doctors. Doctors not only save lives, they improve them. To disagree with that is to spit in the face of all those they've helped.

JamesB 4 years ago Author

That Guy is a loser, but he did manage to ask an important question which is not covered in the article, this is because I do not know how it ends.

What I do know is any injury which is not healed quickly creates complications. This is done in two ways, first is the direct impact of the injury upon neighboring tissues and a cascading effect which spreads through the body. The second is through compensating to avoid aggravating the injury..LIMPING... the shifting of muscle use and tension misalign's joints and affects every other muscle in your body.

So have a dozen moderately serious injuries over 3 decades...heal nothing...layer compensation over compensation while living/working in a very physical style. Now discover a method to fix the mess and get started. Let me know when you are done.

Anthony 4 years ago

Although I haven't tried this and am a bit skeptical, I must address "that guy" and "the one". You two are complete idiots. You are asking many questions that James has already answered for your other stupid questions. Let me reiterate. Doctors are useless UNLESS there is trauma. Damn, read the entire comment. They are useless because of their desire and corruptive money making ways. This is why it is ILLEGAL for doctors to prescribe nutritional therapy. As in, not being a fatass, giving your body what it needs, and allowing it to fix itself. There have been thousands of cases of folks self curing disease with diet. However, diets aren't prescribed and doctors/pharmacies do not get paid. The best doctor in the world is your own body.

JamesB 4 years ago Author

September 23, 2012 Today I received 11 pages of violation notices and had my account suspended for posting the link to this article on Yahoo answers.

The only way to appeal a violation is to use the link within the violation notice. The only link is the customer care one and it does not provide a place to appeal, in fact it directs you to a completely useless page. Back in the old days it was real easy to appeal today after 3 upgrades it's a massive run around and wow no place to appeal. So is the point of this to eliminate appeals? So it would appear.

No idea what's behind this but from now on all the advice available on Y/A injuries is designed to keep you sick and paying a doctor for useless advice. Somebody does not like me and my article, they must of read it and decided that effective advice was a real real bad thing.

tucceemnith 3 years ago

When i helpful to acquire on top of lifetime nevertheless these days I have developed a new level of resistance.

JamesB 3 years ago Author

tucceemnith...Sorry but what you posted makes no sense what so ever.

I was wrong Yahoo answers did not delete all the links I had posted 400+ hits a week still come from that site...total hits 85064 now if I knew how many people have actually use the information to heal themselves I'd some useful information.

Futamarka 3 years ago

При заботе на ретромобильном трауре необходимо: Прикол - соблюдать меры осторожного обращения с источниками огня, высоких дам; Прикол - контролировать параметры газовоздушной среды, не допуская их до пороговых значений и др.;

JamesB 3 years ago Author

LOL... that's fantastic Futamarka I'm glad you shared that with me. The problem is I cannot tell which language it is or even if it is a language.

chriozvszi 3 years ago

Hello, May I export that snapshot and utilize it on my personal site?

douglas nusbaum 3 years ago

The only problem that I see is that 10% of the population has no minds eye. I am one of them. Now, I am sure that some ignorant idiot will ask about dreaming, thus demonstrating that they are also to lazy to do the relevant research, but instead simply vocalize the first random firings of what passes for brains.

JamesB 3 years ago Author

Sorry chiozvszi but I did not get a notification that you had posted or I would of answered earlier. What snapshot are you talking about and what's the address of your site?

JamesB 3 years ago Author

I have no idea what a minds eye is but this process makes use of the visual cortex and for you to have read my article I'd suspect you have one so not having a minds eye is not a problem. What is a problem is that 99% of the population "believes" stuff they where programed with by society and as a result have stopped thinking....I call it voluntary stupidity....

Steve 3 years ago

What on earth are you going on about?

JamesB 3 years ago Author

I thought it was self explanatory, in fact I went to a lot of effort to make it so Steve. So which part have you failed to grasp?

Phillip 3 years ago

I'm sure this works, but the only part I don't understand is the "information processing". Assume I minorly sprain the talofibular ligament in my ankle, what do I do?

JamesB 3 years ago Author

A nerve impulse is information, the standard practice is to use drugs to block the signal or compensating IE: limping to isolate the injury limiting the generation of signals.

You sit down take a deep breath and on the exhale turn your entire attention upon the signal that sprain is generating. Processing: to use, act upon or seek out vs ignore/avoid.

phoenix 3 years ago

dear friend james, please please take some times to read this....

to begin with ,i had shoulder dislocation 10 days ago and iam completely devasted after that as i cannot continue my gym and boxing activities,from that dat day i have been searching forums regarding full 100% recovery of dislocated shoulder,and i didn't find a single post saying their shoulder has been completely healed ,only some posts were like 95% healed n 98% healed that too after surgery ,then i decided to heal it my self by positive energy as i have increased my height through self suggestion long back n i have also heard about people curing cancer through reiki and positive energy and all.then when i searched google for it i found this page,so thought to message you, after dislocation people normally tear their internal tissues or LABRUM ie. the ligament which holds the ball in the socket and it cant be healed naturally as there is very little blood flow in ligaments and tissues or it heals to a very little extent as far as i have read...so is there any way through self regeneration as you hav said i can bring back my shoulder to 100% like before without surgery as iam willing to put any amount of hardwork.....pleasee help me as iam v.much depressed and don't want to live like this . plz suggest me ways with which i can go about it.if you have any personal email id or other contact send it to me as this page is full of critics N idiots who don't have belief in this method. i wll give my contact in the next post


JamesB 3 years ago Author

phoenix in theory your problem can be fix using this method, since nobody has reported success and I have never suffered this type of injury...theory is all you get.

Blood supply has nothing to do with healing using this method, it's all about information obtained and used. There is nothing "natural" about using this method or the results it provides so ignore all those negative limitations "normal" people believe in and go for it. You either heal it 100% or suffer for ever....pick one.

phoenix 3 years ago

so how should i go about it should i focus on the pain and obtain information n smetimes it doesn't pain then what to do

thanx for the reply

JamesB 3 years ago Author

No you focus on the signal of which "pain" is part of. Stress it very carefully and gently, something simple like trying to hold it horizontal or do it indirectly by focusing on your posture and the tissues surrounding the injury.

derp 3 years ago

All I can think about while reading this twaddle is tinfoil hats. If you'd just keep your hat on doctors and guv'ment wouldn't be able to scan your brainwaves and make you sick, stupid. That's tinfoil hat rule number 1, never remove hat.

JamesB 3 years ago Author

I so enjoy the comments posted by informed, highly educated products of the public school system.

Tin foil hats are to prevent the government or aliens from down loading commands into your brain and taking you over, they have zero effect on disease or injury.

derp 3 years ago

The fact you took that seriously speaks volumes of just how dumb you truly are. Also, you were either, A) educated in a public school setting, B) Homeschooled by your fellow tinhat wearing family, or, C) In a private/catholic school. The latter being most probable due to the fact you give merit to praying to any religious deity for healing. You cannot trace signals from your neurons into your brain and see a 3D hologram of your body, let alone somehow astral project yourself into your brain and "fix" your pain like wires in a computer case. There's also a legitimate reason why Doctors wont look into this. They're too busy trying to find cures the real way, with modern medicine. Sure, it may not be up to the standard of what it could be. Funding can sometimes be hard to come by for certain ailments, and right now the main player is cancer. I would sincerely love to have your theory tested on a few cancer patients, but as I say that I take it back. That is pretty much putting a tag on their toe. Before you take the time to think up and polish some witty remark about it not being tested on cancer, there's a reason why that's true. Because people with cancer actually want it to be dealt with, not given some ass backward self healing pamphlet and a firm hand shake with a "Good luck!". I don't usually tend to put down people's theories, but the way you defend them with faux-intelligent sarcastic namecalling just made me believe you're not only a nutjob, but a total asshole. Just because you took some peyote, focused on some pain you had, and though you saw something doesn't give you the authority to call doctors useless, and say your self healing method is the best, but only if you don't need a cast or some stitches. For further reference also, Yahoo Answers is where the dipshits of the world go to for a fake sense of self validation by reading a question, doing a quick google search then regurgitating the info back to someone too lazy to look it up for themselves. Then proclaiming themselves as geniuses. Long story short, there is only one thing that beats the stupidity of your theory, and that would be you. I'm looking forward to you sarcastic rebuttal. Smart ass =/= smart.

JamesB 3 years ago Author

There are hundreds if not thousands of documented cases/claims of healing using prayer. I have read several articles where cancer has been cured.

Please reread the article and point out the part where I give "merit" to praying or suggest/state that praying to any deity will heal anything.

I'm a public high school drop out....an education system failure.

joeyjoejoe 3 years ago

It's true, doctors have no financial interest in teaching you to heal yourself. Even the few who make it through "the medical-industrial complex" with their ideals intact, cannot do much for you. That's because only YOU have access to your own subjective experience, so only you can process the signal that James is talking about, and only you can "push and pull" with it to address the ROOT of the issue. Western medicine is great at "managing the symptoms" of chronic illness, but rarely is able to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Treatment of acute trauma, on the other hand, stands as a triumph of Western Medicine, and I'd call it foolish to dismiss the system entirely. If my arm gets cut off, I'm not going to meditate, I'm going to get it sewn back on by a doctor ASAP, with disinfectants and anesthesia! Duhhh...

BUT! After the surgery, the docs can't do crap except feed you pills. So it comes back to self-healing. As I understand it, the line is quite blurry between what's considered acute and chronic (i.e. a bad back can have causes that built up over decades, but finally presents as a slipped disc... etc.)

Personally, I've been "intuitively" doing something of this sort to re-stabilize a sprained ankle that had troubled me for years. X-rays, Mri's and physical therapy have been almost completely useless for me (in fact my limping was getting progressively worse!). Surgery would have been too risky so I was kind of stuck for a while. But through chance discovery of a few simple exercises I discovered that muscle imbalances can be "manually" corrected... In fact, my body loves it that I'm directing it in healing itself.

Either way, thanks for the amazingly original synthesis James. I would love to correspond with you further about your studies and understanding of how to use this signal processing in more practical detail!

JamesB 3 years ago Author

There are not a lot of practical details known about this type of signal processing because I have only used it for trauma injuries and stress conditions and nobody else has reported success with anything else....heck nobody has reported any success period. Due to the vast number of variables involved in any injury it's hard to compare situations. You are pretty muck stuck with learning the basics and working your way through the problems. It does get easier with practice/use but the tediousness of it never changes.

Edward 2 years ago

This makes sense to me. I've studied remote viewing, where you experience massive amounts of information from an internal signal line. This reminds me of the same sensation, expanding a seemingly individual feeling into a collage of information and sensation. I've strained my hip flexor and would love to heal as quickly as possible. I'll let you know how to power of thought works for me. Best.

JamesB 2 years ago Author

If you read the comments closely you will notice three distinct groups.

1) Those with closed minds who refuse to consider the concept no matter what benefit it offers.

2)Those who have a health problem and are searching for a solution. My "opinion" is they want somebody else or a magic bullet to solve that problem and will not step outside of "normal" to use this data.

3) A small minority which either is already healing themselves using the process "naturally" without all the data or those who have experienced a non-standard mental process and will cross reference.

Which means human suffering on a mass scale will continue....probably for ever.

Thanks for posting and adding to the "data" Edward.

Johnf372 2 years ago

There are some attentiongrabbing points in time in this article but I don't know if I see all of them heart to heart. There may be some validity however I will take maintain opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we would like extra! Added to FeedBurner as properly cbfedaefkkce

Harman 2 years ago

Pulled my lower back while deadlifting yesterday (hyperextended), it's a little sprained, so will try this out and get back to you when it's healed. I've been stretching it out and inducing pain in the area for a few hours today, also hit up the foam roller, and it felt pretty good afterwards, so it's looking good so far...

yawneth 2 years ago

Got a torn muscle in my ribcage doctors can't do anything other then pain management (painkillers) will try your method and report the results

yawneth 2 years ago

So 2 weeks did more then 2 months with painkillers

almost no pain and recovery started Fast about 48/72 hours Thanks :-)

Rich 2 years ago

I have never done this, but sometimes if I cut myself in football and I have scabs, I will close my eyes and imagine my body healing. Almost meditate on it and my subconsious deals with it. After a few days it is nearly healed. If I don't think about it, it takes a few weeks. I learned to slow my heart rate this way and firmly believe you can control your subconsious through practice, more experience you have, the more belief you get ......more effective.:).

JamesB 2 years ago Author

While I disagree with your way of describing what you are doing and your statement "I have never done this" congratulations on figuring out the basics of how to heal yourself on your own.

If you add/adopt the information/viewpoint in the article to what you are already doing your speed of healing will go up slightly and it will be easier to deal with more extensive injuries. Consider it a fine tuning because that's all you are going to get since you have the majority down pat already.

zekitan 2 years ago

Been at this since i was 7.Believe as in micro also in macro .Yes have experienced mingling at cell level size an learned that a part of cell language is relative to frequencies.Learned this in a very profound process of regenerating my two fingertips .

JamesB 2 years ago Author

Thanks zekitan I am really glad to have heard from you. Especially the regrowing of lost parts part, according to "theory" it should be possible but I have not got to that part of my "backlog" list yet. Having your tonsils removed can really mess up the muscle balance in your neck and head....at lest that's what I'm blaming this mess on.

Mikszath 22 months ago

Hi James, first of all thanks for this thread maintenance since 2012. I read all the comments, I agree with you in many things, but not all the things. I fell off a bike 6 month ago, and hit my knee, maybe i have a meniscus injury with a joint inflammation. I didn't used NSAIDs, just ice packs, vitamin C, natural and herbal remedies, plus doing physiotherapy, six month hard work everyday, and my pain is still here everyday. What's your opinion in joint inflammation? Do you think an inflammation can be stopped by using your technique? What's your opinion on a discreet meniscus injury? Would you go under the knife? I don't know if you heard about craniosacral therapy its also activating the natural healing process of a body. Thanks for your opinion.

JamesB 22 months ago Author

Joint inflammation? Serious misdiagnosis in my opinion because the joint is made up of multiple parts anyone of which could be affected by multiple different things which will produce the same symptoms.

It's not my technique, it's hardwired into the original design. I just took the time to effectively describe it. Since the condition is generating a pain signal useful information can be extracted. With an accurate description of the problem you should be able to fix it.

Never had a discreet meniscus injury....no opinion.

In all cases going under the knife does more damage which then needs to be healed and there is no way a surgeon can line up damaged tissue accurately enough for a 100% reattachment. So unless I've been shot, run over or I cannot reach/affect a problem I avoid all doctors.

Craniosacral therapy sounds bogus; Your healing system is already turned on but due to design limitations it cannot completely heal certain classes of injury. They require directed effort from multiple body parts to either close a gape or to realign things.

bryan 6 months ago

i find it humorous how many people dismiss the idea of "mind over matter". They are the ignorant ones my friend. Keep up the good work.

Bmonty40 5 months ago

I believe what you are talking about. In 2009 I had a motor cycle accident and completely severed the Meniscus, ACL, and MCL in my left knee. I wanted the doctor to operate the next day, so I could get back to normal as fast as possible. But he said I had to wait until the swelling went down and it would be at least 6 weeks.

He put a brace on my knee, said to stay off it, gave me a script for the pain, and sent me home.

After three weeks he scolded me about not using it or I might not ever use it again...I was thinking, (Doc you told me not to use it)

After that I went back to work and started using it as much as possible. I was driving a tug all day and kept forcing my chair closer and closer forward making it bend. It was lots of pain and believe me I concentrated on that knee all the time.

Once I was out of the brace, a friend that limped, welcomed me into the limpers club. I told him he was out of his mind, but he said that was how he got started limping. The Idea of limping really bothered me...

After that I made a conscious effort to walk without limping. It would hurt but I kept at it and after a while it got better and now no limp, no pain, and never did get that operation... Every once in a while it would hurt when I would step wrong or something, but I would focus on the pain and walk right and after a few steps the pain would go away...

So I think I was using your method without knowing that's what I was doing. It didn't happen over night, but I got back to playing racquet ball, riding my bicycle competitively, softball and everything I was doing before...

Now I have a pulled muscle in my Buttocks, (Please no jokes) and that's what brought me to your page, I'm going to give your method a try... on purpose this time.... Thanks

JamesB 5 months ago Author

Hi Bmonty....it's not my method, the hardware is build in and the software is intuitive.

If you try it using the mind set I suggest the only real difference you will notice is how fast you can fix things,,,,it is still going to hurt way to much.

Thanks for posting your story,

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