The Spice Drug: A Dangerous New Drug

Drug Abuse That Is Legal

There’s a drug popular with teens in the U.S. that many parents may never have heard of, but worst of all – it is legal. This drug, called “Spice” or “K2” is said to give the user a marijuana-like high. Sold in shops and online as incense, it is being smoked as a legal alternative to marijuana. But this drug appears to have far more dangerous side-effects and without the necessary regulation, consumers have no idea what they’re really getting.

Spice originally appeared on the scene in the late 1990s, but didn’t really become popular until 2008. As the drug gained popularity in Europe, scientists began conducting research into the composition of this drug and any potential effects on the body. As a result of these investigations, many countries subsequently banned Spice including Germany, France, Chile, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, and the U.K. The United States currently has no such ban on the drug, likely due to the fact that it has only recently become popular in the U.S.

German researchers were able to determine that Spice contained a variety of synthetic cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds devised to produce marijuana-like effects. There was a high quantity of other synthetic chemicals found as well, indicating that a user really has no way of knowing what they are being exposed to. Worse yet, Spice appears to have many negative side effects that marijuana does not such as anxiety attacks, hallucinations, nausea, and a chemical dependency. Three teenagers in Roswell, GA were recently hospitalized after using Spice. One teen had a severe reaction to the drug, resulting in swelling of the brain.

Currently there is no way to test for the use of Spice, as it is not a regulated drug. Theoretically, children under the age of 18 cannot buy the drug, as head shops and online stores are not supposed to sell to minors. As this drug is still legal in the U.S., many people may be led to believe that it is a safe alternative to marijuana. This could not be further from the truth. Parents, teachers, and lawmakers need to be made aware that this drug is out there and that it has the potential to harm the lives of our children.


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Cannabischuck 6 years ago

Last thing we need is another prohibition! Where are the sources for this story the German Scientist is from what University? wheres the reports published?

I think this story is a crock of B.S.

Melissa McClain profile image

Melissa McClain 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author


I'm sorry you have an opposing viewpoint, however I believe you should phrase your response with a little more civility next time. I am approving your comment to point out that I did add the sources I used to this post. Readers can decide from themselves. I was skeptical at first when I heard how dangerous this was. That's why I did the research necessary before writing this.

I also welcome comments and constructive criticism.

Catherine Harbin 6 years ago

This has been sweeping across our high schools here in Arizona

Melissa McClain profile image

Melissa McClain 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author

Catherine -

Sorry to hear that. I hope that raising awareness of this drug will help parents and teachers deal with the issue better.

Saul Good  6 years ago

Spice is really big in Utah, I just assumed it was like weed and relatively harmless but that is not the case.

It's because of the prohibition of cannabis, an essentially safe drug when used moderately, that kids are forced to pursue these kinds of dangerous legal highs.

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago

Melissa - Interesting topic, I have never heard of spice but appreciate this hub in bringing it to our awareness. Thanks so much for sharing this very valuable information.

Great Job and Welcome to HubPages,


habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia

Wow - thanks for the heads up!

Mack 6 years ago

Live in Okinawa Japan - in the Military (Marine Corps). This has become huge and many Marines are being separated from the Marine Corps as this is a drug use. Mainly because they were found with it in their possession - no testing yet available. My concern is more for my kids at this point. How do we identify it? What are the symptoms' to look for? Any feedback is very much appreciated. Semper Fi

ELAN 6 years ago

I'm a 24 yr old married with two. I have recently tired spice like a week ago. I heard that it was legal and that spice does same thing weed does so of course I bought it at the smoke shop. When i tired it nothing happen at first. But an hour later it felt like my heart was beating really fast and i couldn't breath, i couldn't see straight. I had no idea what was going on. I even had the chills and then became hot, it was just a mess. However, I really believe that this drug is dangerous and I do not want any one doing it or go through what i went through that night. I really believe that we all should do something about this.

6 years ago

so anything that makes people happy that isn't the norm or is different must be bad? drinking and smoking tobacco are more harmful to the body than spice. when a researcher physically has proof that the side effects of this incense is harmful to the body i'll believe it, but until then im going to find it hard to believe that this has any worse effect on the body than smoking and drinking.

lea 6 years ago

of course you don't know exactly what you are smoking, last time i checked drug dealers weren't passing out ingredient labels with their dime bags, they're drugs!

Josh 6 years ago

Spice is a great product I don't see why you sorry ass people have to make a big deal out of this stuff Loosen the F*** up PEOPLE

JustAnotherShadow 6 years ago

K and Lea have good points... In my opinion, it's a (legal) drug, and anything that can alter our state of mind can be harmful to our bodies; whether that be medicine, alcohol, or tobacco.... So why turn a legal drug like this, that can be bought at a smoke shop and typically taxed, into an illegal substance. Why would we want to outlaw it and turn it into another illegal drug that people are still going to obtain and smoke... Marijuana is illegal and yet it can still be found at every corner. So I really fail to see the big deal in this whole debate over nothing..

Big Al......... 6 years ago

is a drug people.

no matter how you see it. it's not good.

sportymom 6 years ago

A few weeks ago, one of my children tried this drug and it almost killed him. The psychological effects were bizarre, not like any alcohol or marijuana induced high I've ever seen. Hallucinating, paranoia were the least of his worries. Physiologically, his heart rate was twice the normal heart rate and his blood pressure was high enough that I feared stroke or heart attack. Needless to say, I doubt he'll ever try this drug again.

theheebs 6 years ago

i had actually never heard of this until today. My brother is a Marine and recently got pulled over with a passenger who had some of this stuff and he is looking at a little trouble since the military has its own ban on the stuff. After doing my research i'm dumbfounded. We continue to keep pot illegal while this synthetic and clearly more harmful alternative is legal. If we're really worried about this junk, lets just make weed legal. nobody will smoke this crap if they can just use the real thing legally. Let us pot smokers do what humanity has done for countless years. Prohibition needs to end; I'm tired of feeling like a criminal!!

Josh 6 years ago

Sportymom I have one thing to say!!! Your kid smoked to much of it Way to MUCH

Matt 6 years ago

I'm actually smoking a bit now. It's not had any negative effects on me yet, maybe a slightly increased heart rate... But I will say, I'm not surprised that it's more dangerous. That's just sort of the icing on the cake, ya know? Make a wonderful, natural substance illegal and force people to take some unsafe synthetic crap as an alternative. And yet, people (mostly old-ass corrupt politicians) STILL think it should be illegal. PISSES ME OFF.

Jon 6 years ago

do not smoke spice. i smoked it a lot. after doing a stronger one, i threw up all night and my brain has not recovered. it is unsafe and 10x worse than weed. do not smoke spice

Erin Holladay 6 years ago

Wow. I had never heard of this drug before. Thanks for mentioning Melissa.

barbie  6 years ago

i'm 17 years old and i herd about this and herd it would not show up on drug test so i smoked it and it didn't do anything too me i smoked a blunt two hitters and a bong. i smoked the bong last me and my cousin left the house too walk down the street and smoke it we each hit it like 3 to 4 times all of a sudden i spaced out and felt like i was in a dream and then i started saying the same thing over again like id be talking and say the same word like 20 times before i went on to the next word everything got blurry and i couldn't really see i was only down the street but i couldn't walk some how i got on the phone with my mom and she got down there and i stood up and fell i could no longer feel my legs i couldn't breath at all and i was getting really hot and i was shaking i still felt like the smoke was in my chest and i couldn't get it out.... i thought i was going too die i kept asking my mom too help me but there was nothing she could do... i was close to death and everything i've worked up too would of just been gone and my mom is going in too surgery on friday because she has this sickness on her brain where its too big but anyway that would have been great her daughter dieing right as she's getting surgery done... i think this drug should be banned from the u.s. and i suggest that noone does this drug. you never know what your smoking i don't even know what i smoked i just herd it was legal and i smoked it so unless you want too die or be very close too it i suggest you don't smoke this...

Josh 6 years ago

Barbie Your stupid. Its your own fault. It is not weed people. All you need is a hit or two of this but people are stupid and you cant fix stupid.

vk 6 years ago

My friend and I smoke spice all the time. We were only introduced to it about a year ago. We'd always get high, have fun. Until just now tonight. My friend started rocking back and forth repeating the same work/phrase "yeah", "yup" over and over again. She urinated all over herself, stood up started screaming and crying, hyperventilating and could not stop moving her body. Once we got her to drink some water we were able to force her to focus and keep her eyes open, keep drinking water, and fight to try and sit still. We moved her to her bedroom - thinking sleep would be the best for her. She began crying and screaming again repeatedly saying she loves her friends and family... Almost as if she was saying goodbye. We calmed her down and let her try and sleep. I started getting extremely nervous because I'm scared she won't wake up. I'm going to stay with her all night and there's no way I'm going to be able to sleep.

So, please, those of you who are reading this, do not smoke spice. Like I said, we've smoked it for awhile, and this time something bad happened. I will never do it again, nor allow her to either. I've been through a lot, and by far this is the scariest night of my life.

Stay away from it -- this is no joke.

Josh 6 years ago

VK WOW that's a pretty weired and strange story Don't no if I realy belive you. I smoke spice and nothing like that has ever happened. Ofcourse I don't smoke a shit load of it like Im thinkin you and your friend did. I like spice since I cant smoke the real stuff "weed" Its a good high I smoke 1 to 2 ones every night I don't have any problems WEIRED

Tiffany 6 years ago

I have smoked it a few times and I myself have had a bad reaction I got some flavored stuff one time and smoked a bowl like I normaly do and a few minutes later my body went numb and I couldn't stop rocking back and forth I kept blacking out it would come and go I felt like I didn't have any control over by body it was pretty scary. But I do continue to smoke I just don't get flavored kind and I make sure to smoke it slow cause the effects are delayed a few min. So if you smoke to much it will mess you up its not like pot it doesn't cap out. I agree and think they just need to legalize pot. So we don't have to smoke chemicals mixed in herbs to substitute.

hmarie1034 6 years ago

My friend just tried this yesterday.never smoked spice before,had smoked weed before.she hit it once and she started screaming and crying yelling help.she was throwing her arms around and wouldn't let us near her.then she started to convulse in almost like a seizure.her eyes rolled back into her head and were half open all glazed took her twenty min to get off this high.she slept it off after she was a little more coherent.We didn't know what to do except just talk to her and calm her down and help her to know what was real and what wasn't.she is somewhat back to normal today.

someonewhocares 6 years ago


someonewhocares 6 years ago

I went to a cigar shop and they had spice. They told me about it. I bought some, smoked it in my car like I would have smoked a cigarette. On the way home I suddenly panicked as I did not know where I was. I had no directional bearing. I got scared as the road was moving around. I was afraid of wrecking or getting pulled over. I felt very impaired. It was not like smoking weed. I had a loss of mental faculties and gross motor skills. I was a danger to myself and others. I fortunately made it home to my wife and two small children. This was not OK with me. The affects of smoking this stuff was scary. It is a serious mood and mental altering drug that should be regulated or researched. Please think twice about using it. I know the desire is heavy for many of us to escape from reality, to take the edge off, or to numb the emotonal pains of life and all that comes with it. Smoking something that could have long lasting detrimental effects, that could cause us to do things we may later regret and that could keep us from reaching our human and spiritual potential is not the way to help ourselves. Life is short and there is so much to live for. If someone offrs you this, tell them no. Talk to your parents about it. Get online and learn about it. I smoked weed and did serious drugs in my formative years- 15 to 30. I am now 45. This is not about tolerance or ignorance or learning how to use it correctly- or about being sfae with it like you would other mood altering substances. Sufficieant research has not been done to verify neurological effects. This substance could kill you. For those of us who suffered from it- may it be a reminder of how valuable our lives are- and how much we do love ourselves, our families, and friends.

jake 6 years ago

I've been smoking Spice for a couple of months now, lately it's become a daily habit. Besides the fact that my heart rate is so high it could fly outta my chest, I've never had a bad experience. IMO, it's nothing like weed, it's in its own special category. Now I'm not sure how safe it is toxicity wise, but until I hear otherwise, I will continue to smoke it. Because right now it just seems like more drug propaganda.

Fluffymetal profile image

Fluffymetal 6 years ago from Texas

Great and interesting comments! People do your research. Good hub!

lxxy profile image

lxxy 6 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

I'm not sure what to think of this. My own personal use of spice has been nothing but good, as are the other 99% of users both personally (and in virtual reality) that I know of.

Then, hmarie1034 and someonewhocares comes with stories...which sound horrible! But is most likely, by all data gathered, fake.

However, every person is different.

So in the liberal idea of taking all things to heart--no matter how illogical--I'll just remind these two: know your self, your body, and mind, before trying anything knew.

While you bring up great questions, I cannot agree with the overall negative tone to this story, because of my own personal use. I have to say this story is more or less an alarmist piece. I'll keep hovering about, though. I am after the truth.

However, I will continue to watch and observe--the truth is what I'm after!

lxxy profile image

lxxy 6 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

Ah, and I'd like to add: you mention teens here--I agree! DON'T DO IT TEENS!

I'm a hypocrite, admittedly, but I must say that any drug experimentation is best saved till later.

No one, under 18, in the USA should be doing it--and as Fluffymetal would mention (and I agree) I think that even then you should be weary of using ingesting & such substances.

hdjsk 6 years ago

My boyfriend smokes spice on a daily basis and I have seen him high to the point of throwing up for HOURS and thinking there were two other people with us. He genuinely thought he was going to die and from the sounds of it it's possible he was near death.

profile image

braindeadd 6 years ago

I have smoked for 5 years daily. Pleasure and self medicating. Marijuana that is. Recent probation caused me to look elsewhere. Been to amsterdam, smoked 3 gram spliffs (no dutches around ;))of bags sold with caution and extreme labels on them. Smoke spice daily and people need to realize reactions are different for everyone. I had negative experience the other night almost throwing up, almost dying feeling (its called bugging out people lets be real here), etc. Still smoke it everyday because I smoked TOO MUCH. Know your limit. know reactions are different and don't knock it because your having a bad reaction. those who do ruin it for people who havn't decided on their own from positive and neg information and weigh their own feelings on it. DO you research before putting that blunt in ur mouth. for f's sake 200 people can bite an apple and no one will have a bad reaction until someones allergic. some people can't tolerate alcohol in same manner as others. umm simple fix. moderation. again know your limit, research, and spice it up :)

someone 6 years ago

I have friends that have tried it with no negative impact. I totally agree with braindeadd! Know your limits! Especially with something so new to the US market, people really need to try small doses and learn their limit. Bought myself some an hour again and am trying it tonight! I'm curious how long most people find that it lasts!?

anonymous 6 years ago

I have a friend who just tried spice.... they passed out on the floor and i had to call the ambulance for them it put them into a seizure I know for sure its bad. DON'T TRY IT!!!!!

Jay 6 years ago

This is for that barbie girl chick that's 17 years old lol hey i read ur story and u kno wat that's call? Is call paranoid lol u were fine u just panic and made urself feel bad lol

HookahBro 6 years ago

Ya the spice called Black Mamba is so good. I smoke it everyday, and I cant get enough. Its better than marijuana its so amazing!

6 years ago

if people knew how to stay calm and control themselves when they get really fucked up then i guarantee they wouldn't have these panic attacks and extreme paranoia stories. As someone who has been diagnosed with having chronic anxiety/depression (albeit a very small case), I have experienced similar effects of dizzyness, heart racing, etc etc. It's all about learning how to stay calm in moments of pressure like that, and most people don't know how. And that, to me, is perhaps the biggest problem with humanity. When you find yourself falling apart, slow down, focus, put things in perspective. I'm postive you've had worse things put into your body and effect your brain

mike 6 years ago

Oh boofuckinghoo. This is why marijuana needs to be legalized. Because all these white parents are going apeshit about their poor kids doing "drugs". Marijuana isn't bad at all. Neither is spice. People need to have used weed or spice in order to understand what it does before they go bitching about its "harmful effects" when they themselves don't even know the truth, just what they've read on wikipedia.

anonymous 6 years ago

everyones body chemistry is different which is why there are different reactions to spice. i have smoked spice several times and have never had a problem. neither have any of the many people i have smoked with. some of my friends do it on a daily basis several times a day and they've never had a problem. different drugs have different effects on people. not only that but alot of it is 'mind over matter' besides some of the actual physical problems that ppeople have commented about.

object&observe 6 years ago

so if spice is worse than bud why the hell is bud still illegal? salvia is the most insane, mind blowing, terrifying thing i have ever had the dis/pleasure of putting into my brain. much more intense than lsd or shrooms and even that's legal... stupid lawmakers.

"MJ - Natural" smoker 6 years ago

So I just recently heard about this spice crap and have been doing research on it. Wiki's, reports, etc... My conclusion is that there is not enough chemical background and side effects research, too many potential effects, and this stuff should definitely be 21 and over with at the least more information on packaging or something.

Seriously people... you want to get high? At least stick with something natural... not man made chemical BS. What are you going to do in coming years when you find out this spice crap really F'ed you up? When it's too late to say "I should have stuck with Ms. Mary Jane"??

Final words, DON'T KNOCK people who share their experiences! Other people should know what CAN HAPPEN. Just because you think you're a professional drug smoker doesn't mean you're any more right, heck you're probably entirely wrong in the first place.... being high and all.

whatshername 6 years ago

This article makes a valid point and from a pretty unbiased point of view. I agree with the terms that it should be monitored considering my boyfriend just smoked space, like times before, but is now having a horrible side effect of an anxiety attack or something worse. It's a chemically made substance so who really know what they are putting in it. I think people should be careful in what they consume, not everything that's legal is good for you, look at the side effects of alcohol and cigarettes.

Phantom 6 years ago

I personally disagree with the use of "spice" and other legal blends, however, I do not think that it should be made illegal, as that will only prove to increase crime rate.

Wake up America.


Abi 6 years ago

I tried spice last night for the first time. Smoked way too much. I got it as a free sample from a local head shop. Was told it was a weed like high, no instructions at all on how much to smoke. I smoked a bowl full with my fiancé and his friends. When it hit me I felt like I was dreaming. I was numb but tingly trying to play with my itouch was impossible; I had no control really. I would start to think about random stuff and completely be taken away from reality. I felt like I was going to die. I spent like ten minutes inhaling and exhaling hard to try to get the smoke out of my lungs even thinking well imaging I was. My heart rate was really fast. It was scary as hell. I'm sure I'll never smoke it again. It was nothing like a weed high NOTHING like it. The shits messed up. Chemicals that just fuck with you even now I don't feel normal.

questionable 6 years ago

ive been smoking spice everyday for about 6 months now and i can defiantly tell you that it is very bad for your brain. At first i was wondering why i felt the way i have been feeling. but this drug really takes you off the level. and will leave you feeling parinod.

thomas 6 years ago

SO, anyoone can search jwh-018 ( synthetic cannibinoid) toxicity reports and see that this chemical's effect on the human body would leave a very low possibility of causing issues from occasional usage. most "spice" lines are made up of herbs, damiana being the most common. Others include mugwart and mullen. All three of these herbs have been smoked for years. Daily usage of spice would probably cause some minor head issues in the long run, because your cb-1 receptor gets targeted 10x as much as smoking marijuanna.

I work at a hookah lounge, and we sell loads of this stuff. We get free samples in every week. Hope this was informative.

Dad in Indiana 6 years ago

I have a 15 year old son that has been using spice off and on for about a year. It has been difficult to bust him with it. We even home drug test. Since I have busted my son he has been pretty forth coming with his use and the use of the kids at his school. This stuff is like candy at his school. Everyone at the school knows about this stuff and is the topic of many conversations. The overall feeling among his peers is that the drug is harmless. For those of you that believe this drug should continue to be legal or believe it is harmless. I ask what is positive about using spice, marijuana, and any other illegal drug. Adult life is extremely hard without make poor life choices especially at a young age. Please beware of this stuff. If this country found out that the US military was testing a mind altering drug on our troops called spice. Those same people that believe this drug is harmless and should be legal would be on the front line protesting the testing. Yet these people are allowing themselves to be test subjects in an unregulated substance.

Writer'sBlock 6 years ago

This is the most poorly written piece on anything I have read in quite a while.

John 6 years ago

I'm a twenty one year old male, with a healthy immune system and a pretty good physique. No significant health issues to mention. I was a frequent Marijuana user for two years up until about two months ago. I decided that I was abusing the drug for trivial reasons, so I stopped and was clean for about three weeks. A friend of mine who works at a smoke shop gave me a sample of some spice incense known as King Krypto, the most potent blend. I figured that since it was legal and didn't show up on drug tests or prove to possess any addictive properties, I decided to try it out. I smoked it for about a few weeks and really enjoyed the effects at first. I felt giddy, lighthearted and very lethargic; similar to how I would feel whilst smoking weed. The next week, however... I had a very disturbing experience. I smoked only a small amount more than what I would usually smoke and I started to slip into a state of panic. I had no idea why i was feeling so paranoid or anxious, but as the hour went by it started to get worse. My heart was racing and I felt like I was experiencing a form of heat stroke. I fell to the ground at one point, losing strength in both of my legs. I went and took a cold shower to try and slow my heart rate and to cool myself off. I was still experiencing the horribly terrifying side effects for about an hour and thirty minutes post shower. I finally calmed down, but I was stricken with a sense of fear and hopelessness, as if I was just on the brink of death. I spoke with my friend and she told me that it was just a strong spice and suggested a weaker blend. I reluctantly tried it, basically as a personal experiment to see if her words were true. Again, I was able to smoke it normally and felt fine, up until today. I smoked the same, weak blend that I have been for the past two weeks and experienced another terrible panic attack-like episode. My heart again raced, beating so fast that I couldn't even feel the tempo anymore. I couldn't eat, was nauseous, felt scared and like I was again going to die. I finally, after three hours, came down from this dismal high. I did some of my own research and discovered that a man in Missouri actually died of a spice overdose, and that numerous teens and adults have been hospitalized due to the detrimental and deadly affects of this "weed substitute". I will tell you right now that I have NEVER in my years of smoking weed experienced anything like that, and I have a pretty high tolerance for drugs; I've experimented with a multitude. I suggest that who ever wants to feel as if they are about to die, go ahead and have fun with this spice crap. It's not even meant to be smoked, mainly because it's sold as incense. After reading this thread among many others, I see a trend in side effects. So to all of you inexperienced and ignorant posters who are debunking the validity of these claims, you need to go ahead and do your own damn research and see how it affects a lot of people. I wouldn't encourage anyone to even try this, for it can be very dangerous... as proven by me and many others.

ism 6 years ago

I've tried two types of "spice", one tastes like bubble gum, and is really pretty bad. And another that came in a fancy little plastic pillbox container...

...I think the "danger" of "spice" is very overestimated. I'll agree to restriction for minors, but honestly...I'm grown. Stuff works! Leave it alone...why be a spaz about it? John, lrn2paragraphs, also, the best source I could find on this with any actual information....

it's in german, and google translates it for poopstick, but it shows real sources are's like marijuana, zomg!

Synthetic weed, awesome, unlike real weed, it isn't cheap, apparently local news reporters have high salaries... it's taxable? Oh wait, I can buy it just a short hop from where I can get food! Of course it's taxable!

@John, this one time, I drank 3 5 hour energies in 5 minutes cause I thought the name was instructions...

John 6 years ago

@Ism. Before you criticize me for something as trivial as paragraph separation, you might want to exercise proper grammar. Second, I never said it should be banned. I was just voicing my opinion and warning others of the possible dangers that could occur. If people are educated and aware of what they are getting into then maybe it will make them think twice about doing it. Everyone reacts differently to any type of drug. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do. Now, if you know the possible repercussions and still want to try it out, more power to you. Don't put words in my mouth. And that little bit about your 5 hour energy incident was absolutely hilarious and definitely supported your already arbitrary argument. ;)

Oh, by the way... here are some more sources:

You would have to be a moron to not agree that more studies should be done on this product to ensure its safe use. If not, people should be aware of the possible detrimental effects.

Yoshua 6 years ago

ive smoked spice like twice before. on occation i smoke some pot but i wouldn't consider myself a stoner. first off it did increase my heart rate a little and did give me the high sensation that weed did but it was just a little different. Kinda hard to put your finger on it. However the thing i see that happens most offten is when stupid ass people smoke just a little to much of this shit their pulse increases too much and then all the problems begin to start. Wow people these days. I say to everyone who is going to try the drug just take a hit or two out of whatever your smoking out of and be HI. don't try to get really f(*^ed up. IF you look at all the people who said this shit was bad it was beacause they smoked WAY to much of this shit. Idiots

ism 6 years ago

I tried to comment to respond to you earlier, John...but apparently: my response was "bad"(which I doubt); mod has access to IP records and it was a different IP, as I was at work; or mods are asleep.

@John "Before you criticize me for something as trivial as paragraph separation, you might want to exercise proper grammar". I disagree with this entirely. Paragraphing is more important grammatically, imo...granted, I make "liberal" use of punctuation, but my statement are defined in a way where someone should be able to follow the pauses. I don't have to write in MLA format, I'm not gunna.

Your sources, once again, just my opinion...are utter cripe. Sob stories, I don't care about second hand information reported by a third hand reporter with an associates degree working under guidelines by a corp. or Inc.. I'm almost positive you didn't take the time to click the link I posted and try to understand it. a real study on the substance in question and "at hand" in the article. It's a synthesized cannabanoid additive people are using on odd varieties of easily attainable non regulated plants. It's chemically very similar...they did a good job making it. The only studies I would encourage are the use of the delivery method, mainly sage plants.

Kids have OD'd on nutmeg and paprika....alcohol and tobacco kill how many people each year? Vehicular homicides, from drunk driving, faulty equipment, or general distraction are how much? Anti smoking drugs...Chantix and Zyban...that stuff is seems like there's a few more cases of suicide with those, than with "spice".

I'll let you ponder're only argument to that, is that those things are regulate...well, like I brought up before, 5 hour energy, all those diet pills, energy drinks, all readily available at a gas station...people should focus priorities and try to be more informed about the substances available. You fight the minor fight and kill the happy camper, but let the synthesized speed go?

bait 6 years ago

what can you do to get rid of the side effects? how long does the side effect last?

John 6 years ago

I'm not saying it should be banned. I honestly don't see the harm in encouraging further studies and testing on something that is a newer material. It vexes me why you get so defensive about this... you react as if I was telling you that I believe you shouldn't follow a certain religion or fall under a certain sexual orientation.

I'm not telling anyone how to live their live. I would never do such a thing, considering I'm a firm believer in individualism and the fact that we are entirely free, thus responsible for our own lives and choices. Why don't you go look up Malcolm Gay and his heavily supported article on the newer discoveries of K2...

Malcolm is a reporter for the NY Times. He is not trying to sway people one way or another. Calm down, seriously... Unless you believe that toxicologists should just cease the studies of new drugs or chemicals solely because of opinions brought about by individuals such as yourself, Ism?

Josh  6 years ago

I LOVE SPICE I cant smoke weed do to being on parole.

freedomunrestricted 6 years ago

Maybe one day there will be a legal alternative to alcohol for those who don't like to drink. Others can go home on the weekend and get completely obliterated. But if I want to smoke a joint on my days off I have to worry about getting piss tested for the next couple weeks.

jsniviernri 6 years ago

Im 17 and i have smoked spice (or whatever you want to call it) numerous times. At first it didn't seem like a big deal but just recently ive noticed intense side effects. it started off when i smoked it, i would twitch and my heart raced, and all i would want to do was be sober... Ive also have had weird flashbacks all the time, even if i haven't been smoking. and when i was high off of it, i would feel like i was in 2D or everything was really big and i was small. i would also get cold/hot sweats its all hard to explain, but i try to convice people i know who smoke it to stop now, because i don't want them to be permanatly screwed, because i do believe that there are some scary chemicals in the spice that no human should ever consume. The sad part is, ive had more than one person in the hospital because of smoking spice... that's why it hits home. i do not smoke that spice anymore, and i will never smoke it again. ive never done anything that just makes me want to be sober, but spice does.

i cant really identify any signs of someone smoking spice, but just keep an eye on the person you are concered about, i just want people to realize that this spice is far more dangerous than smoking weed, and ive neverrrr had any scary or intense side effects from smoking weed, which makes me worried about "what the he*l did i just put in my body" and i will never know, i just want these side effects to go away and hope that i haven't permanatly screwed my body up.

eric 6 years ago

I'm 18. I recently used the drug. I did around 8 hits of it, and received a very good, light, high. After around 5 or so hours, my friends and I bought more from the same dealer. I did less hits this time, but it caused much more SEVERE EFFECTS. My heart rate increased dramatically, all the way to the point where you feel it smashing against your chest. You hallucinate and hyperventilate, and lose all feeling in your extremities. In my case, I could feel hot blood dripping down my chest, so i repeatedly lifted my shirt to check if I was actually bleeding. I truly felt like a was going to die. i texted my girl friend throughout the ordeal, and even though some of these texts may seem humorous, they're still terrifying to me. Here's a few: "i'm going to die i'm going to die in about o t" "I feel my blood rubbibn thriugh my body! ny blood iks so warm" "my heart is being nicer! the blood is so warmmm" "yeah baby don't be afraid don't be worried my legs are lightning bolts" "mmhhmm i feel paralyzed hahaha! look how well im texting holy christ! don't be scared don't cry baby...omg, a cat keep brushing his hand around neck. every now and then i forgot how to blink...blood is pulsating through my body. i can feel the paths of blood through my veins. its so warm. my mouth is really dry hahaha! what movie am i watching. oh now the blood is running through my legs. yeehaww im a cowboy! meow meow meowwwwwwwwww"

BColley 6 years ago

This is running rampant in our military. All branches have banned spice and personnel are being kicked out when they find it on them.

ism 6 years ago


are you seriously thinking I'm spazzing out?

you took a hard line angle on your comments. You really have yet to refute any of your statements? Quite honestly, I think you're a "bullsnuffer". You deliver no real information, but continue to try some kind of banter. I find you dull, and full of typical reaction responses to being confronted on the subject. IRL, you would probably try to 'belittle' me until I threw some info in your face and you would run away because all you have is anecdotal spewing of your brainpan.

@BColley, you're wrong. The Marines are the only branch to "ban" it. The chemical compound isn't fat soluble, so there is no test for it. It's legal, it works.

Rockin' the Ploxin' 6 years ago


When you buy anything from a dealer, you never know what you are getting. Something tells me that what you bought was laced with something else...

If you want to try spice, make sure you get it from a headshop or online, where they come in sealed packages, not in a baggie from some dealer in the alleyway.

That Kid 6 years ago

one anxiety attack, still smoked it, no problems

Mandy 6 years ago

Spice is great , you arrreee trippinnnnn lol .

Timmy Turner 6 years ago

I Had This Drug Yesterday And It Was The Most FUCKED Up Experience I've Ever Had, I Swear To You I Couldn't Stop The Feeling I Was Get It Was Like I Was On A Sea Saw And I Felt Like I Was Dying, My Hearing Was Terrible

Nav650 6 years ago

you gotta remember that this stuff is essentially LSD. I have found that the JWH quantity is different in every different variety & because it is not regulated the levels of this chemical may be different from batch to batch, that means even if you get one and was fine, that doesn't mean that the same blend you buy that next week will have the same quantity of the chemical. My first experience was horrable, I hadn't had a bad trip like that since highschool. But now because I know what to expect I can prevent bad experiences. Try a very small amount from every batch to determine its strength. And as for the random panic attacks, we dont know about the lasting psycological effects, so until then I suggest treating it like LSD to prevent freakouts.

Jeret 6 years ago

I seriously believe this isn't a free country anymore. i mean, its all about people trying to make things to the way THEY want it. its funny when i read things and the number one thing that everybody's excuse is, "Kids," well here is some news for you guys, your kids are going to have sex one day, and there going to try some sort of drug. personally marijuana isn't a drug, but since the "other people" say it is, well then i guess it is *rolls eyes*. i personally tried it (spice) this past weekend, and it was simply amazing, i actually saw nothing wrong with it besides it being extremely expensive. i say to everybody who reads this: please try this, and stop listening to what the "other people" say. i mean, if look at the world around us, because we "follow" we have wars, and racism. if you want world peace, then legalize marijuana, smoke it with your enemies, and love each-other (and seriously, I'm not a hippie. I'm just a person who is tired of following. peace is dead)

Oh, and to ELAN: please just fuck off, and die. you tired it and had a panic attack?....really? *shakes head*

WHAT ? 6 years ago

Then what synthetic chems are in it huh? It has too be safer then cigarettes.

Swoosh 6 years ago

Okay, so yet another first hand experience. Let me start by saying I used to smoke weed on a somewhat regular basis (once or twice a week). Not a ton, mind you, but more than enough to know what to expect before using spice ... and to an extent, I was right. I've found that if I only take one or two hits, and then call it good, I end up with a high almost indistinguishable from weed. Maybe my heart rate averages a BIT higher, but it's nothing more than what a brisk walk may give you. In short, it's no big deal. However, and I urge everyone to read and understand this: DO NOT DO MORE THAN A FEW HITS. I know this has been stated above, but it's the truth, and bears repeating. The first time I did spice, I smoked it like a would my regular weed. A joint of my own and some hits off a friend's. Big mistake. He freaked out much more than I did, but I was by no means fine. For about a half hour, I was a complete mess. My heart rate soared, my vision blurred, and I experienced full body numbness. I didn't think I was going to die, but it was enough that I did consider waking my girlfriend to have some form of comfort. Thankfully, it was short, and once I came down a bit, it became a nice high. I wasn't sure it was worth the negatives, however ... so I tried it again last night. In short, I experienced the effects so many people above me have wrote short essays about. Cold flashes, heat flashes, racing heart, numbness, you name it. It got so bad I decided my only solution was to walk. At three in the morning, I walked all the way down my street, and although I can recall the experience, I was in little more than a haze. Then my throat started to close. However, I feel it is important to make this clear. That was NOT an effect of spice. I was having a panic attack. Something I had never had before. Thankfully, I realized it for what it was, and was able to calm myself down before heading home. By the time I arrived, I had came down quite a bit, and felt comfortable enough to go to sleep. From waking up to now, I have felt perfectly normal, other than some weird flashbacks, which, while rather frequent, are relatively mild. Just some random two to three minute mild panic attacks that are getting better and less frequent as the day goes on. It's uncomfortable, yes, but not scary. It's still a side effect I'd rather not experience, however.

tl;dr - It's a drug I would tell people to stay away from, unless they're smart enough to know when to stop. A couple hits leads to a nice high - any more than that, to a host of problems that will terrify those who are unready, and even when you know what to expect, it's still a bad experience. Just be safe, and know your limits, and it's fine.

timmymonster 6 years ago

I smoke it sometimes and think there are lots of worse things I could be doing. I mean come on now I just smoked some a few mins ago and I'm perfectly fine. Its not like I smoked a rock and I'm jonesin for another hit. Now that sucks comin from experience. Hell you have all kinds of junkies all over that would rape your mother for there drug of choice. Personaly I belive you can't knock anything till you try it so grow up!

Nav650 6 years ago

The chemicals used are called CP 47,497-C6, CP 47,497-C7, CP 47,497-C8, CP 47,497-C9, JWH-018, JWH-073 and HU-210. All of which can be purchased legally in the US.

follow the link if you want more info.

Mike 6 years ago

I'm going to start off by saying that Jeret is an idiot. He has no idea what he's talking about and probably needs help, cause it sonds like his brain is fried. If a drug isn't regulated by the government, then who is contolling it? I was hallucinating for 4 hours after smoking it and felt paranoid after for two days. I tried it twice and now I'll never try it again because of the last time. Shrooms never made me hallucinate that bad.

yo! 6 years ago

Spice is amazing; though, kids shouldn't do it. In short, it's unlike anything else. Take your time with it and give yourself time to receive the BENEFITS of the substance. One or two rounds is good... after an hour or so, you are safe to repeat. If you are worried or paranoid before you do it, that feeling will be amplified while you are high. What people on here are failing to give proof of is: How many people have died from this??? Use responsibly, idiots...

marc 6 years ago

josh, the spice expert, was gone for a while. i was afraid it got the best of him. but he is back. the best drug, as ke$ha says it... "your love your love your love is my drug".

jimmy neutron 6 years ago

First of all, if you don't want to hear my story, just scroll past it... Those of you with your mind made up already about the "positive benefits" of spice, just skip my comments, this isn't for you. I got interested in the idea of spice from a co-worker who tried it while on vacation and loved it. He said this was the best alternative to weed and that in this day and age there was no reason to risk drug tests and arrests when there was a safe alternative. I became interested and found a few websites about the benefits of spice. I should have investigated a bit further. Now, for those of you drug "experts" who scoff at people who can't handle their drugs, let me tell you that I have an extensive drug history.... Pot for 17 years, cocaine for 2 years, acid off and on for 4 years (I loved seeing shit that wasn't really there), and hard core meth use (I graduated from user to dealer to meth cook and ended up doing state and federal prison time. I know how to do drugs and not freak out.

Until yesterday...

I met the co-worker at the local headshop where we bought the "legal" and "safe" alternative to weed. We laughed and joked about how much fun it was going to be. We parted ways and I fired up 1 big hit, followed by a small hit 5 minutes from my house. I was barely able to make it home, hallucinating had begun. Now, I've eaten acid in the past, and I know it's all about mind control, right? So I make it into the house where my skin starts stinging and burning, my heart starts racing, the profuse sweating begins and I start feeling like I need to get cooled off. I stick my head under cold running water, and end up pulling off my shoes and socks and putting my feet in the water too. I leave the bathroom and head into the bedroom where I feel like I need to sit down on the floor to stop the spinning... This is where the feelings of intense fear and hopelessness start (and won't stop). I stumble outside and manage to call the co-worker and tell him to hurry over. He ends up having to talk to me all the way to my house, where he finds me sitting outside in the rain where it's cool.. He told me I looked bad and that my heart was pounding and that he would do anything I needed to help me. He sat with me over the next three hours until I was able to speak again and be left alone. (yes, it will make your mouth feel like it's almost impossible to form words)

In short, I was looking for a legal alternative to weed, since I have a commercial driver's license and get drug tested randomly. I got more than I bargained for.

To those of you that this angers, this wasn't written for you. I would never try to influence your drug educated opinion or call into question your tolerance levels, or your capacity to control whatever drug you choose. I was in your ranks until yesterday..

To those of you who might be considering spice, do some more research into "spice drug side effects" before just trying it. I wish I had. Almost 24 hours later and I still don't feel the same. (I slept for 14 hours)

Prison never scared me the way this stuff did.

Student10 6 years ago

I have tried spice and I have tried Marijuana. It is hard for me to believe that Spice is illegal and Marijuana is not considering the affects of Spice are much more dramatic that that of Marijuana.

However, the allegations and Spice causes you to become dizzy and for your head to spin is based upon the chemistry of the consumer. Just like alcohol, there and a variety of limited dependent upon the anatomy of the person using said substance.

Joe 6 years ago

the reason why we need a ban is to protect teenagers lyk me that have tried some drugs to say that drugs are bad 4 you and get you no where in life

helga 6 years ago

this product make my home smell wonderful. my cats love the scent it makes them joyful... what are you youngsters doing smoking it?

Cashmere 6 years ago

to helga

ur an idiot.

Joshua 6 years ago

From what I have read here, the majority of you need to:

1 - Quit using anything mind altering.

2 - Go back to school and take a few ENGLISH classes. (apologies to those who are not English speaking people)

3 - Go to and look up the synthetic cannabinoids found in this "incense".

4 - Have a wonderful life...

helga 6 years ago

you need to show a little respect im a respectable grandmother... how am i the idiot it says right on the label its an incense

Sarah 6 years ago

I love weed and will probably smoke it the rest of my life.. but this spice stuff is no good.. The other night my friends smoked it and two of them almost died. so i've been looking into it and found that it's made with a bunch of harmful chemicals and a bunch of other people have had the same effect and have been admitted to the hospital. Just a warning guys.. I know it's legal and can't be detected in drug tests but is it worth your life.. stick to the natural greens and just buy some fake pee or something.

Indy Mom 6 years ago

I am still sooo confused and scared. Two nights ago I smoked K spice and I have never experienced my own death so clearly. I've smoked weed off and on throughout my life, but drug tests keep me smoking it anymore. After just about three hits off this k spice, The next two hours are a terrifying chain of events that have me still shook up sooo bad. It started with a pounding heart beat, pounding out of my chest and a helpless feeling of what is happening to me? Then waves of nausea, but I was too afraid to let the waves take me and pass out cause I knew I would die. So then I ACTUALLY BECAME SEVERLY RETARDED, no control over my arms twitching, and my legs couldn't move then i had my eyes shut and was making helpless sounds and grunts and thought I would always be this way, tried to drink water but my throat wouldn't work, tried to throw up but felt like my throat wouldn't work, just heaved. My life was flashing before my eyes, my children learning of my death, growing up without me. I have never been so scared in my life. Two days later and I am a mess still. I want to know what happened to me. I cant shake the feeling of oh my god, I did this to myself and I love my children sooo much and they need me. Please someone tell me what happened to me? Was it a seizure or a stroke? I need to talk to someone who has gone through this too. Thanks

kkk 6 years ago

yo, spice is better than weed dawg.

cb 6 years ago

i love spice and love the "i feel like im gonna die" effect its just a bad trip big deal you will get used to it. its herb god created it so we know it aint a sin why complain anyways everyone has a bad day and needs a puff so why ban if this is a free country, so wake the f*** up america, don't let the government ban spice lets keep our freedom.

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lilbg50 6 years ago

i smoked spice before to aand im nott going to lie ....tha shit had me high then i don't know what each its own ......just know that ur gonna b zooted

first 6 years ago

never smoked before and smoked spice the night before last. have a soaring heartrate and it's been over 24 hours. should i go to a doctor? what would they give me?

Maryanne Maguire profile image

Maryanne Maguire 6 years ago from Santa Monica, CA

How sad! Wish they'd stop making these harmful things. Young people - -all of us really - -have enough to handle.

E.R MOM 6 years ago

From a Mom that just came from the E.R, with her 17 year old son. He tried Spice 2 weeks ago and for the last 2 weeks he has been a mess. Shakes, fever, rapid heart rate, hallucinating, headaches. He thought he was going to die. I did not know what to do. When he finally admitted to smoking it...the Dr. rushed him in the E.R. and gave him a head scan, blood work, and EKG. THIS IS DANGEROUS...Do NOT TRY IT...LIFE IS A GIFT!!!! Kids don't give in to peer pressure,WALK AWAY!!!!!!

Concerned Mom 6 years ago

My son smoked spice because he was being drug testes. Is there a way to get it to show up on a text?

k2 is the outcome of making pot illegal.. 6 years ago

idk what you all are crying about, ive done it and didn't have any problems, legalize weed so you can stop whining about this

yulii 6 years ago

I have tried spice and it has side effects that weed doesn't,it get you on a good high, but only smoke a little and everything is good.

Chris 6 years ago

As far as i can tell everyone is worried about what exactly they are inhaling. I stay away from the more expensive types of spice to try to avoid the synthetics. I base this off of the fact that most of the herbs that are in the list on wiki are very cheap & easy to obtain in most herbal stores. Synthetics are most likely to be expensive. Now you still have to do your research on the actual herbs. After spending some time with herbs in massage therapy school some are very potent. Take basic herbs like cinnamon & mint. Both can easily cause skin irritation or burning, or will upset the stomach if too potent. Also effects from person to person with each herb may very of course. (Salvia Leaf- My friends laughed I did not. Very much like acid but reacts much quicker & does not last as long. I was also very confused for the next few hours after. However I have also had friends that it has not worked on.)If your not sure if it's safe for you, please do not do it. I say this because most herbs are not regulated or have had extensive testing by the FDA as we are finding out.

Be careful out there people.

Chris 6 years ago

P.S.- Legalize Marijuana and we would not have this new

problem. We would have other renewable sources on

top of the rec factor.

JULIAN 6 years ago


Matt 6 years ago

This is what happens when you make safe drugs illegal. Toxic unsafe ones proliferate the market. Meth is a perfect example.

Stop the Drug War and give me back the tax money I have wasted on it the last 20 years!!

Johnny Utah 6 years ago

All the said side affects listed above are what happen to me, on some level, when I smoke marijuana. I've turned white as a sheet, heart racing, tingling all over, passed out, screaming "take me to the hospital Wit" over and over, almost shit myself, feet like I'm going to die, feel like I'm schizophrenic and its never going to end. Gad knows why I've tried it over and over because best I still get fairly paranoid. I've found the only way I can smoke pot is to have at least a few beers in me first.

Well, I smoked spice and liked it a lot. Thought i found my weed minus freak the fuck out solution...BUT I was mighty drunk when I smoked it. Still I was impressed I had no proclivity to nuttyness/near death relying on the beer to chill me out like I do with weed. Felt no inclination to to lose it all. In fact I thought a few times to myself so this is probly what most people feel when they get high.

Anyway, glad I read all this...though disappointed my bubble has been burst. I will proceed with cation.

ughh... 6 years ago

i smoked alot of this over the weekend and killed a 1.75 ltr of jack daniels with my friend. i hate this feeling, i wannna come down! everything feels like a movie, i have the chills and a fast heart beat, whenever i move around alot im okay but after i wake from a nap im the same again. this isn't fun anymore. the advice nurse told me to go to the ER but i dont know what they could do for me, help please.

chill 6 years ago

One time I smoked quite a bit of this stuff with some friends. About five bowls or so. Was really high but no other side affects. I smoked it for a second time on the way to the club with a friend just the other night. We shared a blunt so it wasn't that much. Again, no bad side affects.

I believe, like other drugs, everyone will experience different reactions. You can overdose on this stuff so just use in moderation. Just like you can have alcohol poisoning. I suggest if you use it to use moderation and don't be stupid.

kreazy 6 years ago

just use the real stuff...

Bad Trip as I Type 6 years ago

As I type, I am sitting next to my friend who is sleeping and breathing fine. 1.5 hrs ago my friend became white as a sheet after smoking some "Spizzle Spice", was hallucinating, was unable to answer yes or no questions, and vomited on hands and knees in the living room. My friend has smoked spice many times. I called poison control and they were not surprised to hear of the issues and added tachycardia (rapid heart beat), respiratory arrest (cessation of breathing), and cerebral edema (swelling of the brain) to the list of side effects that they have seen. U wanna get high? Go for a hike, a bike, a glass of wine. Anything but a puff of this shit.

Mike 6 years ago

@ Josh, you have proven that it makes people stupid and arrogant. Its made out of synthetic material which is chemical. Most chemical is poison. Im sure they don't care what it does to a persons health as long as the product achieves the desired affect.

fuckyou 6 years ago

damn this drug is not as bad as everyone says and its ok at moderation. of course if you abuse anything its not good for you dumb shits

spice is good 6 years ago

i agree with the comment above mine. And to you "bad trip as i type" that's probably cause he had way too much. or was maybe even allergic

roberto 6 years ago

well i smoked spiced a couple times and i just smoked two bowls and nothing happen to me just high like weed. people who smoked bong rips and blunts are real stupid u just need a bowl or two and that's it don't abuse it people be smart about it and people wont trip but make the marijuana llegal it way better i love smoking the bomb kush

marijuana saves 6 years ago

marijuana is the shit

random 2 cents 6 years ago

Just like any other drug using to much of it will have negative effects. I personally believe that everyone who claims to have been hospitalized or whatnot because of spice simply just OD'd on the stuff. I have been smoking it for a good while now and i won't say that there were no negative effects, but every time there was a negative effect it was because i smoked more than i usually do. The effects i had were nausea, and a light headache. Of course different people react differently to things but i just believe that people go crazy because of the fact that it is legal and inexpensive and smoke ridiculous amounts in one sitting. This is only my belief of course but with no way to test for it i would assume it would be easy to lie and say you only smoked a little out of guilt of their own idiocy. There are a lot of dangerous substances out there that are completely legal weather or not it gets banned or not it will still be used due to the fact that you can't test for it.

gdizzle 6 years ago

we will trust a synthetic substance that is made in a lab and has a LD.. but Marijuana has no LD, and is completely natural? this makes no sense what so ever in my eyes spice should be illegal!!

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rayslayer183 6 years ago


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rayslayer183 6 years ago


Cody 6 years ago

I used to smoke pot. I got arrested and got a possession charge. I now smoke spice... but this stuff is definatly different. I only choose to smoke spice because its legal and believe it or not the second time i smoked spice i went to the hospital.. Yet i'm still smoking it as an alternative to pot, i'm just MUCH more carefully about how much i smoke and how fast i smoke. This stuff seems to have a different effect on me than many of my other friends. Everytime i smoke (usually about 2 hits from a bowl now) my heart rate increases dramatically and my mouth is SOOO dry. Now i always make sure i have a way to get water or sumthing to drink because when i went to the hospital i couldn't and felt like i was choking. Neways my friends have told me that they've felt almost as tho they are tripping, and i kind of feel the same way although i've never tripped myself. Let me explain.. yesterday for example i was at the park with my friend after we smoked and i was ultra messed up off the same amount i normally smoke. we sat and watched tennis and my heart felt like it was ganna explode and i was having a hard time breathing. I'm used to this effect by now and no its what usually happens so i don't really freak out about it. But later like an hr things start going crazy. I had several different feelings, i can't remember the order but this is what i felt. at one point i felt as though i was a giant in a cartoon world. i felt that i couldn't tell if my leg was bouncing up and down or whether i was sitting up right or control either of those things. i felt like the muscle fell off my left leg. i felt like i was seeing the future. i felt like i had extended periods of deja vu - basically that i had dreamt the whole day b4 it actually happened (i've actually felt this twice b4). i usually don't like when all this tripy stuff happens becuz its extremelly hard to concentrate. After about two hours this effect seems to wear off and i'm usually just really stoned and it goes down from there. i'm a good drunk driver and high driver, i'm sure a lot of people say that but i truly am, but i know for a fact that there is no possible way i could drive after smoking this because i literally just feel like my brain processes things supppper slow. it's extremely hard to interact with people and they can usually tell you're really messed up when you do - they usually don't mind though if you try to b friendly haha. idk this stuff is weird, the way i try to explain it to everyone is that it takes getting stoned to the next level. pot can max out on how high you get, but this stuff doesn't, it just continues to mess u up more and more. I've never puked from this stuff tho, lots of people are saying that. When i went to the hospital all the doctors did was give me an iv, a drug test (blood and piss) - which came up posative for marijuana because i was still smoking it at the time, and a shot that instantly calmed me down and put me to sleep. I'm not sure what to think of this drug exactly, but i definatly feel that it's not safe for you in the long run and have considered stopping using it altogether and just going back to pot even though it is illegal becuz i know it doesn't trip me out like this or have any bad side effects. Lemme know what you guys think about this please, i'm trying to gather all the information i can on this just because i'm an honestly curious what its doin to me. Thanks!

Ozlanthos 6 years ago

Let me first start off by saying that I think everyone should have the right to use whatever fits their fancy. Having used several different substances over the span of my life, I can say that Spice is an interesting drug. The trip is odd and not entirely unpleasurable. I didn't have severe body spasms or anything like that, but I did have a mildly accelerated heart rate. I did notice one oddity about it though. When I was high on it, I felt a distinct need to dispose of the rest of it. Not so much at first, but last night I threw the rest I had away. I know myself to have a mildly addictive personality, and as such try to keep an active eye on my usage of any substance. Spice is addictive. I don't care what anyone tells you about it, it has a HIGH probability of abuse. Noting from some of the posts here, I'd say that many of those posting high positive effects and claims of wanting to continue to use it indicate to me that I am not the only one who felt the addictive qualities of this substance. Judge for yourself, but personally I'd much rather be able to smoke weed!


PhoenixAriza 6 years ago


Tripping 6 years ago

I agree with oz. Spice can be addictive, but i think depending on your personality. Pot is more of a calmer relaxing high than spice. Mainly because you can't od on pot. Spice is also known to make people go into a trip. I think weed is probably safer but if you want to go into a more intense high try spice. I use pot and once in a while use spice for more of a trippy experience. Try it and see what you think.

Damien 6 years ago

Spice is a very dangerious drug. It has become very popular amongst military personel. It has even claimed the life of my cousin who was a Naval Officer. My family has taken a personal hit from this drug and the side-effects are not at all like marijuana. Please do not use this drug, it is very dangerious and we need no more deaths due to it.


LaNena305 6 years ago

I wanted to see what spice was like. I like weed but can't smoke it because i'm in the Navy. Spice is banned for the Navy as well but they don't test for it yet. I took spice last night and it was amazing! I felt like thousands of others who felt their heart racing and paraoid. My whole body was twitching and i kept feeling my eyes rolling back in my head. I was tripping out!

mel 6 years ago

Personally my sister tried this new drug 3 days ago and still is complaining of feeling under the influence. They told her it was as safe as marijuana but it turns out this drug is so much more dangerous. For all of you who have done it and have no problems or think that we all should "loosen up" be very careful because once this drug makes any kind of damage to your health it is irreversable. Thank you for the awareness.

Junglebunnycrunch 6 years ago

i hit some of this spice before class one day, and every little appliance in the classroom began making music. the carpet was dancing, and the chalkboard became a window. the only reason i didn't trip, or become paranoid is because i knew i was trippin and accepted it. i kept telling myself i had 2 hours to sit up in this classroom and enjoy the alteration. i have personally smoked like three grams in one night, and not felt anything but tired as fuck. so i would have to agree with those of you who say it depends how you handle the effect. also, i would have to agree with those of you who say it hasn`t been tested 100%, so you really don't know what your getting into. But, i got into it, and it fuckin rock ice. pieces.

unknown 6 years ago

They are testing for it in the Military, but the testing has to be specifically asked for.

ilovethiss*** 6 years ago

why cant people just leave smokers alone it is just a way to calm down from stupidity and yelling and fighting most people go daily ok. SO F*** OFF

marie 6 years ago

i have read everything everyone has wrote and i feel i need to put my views in as well im 22 have had encoperesis since i was 3....i have tryed weed before a long time ago but it gave me werid reactions however spice is the only thing that stops my pain i have also done my research and i think just like weed the reactions for everyone are different spice does not make me see anything it makes my pain stop and it help me to eat... When synthetic cannabis products first went on sale it was thought that they achieved an effect through a mixture of legal herbs. Laboratory analysis in 2008 showed this was not the case and that they in fact contained synthetic cannabinoids which act on the body in a similar way to cannabinoids naturally found in cannabis, such as THC. so i realize that its not natural but it hasn't hurt me yet...seeing this though i will be doing more research thanks

Syreena 6 years ago

I just got out of the hospital with a reaction from this drug. It is very potent and if one was to take this without understanding their surroundings there could be adverse side effects. It is presented in a cigar case and made to believe it is a cigarette. My heart was very irratic and they were worried I may have a heart attack. Please be careful.

k2 6 years ago

I think people need to take personal responsibility and stop running to Mommy Government for help. All they're doing is taking our freedoms away. My body, my choice.

cocakola 6 years ago

sheesh. you are all just children! with NO experience or tolerance for ANY mind altering substance. if "spice" or whatever freaks you out, don't do it! duh!

spice contains synthetic cannabinoids, they act alot like real cannabinoids on the brain. any bad side effects has to do with your own ignorance or your oen negative life. don't blame spice!

Jordan 6 years ago

I'v been working with my friend for 4 months now at my job and all he talks about is smoking spice he never smokes weed or tobacco. I'v been to his house and seen it for myself. He has over 20 spice containers and he smokes spice everyday. Recently about 3 weeks ago he was rushed to the hospital for one of his heart muscles failing due to the spice... he is 25 years of age i can imagine what it would do to a teen.

Joseph 6 years ago

I've smoked weed with no problems, but this stuff made me have an anxiety attack and I was hospitalized, My body was surging with weird feelings, all my muscles locked up and I couldn't move. a week later the left side of my body is tingly and I am extremely paranoid. If you don't have problems with it then great, but I did and I'll never smoke it again.

j man 6 years ago

i smoked 7 bowls of spice, and i was just really really really really really high.

Rhianna* 6 years ago

Ok well my name is Rhianna, im 16, nd from Idaho.

My Opinion on Spice is that i think it is not bad at all, people are hella trippin these days!!I just recently heard about it 3 weeks ago, nd tried it for the first time 1 week ago, i smoked about a bowl of it, then a couple hours later, took 3 hits of it! (Funky Monkey)It didn't give me bad experieces at all, i felt Relaxed, a lil giggly, but it waz nice, i did notice a raise in heart rate tho. I personally like smokin weed, but as of right now, IM ON PROBATION!!!! Funny thing tho, I waz Writing my man in jail, nd i told him i tried spice well he iz 19, nd tha jail found out i waz underage, and on probation....and called my probation officer, and gave her a copy of MY DAMM LETTER!!! So i had to go into the juvenile probation office to meet with mi P.O today, nd she waz gonna make me spend tha weekend in juvie for smoking spice!!! F*ck that, so i told her, how bout i do research on spice nd give you an essay om it!! so that's what im doing!! *RESEARCH ON SPICE* I would say i got off easy, WAY easy!! Ill Still probably smoke it, it doesn't show up in U.A'z, soooo alllll weeellllllll, people just need to no their limits, don't smoke to much ur first time!! STUPID LAWMAKERS SHOULD JUST LEGALIZE WEED!!!!! You parents on here r Really stupid, cuz if ur kid iz often rebelous, beleev me, they will get the Sh*t one way or another!! Cant stop us!! *SPICE IT UP*


Spice_Is_Awesome 6 years ago

F*** OFF

Peope need to mind there own bizness!!!

Spice smokers just need to no their limits nd yu will be completely fine!!!!

Jay 6 years ago

Sounds from a lot of these stories that the users are newer users, total lightweights or simply stupid for taking so much of a drug they know little about. I've been smoking it semi-regularly for a few months now with no real noticeable side effects. It only takes a little bit to get high. If you are pushing the envelope to get extremely high off this stuff then you should step back and evaluate why you are taking drugs in the first place and whether or not you have a substance abuse problem. If you take something and then start acting up and freaking out and screaming or whatever, that says much more about your fragile mental state than the drug you took and indicates that you should stay away from this stuff altogether but doesn't mean that it is dangerous for the rest of us.

Josh 6 years ago

Honestly, I have smoked stuff like red magic, lucid, k2, and other legal herbs such as black mamba, and I really wish they were not sold in my area (so I would not buy it). I do not believe it should be illegal tho, but if you were asking my opinion on it, with in to smoke it or not, I would say NO! This stuff is laced with research chemicals. Search that up in google. If marijuana was legalized, the problems with this legal herb stuff would disappear. Why make criminals out of every day normal citizens? Controlling individuals personal habits has not worked, and never will. - Josh.

Brianna  6 years ago

iAm a teen who have tried spice.! it is the same thing as bud. the only thing is as an hour later you gen a headach. and if more has happened to you you cant control your high nd you smoked too much.! but yeah i've heard it makes you mentally retarded nd you can go brain dead. so since then iStck to weed(:

Rhianna* 6 years ago

Brianna sweetie, ur dum. Spice is NOT tha same thing as bud!!And everybody iz different, not everybody will get a headache after an hour....i didn't!! So thats not tha only different thing!!!! I personally think weed iz a more intence high....i prefer weed!!!

Rhianna* 6 years ago

Add me, nd let me know yu found me off

Talking bout SPICE!! lol

aaron 6 years ago

The only reason kids are using new legal drugs like Spice, is because how strict the laws are getting for smoking marijuana. Marijuana cannot cause overdose. People say marijuana can cause lung cancer, but the fact of it is that there is no record in American hystory directly linking marijuana smoke with cancer. Our entire economy is in dire need of help. If they legalized marijuana and taxed it, it would be the number one legal cash crop in America. People are going to smoke regardless of the law, whether for medical use, or recreation. Legalize this not so harmful plant, and mabie the really harmful new drugs will come to a stop.

DJ 6 years ago

I don't understand why anyone uses this crap. So all these people on here leaving their comments saying "chill out" or "lighten up" are really stupid anything that can affect your mental capabilities and cause you to embarress yourself is really stupid. Thank you all of you for showing me your stupidity you adults should know better, im 17 and i know more about than you guys do. And for all of you who says it makes you "relaxed" is stupid. If you really need a drug to relax, then you need to grow up.

Slightly Amused 6 years ago

I wish people would start freaking out about cigarettes like they do with weed or spice. From some of these comments I believe that a few people have spice confused with salvia. A salvia trip is like an acid trip, but it doesn't last as long, and salvia is legal in most states. It amazes me that people are permitted to walk down the street smoking a cigarette exposing everyone around them to dangerous chemicals, which have actually been listed. I have been searching for a long time, and I have yet to find a list of harmful chemicals in spice. Let's do some more research (not including wikipedia) before we start jumping to conclusions. Of course anytype of smoke you inhale into your lungs is going to be harmful. We are made to breathe oxygen, but as long as cigarette smoke is blown in my face every time I walk past a group of employees on their smoke break, or in a bar trying to watch a game, I don't want to hear about the harmful effects of something no one knows anything about. Just something else for soccer moms to occupy their time with. Honestly though, I hope they make it illegel, then it won't be taxed and it will probably be a lot cheaper. I can't believe how much spice some of these people posting comments say they smoked, and then wonder why they had a bad time. A little bit goes a long way with K2. Two hits of spice for me does the same thing as 3 entire bowl packs of weed. Moderation people. I do tons of research and know exactly what I am getting into before I try anything. That's the real problem with these stupid kids, they try things with out knowing what the hell they are doing. *shakes head* All I want is to be able to smoke in my home and for the government to keep its nose out of my business. Raise your kids, don't let society do it for you.

soul-D-R 6 years ago

well the first time i tried K2 was about one month ago my first time was very weird for me, it was like my first time trying hydro, i got very shaky, cold but it gave me a great high, my roommate told me to take a shower so i did. recently yesterday about a month later now today, i was smoking some a lil less of a blunt and i had a TERRIBLE TRIP! i was trying to watch the show WEEDS but i couldn't seem to concentrate because i couldn't hear anything i could feel my heart beating in my chest very fast and strongly, my throat felt swollen and every time i would take a sip of water it felt like it didn't want to go down my throat, when i tried eating some cheese cracker sandwiches my mouth was sooo dry and it felt so dry and it was hard trying to get them down my throat, i felt like my soul was leaving my body litreraly at one point i felt as i could die but i was thinking that i can't call the ambulance because i might just be trippin so then i go to the restroom and i wipe my ass and i'm wipping out blood bot from my period because my period seem to stop i was bleeding through my ass!!!! i tried not to freak out but the blood didn't seem to be normal i was bright red and coming from my butt hole.... at one point when i was looking out the window trying to get a breeze of air i thought to myself while my soul felt like it wanted to leave my body that me looking out the window made me see the real world the outside nature of life itself also at times i started to think about my lifes past and started seeing it in a form of a book or story it was creepy! but i can't smoke the real stuff so after that i only smoke it a lil at a time but after i finished what i've purshased there is no more for me, thought i'm worried about my friends smoking it now.

amanda 6 years ago

I am a married mother of a 3yr old son, I recently lost my unborn child at 4 months pregnant and then found out I can't get pregnant for 1 year or I could get cancer. While being heart broken and scared someone suggested we try spice to help us calm down and relax, so we did. The first time we smoked was so scary both our hearts were racing and I was twtiching and I kept losing my sight< our son was at his grandmas house> we were debating whether to go to the ER or not .. we decided to wait it out get up and move around and after not long th high wore off... the next day we swore we never would smoke it again we went back to smoke shop demanding to know exactly what was in spice... the person at the shop couldn't tell us cause he didn't know himself. He told us to smoke it again and he garunteed we wouldn't feel like that so few weeks later we tried it again and he was right it was a nice high, we didn't think about all the aweful stuff we were going thru now we had only smoked for 3 weeks because after just 3 weeks of smoking maybe 4 times a week my lungs began to hurt so bad that I couldn't sit up strait or lay on my sides its the worst pain ever! I've been taking left over pain relievers from when I lost my baby to help with it but I'm so afraid to tell my dr. Because I'm so imbarased that I ever even tried something so stupid. I would really suggest nobody to smoke this aweful chemical

smokeyclassic 6 years ago

Dam ALL y'all who had bad "highs" are just not good pot heads, when i was in the military i smoked the shit out of spice for like 3 yrs almost everyday! Never once had a problem, sometimes me n my friends would smoke like half a bad even, in one sitting and just feel good as hell. Yes spice is definitely a different type of high, but not nearly as strong as the dank im smoking now lol! Shit i remember one of my frinds loved to drive on this shit and we would go for a "ride" for like 3 to 4 hrs just fucked out of or minds haha. Only side effect i can say i had was the shakes, only when i smoked a lot but i get those when i smoke to much of weed as well, and a perma-fry as well lol. Y'all just crazy, u kids just need to ease into it man, u cant be professinals from the get go lol.

Chong 6 years ago

Spice is an inscent? Really? Then how the hell is it used as one? Is it like poperey(sp)? Because it isn't very pungent unless it's burned. Another question, how does it stay lit if used as a burning inscent? Oh, that's right, it doesn't. So the government, knowing that even though it says on the packaging "not for human consumption" people are consuming it, is letting it be legal. Why don't they just legalize marijuana. I've never seen an inscent sold in grams. I've also never seen such a pricey inscent. Further more, I've never smelt such a horrible smelling one either. I'm soon going to be resorting to spice, against my will really, as a legal high. I'm no longer going to be smoking marijuana, only because I'm looking for a job. The only reason I will be resorting to spice is because I enjoy the high I get from marijuana. I do not smoke all of the time, and I don't plan to do so with spice. I do believe all of the side effects this product causes that are stated above. I would not have to resort to this piss-poor excuse for a legal high if marijuana was legal and so wonderful at that. I have smoked spice before, it does get you high, but the high it gives you really makes you paranoid. Marijuana has never made me paranoid like that. You better believe I will be making my first ever blog on youtube about this. I don't understand, they're setting us up for failure. The news talks about it, which only spreads the popularity of the "inscent" and it's bullshit.

Kory 6 years ago

I agree with all people on the whole "making it illegal".

I've smoked this stuff MANY times to know it didn't effect me til last night.

ya, your right, it doesn't effect you as bad if you take a few hits but when you smoke a lot, like you would with weed, then it'll hit you.

walls started closing in on me last night, i couldn't see straight, my life was being repeated, my dreams became so real that i thought it was ALL a cartoon. and even when i woke up, i asked my friends why im in a cartoon show. i felt myself shaking like crazy, and not only that, when i tried to go to sleep, i couldn't because something was pushing on me and i was trying sooo hard to push back. its all almost too hard to explain. you feel yourself dying, literally. it sucks badddd.

now people who smoke this stuff, i just suggest your careful. its your choice to do it, but please be careful cause im still feeling it a little. i hope it wears off cause this sucks :(

spice is fine 6 years ago

people who smoke weed will obviously smoke a few bowls or an entire blunt all by themselves to get high. If you do that with spice you will feel much more intense effects. Spice is more potent, be careful and don't use too much. A few pinches into a bowl should be more than enough

burt reynolds 6 years ago

Some of the people here are retarded. A lot of the posts look fake. If your a parent and your kid is smoking spice, look at yourself before you point the finger at your kid. obviously if you weren't such a douche bag your child wouldn't have to lie to you about smoking marijuana. If you leave someone with only one option other than smoking marijuana which we know everyone hates. then why complain about it? its legal and isn't nearly as strong as weed. If someone wants to get high but they don't want to deal with legal repercussions they will look for something that wont get them in trouble. legalize it, and de-criminalize it then we can put this spice nonsense behind us. If your under 18 and your smoking spice your responsible for yourself. I know a lot of people that smoke spice all day every day and not SHIT happenes to them. other than fucking your lungs up im not sure there are that many effects. its not even that big of a deal the effects are mild.

Honest 6 years ago

Ok, im gonna keep it short and simple, i have personally seen how this stuff is made, spraying jwh-018 and a conbustable (acetone, alcohol) onto smokable herbs (blue lotus, damania) this stuff is HORRIBLE for you. You can cause permanent paranoia, anxiety, seizures. I used to smoke it frequently until i had to many bad experience. PLEASE don't smoke this stuff, and if u did, i would consider quiting NOW. Nothing is worth your health, and with spice, you WILL damage it, its only a matter of time and unpredicted high dosage intake.

NC 6 years ago

I tried this two days ago. I have smoked weed before and had no problems. After about 5 minutes I began to literally go insane. I thought I was going to die, I kept telling my friend to call 911. I was tingling all over, couldn't breath, couldn't focus, walk, talk, and was shaking and twitching all over. This lasted for a couple hours- I could not function. I was barely able to sleep. I am still recovering from this today. Yesterday I felt almost as if I was in a dream- all day very spaced out and exhausted. Today, I am feeling a little better but the doctor said it takes days for your body to recover from the experience of shock,hyperventilation and dehydration. It is terrible for you body-DON'T DO THIS! It was the worst experience of my LIFE!

Kguy81 6 years ago

I smoke spice but I can still agree that it is bad. It makes me feel all schizophrenic and like I am going to have a heart attack. But I found one big hit is just enough. Oh, and to Barbie and a few others on here, DON'T POST THINGS ON THE INTERNET UNTIL YOU LEARN HOW TO USE PERIODS AND OTHER PUNCTUATIONS! PERIODS ARE ESSENTIAL WHEN WRITING. IF YOU DON'T USE THEM, YOU LOOK LIKE A MORON AND NO ONE CAN READ OR UNDERSTAND YOUR POSTS. Just sayin...

noone 6 years ago

I smoke a lot of spice. About 2.5+ grams everyday. I have smoke over 150 different kinds. Other then being very addictive its pretty harmless if you can handle tripping out every once in a while. Think of it just like alcohol to much you might get sick and not be able to control your thoughts and actions. i have had plenty of bad trips but nothing as bad as a long night of drinking.

Ray 6 years ago

My friend showed me this drug the other day and I tried it. It just gave me a weed like high - but even better than weed! After about 1 to 2 hours, the effect wore off and I was feeling sober again. I read these stories about people totally freaking out on the stuff but that did not happen to me at all. I believe that the people who have had bad experiences probably smoked way to much of this stuff. I don't know - but I do know that this stuff made me feel great. However, after reading some of these stories, I will consider my experience as a lucky warning - and will not do this stuff again. But yeah, when I tried it, I was fine and handled it well but some of these stories are pretty scary so I think I will stay away from it from now on.

rob 6 years ago

i am 17 years old and i have recently been cought by my parents parting and smoking weed.

so i stopped that for a few months and cleaned up in the summer went back to school in the fall and my friends told me about spice and how its like weed and doesn't show up on a drug test so i tried it and have now been on it for probly 2 months ..nothing weird has ever happened besides a few crazy hallucinations every once in a while depending on how much i smoke. but one thing i want to say is i found it to be very addicting after a while and it kinda sucks becaouse like weeks will go by super fast and its like i lost time becaouse im so high all the i think im going to quit so i can recoop and try to get my self back, i warn u be carefull and just (from expierence) don't do it like all the time but i do think every now in then is just fine.

Maypo 6 years ago

Wish you could all see this issue from my point of view. Being an addictions therapist, I have treated dozens and dozens of those people who smoke the "harmless" natural drug marijuana. As a former member of NORML (anybody out there know what that is?) I can tell you that marijuana is a highly addictive subsbance and is no longer the innocuous drug is was considered years ago. As for spice, I am treating a spice addict right now and expect to see many more. Maybe you.

The problem is, you see, that you are all totally missing the point. What is wrong with you that you need to alter your perception of reality in the first place? Who cares what drug you abuse (and yes, alcohol is a drug) the results can be the same - addiction.

My goal is to work myself out of a job. NOT!! As long as people can't deal with reality, I will have job security in an insecure economy. Guess I should thank all you nitwits out there for messing with this stuff.

And, BTW, read back over some of these posts from people who say they have no problem and see how intelligible you find them. That ought to tell you something.

sammieee 6 years ago


wtf yeah there are people who have tried it, and it has done extremely bad things to them. How about you research your own damn facts before you accuse others.

mother of four 6 years ago

my son is being repremended in the USMC for using this drug. A legal drug. He used it to help him through the military and gone to jail for doing so. This is ruining his reputation, and I am really concern of all I have read about this drug.

Aaron, 22 6 years ago


Being an avid pothead, but unable to smoke now because I'm looking for an engineering job, I decided to try this stuff. It's VERY interesting.

I know what you're talking about, the extreme highs, but personally I've been able to handle it. I've intentionally overdosed on weed/shrooms in the past so I know how to handle a high. Also, spice is as diverse as weed - one type barely gives me a head rush and another throws me into lalaland. I can also agree with a chemical dependency, but I have absolutely no proof to back it up. It's a dangerous drug, but it's safer than alcohol.

astaroth 6 years ago

Granted this stuff is bad for you, but its a good high. I've smoked this stuff quite a bit so does my dad, mom, sisters, friends and none of us have had any problems. For those who smoke it please stay off the roads, its dumb shits like you that ruin it for the rest of us. Same with weed and any mind altering substance. Pace yourselfs and don't smoke to much. And have fun.

Just wondering? 6 years ago

Ive read all the post on this. Does anyone else other then me see that the ones who say its ok, i do it and nothing happends to me. All say as long as u use it this way and do this or not this then its just like pot. ???????????????? Im sorry i don't do anything pot or other wise. But, ive never heard a pot smoker say those things about pot. Just noticed it! Did any one else?

Lo  6 years ago

PLEASE READ: I just hit some spice tonight with my best friend before a concert. Let me tell you , I never made it to the concert....She was fine and had done it before me before I picked her up. I wanted to "catch up" to her and did a 1-hitter (that's it!) in like under a minute. Before I knew it I was begging god to not let me die. It was the worst feeling I have EVER EVER felt and I HIGHLY recommend people to NOT TRY THIS DRUG...EVER. WORST thing you can do is try it alone. If you are experiencing this, I felt that DEEP DEEP breaths & holding on to my friend as we walked around the concert parking lot to help. Remember you are high and you will come out of it. People with heart problems can easily have a heartt attack from this. This is exactly what a heart attack would feel like to me. LITERALLY, NO JOKE. I felt like I was in outer space, leaving my body, about to die. NOT COOl, very scary. It felt like the devil was inside me pulling me away from all the was good. I felt as if my soul was leaving. Imagine feeling this within 5 minutes of smoking. SHOCKING! If i thought about it more I would have saw my life flash before my eyes..I know I would have. I didn't want this and BEGGED God to let me live.

PLEASE ALERT EVERYONE that this drug is very new and we still don't know much about it...Long term affects etc.

josh 6 years ago

me and my friends smoke a shit load of spice

we're to the point now to where it barely gets us high, so we put extra chemical(Jwh-018) on our bowls, and that shit gets us retarded high. when people who don't smoke spice as much as us smoke it they trip the fuck out its hilarious haha, god i do miss weed tho.. fuckin probation

ARKHANGEL 6 years ago

2 variants of spice is testable however education needs to get out there to everyone. there are over 100 known synthetic cannabinoids out there and more being made. IT could / can kill you so education and prevention is the key.

Plop 6 years ago

So, did you know there are actually different active ingredients in different kinds of spice? Well, the most powerful of the kinds is called HU-210, this stuff is 800 times more powerful then THC. So it would make sense that there can be side effects especially if its a high dose. As for nausea, I know several people that get very sick and nauseous when they smoke THC, so its not like this is worse.

You understand also that cannabinoids are psychoactive which means, yea, they probably can cause mild hallucinations.

Anxiety attacks can be caused by LITERALLY ANYTHING!

Oh and btw, to become chemically dependant, you would have to smoke 3+ grams of this stuff per day for at least 30 days. If you smoked 3+ grams of tobacco ever day for a month, you would probably be addicted to that too...

What it really comes down to, a lot of people feel the need or really enjoy the pleasure of smoking marijuana. Some kids even just do it to rebel. So with a drug like this, they think well, at least i wont go to jail and or get ticketed for it. I can still rebel legally...

But come on, fix the real problem and you wont have people putting garbage on the market for non-ethical profits...

(the spice you smoked barbie, was prolly filled with a bunch of other chemicals...)

yo foo 6 years ago

just recently tried it and didn't really have any bad trips only when i smoked more than what i was suppose too. the side effects were like everyone was saying heart rates faster and it feels like your going to die, but that's only if you smoked too much...this is not weed, so if your going to smoke it, just give it a little toke...and if you don't feel it...just be patient and chill and you'll feel the high. However, weed is much better well only the potent ones. =]

CannaDiva 6 years ago

Spice is fake Cannabis. All it does is give you a huge head ache. The government needs to get straight and legalize marijuana. It seems like everyone is stupid. Do you not realize that marijuana is grown from the earth? There for... it is Natural. It was put here on this pathetic earth for a reason. To get smoked. Quit crying cause your children are out with their friends, smoking marijuana. Start crying when your kids are smoking crack or meth. Not marijuana. It's harmless. Not one single person has died from marijuana. Everyone is freaking out over fake cannabis? Seriously? There are more important things to freak out about.

PissssedOff 6 years ago

For god sakes, You people cannot get your damn facts straight can you? "This is bad, No this is good, wait no its bad," Pot was not even bad and then you had to go and fuckin ban it, Then it takes you like 20 years to realize its actually medicinal? But by now theres incense that can make us high and hallucinate and we're totally allowed to buy it easily not knowing it could put us in the hospital, But who cares about our health right cause its all about illegalizing good ol' faithful hemp so you can keep all your oil companies up, Hemp would replace too many of your precious controlled resources. Hah i get it;)

Hayley 6 years ago

I tried Spice just this past weekend, and I'll tell you it's a weird drug.

I took 2 hits, only 2 small hits and I had a bizarre experience.

One minute, I'm sitting there talking to my boyfriend, not feeling anything. The next thing I know, he's laughing at me about something funny I said. It was like I just woke up from an empty black dream, and came reality for the first time.

I wasn't having blurry vision, but I felt like I was constantly falling. I also felt like my life just kept starting over and over again, and I couldn't remember what I just did or said.

I could walk fine, and talk fine but everything around me seemed so unreal. My depth-perception went way out of whack, and everything seemed to be happening so quickly.

I was scared out of my mind, freaking out. Then, I felt like I was part of everything I was touching, like I was slowly sinking into my surroundings.

I thought it was pretty scary at the time. Looking back on it, it was kind of fun.

Now it is 3 days later, and I am still feeling a bit of the effects. The world just seems so unreal. All my actions feel so out of body, like I'm not actually doing them, but I am watching someone do them. My depth perception is almost nonexistant.

I'm a bit concerned, but I heard it's perfectly normal for you to feel long term after effects after you do it for the first time.

Any opinions?

mesmyf 6 years ago

Spice is bad for you. It is POTPOURRI! Right on most labels it says not for human consumption. Would you smoke an incense stick?

Baby Roswell, GA 6 years ago

This could be really dangerous. It is so important for parents to be involved in the lives of their kids.

chase 6 years ago

i have only smoked spice 5 times so far, the first time i did a tiny amount and it kinda just felt like a mix between a dip buzz and being a little high off of pot. then the second time me and my friends went all out and truthfully it was one of the greatest things ive ever done, so much fun. the other two times were kind of in the middle of these two. for those 4 times i smoked Black Mamba because that's just what we were told to get. and then the fifth/sixth time, since i smoked twice that day, we got Funky Monkey. the first time of the day i felt pretty good, i was really high but i just felt good, and then we smoked again and it was bad. i agree that it mainly happens when you smoke too much, but it also for sure depends on what kind you get and the batch it came from. idk what to think but the bad trip was one of the worst experiences of my life. it went along the lines of everyone elses experience. crazy heart beat, sweating, hella anxiety, paranoia, all of it. it was terrible and its the next night a little over 24 hours from when i did it last and i still feel weird from it and am a little scared as to see if it is going to stay for a while. if somebody could give me a LEGIT answer i would be very happy. im going to try to get all of my friends to stop doing it for good.

chase 6 years ago

i have only smoked spice 5 times so far, the first time i did a tiny amount and it kinda just felt like a mix between a dip buzz and being a little high off of pot. then the second time me and my friends went all out and truthfully it was one of the greatest things ive ever done, so much fun. the other two times were kind of in the middle of these two. for those 4 times i smoked Black Mamba because that's just what we were told to get. and then the fifth/sixth time, since i smoked twice that day, we got Funky Monkey. the first time of the day i felt pretty good, i was really high but i just felt good, and then we smoked again and it was bad. i agree that it mainly happens when you smoke too much, but it also for sure depends on what kind you get and the batch it came from. idk what to think but the bad trip was one of the worst experiences of my life. it went along the lines of everyone elses experience. crazy heart beat, sweating, hella anxiety, paranoia, all of it. it was terrible and its the next night a little over 24 hours from when i did it last and i still feel weird from it and am a little scared as to see if it is going to stay for a while. if somebody could give me a LEGIT answer i would be very happy. im going to try to get all of my friends to stop doing it for good.

taylor 6 years ago

I'm 18, almost 19 years old. I was a heavy pot smoker from 16 to early 18. I am now part of a court-ordered out patient rehab because I messed around with some heavy stuff-big mistake. I heard about this stuff called spice, heard it was just like weed, so naturally I checked it out. I've been smoking spice every day for about 5 or 6 months now and nothing's wrong with me except a I get a little dizzy when I stand up, but I'm pretty sure that's because I have a very poor diet and am usually malnourished most of the time.

All in all, in my experience, spice is generally safe. (at least for 5 months, I'll let you know as soon as I die from smoking it, haha). All these posts about increased heart rate, hallucinations, and panic/anxiety attacks is all because you/your son/daughter/relative/friend smoked too much and couldn't handle his/her shit. It's basically like a super sativa. When you have no tolerance and it's your first time smoking and you smoke a lot, you're gonna get fucked up.

Use Good Judgment and Moderation.


KEl 6 years ago

Excuse me, but you didn't even say anything "negative" in your article. In fact you didn't say anything, but "spice is bad" and that's pretty much it. Then, you come up with some absolutely irrelevant example about a kid HAVING A REACTION with spice that caused swelling in the brain. What the hell does that have to do with spice?

Of course I would smoke an incense stick, Because most incenses are made out of plants and synthetic materials. What most people DO NOT understand is that the effects most drugs give you ARE NOT dangerous, especially ones that ARE inhaled. USE good judgement.

The only Real danger of pot, low-end drugs, etc. is your image, your status and your reputation. Since so many people are misinformed about drugs, people look down on the ones who casually do.

There's a difference between a stoner and a casual smoker just like the difference between an alcoholic and a responsible drinker.

Pyra 6 years ago

I just found out about this .. I can't wait to try it.. But i have my doubts that its better then weed.. I guess I will find out soon enough.. ^_^

taylor 6 years ago

This article is a biased joke. Get your "facts" straight.

Kelsey 6 years ago

I have smoked spice like 4 times, i was told that it was OK and it would not show up in drug tests, it burns yourr throught worse and you get the feeling where you question your excistence. Suicide even comes to mind. I had a friend that smoked this and then got killed for doing something stupid. You feel invinsible- like you can do anything until that second where you try it and your life suddenly ends. After reading this, and having bad expeiences I will never smoke this again.

Maryanne Maguire profile image

Maryanne Maguire 6 years ago from Santa Monica, CA

How sad, Always ways to abuse the self.

donttryit 6 years ago

Please do not try this. My husband tried it last night and almost died. A lot of people have commented and said that people have done too much.BS. my husband has dabbled in more drugs than u can shake a stick at. He had no use of his legs, couldn't walk and thought he was going to die. He said pcp was better than this stuff. It was a long night, but he is never touching this stuff again. Don't put yourself through the misery. It's not worth it

Joe 6 years ago

Im 18 and have smoked different types of spice about 30 times over the past 2 years.... And yes a few times I have felt like my heart beating super fast but my body was moving extremely slow.. I have even experienced severe impairment of vision but this shit makes you the happiest person in the world. Ha you smoke it to get high and it does the job... And a damn good job at that, if your scared don't do it.

Mike 6 years ago

just tried Spice for the first time...I have smoked weed for 25 years,I pay taxes, take vacations, enjoy my children, Love my wife, I fish, camp, and hike I am in great health. I enjoy my profession which allows me to travel all over the world, I have a great life. This is experience I will look for ward to again. like anything moderation is the key. it should be regulated. Remember people die every year from drinking to much water...where just thinning out the heard.

daboom 6 years ago

two simple easy words LEGALIZE MARIJUANA it will solve alot of money wasted on busting dealers growers and if taxed will get us out of debt unbelievably fast. Seriously come on America

thatBOi 6 years ago

I was told by a friend to try this "spice" so me an my roommate did... it made us so messed up that we don't remember anything. I do remember vomiting an ended up inhauling my vomit into my lungs.. then my roommate's found me having a seizure... this drug need to be banned i hate to say it but it does. I'm a big fan of legalizing pot but this drug has to go... it could have killed me an i didn't even smoke that much. i cant Imagen how it can harm others younger then me.

yo 6 years ago

if i smoked spice 2 nights ago and took a drug test for it today do you think ill be ok? and pass the test?, i don't use it often and i took like 4 hits off of it, plus im in the military and we just got raided and they for found all of that, yall think im going to be ok? that's the question, i work everyday and have a fast mitabloism

Greg 6 years ago

^ Spice doesn't show up on drug tests, but I smoked it for the first time 2 days ago, it was such an amazing feeling. This shit is good, keep it legal

phil 6 years ago

Well at first I thought it would be a good thing, its legal so My girl wont get in trouble and be fired from its use ( I don't smoke but believe weed should be legalized )

But after seeing some real bad side effects brought on by use of spice I truly believe it should be banned.

It might not hurt you now but my friend who had seizures from it had been smoking for a year before anything bad started happening to him. Just a warning for those thinking about using, might not hurt you today but nobody thinks about the long term affects.

Danny 6 years ago

Umm I smoked weed one day and I had an attack. Idk if it was laced with spice but it was pretty scary, everything got really dark and all I heard was screaming and myself talking, my heart was pounding extremely fast and I thought it was gonna explode but nothing happened and I dicing die. After they day I thought I would never smoke again, but I did. And one day I smoked some really strong Cali medical weed and I felt the attack coming again but I told myself to relax and nothing will happen and it worked the high was so smooth and good. But I'm gonna try spice and if I have an attack I'm gonna xo the same thing and relax myself. Another thing with these people who keep talking about how fast their heart was going, it happens with almost every drug, it's just your bodys reaction to it after a while it will slow down but if you keep being paranoid it's gonna stay fast and your gonna think something is wrong with you when really nothing is wrong at all.

6 years ago

the thing is that this spice is sold as an incent which is ment to burn and create a nice smell when i sit my room so why is it alright to for me to burn this in my room and inhale it like second hand smoke but not suppose to smoke it straight??? doesn't make sense don't know if you can believe everything you read on the internet...

Chicago 6 years ago

Ive been smoking it in mass quantities and ive never had a single bad side effect. the only one is the craving for more of it when i have none, but that's because i want to get high i enjoy the buzz and its my scene. Sorry if you want to make it illegal its happening in January. I liked it oh well.

a mother 6 years ago

It is nice to stay informed on what the young kids are trying. I have a 17 year old son, and recently found out he has been smoking spice. I am doing a lot of research on the side effects. It concerns me that my son may harm himself while being an experimenting teenager. Thank you for all the comments I have read. Agree or dissagree anything inhaled into the lungs is dangerouse.

ivan 6 years ago

i smoke spice all the time, never had a bad exsperince. im high on it right now. where does this becoume your issue, if its dangerous that sounds like my problem not yours. why do you want everything to be controlled in a free country... you dumb fucks. as much as i hate meth i belive it shold be leaglized. what happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you know the phrase from the United States Declaration of Independence. just forget it this is the year 2010 screw the forefathers lets just make a bunch of laws and outlaw eveything mabey we can spay and neuder everyone so ther wont be a chance of future generations breaking laws.

Coronel 6 years ago aint bad..

im so damn relax rite now .. im high

joe 6 years ago

i smoke spice the other week cause my friend kept telln me to hit it suck no were near thc high if im not smoke something its going to be the real stuff not fake spice

bobby mota 6 years ago

i am fuckened spiced out as we speak,i do it cus i cant get blazed with some merryjane,

cw 6 years ago

ive tried spice a couple times just because i cant smoke my girl mary due to drug tests. I thought it was a pretty good high and didn't trip like some of these peeps did(n i do believe your near death experiences/trips people!). But ill never do it again being that i don't know much about it except for they put CHEMICALS in it to make the high somewhat like a weed high. They just need to make cannibis legal already gosh dammit so no one has to result to smoking this nasty smelling shit! But it is crooked ass America and if it kills people im sure they'll keep it on the market. I MISS U MARY!!!

LG 6 years ago

Personally i don't believe anyone should smoke spice. I did it last night and it was the third time i had done it. The first two times was alright but last night put the icing on the cake.

My friends were more high than me so i wanted to smoke some more so i took the blunt myself outside and smoked more. Once i came back inside it hit me HARD. I couldn't move, i fell down on the floor and just layed there. I also blacked out for a little while because i started freaking out because my heart was beating so fast. A friend was trying to help my breathing so i could calm my heart down. I was having a panic attack on top of what i was feeling. I then got sick and i couldn't stop moving. My head was spinning and i was rocking around in a circle. I was drinking water and went to lay down which didn't help.

My heart was beating entirely too fast and that whole side of my body felt like it was on fire. My Feet, hands and pretty much everywhere felt numb and nonexistent.

I would never recommend anyone smoke spice.

I learned my lesson and will neverrrrrrr touch it again.

Jwh-018 6 years ago

What can be misleading about many articles on the subject here is that they mention emergency room visits as a measure of how dangerous the drug is. As with MJ, all the emergency room visits are results of people getting too high and freaking out, not as a result of physical harm from the drug.

victoreous 6 years ago

Several of the posts say "we are forced to do chemicals because pot is illigal" no one is "forced". It would seem that there are many exciting things to do that do not require altering your brain.

Asiaboy 6 years ago

spice is awesome just don't be a dumbfuck and smoke too much or do it in public. i did once do it in public, wasn't what i would say a pleasant trip but no physical harm was done to me... the side effects same to weed are the short term mermory loss and increased heart rate. Spice smells like cinamon and is alot easier to avoid getting in trouble caught with it, whether its parents or cops or whatever.

mr.peacekeeper 6 years ago

i smoked spice last night, its a good high, but this one gives you such a paranoia that you're just afraid.

i don't know if ill try it again.

The General X 6 years ago

Ok so im going to end this discussion. Everybody that wants to post on this site should just write a letter to the president. In this letter simply state that marijuana legalization should be voted for nationally. NOW spice, K2, spike, or whatever off brand potpourri your smoking is not good for you. Nothing that is combusted and then inhaled into the lungs is beneficial for ones health. I have smoked various "spices" for close to a year now and have definitely felt a change in my body; physically and mentally (not so much mentally). So basically if you are going to smoke these "spices" then you should be in very good physical and mental shape. You should also always have the recommended amount of food and water intake daily. BTW I was regularly indulging in one of the strongest blends which is called spike max. I now have severe pains in my lower intestines and sometimes get chest pains. If you do not smoke spice then leave it alone, but if you already smoke it you will probably want to cut down. I will now leave you with the most common short term side effects; rapid heart beat, panic attacks (the i feel like dying effect), difficulty breathing, red eyes, enhanced musical appreciation, and euphoria. F.Y.I. I am on probation and that is the reason I started using "spice". Personal experience believe it or not...its your choice...and life. 2 days since last k2 use.

mnmedjcal 6 years ago

Spicee is gewd aiight .. we had sooo much yo.. we fukn hella tripped. (best time of our lives) all u haters juss needa try again!!!! ahahah

The General X 6 years ago

@mnmedjcal...Go ahead man smoke it til you die.LOL i don't care.

voiceofreason 6 years ago

I wouldn't mind seeing some factual evidence to support these outlandish arguments against spice and the like. I've smoked both marijuana and m-80 spice numerous times. I've never hallucinated or pissed myself. I felt relaxed, I could concentrate, do homework, and carry on with my day. The only thing different after smoking spice was a warm fuzzy relaxing feeling which I enjoy. So, I would really like to see some critical evidence that there is anything negative about spice.

Oh yes, and when you say "it's a drug so it should be illegal" well, alcohol is a drug also, and the real gateway drug. Think for yourselves, don't just rely on the media and propaganda.

The General X 6 years ago

@voiceofreason...You should just keep on smoking it my man.Then you can be the test subject and report back in 1 year. Sound good??

Ashley 6 years ago

Wish I would have read up on it a little sooner. A friend got me to smoke it yesterday but it wasn't doing anything so they had me smoke 3 joints of it. . It still had no effect on me. I went to bed with a headache last night, woke up with a head ache, got the chills, and threw up. Then I fell asleep for a little longer and now I feel fine. Was that a blast or what...better just stick to the real stuff.

Ashley 6 years ago

You want an answer? LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!

big ol' nutz 6 years ago

i did spice this weekend, worse decision of my life i had terrible hallucinations and barfed green pieces of what looked like brain for hours

m@tt 6 years ago

ya mrpeacekeeper same here im not doin it again i barfed green shit for a really long time and my hallciunations were way to intense i couldn't even see anyting in real life at all and it started to freak me out.

JOHN 6 years ago


Bob 6 years ago

Easy fix, legalize marijuana....Alcohol and tobacco companies sponsor those "Live above the Influence" commercials, which are a bunch of bullshit. People who are lazy are gonna be lazy when they smoke weed, people who are active are gonna be active when they smoke, it doesn't make you lose your friends or loose touch with your parents. But just like with everything too much of something is bad for you, IE: Obese people and cake.. I don't even smoke but had to write a paper on it for my english class. How the laws were all created was a bunch of BS, and we should be looking for real criminals in the street, not 16 year olds who are just trying to have a good time with their friends on a rainy day.

RUSerious 6 years ago

i tried Spice before and nothing really happened until two nights ago with my roomates. I was standing and then i could not stand anymore. i didn't want to look studpid in front of my roomates, so i just sat down. I would say something to them, as casual converstation, and found myself saying the same things over and over. I had no control over my body at all, and since i had NEVER smoked weed before, i figured this was pretty normal. I was rocking back and forth and could not control any of my movements. I was pretty scared. then my heart began to race, and that's when i knew it was a serious problem, and that maybe i made a bad choice. I told myself to go to sleep, and that when i woke up this feeling would be over. but i could not stop moving around in my bed, my arms were flailing about my legs everything. It was like i was watching myself loose my mind and i had no control over it.

My roomates do it, so i am praying to GOD that i never feel pressured to do it again.

marykate 6 years ago

This drug is very dangerous!! It is poision to your brain. If you try this you might never know what normal feels like again! Don't take your life for granted! I am dealing with someone I love right now who has not been normal for over a week, and can not be left alone. I am 43 and babysitting a 18 year old! Stop before it is too late.

Zissou 6 years ago

Myself and some of my buddies had been using these synthetic cannabis products for over a year, and had no problems or issues at all, until recently. I had two HORRIFYING experiences after use. One of my friends had some newer variety that neither of us had tried, and warned me that it was strong. NOTE: I grew up in Northern California and have been around incredible marijuana my whole life and am tolerant to it's strong effects. This was nothing like being high at all, it was terrible. After taking a couple small hits, no more than 15 minutes later, I began to feel symptoms similar to "rolling" on pills, but far worse, and the opposite of euphoric. My heart began to race uncontrollably and only got faster and faster. I stood up to go outside and try to snap out of it, and just standing up made it a little better, but I still feared some sort of heart injury. After an hour or so of walking and trying to calm myself I was able to come down. I then quit for a couple weeks. I then tried a very small amount of a different kind and while putting some clothes into the wash, began to feel these negative effects again, only on a more intense level which scared the hell out of me. My heart rate began to uncontrollably soar, I got anxious, and eventually feared death. I have good self control, and was in a comfortable environment, and I am trying to tell you folks, it is UNCONTROLLABLE!! It simply hits you and you can do nothing to come down, accept let the time pass. After about 2 hours, my heart rate began to come down, and I was able to eat some food and reduce the effect almost completely. Even afterward for several days I experienced an irregular resting heart rate, which worried me. Now it has nearly subsided, but this is serious. All you smart ass people who get on this forum while high and make ridiculous comments need to can it. I never had anything like this happen in over a year, and then had a life threatening experience that drew the line for me. This stuff is a synthetic man made substance and you DO NOT know what you are inhaling. It is tempting to use, but like myself and others that have posted, it can have severe negative effects that are not caused by what's green and grows in the earth. As Uncle Andy on "Weeds" says, "Weed makes you hungry and happy!" This is true, but I highly advise those tempted to try synthetic cannabis, be CAREFUL! And simply know that you are at risk to have a negative life threatening experience. I am not trying to preach, just simply warn. I will never use any of this substance again, and will warn all others that I know to do the same. It is dangerous and could do more than simply cause increased heart rate and panic. This is not a safe substitute for marijuana, if you can't smoke cannabis, then deal with it. Don't risk your health/life!

Zissou 6 years ago

Myself and some of my buddies had been using these synthetic cannabis products for over a year, and had no problems or issues at all, until recently. I had two HORRIFYING experiences after use. One of my friends had some newer variety that neither of us had tried, and warned me that it was strong. NOTE: I grew up in Northern California and have been around incredible marijuana my whole life and am tolerant to it's strong effects. This was nothing like being high at all, it was terrible. After taking a couple small hits, no more than 15 minutes later, I began to feel symptoms similar to "rolling" on pills, but far worse, and the opposite of euphoric. My heart began to race uncontrollably and only got faster and faster. I stood up to go outside and try to snap out of it, and just standing up made it a little better, but I still feared some sort of heart injury. After an hour or so of walking and trying to calm myself I was able to come down. I then quit for a couple weeks. I then tried a very small amount of a different kind and while putting some clothes into the wash, began to feel these negative effects again, only on a more intense level which scared the hell out of me. My heart rate began to uncontrollably soar, I got anxious, and eventually feared death. I have good self control, and was in a comfortable environment, and I am trying to tell you folks, it is UNCONTROLLABLE!! It simply hits you and you can do nothing to come down, accept let the time pass. After about 2 hours, my heart rate began to come down, and I was able to eat some food and reduce the effect almost completely. Even afterward for several days I experienced an irregular resting heart rate, which worried me. Now it has nearly subsided, but this is serious. All you smart ass people who get on this forum while high and make ridiculous comments need to can it. I never had anything like this happen in over a year, and then had a life threatening experience that drew the line for me. This stuff is a synthetic man made substance and you DO NOT know what you are inhaling. It is tempting to use, but like myself and others that have posted, it can have severe negative effects that are not caused by what's green and grows in the earth. As Uncle Andy on "Weeds" says, "Weed makes you hungry and happy!" This is true, but I highly advise those tempted to try synthetic cannabis, be CAREFUL! And simply know that you are at risk to have a negative life threatening experience. I am not trying to preach, just simply warn. I will never use any of this substance again, and will warn all others that I know to do the same. It is dangerous and could do more than simply cause increased heart rate and panic. This is not a safe substitute for marijuana, if you can't smoke cannabis, then deal with it. Don't risk your health/life!

Jaycee 6 years ago

I am a frequent pot smoker and when this shit first came out i thought cool whatever I am still gonna stick to the natural but as time went on and I found my mom smoking to control her pain levels I started noticing a change and not a good one at that my mom is no longer my mom and my family is falling apart I am sad I really miss her alot her hallucinations from the drug have started becoming dangerous on many levels I know some of you may find this funny but she thought that my dad was a werewolf and broke a window in the house and tried to stab my dad my little brothers and even her parents I think that this drug should be illegal and I personally view it just as bad as meth I am seeing long term effects on my mom and it makes my heart so so sad I know that I will never have my mom back I can see the permenent effect that this drug has had on her mind you all think it is all fun and games but I am here to tell you this drug is hurting people tearing lives apart tell me when smoking pot did that shit to people. if you know someone smoking that shit try to get them to stop i know it is probably pointless because we all make our own decisions in life but is it really worth loosing someone that you care about?

Kourtnee 6 years ago

Ummm personally I think smoking is stupid and doesn't help you in anyway. I think its stupid to use. I don't do drugs or alcohol or any of that crap. I think it dumb. I got taken away from my irth mom because she was doing this kind of thing. STAY AWAY OR YOU'LL RUIN YOUR LIFE!

NJS 6 years ago

My 24 year old brother has always been of sound mind. He has always been a very smart, responsible and respectful person. He is married and has held a respectful job for years. Recently he was told by someone he trusted that spice was a legal substance that would help him relax & sleep better. My brother went against his better judgment and tried spice. It did help him relax & sleep better so he continued using it every night for about two weeks. After smoking spice for two weeks straight he began hallucinating. He told his wife that he could see and talk to demons. He told her that our family was trying to kill him. He wouldn't get into his own car because he said there was a bomb in it. He took his wifes cell phone away from her because he said it would kill her. He told his wife that he knew things about the end of the earth that no one else knew. He made his wife get into the passenger side of her car and he sped off. He was speeding and driving as if he was involved in a car chase. He said he was trying to save them from people that were trying to kill them. His wife was extremely scared. She some how convinced him to drive to my uncle's house. My uncle helped her to get him to the hospital because he refused to go willingly. Last night he was admitted to the psychiatric ward at the Maricopa County Hospital. We don't know if he will ever be the same again. Because of spice my brother is now in bad physical and mental health. My brothers Doctor said that lately he has treated many people suffering from the same side effects due to the use of spice. In order to have a safe, happy and healthy life and community I am urging every one to stay away from mind altering substances and to seek God instead.

JC 6 years ago

After much research on the JWH series (the chemicals used for Spice, K2 etc). I gave it a try. It is not too bad, though the herbs the use are a little rough on the throat, and I could see how smoking it could cause an issue if someone were to have an allergic reaction to it. The 'high' was much like that of high grade pot. I got the munchies, and slept very well. In fact, I use it now in order to help me sleep. I have never had any issues with it, and now make my own 'spice' as it is cheaper, and I can control what is in it.

While this is something not for children, and as with any medication/ drug/ molecule, it must be respected. The chemical series was used for studying how cannabanoids work on specific receptors in the brain, and new useful drugs are being made from it. These include everything from anti-nausea to age related brain cell destruction.

If you have a career as I do, and want to avoid illegal drugs or drug tests, and don't want highly addictive pharmaceutical drugs like sleeping pills, I would recommend JWH. Please keep in mind it is a drug, and while safer than aspirin or xanex, it still needs to be taken in moderation.

Here are some pointers if you choose this chemical:

1) read the herb ingredients to avoid a possible allergic reaction.

2) start with the lowest grade, and try a small amount to know how you react to it.

3) do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence.

4) as anything can be habit forming, use in moderation.

5) educate yourself, read up. Separate fact from fiction.

6) if at all possible, order the active ingredient online, and make your own herbal smoke. Quality control and dose is best when you know for yourself.

7) effects come on quickly, and last about 2 hours. Too much can make you edgy and paranoid, so start light.

I've worked in pharmacy for over 25 years. And while the long term effects are still not known, chemically it is similar, not the same as, THC. Toxicity is know to be similar to THC, therefore death from overdose is unlikely, though very uncomfortable. You are more likely to have an allergic reaction to the plant matter.

Smokeythebear 6 years ago

I actually haven't smoked weed in a couple months due to my new job but I have been smoking spice. It only takes a couple hits to get you high, not a whole gram believe me you will feel it if you give it time. It has made me extremely aggressive in bed. I dont have to worry about stems or seeds nor it popping up in a drug test. It doesn't even smell like a drug..... Spice is nice word

Julio  6 years ago

how many kinds of spice are der ive only tried one?

Lauren 6 years ago

I'm an EMT on a rescue squad and in a hospital. We've taken many people to the hospital with reported usage of Spice. Often it is not a pretty sight and the users commonly show signs of tachycardia. This is not a safe marijuana alternative.

Dick45 6 years ago

omg i love this!!!

ash tree mountain 6 years ago

If anyone uses this product they are an idiot. This is almost a direct qoute from the guy who invented spice. So smoke it up, there are way to many dumb ass dopers in the world anyway

JC 6 years ago

There are hundreds of JWH analogs as we as 100's of CP variations and of course the WIN series of canabanoids. What is most distressing is the unknow combinations of those chemicals, what is used to 'spray' the JWH onto the plant matter, as well as the plant matter itself.

First of all, as with all drugs, dosage is key. JWH-18, for example is quite potent, when smoked, at 2 mg's. Any higher dose will result in tachycardia, anxiety and hallucinations, as our EMT friend has pointed out. This is the same as THC in high doses. Toxicity levels are the same as THC. I have read many different posts on many sites, where users take way too much.

Many times this drug is taken with alcohol or other drugs. Studies are showing most of these chemicals do not mix well. As a pharmacist, I am able to cross reference drugs for issues such ad this. These 'legal' canabanoids do not have enough history to know for sure what the effects are when taken in combination with everything from booze to anti depressants. In short, do not mix drugs.

Next we have the chemicals used to 'spray' it. Usually aceton is used, however, those with out knowledge may end up using denatured acetone, which us not a good thing.

Lastly, is the plant material. Many of the herbs used, themselves contain a myriad of chems. One could be allergic to any of these plant materials and chems, and again of course, the crug reactions therein.

And I Aldo want to note, that drugs are a personal choice. Most researchers do not want to see there creations get abused, or be connected with abuse. I can assure you that while he made the statement, I guarantee it was directed at those who do not make an effort to educate themselves.

Drugs are drugs. The only thing that separates JWH, alcohol, xanex or cocaine is legality, and abuse level. They are all drugs.

Logan M. LaVelle aka InDago LOAKUST 6 years ago

This is typical scare tactic rhetoric. Lookup the word 'terrorism'.. Where're the facts and sources to back this crap up? Just out-of-context exaggeration by a biased, fearful n tearful objectionist, if u will.. "brain swelling" "hospitalization" "sever reaction" blah blah.. All just plays on pplz Feears to sway opinions. PEANUTS KILL PEOPLE. SO DO BEESTINGS. THER'Z ALLL KINDSA SHIT THAT CERRRRTAIN PEOPLE CAN'T HANDLE AND REACT NEGATIVELY TO.. DOES THAT MEAN PEANUTS ARE FKN EVIL?? no.. don't think so.

Live in Love, NOT IN FEAR! Liberate, ppl.. Srsly..

ein 6 years ago

ive used spice for the last 2 months . now then yes it does have pros and cons , " as do all drugs " and yes even though its legal it is infact a drug if it impairs or affects motor skills and upper g.i. functions .

at any rate all i have was what felt like the onset of a huge panic attack and all i did much like with said panic attacks that i often had before spice was control my breathing and heart rate much the same affect as breathing into a paper bag when hyperventilating and the problem ceased . it does occasionally make my vision blue but only for a interval of no more then a series of seconds at most yes it does have side affects yes it is in fact a drug but if marijuana was legal we would not be forced as a nation to try silly harmful substitutes such as spice ,k2, lights-out" wich was found to have a sleeping agent in it added to it " nitro laughing or smoking skull's left hand brand spice xXx or any of the other hundreds of brands available its legal to have a small amount for personal consumption in California i dont grasp why the rest of the us could not do that on a trial basis also at anyrate spice is a drug and with all drugs it has harmful side affects don't point the finger at spice point the finger at the us government for forcing people to use it in order to work have a job or take care of your family

Highland Man 6 years ago

Just last week I tried out spice for the first time and loved it. I fired up a bowl of it around 8:30pm and was feeling it in 5-10 minutes. My short-term memory was shot, but I felt amazing. I danced, listened to music, watched videos and had a good time. By 9:30pm, the effects were gone.

At 1:15am I decided to have a 2nd bowl which ended up being a bad idea. In 5 minutes I was dizzy, my vision was rocking back and forth and I feared that I was going to fall out unconscious before I reached my room. When I reached my room, I lied down on my bed and my heart was racing. This scared me even more so i just to take deep slow breaths and calm myself. In the past, I was a frequent user of salvia and I had the sensation that I was on the verge of tripping. I felt out of control, unable to move, think, focus, and was frustrated because I didn't know how to use my hands. After 1 hour, my high was still going strong. I turned out the lights and was able to sleep. The next day I felt like crap until about noon. My 2nd experience was definitely creepy and has taught me that spice is something to be used cautiously, or maybe not at all. I would much rather do pot than spice.

up town buddz 6 years ago


if you do SPICE watch

out you might loose your WIFE!

haha !

jevin 6 years ago

I have smoked spice on three occasions. All were very chill and i had a good time. it was very similar to marijuana. After hearing some of these stories ill be careful not to smoke to much at once. Prohibiting it however is not the answer. clearer warning and drug facts need should be labeled much like cigarettes which kill hundreds of thousands every year. I think this goes to show how badly marijuana needs to be legalized. for the time being i would rather buy spice on the few occasions i smoke, and not worry about my money ending up in the hands of some drug cartel.

kevin 6 years ago

I have smoked spice on three occasions. All were very chill and i had a good time. it was very similar to marijuana. After hearing some of these stories ill be careful not to smoke to much at once. Prohibiting it however is not the answer. clearer warning and drug facts need should be labeled much like cigarettes which kill hundreds of thousands every year. I think this goes to show how badly marijuana needs to be legalized. for the time being i would rather buy spice on the few occasions i smoke, and not worry about my money ending up in the hands of some drug cartel.

anon 6 years ago

im glad i read up on this, because a few friends of mine asked me if i would like to try some "spice" and i said no cuz i dont like drugs and this is a perfect explination of why pwople shouldent be doing drugs. i also think tobacco should be illegal. and yes im a teen. 17 and living in alaska, the drug is starting to grow up here fast. i look at my friend and if he dosent have a "hit" of spice a day at least, he goes crazy. so my opinion is, just dont do it

justwondering 6 years ago

I have read alot of these posts...including the good/bad/ugly sides. It appears that the symptoms are similiar across the board. It also appears that this is a polarized topic even among users of this drug. So my question is what makes this drug so exciting? Its synthetic, each particular manufacturer puts their own "ingredients" into a mix which is UNKNOWN to all of the buyers... I have read the simplistic comment that "well, thats why they call it a "drug"... Hmmm... So, here is a plan... grow your own two plants. Quit bitching about the laws, society, etc. Grow your own quietly - hey if you are on parole... maybe you should just chill out till you get off, there is a reason you made that "grade". Quit squawking, people... quit jumping up and down and whining about it... just shut up and grow two small insignificant plants without opening your big mouths and telling people about it and go on about your day. If you can't figure out how to do that without being observed, you have been smoking too much of something for waaayyyy too long and you have lost critical brain function to begin with.

good grief ya'll

Star 6 years ago

I am just posting my personal experience on this subject. Let me start by saying. I grew up in a very fast lane kind of life in LA. I started smoking pot at age 12, moved to cocane at age 14. I used drugs continously until the age of 30, then I became clean by clean I mean anything unnatural/chemical. I always said that I would be 90 in my rocking chair with a pipe in my hand because I don't believe that pot is a drug. I always called it God's gift. I still believe that it was put on this earth for many reasons. It surley helped my father when he was dying of cancer as several others I know. Unfortuently because of my job I had to quit smoking pot or I would still be using it today. So then I heard of spice. I have tried several kinds. Latley I have been having major anxiety, heart racing, & seeing spots (so some vision) problems. I have to say I so believe that it is the spice because it only happens after smoking it. Today the anxiety has carried over from last night. I want to clarify. I only smoke a bowl at night to relax so I don't think it is over use. I have also noticed that I am having trouble spelling simple words and thought process's. I work for a huge company in the finance department. Needless to say I need to be on my game at work. I tried one kind of spice that was organic. Now, I think that was the best one I tried and didn't burn my throught as bad & less of any of the other problems. I am going to try & just buy that kind & see what happens but if the side effects continue I will no longer smoke spice. I do not believe it is safe. I would much rather smoke pot. It is safer. I will post the effects of just organic spice as soon as I have them. JC, I am interested in knowing how to make your own. I think that might be an option to lessen the chemical effect. Can you help me with this. If you can I would love to send you my e-mail. Be informed people, be careful. There is no for sure thing in this life besides birth & death.

Steve 6 years ago

Response to "Spice Drug Test" question. There are currently no rapid drug tests for Spice, K2, synthetic cannabis. There has recently become availabe a lab drug test for Spice/K2. For more information see, There is also a wide variety of information on synthetic marijuana, Spice.

mystory? 6 years ago

yo, I don't really think this drug is a good drug to play around with, just because the last time I did it, which was this morning. I felt like Death was apon me. Honestly im not just some person making up a story, and an anti drug user. I believe natural drugs are the best way to go, but, I smoked a bowl by myself. I didn't feel anything then, boom it hit me and I felt like a could't breathe correctly, I tried sitting down and still couldn't take it so I walked around, and noticed I was taking the shortest breathes and my Heart was racing. If you are reading my post, and you are going through this now, Please dont be alarmed because it is almost 18 hours later and im fine, except my breathe still feels short and i cant sleep. I was scared so I read a lil about it online, turns out scientest believe it could effect the cardiovascular system. Honestly this will be the last time I do this. true story i broke the pipe a had and through the rest away(there was alot too) thats how serious it was. If i just sat still i felt like a would die. I didnt hallucinate, I usually already see things naturally, but I did get scared because I felt like a was going to have a heart attack or my lung was just gonna collapse. Please ifyou are even taking the time to look this up you are concerend. I know I was when I did and i still am now. If you have anydoubt shouldnt do it. I rather risk smoking weed, something that in recent years has been very proven to be fine, then just getting incense, spraying it with a potent chemical mix 10 supposedly stronger than mary jane and smoking it. Its banned in alot of countries already. America is just tryingto find away around it. I hope you all are safe. hope i am. pce and love..

Austin Marks 6 years ago

I smoke 3 to 5 grams of spice a day I have not seen any negative effects on me , When I smoke it I feel very enlightend and happy, All those ppl who sat its bad that never smoked it before are full of shit Woo!!!

Bobby(Girl) 6 years ago

The first time I tried spice with my best friend and her boyfriend it gave me a very strange feeling that was awesome at first. As soon as I got home I was vomiting everywhere. I later found out that my friend passed out and was rushed to the hospital. It scared me and I refuse to ever do any type of drug ever.

mark 6 years ago

Needed to add to the list. I sell spice. I'm the only person in 60 miles that sells spice. Some stores make 1000 bucks a day in profit selling spice. People with good paying jobs buy spice so they don't lose their jobs. I've sold spice to teachers, judges, moms and many others. Never sold to kid, and I don't want to. I smoked a ounce a week of weed and the dealer made 50 bucks off me everyweek for about 4 years. I stoped smoking pot once I heard about spice, now I can spend 3grand to compleat my out of date mandatory drug tests my exwife put me up too. I have smoked spice daily for 4 mounths. I have a shopping bag filled with empty containers. Nobody in my town smokes as much as me, becouse its so expensive. 25 bucks for a gram of good wicked xxx. I make11 bucks. Some stores make 2000 a day. Oh, y'all can stopp bitching it will be off store shelves ibefore the end of the year from what I hear from my suppliers. Government decided that it would be illegal. I will put my kids threw school and buy my boats selling other stuff now. I have had these bad trips before too. At home, and while I was running my cig store. Last an hour of missery and questioning myself, but I still don't turn to pot becouse its illegal and I have babies. When I cannot buy and sell spice (jwh 018) I will smoke and sell Damiana, sage, st johns wort, catnip, hops flower, camomille, spearmint, kava kava, jasmine, juiniper, lavender flower,cardamom seeds licorice root, and if I want it, pontilla erecta (yes its. Like viagra) spice is damiana and jwh018. They outlaw jwh018 and people will go back to pot. Pot is the sorce of income for illegal imagrants. Sorry for ramboling, I wasn't very good in school before I made more money than the entire school staff combined, now that I got a chance I don't care much.

Amber 6 years ago

My cousin Chris was just hospitalized 2 nights ago after over-dosing on this stuff.. NOTHING to fool around with!

Andrew 6 years ago

I have heard that supposedly Spice (etc) is to be banned from sale in Arizona as of December 26th, 2010; does anybody know anything about this?

What I don't understand is how? Its sold as incense, to adults only, none of the marketing materials seem to indicate that it is to be consumed as a food or smoking product. Furthermore, according to Erowid, even when given to a testing lab and asking for them to test for synthetic cannabanoids - the tests come out negative or inconclusive.

This, if true (and is true in other States) seem to indicate that the powers that be will go out of their way to make illegal a product sold legally to adults with nothing more than hearsay from supposed "users" of this substance, who are using a product not in line with the manner in which it is sold.

So - when are they going to make paint illegal to sale or possess?

What about alcohol (oops - they already tried that, didn't they)...?

This is crap - I want them to -prove- that there is something illegal in these products before making them illegal. If someone is using the product outside of the manner in which it is sold, then fine - arrest that person and charge him with that crime (as they currently do paint huffers), since there is "precedent"...

Or how about this - how about these fucktards recognize that we are adults, and can make choices (right or wrong - for health or death) for our own bodies? Is that too fucking hard to comprehend? Is it too fucking hard to comprehend that we the people own our bodies?

Honestly - if "we" don't, "they" certainly don't either - not in the long run...

/dumbasses - the whole lot of 'em...

Marine 6 years ago

Well... for all you that had a BAD experience... SHUT THE HELL UP!. just dont fucking use it. All of you that dont understanc it think that it should be made illegal... big news, your kids/brothers/sisters/moms/dads and all of your friends are probably gonna smoke it... make it illegal, go ahead... then when your family member goes to prison for 8 years because of it, you tell them your thoughts exactly...

batman 6 years ago

i smoke the other day and i think i almost died i swear! it was so scary i will never do it again

mj 6 years ago

ok so when i fisrt tried it it didnt work then the second time it didnt work then third times a charm... it worked and it was so fun the the fourth was fun too then one night me and my friends were haning and dicded to smoke a bowl so we did then a little later i decided to smoke another then another cuz all the other times i did it i had to smoke like 4 or 5 or more bowls to get high so i kept going then i was freaking out i was having the worst anxiety attack ever! then i thought i was going to die cuz i read about how all these kids were dieing and getting hurt from it so then i was really freaking out an couldnt control my self or my breathing my heart was going crazy... my whole body was jumpig like you know when sometimes you jump a little like a tick well that was happening all over so yeah dont ever try it its so scary i will never di it again!

jj 6 years ago

ive smoked spice for about 5 months now and it is a weed like high but it has never harmed me in any way i thik it is a little different because it kept me high longer and i dont think it should be illegal if your not or havent been a weed smoker and you tried this just to do it you probley smoked to much for your first time..... but on the other hand if its so much more harmful than weed (which is less harmful than drinking or smoking tobacco) then why cant weed be legal

Emily 6 years ago

I am from North Carolina and the first time I tried Spice I was clear across the country in California for the first time and was told to try it by a friend of my bf's who is also a Marine. He smokes it all the time while he isn't deployed and it apparently does not show up on drug tests because he has to take them once a week while stationed in the U.S. This was the first experience I have ever had with any kind of drug having marijuana-like effects and I definitely overdid it. I spent the next two hours watching the guys surf (my bf said later that he was hallucinating while out there) while I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and also only feeling one emotion: anxiety. With all that being said, I could not find anyone back in NC that really knew what Spice was, until a buddy from Arkansas said he had tried it because it used to be legal there but isn't any longer. Long story short I hated my first experience but I would try it again, (taking much longer breaks between hits) to see if I could get a different effect that wasn't so overwhelming. I'm not afraid of the stuff, I just chalk it up to having one hell of a time in California.

augie 6 years ago

i am 17 and smoked spice i have smoked 4 blunts to the dome and also with some bong rips and i never was not able too see clear or started seeing things so people calm your nuts and stop tryin to give the news more shit too talk about stick too weed god put it here for a reason now go and toke it up or if you dont smoke then stop judgein and and go sit on one

Kieraa 6 years ago

I smoke spice everyday before school at school and after school. Nothings ever happened to me. It's a quick fun high no big deal. People need to stop trippin over it. I love spice an this little info web site is BS!!!!

wow 6 years ago

spice has different affects on people...

it can hurt you at different times you smoke it

i had a bad time with it the other night but i still want to do it again... what does that mean?? i want to do it again but i dont...

i heard you can get addicted to spice... is that true??

Landar 6 years ago

Technically Spice is an incense that when smoked produces a synthetic high, so it isn't intentionally sold for smoking. This means it shouldn't be illegal for

it is like any other substance that can be abused like how teens huff nowadays or glue.

Utah Smoker 6 years ago

Ok ok I want to comment. I've smoked some almost every single day for the last 4 months. I loved it at first. No side effects, the high was good but not crazy, it smelled like incense and it was pretty cheap and legal. When i smoked it, it intensified my personality. I could also hear conversations and sounds from several rooms away. Conversations I normally couldn't hear. It was really cool. It also stimulated my brain and I'd think of things in a totally different way than i would when i was sober. I LOVED IT!!! On the days I didn't smoke any, i had no withdrawl symptoms. It was like the perfect high!!!

But what goes up must come down!!!

Now four months later my hair is very stringy and looks horrible. My eyes are constantly blood shot whether i've smoked or not, I have ringing in my ears and my vision has worsened. I'm growing a cist between my eyelid and my eyebrow and I have what I can only describe as small vericos veins round my eyes and cheek bones and i've been told they are spots that show I'm enimic. Which sounds right as i've been THE MOST LAZY PERSON IN THE WORLD since i started smoking it. I'm always too tired to go do almost anything. I stopped working out at the gym as well and although my brand of spice takes my appetite away, I've gained 10 lbs because i've done absolutly nothing for the last four months. I found that I am not physically addicted to the stuff, but mentally I am. I want to go home and do more. But I decided a few days ago I was done. I am not sure what this chemical is doing to my body, but no high in the world is worth me going blind!!! I feel like I am going blind. My vision is SO MUCH WORSE and my eyes get blurry everytime I smoke it. My contacts don't seem to give me 20/20 vision anymore and i've set an appt with my eye dr. Natural herbs are one thing. Natural herbs sprayed with toxic chemicals is another.

As for comments I have read about shaking and such I have experienced those symptoms too! I usually would smoke it slow until i got a buzz then i'd stop. There was one time i smoked another hit after i felt a buzz and it caused my body to shake. I was freezing and felt I would faint. Instead I puked then laid down and napped. I was fine. I took it as an overdose and made sure I never took a hit after i felt my initial buzz. I personally have decided this stuff is not safe!!! I'm glad it is being pulled off the market in a month. It's too easy to get and no one knows the long term side effects. What if we have messed up children? Or what if we lose our site? I heard someone say that they are finding more patients to be skitzo who have smoked this stuff. Does that mean it messes with your personality? NOT WORTH IT IN MY BOOK!

chazspe 6 years ago

The problem with your story is there is no empyrical evidence to support your claim. The fact that three people went to the hospital does not prove anything. your stories legs are pretty weak. Why is spice bad? Be specific.

dan 6 years ago


c.starling 6 years ago

To everyone who supports this drug.

This is not weed. it is not like weed. look it up and see the side effects. i watched my soon to b ex go insaine off of this crap. its not safe. the chemical added to give the "high" is terrible for the brain. this "new" drug, causes more problems than people think. I watched him have black outs of a whole day, and when it wasnt in his system, he was unberrible. so yes, this needs to be pulled and banned.

erin 6 years ago

me and my friends smoked this stuff last night and it as crazyyy!!!! i am a rcoveing addict in less than month i will have 2 years clean. so i double checked that this suff was legal ad didnt show up on drug tests so i wouldnt relapse. i smoked a bowl and i didnt feel anything so me and my friend smoked like 3 more and were blownnn!! i hve NEVER had this feeling before in my life and ive done alot of dugs and expeienced alot of diffrent highs and have never felt like ths before! i felt like i ws bouncing around and almost flying, and i was twitcing andi hardly remember last night, i do remember stting on my fiends bedroom floor calling people and texting them telling them that i need them and that i love them, and my frieds mom said that i kept on disapearing and she wondered what was wrong with me? and i cant sayayhing elese caus i really dont remember. all i know is that if i smoke that stuff again then im only taking a hit or two. but please people be careful when smoking this stuff!

Utah Smoker 6 years ago


I say if you wanna believe this stuff is safe, GO AHEAD AND SMOKE IT!!! We aren't your mother!!! If you haven't had a bad reaction to it, you probably will at some point. And if you don't, more power to ya! Some people learn from watching and listening to others, and some learn from their mistakes. Then there are those folks who never learn at all and keep making the same mistake over and over again. I am writing my experience because I felt I had a voice in this matter. If I've pursuaded one person to avoid spice, then my efforts were worth it. If you still wanna try it or think I am lying, go ahead and light up. It's your life. But mark my words....this chemical will be linked to eye, ear and brain problems in the future. Not to mention personality disorders. And have you looked at your pipe? The residue is way worse than any pot pipe i've ever cleaned. That black residue crap is in your lungs. I regret smoking it. I wont smoke it again. And I hope I haven't hurt my body too badly. My vision is still horrible. I'm know this chemical has messed with my eyes! i just hope I haven't blinded myself, literally!!!

B Ru 6 years ago

hey i smoke spice every day. stuff called dyno myte. after i smoke i go to work and function just fine all day. i think its stronger then most reg pot u find. i have had a freak out befor but i was already aware that it could happen and just pulled over my car and chilled out about 30 minutes. to much will raise your heart rate and freak u out but with alot of drugs u need to know your limit. dont punish the people who can responsible do a drug and function. if youve never smoked pot befor and smoke to much youll get sick, if youve never drank alcohol befor and u drink to much youll get sick. if your not used to taking pain pills youll probly get sick. people need to know thier limits thats all.

Hht 6 years ago

Spice is very bad I'm a veteran of this game and I have never felt like I wad going to die before combined with tachycardia hallucinations I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance horrible stuff no lie. At first thugs were cool the first few times then I got the worst trip ever I have a little girl to look after and I want to be ther for her i am serious heart attack I'd looming for those who continue.

wtf 6 years ago

you pro drug users are stupid. whats the need for all this junk? why do you kill yourselves by putting unknown things into your bodies? good luck to you in your short lives!

chill as a cucumber  6 years ago

Ive smoked hay, hazee, and spice for just over a year now you change a lot but when u go sober u just feel empty nd when u smoke again after that it feels like a dream...

Wish they would just make weed legal

still in shock 6 years ago

i tried spice for the first time last night, and i only had half of a cigarette.

that was probably the worst night of my life and i'm never smoking it again.

i didn't know who i was or where i was- i hallucinated to quite an extreme, i thought the world was going to end.

my boyfriend claims i was screaming at him and his friend to 'get out'.

i remember throwing up once.

please don't smoke this, i wish i had done my research first. i was told it was like marajuana but not as bad because it was legal and the high didn't last as long.

never again.

the guy from slidell high 6 years ago

i smoke "spice" everyday it is called trainwreck where i live... it has had no negative effect on my friends or i, so i have to say this article is kinda bullshit. prohibiton caused this nothing else trust me if weed was legal i would smoke that way more that this trainwreck but because its not and im sentanced to 2 yrs probation all i can smoke to get high is trainwreck... legalize the herb people open your eyes realize its the plant of god not satan

profile image

burntheflesh 6 years ago

you know when you make spice yourself buy ordering damiana and the chemical online i havent had no unusual things happen but when ive tried the stuff i bought from the stores ive had panic attacks and other stuff happen but when i tried the homemade spice its actually a more cannabis homemade high if anyones interested take my word its actually a wayyyyyy different high trust me just dont trust what the government has up their sleeves because i seen the original store bought spice originated in the iran like countries so be careful what your smoking because you didnt make it yourself

Tree hugger 6 years ago

i dont understand why do it if its crap...

just be smart and trust people when they say its bad...

Melvin 6 years ago

Spice sucks it lasts 30 min just spark a J an get a real high ppl

Mark 6 years ago

Interesting article however, I do have some concerns. The article is titled "Spice-A Dangerous New Drug", however the author shows little to no support of the "dangerous" effects of the drug. I do understand that nausea and anxiety attacks are dangerous but if you think about it, as with any other drug including alcohol, anxiety attacks and nausea may occur if the user is not comfortable with or used to the "high" like effects of the drug.

Hallucinations are very rare and if at all, they tend to be very mild hallucinations and will most likely only occur if the user has ingested too much of the product. The view point of hallucinations being harmful is debatable as long as the user is smart about his or her choices while experiencing these effects.

With users suffering from a chemical dependancy is also debatable. Many view that so called "addicts" are not addicted to the chemicals of the drug but rather to the change in normal every day life, not just with spice but with any other drug or alcohol also.

I would just like people to take these views into consideration before jumping to such a strong conclusion. I feel that people see the words "high" and "marijuana-like effects" and automatically assume that the drug is bad for you and pushing for it to be banned, even though they know little to nothing about the drug.

I would also like to mention the opposers to this article and other anti-marijuana/drug views. I feel that most of the opposers get very upset when people think differently then they do. Whether they are right or wrong doesnt matter. Getting upset and using names and harsh language is not going to persuade somebody into sharing the same ideas as you. If you would reconsider your actions I believe we can somehow show others the truth behind marijuana.

Kate Evans 6 years ago

For those defending the drug and saying it is better than alcohol or tobacco. GO GET EDUCATED! and by that I don't mean the internet. Difference is Long term and short term effects. Most drugs including marijuana have faster physiological damaging effects. Of course both can kill you if combined with uncontrollable out of reach situational factors. And it's not sensitivity about other point of views its simple frustration with people who refuse to see the facts for what they are! This drug is a definite threat for kids. Thank you for the post.

Lillian 6 years ago

this crap needs to be banned. why would something this harmful be legal?

jimslim  6 years ago

Read what the D E A has posted about spice, google it. It will be illegal after christmas. Time for the stores to sell out is almost over. Anybody wonder how much money is made on spice?? The stores sell bongs too. Lol

12 stepper 6 years ago

If you're in recovery that includes not using any chemical that causes any mind altering, even if it is legal.

Unfortuneatly we all have our own journey, just remember

the doors will always be open

jen 6 years ago

I ALMOST DIED LAST NIGHT FROM SMOKING SPICE!!! My blood pressure was through the roof. The Drs had a hard time controlling my heart rate. It began to feel like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I came out okay but a young girl who had smoked spice the same day stopped breathing and is now in critical condition in icu in my same town. My best friend was also taken to the hosp. She was non responsive and if had been left unattended she would have stopped breathing.

I am 44yrs old and have smoked pot before but never this spice. I had 1 Mia Tia 3 hrs before smoking the spice. So alcohol was not a factor. STAY AWAY FROM SPICE. If u have any kind of heart disease or high blood pressure and u have a bad reaction to this drug u could easily end up dead. I have been in the medical field for 26yrs, i have a ten yr. old son and my husband is a medical doctor. If this can happen in my world do not think it cant in ur world.

Alaska 6 years ago

Sadly my friends brother had a heart attack a few days ago from smoking spice! Three families received the gift of life because he was able to donate organs... but he is gone, and his family is heart broken!I am telling everyone I know their story in hopes of people thinking twice! Thats one hell of a side effect! No Thanks! Even if its illegal, it will just become more expensive! Educate yourself, and think of those you may leave behind! Is it really worth losing your life over?

Tom 6 years ago

Nearly every smoker who has used spice has one or more spelling mistakes in their posts above. Coincidence? lol

profile image

snickersnack 6 years ago

I have been smoking spice for about a year now. Weekends, about twice a month. I'm sorry to hear that so many people are having negative physical reactions to this drug.

As I have done no studyig of my own, this will most likely be disregarded, but I have had NO issues. I have found it to be relaxing, fun and a suitable substitute to the real thing.

Personally, I believe that these stories are either made up for the purpose of frightening us, OR if someones brain did in fact swell up, it was due to something else in addition to the drug.

If I am smoking spice and all of a sudden I go blind, the media would have a frenzy. They would not, however, publicly note that I was prone to seizures, etc, which could have just as easily been the catalyst.

Regardless, im sure it's unsafe under certain conditions and especially depending on what your body will simply disagree with. But these people are a select few. I know NOBODY who has ever had an issue.

Further more, I will bet my life that the majority of these people who scream "it was terrible" and "I thought I was going to die" are either anti-substance to begin with (and that's okay. Just be HONEST) and they are looking to further their role in society despite their having not actually tried it -- OR, as stated above, they had some condition or another that clashed with the drug. Again, the small minority.

Don't get me wrong. Kids should not be allowed the chance to smoke this. It's a waste of time as far as accomplishing something goes.

But me? Hell, I got nothing else going on at 3 in the morning.

Ashley 6 years ago

I smoked spice last night. I experienced all the negative affects. I had a panic attack. I felt like i nearly forgot to know how to breath. I just layed there on the floor and felt that i had lost complete control. I couldnt move. For a few moments everything was the color green. I basicaly felt like i was the dead girl in the closet from the movie The Ring. Crossed with being born again as an infant. Thats what it felt like to me. Everybody is different. I would never touch this stuff again. Death seemed to enter my thoughts last night.

me  6 years ago

This is a dangerous drug. It can cause seizures and convultions. Smoke at your own risk retards.

Mofome 6 years ago

The only side effect of this drug that upsets me is the cost. Some places sell it cheap while other places charge too much. I am willing to travel a few miles outside of my comfort zone to purchase. Does anyone know a place I can get it for cheap? Thanks

spiced_out 6 years ago

been smoking for a year...spice that is...and i have to say sometimes it feels like my mind just goes blank. For instance .................................

NeverAgain 6 years ago

I smoked spice for the first time last night.

All I have to say is that the first two hours were the worst of my life. I felt like I was slipping away, and had to keep focusing on something new. My legs kept shaking and I couldn't stop it. Eventually when I tried to stop the shaking and control it, I ended up vomiting. I let the shaking continue for about an hour. Things were really weird, the music I was listening to kept changing to sound like mumbling. The time was radically different every time I saw it. I saw doors that I thought were open when they were actually closed.

Eventually, my legs stopped shaking and then my arms did. My arms only shook for about 20 minutes. The whole time I had my head down and my eyes closed. If I tried to open them I would vomit again. I felt like I was dying.

After about two hours, I was able to stand up and make it to my bed. From then on, it was like a normal high from smoking weed. My heart slowed down, and I felt a lot more relaxed. I passed out pretty quickly.

Today, I woke up with a major migraine and I felt hung over like I had been out all night drinking. I still feel fuzzy to this moment.

All I have to say is that if you try this, do your research first. I felt like a tweeker during the whole thing and it scared the shit out of me.

I'll never smoke the stuff again.

upstate ny 6 years ago

I had smoked weed for years...I got laid off from my job and quit just over a year ago...the plan was to find a decent job then pick it up again..... not gonna happen with regular drug testing at my new one.

I heard about this spice, and tried floored me because I smoked a huge joint of it....I learned from that mistake... now after a long dayof work, after my responsibilities for the day have been taken care of, I like to relax with a few puffs off this stuff....

Krono 6 years ago

Ive smoked spice off and on for a year. I have zero side effects that many people claim. The only thing I have noticed is that its stronger then marijuana and is a little harder to function well under the influence. I believe that most storys are exagerated.

spad3d 6 years ago

All I have to say is everyone who smokes spice is stupid to all means ...... And dont listen to these people who say regulating how much u smoke is any safer B.S.... Spice is bad for you and the long term effects are no good... They cause your body to be unnatural cause breathing problems, mental problems and low iq.... I have watched my aunt and brother smoke spice on a daily basis and the more they smoke the more problems they have... If you guys think smoking spice is safe your wrong... I am a advant cannabis smoker so I am not knocking smoking ..i am just worried that this bad thing has been introduced in this world and you people are commenting on spice as a good thing..please do your research before you.mess ur body up ... And if you cant smoke the real stuff maybe that is a sign u should not get high...... much love peeps and please be safe

Spice in theWA 6 years ago

Well ive been smoking it for the past 6 months just after i get off work and sit on the couch it helps me sleep and get to bed early but i havent had any negative effects only when id mix in a bunch if alcohol here and there lol but on a nightly basis i get happy, hungry, and then sleepy pretty much, have noticed a slight trouble breathing while active like climbing stairs but in the same I smoked cigarettes and my ass hasnt been to the gym since i can remember but to close nothing but good time here so far

spice head 6 years ago

I have smoked spice for the every day for the last year maybe even longer I have never had a bad high and never done anything stupid on it the fact of the matter is that if marijuana stays illegal someone will always make something to get high off of alchohol is a ten times more worse drug than marijuana or spice to bad they wont just make it legal so us smokers could enjoy our life and maybe we wouldn't have to worry about so many drunk drivers killing themselves and others

cp 6 years ago

My son smoked it for the first time on christmas day. We almost lost him, he took only 4 hits and 10 minutes later he collapsed and feel to the ground. We heard a bang and their he was flat out, we tried to wake him and couldn't we called 911 when they arrived they couldnt wake hm either they take him to a traum hospital due to his fall, it took hours waiting, come to find out he almost had a heart attack, his pottasum was below 1 due to dehadration from being sick the last couple of days. He was drinking monster during the day, with all of this going on and then smoking spice could of cost him his life. They gave him straight pottasum which was very painful he said unil his levels went up. We all learnt a very hard lesson from this. Nobody wants to loose a loved one and it is a picture of seeing him on the floor I will never forget.

SPC user 6 years ago

I'm with you spice head. A year and no side effects. I even stopped for a few months with no withdrawel symptoms so there isnt any physical dependancy. It would be a lot cooler if marijuana was legal but what can you do. For people who are in the military or have to take a drug test for work, Spice is really the only way to mimic the relaxing effects of cannabis. Shame on all you guys who want to ban substances. If you dont want your kids to do drugs you should talk to them about it...end the end though free will is a bitch.

jimslim 6 years ago

Rryso to hear about your son. I would never let my kids drink a monster and smoke spice though. That's some powerful mix. I like monster and pot, can't smoke pot though, I don't mix spice with monster. People don't drink enough water too... what do y'all think about 50 state legal non-spice spice? Says on the label, contains no spice, not for human consumption. Alsoo spice is still legal in most states. You can get spice as low as $1.20 per gram. $9 per gram for premium name brand. What do y'all think about the hundreds of smokeable herbs that can be in spice? I have found rose thorns, hops flowers, paper, rocks in some spice. What do y'all think about the fake excstacy and fake coke? I don't sell that crap. The only reason this stuff is around is becouse people make a lot of money on it. You work for your pay. I wouldn'call what I do in my smoke shop work, but I made 500 bucks today. Work smarter not harder, three years ago I was working for big o tires makeing a tired 200 bucks a week. I'm fliping a tech deck today lol. Anybody tried vaporizing their spice?

MOO 6 years ago

I tried it once. never again! O.O'

no more 6 years ago

I started smoking spice a year ago because of being in the military it was easier. I am currently in the hospital because of spice and being diagnosed with wolff parkinsons white syndrom. Pretty much a short circuit in my heart that makes it beat at an extremely high rate, I. First noticed it a week ago I smoked a bowl and was just chilling enjoying the high when I suddenly felt a wave come over me and everything went black feeling like I was going to pass out I jumped my heart was racing so fast I thought it was going to explode. I stopped smoking it threw everything away. 4 days later I was watching tv and the same thing happened out of the blue and it lasted awhile I was so freaked but it went away, lastnight same thing happened, my heart aches bad and am being held overnight and being transferred to another hospital my heart has an irregular heart beat and randomly starts racing. Fun drug but not worth it plz don't use and if you do don't overuse. Your heart is delicate and this spice effects it. I wish I would have seen this sight months ago but probably would have just blew it off thinking everybody is just babys but its not worth it. I hope my story can differ at least one person from using.

Havin'opinions 6 years ago

I have smoked weed and spice and have had negative effects with both (spice felt the worst), I know my body's limits and pay attention to what it tells me. My heart raced terribly with spice, I was nauseous, I had thoughts of jumping off a hotel balcony, I knew I hit it tooooo much and knew I would NEVER try do it again. I believe my bad experience with marijuana was because it was "laced". My heart raced and I was twitching. I've smoked weed before, but my body doesn't have the "normal" relaxed reaction I hear so much about, I become hyper. Needless to say I do neither anymore because I know my body's reaction and don't enjoy the feeling. Spice having chemicals and being so fresh to the market makes it potentially dangerous ( long-term) in my opinion and Mary j being natural.....well, if you don't grow it yourself and are getting it from a dealer, who's to say they don't lace it with a more addictive drug like angle dust or something to get you to come back. That's what may have happened to me with my bad experience, because I craved it, I never craved it before. Moral of my long-winded ramble: a drug is a drug, you never know what you're really getting ( unless you make it yourself or watch the seller make it). My opinion is mine, love it, like it, or leave're entitled to of luck to you in your druggie journeys!!

sweetlilmama 6 years ago

I think that the people on here that say things like get a life, saying that it is okay to take drugs obviously you do not care about yourselves if you were smart and didn't feel so insecure about your lives you wouldn't have to do drugs. You can tell that most of the ones that say to fuck off and just learn to slow down a little and it will be a better high my advice would be just don't do any drugs get help and live a good life and maybe someone can teach some of you how to spell. I have never tried spice and never will why? what is the point? I do understand that some of you that due drugs your lives are already ruined and now you want to take people to your level I think I would if I were you and I was a loser I would try to do any drug that would let me see anything but myself. People bottom line IF you love who you are stop doing drugs, drugs are for ugly, fat, stuoid people that have no future.

Someguy 6 years ago

I realy enjoy all these spice horror storys but it's just panick attacks you all

are having. If you smoke too much of anything or do any drugs and you

freak out and start thinking to much your gonna have mental symptoms

wich will turn to physical and could be harmful if you have underlying health problems

or if u are allergic to these chemicals. If your fairly healthy your not gonna

die....shit Tylenol kills everyday but that product is legal. You can even die

from water intoxication. People are gonna do what they wanna do

and so are your kids...if not spice, something else. also there are no documented deaths from

spice because no one has killed over from it and hullicinations?? Some

of you must be smoking three grams at one time, and that's what

your problem is.

LB 6 years ago

Ok so i read quite a few comments.

I wonder if some of you that tried spice actually tried that other stuff they sell that gives you a weird crazy trip to the point of an "out of body" experience. I can't remember the name of it..

I smoked weed for a long time. Quit. Then a year later when spice came out i had to try it. I smoked it steadily for about 6 months. Every day at least 4 times a day. I was addicted to the high like i was with weed. Thats the one thing i dont like about this being legal. I quit smoking it after weeks of grief from my wife.

I have never seen any negative affects like i have from mushrooms or acid, Other then my heart would always feel like it was gonna fail and an occasional anxiety attack that i also got from weed..

I still would not recommend it tho.

6 years ago

I have smoked "spice" a handful of times but had never experienced it like this before. A friend and I decided to pick some up and relax at the house. We went to the smoke shop and got two different kinds "black momba" and "warning". We smoked the black momba first and the effects were just like previous times. After the first high, I decided to be the brave one and try the "warning" brand. After 3 or so hits I thought to myself "wow this is awesome" immediately after that things started to go wrong. I couldn't control my body and went right into a very strong state of paranoia. My heart rate and temperature rose instantly. I began shaking and saying the same things over and over. I had no control of my body, I experienced tremors and I would assume the effects of a seizure. I had no clue what was going on and I thought I was going to die. I began thinking of ways my friend could cover up my death and made sure to tell him to tell everyone i loved them in fear i would never see them again. The effects lasted a good two hours. Bottom line is...after this I firmly believe it should be illegal! I have had a lot of near death experiences from participating in the Iraq War but by far nothing compared to this night and the effects of spice. I know some smart ass will comment on this, but I'm serious this should not be consumed by anyone.

blkIMO 6 years ago

First off I noticed that someone brought race into this whole thing, don't know, don't care who it was that was pretty pathetic... also if you're in the military (current testing or not) its best to avoid this stuff getting caught w/ it is not worth the punishment.

Moving on now! I used to smoke marijuana b/c of a job change I stopped. Now I was always a one hit wonder so at the most 3 hits I was done for several hours, anymore (found out the hard way) I was sick as a dog. Middle of last yr friend introduced me to rebel spice and pretty kitty, I knowing my limit treated it as I would mj, 2-3 hits I stopped. I smoked this on a few occasions first couple of times I was just fine. The last time I was done for, litterally, passed out broke my nose, and when I came to several min later a friend was dial the medics, b/c it look as if I was having a seizure. I knew my limit, and didn't push it, maybe I got a bad blend I don't know. Me personally, its a no go!

More studies should, and I imagine are being, done. I agree after reading some of the posts some of you smoked too much. Also everyone, like script drugs and otc drugs, reacts differently. Regardless if your going to do this or not, your age, whatever always research it first before you put it into your body, you should always educate yourself.

Anyway, my husband currently smokes it, its irritating to me 1- b/c of what I experinced and 2- I'm pregnant!

W/ that said please if anyone knows, or can provide a link on info, if there is any out there, on second hand? I can't find anything. I'm hoping I'm just paranoid but its my first and we all have heard the stories about second hand smoke f/ cigarettes. Rather be safe then sorry, I would greatly appreciate the info if you know

Thank you


Saman 6 years ago

This stuff is evil. So all you people saying it is fine and its nothing bad you got it way wrong. My boyfriend has been not himself for about a week now. He started smoking this crap a few days ago. him and his friends were smoking large amounts and now i am loosing my boyfriend. The person i wanted to spend the rest of my life with is now not the same person. I hate this stuff for what it did to him. Hes been to the hospital 2 times in the last week. They don't say anything but give it time. i hope to god this is not permanent what is happening to him. He has been hallucinating acting like he is having anxiety attacks everyday. He watches the president talking on tv and says he is talking to him, cracking jokes with him. he listens to songs that millions of others listen to and yet, thinks that the signer made the song and is talking for him. This stuff is evil. Stay away

Kevin Hooper 6 years ago

"As this drug is still legal in the U.S., many people may be led to believe that it is a safe alternative to marijuana.".....

....Wait. how many people have died from smoking too much marijuana...?

Oh, thats right. Zero. can you have a safe alternative to something that doesnt hurt people in the first place..? people just like that shit 'cause its legal. make the real stuff legal, and you'll kill this whole designer drug market. tax pot, regulate it, and take the trade out of the hands of criminals.

Bunchr 6 years ago

Stay away from spice. My son smoked it yesterday and thank God had his friend call 911 because he couldn't even stand up without falling down. His heart rate was 150 and his skin color was not right. Please, please do not think this stuff is ok. The E.R. Dr. said they are seeing more and more people come in because of this stuff and it is crap!!

Maggie 6 years ago

I just spent the night in the emergency room because of the new drug SPICE. My son almost died. He has some perminant damage and it will take some time for him to get back to normal. He is a college student, has a job and has just started on his life as an adult. Now, thanks to this new "legal" drug. He will lose his job and have an enormous medical bill well over $30,000.00. He made a bad choice! When he was a minor his parents had to pay the consequence of his bad choices, now he does. A few really bad choices like SPICE and you will screw up your future THINK ABOUT IT!Just because it's legal doesn't make it a good choice.

Tazzyness 6 years ago

A friend of mine's son is 15 and has tried Spice on at least one occasion. He like the others with negative side affects had a massive panic attack that has lasted over the course of several weeks. The mother and I have been friends since we were in HS. we have both had our share of drug use past and present and although I have never intentionally tried Spice I suspect I have. I once smoked a bowl of weed that put me into a panic attack that sounds very similar for 3 hours straight. I had to stand in front of the air conditioner and could not concentrate on any one thing. I was anxious, heart racing and felt crazy. Prior to that I was sitting at a desk flipping through a home improvement magazine.

My point is... I wonder how many "dealers" have either laced or replaced with Spice and even more importantly how many will now that this is becoming widely acknowledged. I have no problem with people smoking weed. I think anything that is used for consumption needs to be regulated by the FDA. I think pot should be legalized so people will stop self medicating with legal toxic alternatives. You can get high huffing gasoline too... doesn't mean you should do it.

Also and this is important, to the people insisting individuals try it for themselves in order to form your own opinion your recommendation is the dumbest thing I've read here so far. A smart person learns from their experiences a wise person learns from the experience of others. Only a dumb ass reading these posts would run out and try Spice after all of these comments. If you want to get high people... get a medical mj card and get high. Or lobby the politicians to legalize mj and change the free world. Every person can make a difference, simply talking about it doesn't make it happen. You have to DO something about it.

JP 6 years ago

Holy Cow! If I would have read all this before i tried spice for the first time LAST NIGHT I would have never done it. Ive been smoking pot on a pretty regular basis since I was 14y/o and nothing has ever affected me the way that stuff did. I was hangin out with friends having a few beers, about 4 which is nothing for me, Im a big guy. When a buddy asked if i wanted to try some spice, I figured why not, Ive smoked the best weed on gods green earth, what could it do to me. Ya, famous last words. I ONLY TOOK ONE HIT PEOPLE! Within about 5 min I couldnt see straight, heart was racing, I could actully feel my blood pressure raise, hot and cold, I could barley even walk. I went back to my house (only 100ft away) and for the next 4 hrs I was in the worst condition of my life. Throwing up, diarreah, sweating to freezing, headaches, dilerious, heart pumping out of my chest, a complete mess. I literally thought I was gonna have a heartattack and die. So speaking from a horrible experience, that stuff is no good. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!

joe 6 years ago

I just got released from the hospital,I had smoked spice regularly for 9 months or so,with very minor negative effects.Last night was different.I took a good long toke from the last little bit of spice I had,and was passing out in about a minute.I tried walking,but was too disoriented so laid down.I then alternatively passed out,puked and tried to breathe.I tried breathing slow and deep,but my throat would constrict if i did that,and I would almost pass out.I was sure I was having a heart attack,or aneurism,and that i was dieing.I remember very little of the hospital,what the Doc said when he saw me sticks out,tho.He said,"shoulda stuck to weed!"He is totally correct.I'm still off,feelin empty and restless,wanting to smoke,but I learned my lesson.It's better to feel bad,and live.This was the new 100 per cent legal spice they started selling after xmas here in AZ.If Lawmakers would stop being afraid of old,uninformed,people and legalized Marijuana,they would make a lot of money,and save myself and countless others experiences like this.Until that happens,the scuzzy dude on the street is gonna get my money.If he does something evil with it,thats another thing that could have been prevented by a lawmaker with balls.

Annie 6 years ago

Please take the time to write to your congressmen/congresswoman, I have. You may go ahead and copy and paste my paragraph below. If we all start demanding action from them then they will listen to us, there is strength in numbers. I sent 10 – 20 emails every Saturday please do the same. Here is the link to reach them:

I would like to ask that you consider the fact that head shops, online stores, and convenience stores is where our youth is getting synthetic drugs...from what I've observed and researched online, the majority of these businesses are owned by Muslim Terrorist who are attacking our next generation, please, consider that and discuss this with your advisors and consider what further actions to take. Please, is there any way that you could make a TV commercial about the dangers of all the synthetic drugs. I see no commercials warning our children about the dangers of synthetic drugs. Yesterday, Yahoo had a link on the front page about our youth snorting, smoking, and injecting bath salts...that was a very sad article. I believe that TV channels need to start being flooded with commercials warnings to our children about these dangers that lurk around the corner convenience store and head shops...these commercials should be going off like the sirens in an Emergency Alert System.

Whitey Joe Young 6 years ago

Legalize cannibis, decriminalize all other drugs. One commenter said essentially "anything that is a drug is bad". So, aspirin is bad? Oh, no, that's not what he meant. He meant "anything you take that makes you feel good and gets you 'high' is bad, unless it is alcohol". Yea, we have legalized one of the worst drugs, and when we tried to prohibit it, we saw very clearly what a monumental failure it was. Enough so, that we actually passed a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to re-legalize it! That takes a lot of effort and political will! So, we really must have been convinced, back in 1933, that prohibition of alcohol was simply unworkable.

So, why have we become so ignorant and stupid today, to think that we can prohibit the use of cannibis without incurring some serious societal and human costs? This is it, people -- the bathtub gin of the new millenium: Spice, etc.

Get of your high horses with your Bible thumping and your temperance-union straight-laced uptightness about people getting high and enjoying themselves.

That Dudder from CLE 6 years ago

Just Make the Green Legal america, That is all.

Chilean93AH 6 years ago

1/30/11-today I tried spice for the first. It was pretty cool but after I read this info i'm having second thoughts. So screw that...I'm just gonna keep BLAZING!!

Legalize It

that guy 6 years ago

i tried spice for the first time over the weekend. now, it is 2 days later. i had a doctors appt. because i got really sick off this stuff. as i got to the bathroom to get ready i suddenly got really dizzy and sat down, i felt like puking, my vision went out, and my tongue and left arm fell asleep and got numb. i seriously thought i was dying. i got suddenly all hot and sweaty, and i was supper weak. this shit seriously f***** you up. and not in a good way. this was no doubt the worst experience in the world. if you are reading this, and you're about to go smoke it, please, take my word of advice, its not worth it. go get your money back or throw it away. the truth: i did it because i wanted to try it and be able to say i smoked spice, but really its sooo stupid. if you;re about to go do it, be ready to go to the hospital.

BOA 6 years ago

This was my nickname I was given in High School many years ago, before most of you were born. I grew up in the sixties when drugs were all around us, yes I will say I tried all of them at one time or another. Lets skip ahead to current times I have four daughters and six grandkids now. Let me tell you about one of my son-in-laws he is in the hospital right now due to panic attacks where he won't get up from the chair because people are out to kill him all the way to his wife (my daughter) is his boss who he is afraid of.

Is the drug safe, let me see some of you say that I smoked it for years and with no problem or I tried it once and and it scared me, let me tell you from past experance that drugs are to cure the sick not to use as a play toy. You all seem like you are tring to escape into another world, WHY? This world is all you get sorry get over the past and try living for tomorrow, you want to drink go ahead drink but drink to much and you just look stupid then again we all need a good laugh so we can laugh at you. Bad things happen to all of us but it is what you do with these that make us what we will be tomorrow. Here's a thought try beening happy with yourself and don't care what anyone else thinks about you BUT do it without the help of drugs or booze just be you and see what changes you can make in this world.

To end this I would like to tell you that in my sixty years (yes I'm old) I have been on this earth I never have heard of any pothead,druggie or alcholic making this world better. Try to make someone happy not stoned, loaded or drunk, this includes yourself.

Good Luck to all of you (even the girl smoken the Blk Mamba right now) I hope you all get to be thirty some day to enjoy life instead of ending it trying to fit in?

Neva Ever 6 years ago

i've tried spice and had the worst experience, all of the above. Hallucinations, fast heart rate, dizziness, shortage of breathe, twitching and brain tingling or a burning sensation. I honestly thought i was dieing and a friend of mine tried to calm me down but his talking just made it worse. At first i was just laughing uncontrobally and i remenber feeling like there were worms dancing in my head, i was saying no no oh my god then thats when things got out of hand. I was feeling every emotion the WORST experience ever. When i made it to the hospital, i manager to control my twitching or shaking and i was able to function but still my heart was racing and eventually i gain control over that as well. It took at least 3 hours for me to stay calm and relaxed. Still til this day i still feel a burning in the back of my skull. I have never panic in my life, i was so afraid to go to sleep so i drank lost of water. I would never try this ish again!

K.J.D.S.B.E. 6 years ago

It worked fast. I looked around the room slowly. It was dark except for the glow of my lamp in the corner.

I could hear a soft ringing. I laughed to myself. “That’s better.”

I could feel it burn through my chest, up my veins and to my brain then all over my body. I felt like I could do anything, like I was invincible. But I didn’t move, I just laid on my bed taking it in. it was a lot, a little to much , but I didn’t care.

But then my heart started too beat faster and faster then to fast. I thought it was going to explode. I grasped my chest, squeezing it to try and stop the pain. But it didn’t help.

Then my brain started to spin. I couldn’t keep a straight thought. I couldn’t remember what I did an hour before. The thoughts came and left. They would drift off, like I had no control over them.

It felt like I was dreaming but I knew it was real. Everything was fuzzy like a dream. Everything I did felt like a dream. When I tried to move my hand fast it went slow, and when I tried to move my hand slow it went fast. Everything sounded louder than it was but softer at the same time.

I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t dreaming that this was real but it was harder than it should have been.

Then pounding started. It felt like my brain had its own heart and was banging against my skull trying to get free.

Then the shaking came. It was like little twitches all over my body. I couldn’t control it.

Then as my heart beaded fast and my brain smacked against my skull the twitches went along with the same beat at the same time, going faster and faster. I tried to calm down but I couldn’t.

Then I noticed that I was barely breathing. I tried to breath but the more air I sucked in the more I felt like I was drowning. My chest and lungs hurt like they were on fire.

I thought my throat was swelling up it felt like it was going to close shut. I went to the bathroom to get a drink of water. But that didn’t help. I looked in the mirror. The person staring back at me looked like she hadn’t slept in months.

I walked out the door and turned to go down the hall. It was dark, but I could see the glow of my light in my room. I stared down the hall and watched as it grew longer, like the walls were growing; never ending, but the ceiling and the floor were growing closer together.

Panic took over me. Tricking me with lies, controlling me, making me think that nothing could help me.

I got scared and ran down the hall back to my room and laid in my bed scared and panicked.

With my heart racing, brain banging, barely breathing and shaking, I thought that I was going to die that night.

sorry its so long but it is totally true... it was so scary im not even kidding... i will never do it again

hmm 6 years ago

so i was thinking about how all these people say that we should legalize weed... that would be great but i dont think that people would smoke it as much... i think that most people so it for the rush of doing something illegal... but whatever

alexsis 6 years ago

so i tried spice for the first time 4 days ago and took only 4 small hits and let me tell you if was the worst feeling in my life! within ten minutes everything was spinning and i felt like my brain was on fire! i started having a panic attack and was telling my boyfriend to help me! I tried eating to see if that would help and it felt like it was turning into rock inside my mouth and i couldnt spit i had to dig out nasty food out of my mouth with my finger cuz i felt like i was choking. I had hot and cold flashes and EXTREME lighteheaded and dizzy feelings and i was shaking so bad like tremors. i finally went to sleep that night and woke up fine the next day until the evening and started shaking uncontrollably again and off and on the past 3 days i have been having a feeling like my brain is burning and i have hot and cold flashes and i shake every now and then! DO not do this please! from my experience i am telling you it is horrible! i have been praying over and over for this feeling to go away like my brain is on fire!!! its been 4 days! i just hope it doesnt last forever cuz its horrible!

anynomous 6 years ago

I have had good highs and bad highs with spice and franly I prefer weed over it but if you like spice good for you. I hate how it makes your heart rate go so fast though but as everyone else said know your limits dont smoke alot because then it makes you paranoid

Nate 6 years ago

I'm from BC, so I was pretty skeptical about a substitution for pot. I took two tokes and I felt great. I knew right away not to take more than that. I can smoke BC bud all day, but this stuff is clearly different. I like it. If you're dumb enough to smoke too much than what are you even doing here? Go to NA or something, because obviously you're not smart enough to know your own body. This forum definitely shows a LOT of negative reactions. This needs more investigation, but keep in your mind that ANYTHING in excess can kill you. Be responsible and stop complaining about things you CHOSE to do. And fast heart rate? Running gives you a fast heart rate. Grow up

shelbi 6 years ago

i cant beleive people would spend their time smoking weed or this new drug "spice" i think they shouldnt come up with new drugs that can harm people like alexsis for example right now she is praying to god that her life doesnt end up like as she describes what it feels like. i feel bad for her and alexsis pleaseplease get better and do not try it people.DO NOT TRY IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sam 6 years ago

Spice was the worst drug I have ever tried. I tried it because I was reading the little bag and it said "incense" and "pouporri" I didn't think that stuff would be harmful. It was terrible. I had hallucinations, my body felt extremely hot yet cold, I couldn't speak I couldn't move. I was just sitting there. I tried to walk to the couch and I literally threw myself on the couch because I couldn't move. The worst thing I have ever smoke by far. Wanna know how many hits I took? ONE. And it took bout 5 seconds to get me high. It was terrible. Never again. I really was crying because I wanted the feeling to go away. And I was shaking. It messes with ur mind big time.

a person 6 years ago

i've smoked spice several times the first time i had a bad incident just like many of these people have described, but after I calmed down my friend showed me how he didn't smoke as much or hold it in as much as he usually did with weed; I was fine the next time

people just need to learn not to push their limits and stop trying to push products such as spice to be illegal for others just because they do not agree with the choice or care for the outcome

a person 6 years ago


brittany 6 years ago

that stuff needs to be can kill kids and loved ones if they get a hold of it...all the bad effects it can give whats happen to the poor teen in going to get that sh** banned so no one else gets hurt.

Marsha 6 years ago

Me and my brother decided we were gonna get high last night so i came over. he said he didnt have any weed but he had some spice. well i was like wtf is that..he told me it was basically a legal drug that wasnt found in drug test. this stuff is NOTHING like any weed i have ever smoked. i started out not feeling anything. i had about 5 hits and finally i started laughing uncontrollably for 30 seconds. after awhile i started to get a bad feeling and i couldnt stand. it felt like i was dreaming. it was more of a nightmare. i started walking to my bf's car about a minute after i started to freak out. i cold barely talk and what little i had to say was just myself repeating "take me to a hospital, im dying." my heart was beating so bad and i could feel every little vein in my body. it was like a horrible trip. i literally was being tortured to death by this stuff. i was contemplating just killing myself and getting over this pain. the thoughts just kept hurting me. my bf brought me to the hospital and i told him that if i went in there i would freak out. i told him to keep me calm and to talk about happy things. i started to calm down a bit and we got me something to drink. when we got home i was still having panic attacks. i fell on the bed and then rolled over and puked all over the floor. my bf helped me to the bathroom where i puked for like 10 more minutes. i started pissing myself when i was throwing up and i couldnt control myself. its been over 12 hours and im still shaking. if it were not for my boyfriend i would have been killed. i dont care if any of you have had a good experience with this shit...i know and others know the horrible things that will happen. i never wish this on ANYONE. its horrible dont do it. i will do anything i can to illegalize this thing some of you think is a form of weed. worst experience of my life.

Tyler 6 years ago

marijuana Is the safest drug out there yet it's illegal?

wtf? but we allow alcohol and tobacco and even this herbal incense. We need to wake up and end the prohibition on marijuana. It has been going on for too long. One day marijuana will be sold in liquor stores just like alcohol for people 21+

marijuana strains 6 years ago

Skunk #1, Northern Lights, Jack Herer, White Widow, White Russian, Super Silver Haze, Sweet Tooth, G-13, LA Confidential, Fruity Thai, Kush, The Purps, ak-47, ak-48, Acapulco Gold, white rhino, kings candy, and many more dank weed

tim 6 years ago

i smoked it a few times nothing has happened to me. this is just me but i like weed over that stuff. it smells and tastes great. mabye the is the good and the bad about both but weed will never harm you in any way. people are frantic and full of shit half of the time. wtf people. i asked for the truth and a big argument. REALLY!!!!!!!

joe 6 years ago

this stuff isnt even bad for you

Todd 6 years ago

Okay so I recently smoked about 1/10 of a gram of Smiley dog. I waited for about 72 hours and then finally I started feeling the high. It felt great and lasted for about two weeks. I couldn't believe how good of a time I was having. After about the fifteenth day of feeling high as shit I started having the deepest and darkest Paranoia I have ever had. I thought that I was dead and went to heaven. I am pretty sure that me, Magic Johnson and John Ritter smoked a bowl of Funky Monkey and drank PBR's all night. All I know is I got high on Mar, 17, 2009 and woke up in my bed about 20 minutes ago. Best High Ever :)

Jonathan3333 6 years ago

Spice is amazing nuff said I just smoked some nigh night time woohoo

Brad 6 years ago

I think spice is like a loser trying to be cool like marijuana. It can't doit! how you gon smoke sumthin that look like crap? mari ana is genuine. spice a fake

Jonathan333 6 years ago

I know brad I smoke it when have no bud

Crazyguy.... 6 years ago

Spice is illegal now in AZ lol :p

Curly_Joe 6 years ago

I see no problem with Spice i've smoked it everyday all day never had any kind of reaction just a bit of a heart race. I smoke the best stuff down here "Top Dog" its the next best thing when you can't smoke bud. I see nothin wrong with it, just know your limit, don't abuse it thats when the worst can happen. Aint noone died from it yet. That can't make somethin illegal thats not a drug!! DON'T BAN SPICE!!!!

Kg 6 years ago

I have been smoking spice for months and have not had any of these "Dangerous" side effects. You guys are smoking bad spice LOL

It's Yucky Stuff 6 years ago

I have a know a guy who smokes a lot of spice and throws up quite often when he does. He recently had what seemed like a small seizure after smoking, but still continues to smoke it. Most spice has acetone in it, although, they do sell some that is acetone free. I think the people on here saying people are making a big deal out of nothing and calling people liars would rather just be ignorant so they can get high.

6 years ago

See if they would just legalize marijuana people wouldn't have to find alternatives that end up being worse. I smoked Spice once with my girlfriends brother he has smoked it for months with no problem but i had a major allergic reaction and 5 major seizures that lasted about 4 hours i thought i died and will no longer smoke anything not even cigarettes i switched to green smoke to kill my nicotine addiction.

Spicehead 6 years ago

Personally I have smoked spice at least once a month and never have I had a problem with it.I felt like everything was slow and felt like everything was funny(pretty cool feeling). However, my cousin smoked some and he started to panic. Saying that he didn't want to be high anymore and could not stop laughing,nothing serious. I think that the effects are panic attacks that some people just cannot control. So just remember people to start with a hit and wait at least 10 minutes,as sometimes it takes about this time for it to hit you, before taking another hit.

Bea 6 years ago

My husband and i have been married for 7 years now. We like to smoke weed off and on then around may 2010 we started smoking spice. one thing we noticed about spice that everyday use over time made it hard to breath and had enough mucus like a heavy cold. Then in November 2010 my husband was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer in the mouth. he has lost 1/4 of his tounge, some cleft palat, all of his teeth and even more. spice may or may not of had something to do with it? stage 3 cancer is pretty bad. stage 4 id the worst

john DOE 5 years ago

i am 18 years old, and about 2 minutes ago , i smoked a bowl of mister nice guy (Mango flavor - YUMM) :).

I can tell you first hand that there is a limit to what you need to use your first couple times. Start with the low quality. most of you dumb ass people didnt do any research on the stuff. You didnt start out smoking the best weed, you progressed.

To those of you FIRST TIMERS who went to your headshop and bought the best, went home and packed a whole bowl n took a monster hit. YOU'RE A DUMBASS. they dont call it EXPERIMENTING with drugs for nothing, you never see someone use crack the first time and do 2 lines. - well .. i never saw someone use crack so i dunno.. anyway. you need to know your limit and stick to it.

haha OH and all these supposed AAHH MY HEAD IS SPINNING AND MY SKINS MELTING I AM ENVISIONING MYSELF DYING. you need to see a therapist because that seems like a personal problem to me. i have been smoking spice for a year now, and feel better than ever. I smoke it before workouts , when i do homework and whaddya know . im lean and mean and doing well in college..

well now, i bid you adieu as i must be listening to my dubstep - oohh babyy :)

peace out suckas 420

jake 5 years ago

never use this drug or any other drug they stuff ur head up and turns ur life to crap

r u kidding 5 years ago

I keep seeing some of the same comments of, "we are FORCED to seek alternatives to illegal drugs", "we wouldnt HAVE to find synthetic alternatives to Pot if it was legal"... it just appears those are words from a drug addict. Who is FORCING you, what makes you feel you HAVE to find an alternative way to get high? I just dont get that. its like saying, "I cant abuse my body and get brain damage illegally, so I am going to find another way to destroy my life and the lives of those around me." seems selfish. and i cant say i am opposed to marijuana. but the part of FORCED to find another way to get high, and I HAVE no other alternatives... bothers me. Just sounds like you're clearly not in control of your life.

PLEASE READ 5 years ago

There is nothing wrong with smoking good ol fashion pot as we used to know it but this K2/Spice stuff is BAD NEWS!! Please do not assume it is safe just because you are smoking it with no side effects! My son was a pot smoker and started smoking SPICE/K2 and one night he had a bad reaction to it, making his heart almost pound out of his chest, beating three times as fast as it should, he had to go to the ER. Ever since this reaction he suffers SEVERE anxiety attacks all day long everyday now and NEVER had these before, NEVER. He has no insurance and has to wait until his new policy starts at work so he can get on some meds to counterreact to this. He is miserable to say the least. His quality of life sucks now b/c of the constant anxiety attacks he has. The only thing that helps is F ing booze now. Just one more thing for a parent to worry about alcoholism. Please do not use this stuff! It will do permanent damage to your nervous system. God bless.

julie 5 years ago

I'm not at all shooting down this article...I actually enjoyed reading it. But I'd really like to say tha those teens that ended up in the hospital either were either first time users and didn't know what was enough and what was too much. I smoke spice with my best friend from time to time and we know damn well when to stop. I'm guessing these hospitalized teens tried to smoke an entire blunt thinking it wouldn't barely be any different than regular marijuana. Spice will let you know when to stop. For me..the first time it singed my throat and I KNEW that any more would be too much. I only take 3 or 4 hits and I stop for the day..becausee I KNOW the consequences other wise..FIRSThand being terrified and having to take care of a friend who thought he was 'superman' and smoked the entire himself...not even taking it slow or thinking he needed to let anyone know what he was doing. Do your research a Tad better before telling the world that spice is horrible. You wouldn't take a whole bottle of zanex thinking it would make you high would you? Hm?? Didn't think so. Its called USING your brain. Not frying it. How about you find a few smarter subjects for examples instead of people with no common sense to try and convince anyone that something is horrible. Maybe a few people who DONT try to inhale it like a damn cigarette.

Looking forward to your next article!! :) thanks for the good read. I was in dire need of something to occupy my time this lovely Spring Break morning.

freak 5 years ago

i just wana throw my 2 cent in, if the spice is bad and the chemical aint. then make a ecig with the main chemical. they toss nicotine in there. witch satisfies ur addition. not give you your hi blood pressure and feel good.ecigs are almost fda approved. also thy only illagal this stuff if it ends up at school and cause the kids to be lazy and fail. after school is the best time to use if it helps you with work or relax or keep the avarage teen building up to much many teens go on a fighting rampage or killing ppl that smoked.99% average kids in my opinion smoke and never start stuff unless they gew up wrong in a bad environment. i watch closely and saw was bad and what causes issues and stuff. ppl that dont want others on it blame the spice and weed and to get rid of it so they are happy selfish offense to anyone.if its unhealthy to smoke it straight legalize bongs to teens so they can smoke safe. just revoke there privilege if the get caught under the influence at school or take to school.there is ways to make it safe, just pull; the head out of the ass and get smart.i never done this stuff because im under age but i watch legal aged ppl do it and i can see that the affects are not that bad but year ill be legal to try and ill be back to comment on my experienced.they can add the name of main chemical that causes the affect so the ppl that buy it are aware of the chemical and if there allergic they can use other kinds and be safe. i ran right a book but i have other goals to complete first and when thats out of the way maybe.

hey 5 years ago

For the past 7 months I've smoked spice on a regular basis. Never had any real side effects until a few days ago. I smoked, got a horrible headache, really loud/rapid heart beat and then started vomiting on my floor. It weirded me out. Because a lot of time I'll smoke blunt after blunt of spice, and still feel OK. But the other day, I only smoked ONE and I still experienced the vomiting, etc. So it's really not a matter of "knowing your limit".

red tiger 5 years ago

My son smokes it every day and it is making him stupid.I am so mad because he can buy it legaly with his DL.He is afraid of a dirty urine, why can't we get our officials to pull this spice off the shelves.

Kurt C 5 years ago

Honestly people, ive been smokin spice for years now, and ive NEVER had a side affect that differed from smoking marijuana. but, what people arent realizing is that it isnt marijuana, so they smoke as much as they would normally smoke,(normally with weed), and they get all screwed up. thats not the next consumers fault that you were irresponsible. And if youve never smoked marijuana in your entire life, then you have NO ROOM TO TALK. Its a legitimate medicine in most states, so just drop it. Vicodin is legal, and people die from that every day. Its just up to the consumer to be responsible, and know his limit. How do you establish a limit? hmm, GO SLOW! try that one out. As long as youre responsible with it, its just like weed.. Harmless. Makes you lazy and want to eat... OH NO!!

Jbp 5 years ago

All of the people that are opposed to marijuana or spice have either never tried it or they don't know how to use it right.

WTF? 5 years ago

Okay, so I'm 15 and have only done spice 4 times and maybe more times to come. The first three times I tried it, nothing happened, I took good 2-4 big hits as you would when you smoke hookah. Yesterday I smoked once again, right now 2-4 is my limit, just in case something were to happen, but yesterday I got a good high, and even today I still feel a little slow in the head but nothing too bad. It had made me think twice though about continue smoking or not, which yet I have not made up my mind. When I smoke spice, my heart rate increases and my sight is disoriented a bit: things are hilarious but slow, but nothing scary. I have only done weed about 3 times and nothing happened at all. Which made me stop, that and the fact that it shows up on drug tests. We own the smoke shop and spice is almost too easy to get. Will I quit? Eventually. I don't need to live off this stuff. Is it dangerous? Not for me. I know my limits. I really think spice is safe as long as you don't go at it and pack bowls and bowls of it. I don't see what is so bad about it.

Herpderp 5 years ago

You know what else is bad for you? Alcohol.

It just doesn't come with anxiety attacks.

Drugs are drugs people, I thought we understood that they were bad for you.

I'm sorry if you had a bad high, but it just happens sometimes, with anything, even weed.

I've felt like I was going of the deep end after smoking too much weed, but I sobered up and learned from my mistakes and even learned more about myself. Guess what? I still smoke.

People drink all of the time, and a LOT, and they throw up and sleep with the wrong person and make a fool of themselves, but that's not going to stop most of them from doing it again.

So what have we learned? Drugs have side effects.



Codeman 5 years ago

All this about spice is bullshit,i been smoking it for couple months.Everyone is saying that it putting them in the hospital or killing them,or comin clost to dieing.think of it like pills thers a limit, i dont alot of researce on it everyone who is having effects are pretty much over dosing,bong rips,gt's,etc its too much. all u need is like 1-3 hits thats all its like pills theres a limit,u do too much your gunna have problems.I had no problems with it.So stop the crap and stop abbusing it,only smoke a little not alot or u will get side affects or feel like ur dying

Twinky 5 years ago


So im 16 and i think i understand whats happening here. I have been smoking weed for about 3 years now and spice for about 3 monthes. With my experience's with weed, i think that iv only had a "bad trip" maby once or twice just because of certain cercumstances, ex: In the woods at night, being chased by a cop(at night). If you have ever smoked weed or spice then you should know what a "bad trip" feels like, you start thinking about things you dont want happening , then you get paraniod and after that it can go any number of ways. But with weed that never happens to me, il smoke maby 3 bowls with 4 freinds and we will sit back in my freinds room chilling out, playing some guitar. Never freaking out, never feeling any bad things. My one freind though is a major light weight though, he will take one hit and be high as someone who smoked a whole bowl. He will start freaking out for maby 15 min then will relax like anyone else (I think his anitial high is crazy lol). When it comes to smoking spice, its anyones guess. For the first 2 monthes of smoking spice i was fine, never freaked out, never lost it. But untill resently (not encluding today, il explain why later :P) i have been having a very uncomfortable high with spice.

So 4 days ago i bought spice from my dealer and we drove around and i matched a j. So me, her and her 2 freinds all smoked, we got back to her house and honestly i sat down for about 2 hours on her deck not saying a word, just sitting there. For me this is uncommon so they were freaking out, they were worried about me and offerd to go to the hospital. I declinde and asked them to just drop me off at my freinds. I got to my freinds, layed onto his coutch and he told me that i got 2 hours before his mom got home. I layed there for about 30 mins feeling bad and then after that i was jumping around laughing and just my happy go lucky self.

So 3 days ago, it was the same story. Drove with my dealer to a headshop, bought some, matched a j, freaked out, got dropped off at my freinds but after 5 min i felt better.

2 days ago, im starting to think about what the heck is up with this spice. Im wondering if its my medicine mixing weird (ADD meds) or if its just this type of spice (2011... i think its called). So im feeling pretty crapy and decide to just take it easy.

yesterday, im feeling better and i smoke me and 2 of my friends up. We do about 3 dense bowl packs (like i was surrprised that it didnt clogg) and i go completly down hill. I walk in from outside (thats were we smoke lol his moms up stairs) and i drop onto his coutch sit straight up and go into a bad trip. My freinds playing the guitar and i think my mind is being blown up by little sound ships. So i decide to just go to sleep.

Today, i wake up to my freinds walking outside to smoke, they invite me and i decline. So we get this idea to walk up to the doller tree after breakfest and im up for it. We get outside and start walking and my freinds are telling me that im just think about the bad and if i think about it im gonna feel bad. So we get to the blue house (a little abandond tree house we cleaned up) and we start smoking spice. I feeling good, not thinking about the bad feeling great and alive. We do 1 ok sized bowl pack and there wondering how im doing, and i say im good. So we do another and start walking, im jumping around, saying hello to people walking by and just enjoying my high. So we walked for about 45 min and we get to the dollar tree. So i tell my freinds to get 4 things and its my treat, we get the stuff and walk to a close parking-lot. We eat, laugh, joke around and nothing bad is happening. So we decide to smoke right there, in the middle of the parking lot, on a bright day, with people walking aorund, and... nothing happend lol. I got higher, ate some more food then went home and now im here.

So in the end, i think that how much you smoke, who your smoking with, were your smoking it and realy just how your feeling that day will increase or decrease how bad or good your high will be. Just learn from my story and put it to how you smoke.

In the end, you dont have to be high to enjoy life. You just have to be high to enjoy it that little bit more.

Reaper 5 years ago

These drugs and chemicals have been created just for you. You are here on this earth, you know no God, and you know not who you are. The drug is doing its job, its temporally filling the void that you have, and no not how to fill. I am also a fisherman of men. i front load pleasure and back load pain. My tackle box is full of goodies just for you. if you are seeking and don't know truth, i will soon have you on my line and then in the box on ice. My name is many and i come to destroy the many. its nice to know that i have so many willing participants. The harvest will be great. Until we meet

again. And we will!

Darvon Lawsuit 5 years ago

Hi Melissa,

Although I am not really familiar with this drug, nevertheless you made me well informed about it. Thanks to you.

4TheStars 5 years ago

"DO NOT SMOKE THIS STUFF!!! I Almost lost my 17yr old Son to this stuff Yesterday!!!!! This was the scariest Thing to Recieve A Phone Call from the School, Saying i needed to get there quickly, becuz My Son was Seizing In His Class!!! He has an Absolute Clean Bill Of Health, So to Be Seizing for no Reason was Disturbing, It wasnt until he Stopped Seizing, that we learned that he was under the Influence of This "Spice", which resulted in an Emergency trip to The Hospital!!! PLS DONT SMOKE THIS, U CAN DIE!!!!!

profile image

wb73 5 years ago

ok for all of you that think this is no big deal let me share my story with you. im 38 yrs old have been smoking bud for over 20 years, ive done allmost every drug you can think of or name, ive had bad "trips" with both lsd and mushrooms. like everyone else i heard of spice from a friend, looks like a legal way to get high and not dectectable which is great because i have random drug tests. now i got away from anything heavy years ago, but i still love to smoke my herb.... i had done spice quite a few times and had no ill affects. then today i smoked 2 hits... YES 2 HITS!!!! and almost died... i was taking a bath and thought i would drown.. i got out, didnt even dry off,walked (stumbled) into the living room where my wife was, she took one look at me and knew something wasnt right, i told her that i didnt feel right and was actually very very scared... i was hyper-ventalating, it was very hard to breathe... i actually had to concentrate just on breathing... i couldnt focus on anything for more then just a few seconds without allmost passing or blacking out... that voice in my head told me that if i went out... i wasnt gonna wake up... totally scared outa my mind i asked my wife to help me, she took my blood pressure.... my pulse alone was 172.... im a very healthy guy, have a psychial job and for my age am in really good shape, i have no medical history at all... my blood pressure was 169 over 116... way higher then it has ever been in my life. im normally at 90 over 63... i was sure i was gonna die... all i could think about was dont let it be me thats on the news, or my name on a bill that makes this chit illegal. WHICH IT SHOULD BE!! i thought id never see my kids again, that they would have to grow up with the shame of knowing their dad died because he took 2 hits of some stuff.... scarry.... for all of you out there that say this is no big deal.. well a few months ago i woulda sided with you, but like it seems so many others learn.... 1, you never know what your gonna get. 2, it can be a simple as a 1 time death sentence. remember i have smoked bud for well over 20 years, i have done allmost every drug you wanna name, im not some dumb newbie kid in this game, and it wasnt because i smoked too much of this stuff... it was 2 hits.. thats all 2 hits, not from a bong, from a pipe ive had for years... this stuff can and does kill people.. dont become one of them, if this message saves 1 person from trying this stuff then my embarrasment is worth it, this stuff went straight down the toilet and i will never,NEVER touch this chit again.. please guys listen to me when i tell you that this chit is no good.... again im 38.. been around the block a few times... think.. what if it was you kid that did it,found your stash... kids what if it was you boy friend or girl friend.. you hooked them up to get high.. to have some fun... and they DIED.. think twice about doing anything like this stuff... please,please dont do this chit, if u must get high.. do it with herb, this stuff WILL KILL YOU

profile image

sighwren 5 years ago

I am the wife of wb73 from the last comment. And would like to update you on what has happened since that post. My husband is now in a mental ward due to this shit. The morning following this incident he is still extremely depressed and suicidal. He is just not himself. He told me he feels very jittery and "just not right". He was so depressed that he went to talk to a therapist who determined that he needed to be placed inpatient for help. I still do not know at this point if it was volintary that he went or if they commited him on an involuntary basis. I don't know if I will ever have my husband back the way he was before or if these effects will be ongoing for a long time. But I am asking all of you out there to NEVER try this stuff, it it bad news. I talked to the nurse in the ER and she did tell me that there have been confirmed cases of heart problems, brain damage(from seizure or stroke) and have been confirmed deaths from this stuff. There are also cases of prolonged after effects of this drug such as anxiety disorders, depression, neuological problems, etc. I am asking all of you to NEVER TRY THIS STUFF EVEN ONCE! You never know what blend of it you are going to get or how much cannibinoid has been sprayed on it since it is not regulated by the FDA. This is no joke. It can and may just kill you!

peach 5 years ago

i tried spice the other day. i've never done weed so i dont know how to compare it. all i know is every thing started to get slower, my vision wasnt clear, i started to have a very bad anxiety attick, i wouldent let anyone near me and i think i might have blacked out. all i remember is telling my friend to please call my love. he was the only one i wanted to talk to. this is the third day, i havent smoked any since and i still have side effects from it. my love said when i called him i was crying and panicing. saying hes going to be so mad over and over again. i cant imagin never seeing him again..

Norm 5 years ago

Turns out if you drink a lot of alcohol you can suffer from the same effects, even inducing vomit and violent behavior. I've had two uncles die from alcohol overdose. Make sure you're telling everyone how dangerous this LEGAL drug is!!

kraura 5 years ago

Some people open a jar of peanuts for the first time, have an allergic reaction and die... should we outlaw peanuts too?

You can abuse cheeseburgers to the point of death (diabetes ect.) should we outlaw McDonald's?

All sarcasm aside, this is exactly why we need to legalize marijuana. How many stories have you read on here "It's like weed but legal!" We'll great , now kids arn't doing anything illegal but their using something obviously wayyy worse for you than weed. I don't even want to imagine the effect of smoking this everyday (long term not short term)... It even says in the article that marijuana doesn't cause panic attacks hallucinations ect.

I say legalize marijuana, it doesn't cause lung cancer or kill your brain cells like cigarettes and alcohol so why not? At least we won't be pushing kids to legal, more dangerous alternatives.

profile image

Not Stupid 5 years ago

I am a father of son who is bright,wonderful and happy..who did this spice and has now been locked up in a mental instituion for 4 days...we are praying for his life....someone..please help everyone to see the great lie about the safety of this stuff. My son may never be the us...

spice smoker 5 years ago

ive smoked weed for about five years now on and off. these bad reactions people have are, 1 they are mistaken spice for salvia(another smokable herb you can buy at a head shop, causes strong trips, and other crazy things. cant even remember what happend to me, woke up naked). 2 they simply smoked way too much to fast and had a bad reaction, simlar to smoking to much pot. i get paranoid as hell when i smoke weed and havent smoked for a week or two. try and eating some cannabutter in large ammounts you will prob. feel like you are going to die. that does not mean that you will, its called a panic attack. it mimics the high of weed so expect to be slightly paranoid if you smoke yo much, just take it slow the first time like 1 hit!

dnt b stupid 5 years ago

Anyone on here who is for spice is crazy!! This stuff is not WEED!!!! Get it?? It is sprayed with chemicals that no one apparently knows what they are. I have tried spice and it didn't do anything but everyone is different and just because it doesn't happen the first time doesn't mean it won't. Grow up ppl and don't just do it cause it's legal!! Plus you probably wouldn't have found this site if you weren't looking for side effects so you must be some what worried and you should be. I have heard this stuff can give you irregular heart beat and serious heart problems, so if your willing to risk your life for a high that is your issues just don't pretend like nobody told you so.

Brandon Burton 5 years ago

I think personally, you people that are against drugs and prohibit them, then your dumb cuz it makes us kids want to do em moore cuz it jus gives a reason to piss yall off and rebel to you. so if someone that has contact with the government, contact me, and tell em i want to take this world wide and be the guy to legalize marijuana to show that us americans can enjoy nature by smoking gods greatest herb. If you all stick up for the goverment then you all should really be wanting to legalize pot. for one alcohol is a lot worse then pot. I mean really how many people die from alcohol each year? Just about 25,000. How many from marijuana? well from 1995 to 2007 there was only 24 deaths that were pot related. Alcohol hurts more people each day then marijuana has in the last twenty years. Plus the goverment could make a lot of tax money off of marijuana if they did it right. They need to do it like tobacco and make it to where you have to have a permit to even grow it. If they did it right they could probably make just as much tax money a year off of pot as they do cigarettes. I would say about 70% or more people who smoke cigarettes in the us also smoke pot to and about 15% or more people who dont even smoke cigarettes smoke pot though. I have a lot of friends who smoke pot but not cigarettes. If smoke shops are aloud to sell this spice shit which is alot worse then pot cause its all factory made and is nothing but chemicals. That stuff and alcohol is a lot worse for the human body then pot will ever be. I mean really come on look at all the statistics and facts about pot and then compare them to all the stuff thats legal. Pot is a natural herb that god put on this earth for us to smoke. Alcohol, tobacco, and all the legal stuff they sell at the head shops are all man made. Which means they all got bad chemicals in them. This legal stuff they sell in the shops has already put more people in the hospital in the last 4 months then marijuana has in the last twenty years. Just think about it marijuana is not bad for you. Lets fight it and finally get it legalized then there will be a lot less argument about it and a lot of tax payers wont have to pay as much for are convicts in jail over pot. Plus even though the goverment will lose money from less people goin to jail but i think they will make alot more from just selling pot legally. LETS LEGALIZE IT!

Curran 5 years ago

This spice stuff is kinda retarded i mean pot does the same thing. I mean ya spice really does mess you up but it just dont last as long as the high off pot. Plus spice has nothing but chemicals in it and pot dont pots natural. Spice put more people in the hospital in the last five months then pot has ever done in world history. Lets legalize the good green that doesnt put people in the hospital. lol and also im getting tired of paying fines for pot. Its retarded! I mean really you all know jesus smoked marijuana at one point i mean he did have long hair and loved nature so i mean him, Adam and Eve all fur sure smoked it. Also jesus dad aka GOD made marijuana when he made everyhthing else. Some things he did not make is alcohol, and tobacco products and those are legal. Come on pot is a natural plant that grows out of the ground. Pot being illegal is like saying grass, trees, flowers, and all other natural herbs are bad to. lets LEGALIZE THE GOOD GREEN SMOKE ;)

LuvsDaHerb 5 years ago

^Agreed 100%! we just live in a hypocritical society that will stand by and say that weed is a "gateway drug" that it "causes cancer" that it "kills braincells" and many other things, mean while they are drinking and smoking a cigarette! We need to truly be the land of the free and legalize pot which has been around for thousands of years! FDR knew that prohibition does nothing but make the problem worse and cause much more crime. We need to stop living with our heads up our asses and just let people do what they want. People go home everyday stressed and depressed as hell and they work their asses off for their family/self. why cant they have a little smoke? why cant they smoke a 100% natural ingredient that has been classified as one of the safest substances known to man? Why let something like tobacco which gets sprayed with toxic chemicals stay legal while weed is not? If we legalized weed then we wouldn't have to worry about spice. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington all grew weed which was called hemp and cannabis back in their time. If our founding fathers supported it then it would be unconstitutional for us not to legalize it. Im personally sick of being treated like a criminal because of a fucking plant! People try to tell me that im addicted but there is no fucking way. when i have the money to buy it i do. when i have it i will smoke it. but if i dont have any and i dont have any money to buy it, its not even on my mind. I just enjoy getting high, and thats is because it makes me feel good and not worry about how i look or what other people think. I am a kid and i know you will all say i shouldn't be doing it but i swear it has made me better in every way and made me look at things in a whole new way. Its caused me to question everything i hear and find evidence for the truth. I used to be the stupid kid that would make fun of the teachers and disrespect them. Not to mention i was a bully and i would be so mean to kids it kills me today to think about it. Every since i started smoking i have gained the knowledge of respect not only to my elders but also kids. I have stood up for many many kids that were being made fun of, including teachers. I have even threatened to fight for kids and teachers when the person doesn't stop. This year i have gotten in trouble for one thing and thats weed. i sat through hours of being told i was a terrible person and that i would move on to meth and heroine and coke because of it. Teachers who i have stood up for countless times and always answered with respect are now treating me like i killed someone. its just not fair

Kayla 5 years ago

Spice would never exist if pot was legal!!!

Damian 5 years ago

Spice is alot like a guessing game. I seem to always get different highs from it. Sometimes I'll be extremely happy, and other times depressed. Some brands even give me a sensation of falling endlessly when i lean my head back. I remember the first time I tried it, The first thing I felt was my legs felt weird, like they were falling off of me. Very numb and weightless. It moved up into my arm,s and I felt very tingly everywhere. I took another bong rip, and my mind started to wander intensely, I felt like a dream. I began to experience a slow-time sense of vision, and didn't smoke anymore that night. One thing I ALWAYS seem to experience when I smoke this, is feeling lingering. Like I remmeber one time I was holding my phone in my hands, and I dropped it about 3 times, because I felt like it was still in my hand, even though it was on the ground. I don't know man, I used to love the stuff because it wasn't detectable in drug tests. My school still doesn't test for it, but I'm still quitting. I'm definitely feeling the effects on my brain. I feel sooooo stupid sometimes, like I'll forget how to spell simple words, or completely forget a math lesson the moment I walk out the door. Spice is weird. There's something definitely wrong with what it does to you. Just legalize Marijuana and we won't have to resort to this stupid chemical.

Carson 5 years ago

My brother smokes this and it has destroyed his lungs he can't exercise because of it and he is buff naturally!!

Willy 5 years ago

I believe "spice" or any other manufacturer of similar product should be illegal. I had my first experience last night, and it was a nightmare. At first I felt a strong marijuana like high, but after a while my heart started racing, I became extremely hot to the point of sweating. It felt like all the blood in my body had rushed to my head. I was also very dizzy and my vision felt as if it was cutting in an out along with an intense burning in my chest. I've smoked MJ on numerous occasions; "spice" is nothing like MJ (or at least what I had). I wish the trip I had on no one, I honestly thought I was going to die. Even today I'm feeling odd; chest is still burning slightly, slight pressure on the left side of my head, and my ears are ringing.

I wouldn't recommend trying any of these products to anyone.

SD Wolf 5 years ago

After all this 'bad' stuff i heard from this made me wanna try it so thats what i did i bought deja vu x1 (being not toi strong) got home ate something then went into the garage and took one hit outta a one hitter. Waited for about 20 mins 'mmm everything is fine (taking to myself a little) so wth, Took two hits waited a little... Felt a little funny i assured myself the same thing i seen on here its like LSD nothing is known untill its gone, so anyway i waited a half hour, then i noticed i was stoned, LOL first time in 4 years ( i used to smoke weed everyday for over 8 years) then i quit and seen this stuff is legal. So anyway i smoked a joint about half hour after my last 2 hits, jus a small pinter ROFL i was sitting there and i felt like i was stuck there it was great so i got up and hit the one hitter to top it off then went into the house and watched some tv ( no Probs all night even after an hour i noticed i was fine so i smoked another joint even bigger then last, ROFLMAO nothing... then went to watch a movie to boring... played MW2 liek i never played before, then ate some choc and chips and went to sleep (slept dam good) woke up felt a lil bit lazy nothing different :P

So my point is this like said before on many other posts its like lsd somtimes nothing bad sometime very bad, take a hit and take a chance or dont try it, i know i have very good mind control as weird as that sounds and i freaked out for about 10 secs heartbeat up and back down cause you need to know how to control yourself :o

O yea one more thing i only really tried it cause i was in pain like severe muscle achs, and today nothing feel like new :DD

So i may try it again and i may not if i do and have a bad trip (just like acid) then so be it, but that will not meen i will get on here and whine about it needing to be illegal. bottom line is all drugs are bad, well guess what so is living in a world where people smoke, drink, drive fast, shoot each other, and polute or cut down tress, or work in a factory. NOTHING is SAFE! :D

SD Wolf 5 years ago

@LuvsDaHerb I know how you feel thats why i quit 4 years ago people think your a bad person jus cause you wanna relax :/

SD WOLF 5 years ago

Checking in again, Smoked again last night different stuff this time called Deja Vu (Black) did pretty much same thing i did before taking it easy at first, but omg this time on the last joint it was a fatty and huge! :D

This shit made me feel great numbness, i also see how people say its like your in a video game, was f'in great.. I also see why people would freak out cause i felt like i was having a orgasim for like an hour, nothing ever made me feel that good, also cold chills makin my body tingle!!! :D

you people need to calm down on this stuff it does take a little bit of control to not go to far into in and lose yourself, also people say its a head high so watch what you thinking and how you act cause it is intense. Not that im a expert but i am a good observer of myself.

Untill i have a 'bad' high from this i think you guys are not only freaking out from reading all the bad stuff, but also buying this shit unsealed and laced with something. AND LASTLY take it slow and find out what you can take everyday (start with one lil hit) you dont built a tolerence to this that fast, so its easy to od. O yea.. Carefull with the caffine on this stuff makes you feel even better (some people say increased heart beat) i felt that too its called you stoned, so dont pay any atten to it and it wont get worse :) (Rember its a head high)

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withme58 5 years ago

PLEASE KIDS DON'T DO ANY DRUGS!!!! GO to school" SCHOOL IS YOUR ONLY HOPE IN LIFE.. not a drug.. or getting drunk.. your not cool, your not anything except making yourself sick.. and your parents old worrying about you. Think about this one, are you going to brag about how you got high to your own kids one day? or brag about education, and the good you did as a teen?

SD WOLF 5 years ago

LOL ill have you know im goin to school, And have a very good job. Think about this one the computer your using lets off radiation and can kill you one day or even driving your car can do the same everything is dangerous, Although i do agree with the kids part you should be worrying about your future atm not being 'cool' cause its not cool. Im an adult and ive made my plans and are following through with them, this drug or any other for that matter will not stop me from doing what i plan to do

Dakoda 5 years ago

i have been smoking spice for the last 12 years and i have never had any down efects that made me feel like i was going to die or something the only time it got bad was when i was drunk and smoked like 2 timesas much as i normally do if you smoke just a little at a time and get used to it before you smoke more then there isnot any cant breath effects and i think that it should be legal again becuse it is not as bad as m.j. and it helps with pain stress and anxiety

chris 5 years ago

before all you assclowns think someone else is lying about there experience, dont be so quick to judge. this is my nightmare with spice.smoked a few blunts over the years, no big deal didnt care for it so much skip to the other day my day gets a free sample from the corner store from a new times ad. i had no weed so we decided to smoke it. my dad smoke half the tiny little zip lock bag, and my brother split, i shit you not the ammount would not register on a scale. so i take a hit, bam, im higher than ive ever been on any drug.i tell my brother before he even hits it cause i know, i know something bad could possibly happen. i tell him DONT FREAK OUT. he hit it and within 2 minuts his last words were, im so dizzy, im so dizzy and he had the most agonized look in his eyes and he passed out in my arms. im fuckin freaking out, hes laying on my bed eyes open non verbal enresponsive looking like a vegatable.his arm were stiff and he started to shake, he was yellow. i threw some water on him and he was still in a vegative state. almost palsy looking.this went on for at least 10 minutes before i called 911 ambo came, threw some more water on him and he finally sort of woke up still half comatose. took him to the hospital and he slowly came too over the course of 2 hours. hes ok now, but you never know whats in this shit, and it just takes one persons body chemical compound to bot agree with this stuff and it can be all over.i thought i was watching my brother die in front of my eyes, im probably traumatized by this. i dont want anyone to go through what i went through

SD WOLF 5 years ago

@ Chris that sucks and all but wth do you expect from a free sample, and what you meen you took a hit bam! did you hold it in or blow it right back out, i know you couldnt be a lightweight with all the blunts you said you smoked

you prob freaked you brother out by saying dont freak out ROFl

5 years ago

I have recently tried spice and those of you who say you can indulge it like weed, are wrong. I experianced an extremely severe panic attack, I became extremely dillusional, my whole body was shaking and i felt extreme terror and fear for my life. If you want to try spice, please be careful. Don't over do it like I did. I just know that I'm never doing that shit again.

Jrell 5 years ago

I just want to say.. i love it. i have smoked it for years and have smoked the low end to the high end stuff. Yes i have smoked where i couldnt relize what th hell is going on... but i love that feeling.... my friend put a song on the radio in the car.. and asked me if i like rock music.. well.. at the time.. i didnt even understand the words to the song.. and i didnt believe him when he told me it was english.. until he starting singing it i was understanding that it was my launguage :-) i have smoked where i thought my brain was melting and thats why my nose was running :-) yea its good stuff.. you just have to learn to control it thats all.. maybe start out mixing it with tabaco.

Leslee 5 years ago

My brother was drug free for 4 years and got caught up smoking "spice" he had a seizure and passed out was rushed to the hospital Tuesday and committed suicide on Wednesday. This is not a JOKE it's serious shit. NOT FUNNY AT ALL!! I not only lost my brother but my best friend and my kids Uncle. Please everyone be aware of what your really doing to the people around you.

tinabear 5 years ago

Josh you are correct! Moderation yay!

Scaredmom 5 years ago

My son, age 22, has smoked marijuana socially for about 4 years. Due to the fact that spice could not be traced in a drug test, he resorted to this drug. He had smoked spice weekly with no negative side effects until yesterday. He tried a spice called Majesty that the guy at the smoke shop said was "the best". Well "the best" almost cost him his life. He smoked very little out of the pack because I have it here with me now so I know it was not the amount he smoked. He was absolutely out of control screaming and hallucinating. He flipped over furniture and actually had saliva coming from his mouth and nose. He said he had no idea where he was at the time. Thank God he is fine today and I can warn you about this drug instead of planning a funeral. I gave all of the details to help you understand this was not just a 16 year old trying drugs for the first time or someone mixing drugs or smoking too much spice. Please do not think this is a marijuana substitute.

Evo3434 5 years ago

Maybe if weed (a drug that has been used for thousands of years with less side effects than alcohol) was legal people wouldnt be smoking shit like k2 just to get a high...i use to smoke weed every day, and now i cant because im looking for a new job so ive been smoking k2 daily and it sucks. I had a horrible trip from a brand called Defiance a couple nights ago, i felt like a giant and my feet were really far away when i stood up (im 6'5") the room literally shrunk and i threw up twice, ive heard of people commiting suicide on this and i can see why, it makes you think of all the negative in your life when you smoke too much, i actually feel like it left a permanent mark in my memory of that night. I just wish i could smoke weed again...

Evo3434 5 years ago

Also something i left out, im epileptic and i take medication but i realized that if i smoke k2 when its a hot time for me to have seizures (really early AM and no sleep) it makes me have seizures even when i take my meds, i had so many the other night with that bad trip i was really worried i was going to do some kind of damage, my seizures are small spasms that is almost like a tick when im having them and i was having them every few seconds for what seemed like forever.

jorge 5 years ago

ok well im 16 i been smokin this bull shit for a while now because im on probation.. its not a high like weed compleatly diff its not gona really kill u its just people cant controll there high!! the main compound in it is j_dub or jwh its a white powder that if bought pure 30 dollers a gram u take 1 hit and trip the fuck out the only problem im having is that if i smk alot of spice and try an quit i get diarreah and throwup alot lately so if your not on probation smk fine old weed do your research people

rach 5 years ago

i am 22 years old.. yall this aint no joke i just left the emergency room two days ago and i am still not the same.. after tryin this stuff and not knowing what it is and only hearing that it has the same as weed.. no its a lie and dont do it

nanamom 5 years ago

a couple of weeks ago I got a call from my daughter that

my 16 year old granddaughter called her crying but didn't know where she was. WE look for her and finally

found her on the steps of a apartment complex.She had smoked this spice crap with some guy.When we got there she started having convoltions and her eyes rolled back in her head.The ambulance showed up and as they loaded her in the back she died, but thank GOD they were there and brought her back. I tell you kids don't use this stuff. It is a very dangerous thing to smoke. It is a killing spice not a high spice.

Lone-Wolf 5 years ago

I am a 19 year old guy, I have smoked pot since I was about 14 and love it. Some friends got into spice about a year ago, and I was on the job hunt and laying off the green, so I tried it. I loved it at first, gave me just the right high I didn't get too fucked up but I could feel it. I started using it almost daily, sometimes smoking multiple containers of it in one day, and never had a bad reaction. Until recently. All of a sudden I smoked some and felt awful, like I couldn't breathe, increased heart rate, paranoia etc. I thought the same way as the guy who suggested moderation, and it helped a bit but it still made me feel funny so I quit. Last night I was having a particularly bad day, and one of my friends pulled out a bowl and was smoking some spice, and I thought what the hell ill hit it once. One time. That's all. I was okay for a few minutes, then my it started to get hard to breathe. I have asthma, have all my life, and this was nothing like an asthma attack. It was like no matter how deeply I breathed in I wasn't getting enough oxygen, I spent the next four and a half hours laying in my friends car fighting to hold onto consciousness, my heart beating erratically and lungs still not working right. It got to the point all I knew to do was pray to god not to take me, not to make me leave my family, my friends, my girlfriend who I love very much. I don't care what any of you say about it just being a wig out, I'm ashamed to say I have tried a LOT of drugs in my short life and not a single one of them has ever made me feel this awful. I didn't feel that bad when I overdosed on 10-12 valium plus a couple hydros and xanax. Think what you want, but I know my body well enough to know a loud and clear warning. I feel in my heart that I was inches from death last night and I will never use this poison ever again, and I implore all of you out there to learn from MY mistake instead of making it yourself. Also, I know a young boy (14) who three weeks ago went into a coma from smoking it and he is lucky to be alive right now, as I know I am too.

...Beth... 5 years ago

My experience with Spice is good AND bad. I believe when I smoke the right amount for me(which is different for everyone) but for me, I can't have more than 1 bowl. My worst experience with spice was when I smoked too much, and had my heart beating fast along with an insane tunnel or tube vision. It's hard to explain but I had tunnel vision and all the space around my tunnel vision was spinning very fast, my hearing was even distored because I remember my dad was trying to talk to me, he sounded like he was trying to talk with a cloth over his mouth or something.

I have a question for everyone who's experienced negative effects with spice, Have any of you had real bad head aches that last awhile and also stomach pain caused by smoking too much spice? It's these small, but still painful side effects that really make me want to quit OR be more responsible with how much I smoke. I agree with people that there is a high chance that whatever chemical is in this spice can potentially harm you, but I also agree that spice can be okay if smoken in small quantities. I think all new users especially should start off with 1 or 2 good hits and just stop and wait and hour or two and see how you feel.

5 years ago

Ok Josh, just because you can smoke all the time and not be affected doesn't mean that other people are going to react the same way you do. At school I used to smoke spice with my friend once a week and nothing bad ever happened. Then I smoked some spice called "no bullshit" and it messed me up like you would not believe. My heart was pounding out of my chest, I was throwing up everywhere, I thought I was going to die. I threw up for at least 4 hours and I would crying and screaming at the top of my lungs for someone to help me. I was sweating and freezing I couldn't open my eyes because the room was spinning so badly. I was hearing things and was talking to god out loud asking him to help me and I would never do it again. So Josh, as I was saying...your opinions are very arrogant and you don't have to respond to everyone on here as being stupid.

Jake H 5 years ago

Yeah lone wolf i had an experience very similar. I was smoking spice with my friend and his uncle everyday after school when his mom went out of town. It was just like weed, 3in1 Kush was my favorite. It was all fun and games, my worst high was on my birthday when he made a crazy birthday bowl with some cloud 9, some Demon, and half shitty stuff to balance it out. I got that tunnel vision beth got and everything looked kinda detached like i was getting pulled out of my body and i was only hearing peoples voices echoed from my body to my moving out spirit. It got better when i sat down and talked to his uncle and only lasted for a few minutes so i went from being scared that i would be stuck in this fantasy world(I wasn't sure if it was real) to being nice and high. After that I didn't take so many hits anymore and a sat down so i was cool...until i sat in my other friends car and smoked Head Rush. Never touch that shit. Never touch any spice because some people might get nice off Head Rush but fucked up of 3in1 Kush. You never know how you will react. I got caught, which was ok because I was so scared and I kept tripping and getting nausus and i couldn't breathe. IT WAS HORRIBLE. I tottally know what you went through, I was so scared and like you I pleaded god to get me through it and take me into heaven if i died. Sometimes i wasn't even sure if i was still allive because my heart was beating so fast and hard I thought I had a heart attack and was now having an out of body experience. Weed makes your blood pressure get low, your heart slow, and your mind chill. Spice FUCKED ME UP. Never again will I smoke anything but 3in1 because I know it works for me. If you don't already know what works for you, don't try. Don't try any new spice or spice at all if you haven't before. You never know, its like smoking salvia. Its bad news. Dont ever put yourself through that, anyone.

Munch 5 years ago

I have smoked spice many times before and have never had a bad trip, until my graduation day. I smoked with a friend before we went out to eat with some other graduating seniors, I literally took two hits and everything went down hill from there. I got the tunnel vision, I was very dizzy, light headed, I had to leave the table because thought I was going to throw up, as I got up to go to the bath room I thought for sure I wasn't go g to make it. I stumbled my way to the bath room and hovered over the toilet, debating if I was dying or not. Not matter how much I talked myself out of this high, it would not go away. My body went numb, I felt like my whole head was freezing cold. I literally was about to call 911. Finally my friends came and checked up on me and after them bringing me water and talking to them I started to feel more and more better. But to this day I will never smoke spice. I don't trust it, at all. But I do believe the type of spice determines the type of high you will get.

nobody 5 years ago

Lol you people are cryin and screaming for god to help you, know that smoking anything is bad for you. your all babys!!!!!

Take a hit of something your gambling with your life...

So when it get tuff dont whine, also its amazing how many people jus so happen to find this site the day or 2 days after, these stories are bullcrap let me see some medical records. THEN I CAN REALLY LAUGH CAUSE YOU SHOULDNT BE DOING DRUGS

EMS Worked 5 years ago

I work for my Local EMS (Emergency Ambulance) and I'm looking up this stuff because of TWO calls I just ran last night, and I'm surprised by the other comments.

Case 1: about 19 year old, cardiac arrest, as in heart-was-not-beating, when we arrived. our local FD arrived right behind us, we started CPR and run our full sequence. Luckily, we got him back by the time we got him to the hospital, but as of this morning when I got off he was still unconscious in a hospital bed.

Case two: three hours later, Mid 20's near cardiac arrest, heart rate was about 35 when we got there, he had vomited and it got into his lungs causing him not to be able to get oxygen in his system. Lucky for him he did wake up a little later but will have to deal with this for a while with lung infections and a bunch of other problems.

Case 1 was an unknown amount, and had been drinking also.

Case 2 was a little more than about a joints worth with no other intake of anything.

We've also ran many other calls that were serous either possibly involving or for sure involving "spice" "k2" or "Kind"

From someone on the front lines of this in the US, no one can convince me at this point that there is Something wrong with this.

Otherwise, have fun smoking what you do, but like anything else, listen to what your body is telling you and never over do it. Please stay safe.

max arizona 5 years ago

Reading these comments makes me woner if all those saying its bs have even tryed it. That shit made me sick like after the 3rd time and got worse every time I did. Foolishly my mom smoked it with grams, she nearly died. Every one I know personaly who's tryd it has been sick from it. Get sythetic urin and just smoke bud its not worth your health.

PynUp 5 years ago

Ok so here is my story last nigth i smoked spice with my homies like i do every day bbut yday was the 4th n we was like we getting fukd up beyond fukd up.... i literally begin to feel my jaw going numb n i called it out but we all thought i was just tripping- later i felt my body begin to tense up only on my left side then it began to tingle i started screaming my left side of my body is going numb i was very aware of the situation n i soon realized it was a trip or a high i was really having a minature stroke... i was rushed to the ER because i was freaking out outragiously i thought my life was over... i mean im not a bigger drinker or smoker but that was my 3rd time n they say the 3rd is a charm.... Look im only 20 im young and i used to be healthy with no medical issues until now- Please do not smoke that shyt please

quickstorryy 5 years ago

damn was camping with some friends and my friend had spice heard about it never did try and that day i did it 4 times small doses, becuz i didnt know what the effects were, but i also tripped out instantly, paranoya. Anyways so the second time i did it, damn i was chillin in the woods and herd little girls playing tag in the woods and fuck noo there was no one over there. anyways. all i got to say is its fun every once in a while. You know get a weird halutionation and quickly go back to real world. Id prolly do this again next month randomly or in a few months.

Kaitlin 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I were avid pot smokers before this stuff came to our attention. Since then, about 2-3 months we've been smoking Black Mamba. He found it at a little convenience store and thought we'd try it out. It was no big deal to me, i thought it'd just be like weed..Not the case. As of now, we think that we're addicted. It seems that in the last month our relationship has gone downhill. Now, yeah that can happen to any couple, but we've found that we only yell and get mad at each other when we're out of Mamba. Then once we get some we're back to normal. Also, we've completely stopped smoking weed. And for us, thats not normal. We used to switch it up between weed and Mamba but now we've completely switched to Mamba. We're smoking this stuff all the time and when we don't have any (like now) We become irritated, and really moody.

As far as how it affects your body.. I've had mild hallucinations and it's also made my heart beat faster than normal like i've read above. But, that seems to subside the more you smoke it. I'll sometimes have those symptoms but not as much as when i first started smoking it. I also get a little congested as if i'm allergic to the incense.. which is very probable. The reason I like it tho is b/c it makes you just chill out and it relaxes you. It does worry me that we don't know whats really in this stuff. yeah we know it's some plant but what else are they putting in it? We don't know what this could do to us long term either. It could kill us, we just don't know. we won't know until someone dies from it.

So, in my opinion, the stuff is good but don't get too carried away like we've done. We're now trying to get off of this stuff but it's hard. we always say "This is the last jar we're buying" but when that "last jar" runs out we're scraping up money to buy more. (It's also not good for the wallet) it's cheap yes but when you buy it a couple times a week, it adds up. Mamba has some kind of addictive property. We'd smoke weed every day and not freak out when it's gone like we do when the Mamba is.

So, in conclusion just be careful if you want to try this. don't try it and get hooked. we don't know what it's doing to our body and it could be potentially harmful.

Molson5150 5 years ago

I love how all the people who have bad reactions to spice are women. There are such things as lightweights. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if they were being stupid and smoked like blunts of this stuff. Plus why ban it because handful of people are having psychological side effects, the only thing I read was increased heart rate and blood pressure as if they were having a panic attack. Like if they could not handle their high and had a freak out. Salvia is sold the same way and has been for a lot longer than this stuff but its still legal and far more dangerous of a drug, because of the hallucinogen properties. I have smoked this stuff for around 2 years now and have had no problem smoke like a bowl a day, lets me relax when I get home, and can still work at a hospital knowing I am safe from being fired because I like to get high and not drunk.

N man 5 years ago

If you're going to use this drug, stick to one or two hits. It's an intense high.

Ru 5 years ago

People have a right to do what they want but those who decide to do this think about it. This stuff is addictive and i now dont do it anymore but I did for a few months. After I accidentally had too much cold medicine when I was sick I tried to quit the stuff cuz I smoked it before I took the cold medicine. I still smoke pot now but when I'm sober I get terrible numbness and nausea. I have constant diarrhea and hunger yet I can't stomach food. This has ruined my life and it's been a few months now and I still get sick every day. I barely leave the house and I have cold sweats constantly. I feel like every night when I go to sleep I might not wake up the next day and I'm trying to find a good doctor to help me. I cry all the time because I can never sleep and I get so tired and dizzy and I just want it to stop

Ru 5 years ago

Also i had gone to the hospital for the cold medicine and was released told that I would be fine in a few days. I'm an 18 yr old heavyset male and I smoked kind of a lot of this stuff. Some of the cheaper shit u can find metal flakes and paint in it if you look really close at some of it. Never cared for the crappy stuff. Please if you smoke it get a higher quality brand

jamus 5 years ago

a friend of mine tried this shit once only once and died. she took one hit off a blunt and dropped dead before my eyes. scary!

Edwin 5 years ago

Lord help us. Another killer drug to terrorize our precious children. Its been proven by SCIENCE that all drugs are really bad for your health and morals unless they come from your doctor. Wise up before its too late and you end up dead like Jamus's friend.

Bill W. 5 years ago

I just smoked some. Seems ok to me.

Ian 5 years ago

I don't smoke spice but have tried it and have tried pot. Pot makes my insides feel like there spinning and I get motion sickness then throw up 3 times everytime its cronic but I can't feel swag but once I had just a lil and was stoned but never again. Spice I tried once one hit out of a 3 liter bong my friends made cleared it all and right before had a zanax or somethin. I felt like I might get nauseas and spin again so I sat in one spot for an hour then came down. Tonight just 2 or 3 hours ago my girl and her friend tryed some spice which is bein sold as popery here and it was pinicolada flavored my girl had 2 hits her friend had 4 and the guy who had it smokes daily, he was fine but my girl stated laughin histaricly and then stopped spaced out and cryed for no reason I was downstairs and was told to go up stairs when I came up she was twitching uncontrolobly and acted like a small child had a hard time walkin then colapsed as we where walkin her to the couch we then carried her to the couch and she came back and moved on her own again after sometime she calmed down we had to talk her and keep her focused, all on 2 hits. Her friend also began cryin and would not stop but the males who tryed it where fine. I've heard other stories of females havin random cryin/ panic attacks wit the flavored spice/popery. I have never seen anythin like it my girl went way pale. I don't mind it bein legal but be careful wat u do we know that people are going to try drugs it happens and its so easy to obtain but wit spice I don't believe that just the one chemical is bein used and who knows how much is put on there u never know wat u get and things can always be added or changed by the supplyers. From readin multiple stories on here it seems that it affects women the worst especially the flavored kinds. If somethin as dangerous as this is legal why not pot it has no known side affects of this level that I've ever seen or hear of. Hell u can make clothes and paper and all kinds of things outta pot plants and the male plants don't even grow the bud it would help protect forrests. PS. Sorrry for the bad grammer and mispronunciation and misspellin its 330 in the mornin and my girl just got color back and went to sleep. To all those who have had bad experiences I'm sorry for your pain please everyone be careful in wat u do. Have fun live life and love it and try not to argue to muchwe are people but let's be decent to one another. Haha wow.

WTF  5 years ago

shit made me trip baallsss 7 blunts in rotation

people turned into cartoons wound up running home cause i could hear my conscious talking to me

wouldnt do that shit often

serious hairball 5 years ago

The only reason the drug exist is because pot is illegal. This is worse for you and people want pot so bad there making a legal way around it. END THE PROHIBITION.

Anoni 5 years ago

I have heard of K2 and never really looked into it or knew exactly what it was. To quote Allen Ginsberg, I smoke weed every chance I get. That being said, I used to be strongly opposed to it. I have anxiety attacks and depression so out of fear I was susceptible to the hype. I knew and was close friends with people who had smoked weed and done other drugs like acid and ecstasy at the time when I was so against all of that. I loved them to death but I couldn't understand how they could be so stupid. Eventually for several personal reasons I was driven to an ultimatum and decided that I was feeding into my own hypocrisy by being so passionately against something I had never experienced myself. After about a year of having close personal ties to people who smoked weed on a daily basis, who themselves grew plants and sold the buds, I finally decided to try it. Hot damn, I changed my mind real fucking quick! All I did was smoke a small joint with a few good friends. After that I had a few negative experiences where I got overzealous and bought some for myself and smoked too much at once too early on, but I learned that if you start to have a bad reaction it easily goes away with a little bit of sleep and when you wake up you will still have a buzz, but a good one. But that can be avoided easily with moderation. It takes a couple minutes to feel the effects to their fullest once you start smoking, and once you're high your perception of time is way off (everything feels really slow, for example if you're texting someone it feels like hours waiting for a reply and when you get it only a few minutes have passed). For me, everyone I buy from are personal friends and we usually smoke together. They still tease me for my past naïveté but I don't blame them. Since they're my friends I trust them and I know exactly what I'm getting, that I'm getting my money's worth (they're not charging me extra), and I know how much I need to smoke to get high. When you're first starting you have to suck up your pride and realize that you're a rookie, just smoke a little at a time and wait for the effect to come up on its own instead of smoking too much in an attempt to speed up the process. Make sure you trust your source and know what you're buying -- that's why it helps to be friends. It's also more fun to smoke socially because people can be hilarious. If you trust your source then you can trust that it's safe, homegrown marijuana and it's not laced with anything harmful. If you don't care and you just want to get high right now and that's all you can think about, know that going to some random dealer most likely won't turn out well. They're just out to make money. Not so with friends. All that aside, now that I think of it I have heard of K2 in the past but never really paid attention, but if I remember correctly everyone I know was making it out to be great, like high-end hash in a sense. I trust all of them; after all, they've been at it way longer than I have and they're my friends. If the time comes when they're smoking it, all my worries may well be laid to rest by seeing them having nothing but positive results. If that's the case, I'm sure I will smoke it with them. I experience bad anxiety attacks and panic attacks as well as depression, and smoking pot has helped me relax more times than I can count. It is a natural substance that people have been using for centuries (it's a plant, duh) and the only times I have ever seen it go wrong is if someone smoked too much when they're not prepared for it (can induce panic or paranoia) or if they were desperate and it was laced. Cannabis is a happy plant that has helped me through some hard times. I trust my friends, not the Internet... I'm going to believe them over this, and I'm not falling for the hype again.

jordan 5 years ago

Well here's the thing about spice everyone. I'm a 16 year old kid who know a lot I have been smoking spice for about a year. And yes everyone where I live said your crazy for smoking it and I told them to shut up well now I wish I would have listined. Spice is not good it doesn't seem to be that bad but we can't see what its doing to your body I know that while I smoked it cause I have quit now for a week but whenever I would smoke it I felt twitchy and my heart rate would go crazy but everytime I would be fine well evertime I ran out of spice my main priority was to get another bag and I would well after I quit the first couple of days I couldn't eat really I woould never be hungry and when I tried to eat one bite then I couldn't eat anymore I'm fine now all healthy and back to normal but I was very worried about my health when that started happening I also have had a close friend of mine have a siezure from it and 4 others nearly die but I saved them by talking them through it the thing is kids are telling people befor they smoke there trippin and are hella high which freaks the kids out I would everytime just tell people its all in your head cause it truely is with this stuff you control your high and they would tell me it would sobor them up just hearing me say its all in your head so I'm hoping for those who commented saying f!!! People who say its bad that you see this and understand it really isn't good and also the same day I quit my friend texted me saying does spice f!!! up your stomach and I told him I think so well he said he was never hungry too and he throws up every morning and he can't sleep without it so I'm glad I'm not in the position I hope this helps..........

... 5 years ago

So, im a 17 year old male who smoked weed for a little over 4 years and recently my job started testing so i had to hold off, and this gas station nearby started selling this incense stuff. So i picked up a little pack of it and went home to try it out. I cant stress how small of an amount i tried, ive heard that you have to start small and all i mean this had to be like .01 of a gram. In under a minute i started to feel my heart beating faster but it was also accompanied by a familiar weed like buzz. The thing is as the high got stronger my heart started beating much faster and i went into the worst panic attack ive ever had( ive had plenty of panic attacks before with smoking too much or brownies and such but nothing like this) for a little over an hour my heart would hurt with each beat it felt almost like it was slamming up against my chest and i could here strange noises coming form it every so often, aside from other physical effects ,being extremely hot, not being able to move, not being able to breathe at times, and at some points my heart would skip a few beats it seemed, the mental effects were just as bad. This would be the only time in my life i truly believed i was going to die not little pussy things like if i do this jump im dead or anything, but real end of my life shit, i caught myself just praying to just be sober, as thats all i could do not being able to move or anything and thinking about everything in life i wouldnt be able to do because of being stupid and smoking incense. Well after about 3 hours of hell the insanity id been trapped in finally ended although i was still extremely stressed and scared along with my heart hurting and still beating faster than normal i was able to calm myself down aafter a while and fall asleep being completely worn out.

Well now its 7 days later and my heart is still aching throughout the day with sharp pains in the morning and night. The anxiety is still present but not nearly as bad. Although i cant get rid of the thought that ive fucked up my brain or something as little things i do like getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and driving just seems foreign to me, like they are new experiences i caught myself earlier today turning lanes on the interstate without checking any mirrors blind spots or signaling almost ramming some minivan. I have an appointment at the doc coming up soon for some tests and such but so far i don't have any professional opinions on the matter though. Id just like to warn anyone who read this, as lengthy as it is, DO NOT try this stuff, not even a small amount this is a very new thing that we are basically being the guinea pigs for. I honestly never thought id be someone writing something like this i always thought the people were just writing bullshit propaganda but rest assured this is a real story, i just feel the need to let everyone know never to try this ive been freaking out at all my friends and everything. This stuff is straight evil, dont do it.

bre 5 years ago

All you people that say that these people had a bad reaction because they are light weights or not used to it are just dumb. Things effect people differently. I too have had the same reaction as most of these people here had. My heartbeat was way too high and i thought i was going to die. I couldn't see. I had smoked weed many times before. I know the effects it has on me. This stuff is dangerous to some people. To avoid knowing if you are in that category, don't use it. Simple as that. For the people who don't believe half the page, You are retards. Research it yourself. You will find how bad it really is for you and that none of the links are for how good it is for you. Google Effects of K2. See for yourselves and stop being retards. Grow up and move on.

Hmj 5 years ago

People I know you dont wanna hear this.. But spice is very dangerous for your health. My moms a nurse and they have been researching it in the medical fields, they have found out that it causes holes in your brain and stomach.

Yes, I have tryed the substance *spice* and Im gonna tell you what it has did to me.. My effects of smoking spice has been vomiting, I puked blood for 4 hours one night. [ew, I know] Ive been doing spice for about 3 months now, not on a daily bases though. The night that I puked blood, I puked so much that i could feel my organs inside my body come up like they was going too. I became dizzy and light headed, I crawled my way out of my friends bathroom and told then I loved them, they became scared and took me outside for fresh air. Yes, that did help! Later on, I got home and passed out I woke up the next day and was still high. It wore off and I became hot and cold. I do still smoke spice after that and it has made me see visions of my life in a better way. Im young, and I know that I have alot to look foward too! I think I can change my life to a better one, if i could just stop smoking spice. It's very addicting! - The reason why you have voices talk to you, its because its your concheince argueing back in forth. Do not argue with the voices in your head, there the only people you have to talk too. Haha It shows my life in differnt patterns and colors. This stuff should not be legal!

5 years ago

if you want to enjoy drugs you need a strong mind. otherwise you won't be able to handle your atlered state.

i've had 1 bad experiece with shrooms, probably becuase it was a few weeks before I was set to leave for boot camp.

other than that, i've had some of great times. i've gotten "stuck" while on spice, but it passes and you don't smoke so much next time. that's huge, knowing your limits. best to start small and GRADUALLY increase.

weed, spice, shrooms, and acid are great for seeing the world with new eyes. coke and meth are fun at first but you really dont care about anything except your next hit so its best to use them on special occasions or not at all.

its all on you, if you're irresponsible and can't control yourself, then just like booze, stay away.

also drugs should be a social experience, they should be about bringing people together, to help you see things differently(metephorically), and in the end better yourself and your life experience.

as long as fools use drugs irresponsibly and cause trouble drugs will continue to be frowned upon.

i was sober when i wrote this. take what you will from my experience and my wisdom or foolishness. really the only way to understand drugs is to use them and make up your own mind about them. but then again, they are illegal.

done with it 5 years ago

Id smoked spice a lot before and had only one bad throwing up episode so i tried it again yesterday and couldnt control anything. I was not paranoid or seeing things. I went to the movies tho and I couldnt make it to the bathroom and i woke up on the bathroom floor. I then calmed myself down even though i could not fully focus or see in front of me and slowly walked out to meet my friends who were waiting to go into the movie. I made it too them and slowly collapsed again against my boyfriend who was trying to hold me up but i still ended up on the floor again somehow. I dont remember falling or passing out, my boyfriend said it looked like a seizure. Trust me guys i thought i was going to go into a coma or something it was bad. Before this i was posting on forums saying nothing was bad about spice with moderation i had only taken four hits from a blunt. It was bad just please if you still smoke be careful and dont do it alone.

Bradly 5 years ago

Over reacting- its just and extreme high for have the time as weed. Lasts 30-50 minutes and makes you hallucinate like hell. I only took 3 hits from a bowl and i was trippin but it was a good trippin. People need to realize its not like weed- you cant smoke 6 grams and feel awesome. Smoke 2 grams and your dead. I think they should just distribute it differently such as 1 gram bags instead of like 3 gram bags

Taylor 5 years ago

Im a 14 years old girl and i smoked spice. it only took me 2 good hits before i started feeling it hit my body. at first it just made my face feel like it was going inwards for some reason and then it hit me even harder and my body felt like it was on fire. and i thought i was dreaming. my 2 friends were with me and i thought they were just people in my dream. they told me i was sitting with my head down and my eyes shut for about a half an hour. and i kept telling myself to wake up from this dream cuz i honestly thought i was dreaming. but then raised my head up and opened my eyes and i tried to talk and my friends responding to me so then i realized i was way fucked up on this spice shit. but anyways everything was blurry and i couldnt get up or anything and i waved me hand in the air and the air felt mooshy as if it was soft playdough or something. it was really trippy. but after a little bit i tried to get up and i could but then i started walking and everything went big and then small and then big and small. it felt like i was in wonderland or something. i threw up about like 5 times. which was good cuz then it started to get out of my system. but yes if any of you are reading this and are wanting to try it i suggest you dont cuz in my opinion that was the most scariest shit i ever smoked before. and you honestly dont know whats going on around you and its just very scary.

Donna 5 years ago

I know people who try this thinks its ok nothing bad will happen,But think again.I am A rural EMT in Idaho A very small town and this crap is a large problem we are getting children who have seizures,problems regulating their tempature and some who have actually stopped breathing.It is not fair for a parent to bury a child, its even worse when it is 100% preventable.Please for the ones who love you STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRUG.IT CAN KILL YOU.

Concerned 5 years ago

I too have an unfortunate story to tell about this new weed alternative called Spice. I have a very level-headed friend who is a heavy weed smoker and occasional X and shroom user try SPICE recently. He took 3 hits-yes you heard right, THREE HITS and had a complete psychotic episode. This nice usually non-violent man brutally beat the crap out of a stranger who just happened to be walking down the street! He took off running through the neighborhood and scared everybody to death! He was paranoid and hallucinating. He thought a mailbox was a man who was trying to hurt him. There is a trend here, people-people are posting the exact same side effects! I can't believe that some of you are taking the position of blaming the victim of over-usage and not knowing their own bodies-are you kidding? Getting high isn't worth your life, jail etc. Smoke the real stuff people, and stay off ANY synthetic drugs of ANY kind. GETTING HIGH IS NOT THAT SERIOUS-GET A GRIP PEOPLE! It's time to write our congressmen/senators about this mess. Make marijuana legal for God's sake, if this dangerous garbage is the result.

Freakin out 5 years ago

Ok so i usually smoke weed like all the time I have been for about 13 years now. I have never experienced what im experiencing now and im only writting this in hopes it will help someone else not smoke this stuff...It is nothing like marijuana...I started smoking this stuff about a month ago my fiance got a good job and he needed to quit the real stuff so we figured wed try it.....even bought some shit that said no jwh compound in it...It was great the first few times but now i am experiencing some serious freaky shit. NOt once but multiple I even am having them after not smoking for three days...I have crazy panic hands and legs start body goes tingly I have had severe extreme case of paranoia..really bad abdominal pain, my heart races and back hurts by my lungs...I started googling it because im worried something terrible may be wrong after my fiance said he too was having them vision flickers also.. Im pretty confidant it will all subside but for now im back to the real stuff....I think im having multiple mini seizures...ALl i know is Im 30years old done hella drugs in my lifetime and nothing has ever done this..Please be careful...just smoke the real

Laura's Sister smokes it 5 years ago

I am new to the research, my husband gave me a medical tape to listen to today, its an hour long and yes it was the latest coming from Emergency Physicians in the US. I will tell you that while it won't kill most people, it has can and will kill a small percentage. I will write more after looking at my notes, remember if they change the ingredients that changes everything, its big bucks for the scientist and manufactures. Best of Luck to you who dare to use it.

... 5 years ago

I know this seem really fun the first few times, but it's best to stop I did it 4 times the next morning after my the 4th time o felt paranoid to the point I felt I was going to die. My advice to people who smoke spice it to stop now before you get the side effects. It's been 5 days and I still feel paranoid its calming sown but it still feels horrible.

bob c 5 years ago

Spice has been implicated in the sudden death of my best friend. A great friend of 22 yrs. Toxicology reports are in the works but apparently take forever. He died of a sudden heart attack after smoking spice. So, many of you hear these stories and they roll off your back like water off a ducks. Understandable, I guess. We are all human and have a tendency to have to learn things the hard way. So just think of it this way. Spice is only slightly cheaper than pot. So just stick with pot.

dave 5 years ago

i wouldn't recommend this stuff to anyone. i hadn't ever done any drugs before spice and my third time doing it i had an awful panic attack for a couple of hours. this was about 2 weeks ago. i've felt strange these past 2 weeks but then 2 days ago i had a pretty bad panic attack and the effects are still with me but slowly fading. my sister said she experienced the same thing. i've been obsessed with forums and stuff like this just trying to get some comfort. i'll update my condition in a couple days or so or when i get to feeling better. any advice or recovery story will help.

lmj 5 years ago

Tried this stuff last night. Panic, thought was going to die. After 2hrs improved a bit. Slept 2 hours, woke up bit better but still feeling it. Hope it won't stay forever. DON'T DO IT!

gr 5 years ago

my 17 year old daughter tried it a couple nights ago with friends. she has had alocohol a few times and been drunk once. she never has tried any other drugs. because her friends said spice is legal, she tried it. she said after smoking that she felt she had died and her subsequent freak out scared her friends to the point they made some pretty poor decisions. ultimately no one was seriously hurt but i'm pretty confident my daughter won't ever do this again. i consider my daughter and i very lucky.

Espy 5 years ago

not every person has the same reaction i have smoked spice for about a year now and i have not had one problem wrong with me iv smoke four grams in one day and nothing. so people that make spice out to be so bad just because people are pussys and cant hadle their high they have off it dont mean its bad GROW A PAIR!!

dave 5 years ago

day 6 of this "withdrawal" stuff. it seems to be getting better but it's kind of hard to tell. appetite is back. sometimes i get anxious thinking this will never go away. idk. i'll update once i start feeling better.

Nicole Susana 5 years ago

Oh, and to add to my story. Yes, I felt like I was going to die. I have smoked weed never spice but I will never do it again. Some peoples bodies just can't handle it. Bottom line.

Nicole 5 years ago

I dont know if my story sent the first time, but i had a horrible trip. I was in my friends car in a parking lot with a few people when I decided to try some spice. After about three- five minutes I started to freak out. I was paranoid and scared shitless I remember getting out of the car standing in the streets telling my friends I was dying. They made me go sit back down in the car and all I kept staring at was a light post but everytime I kept staring at it it was constantly moving in circles and making me sick. Everything was REALLY loud to me. If my friends tried talking to me I kept covering my ears because I thought it was really loud. When they would ask me a question it felt like it took me five minutes to answer when to them it was only five seconds. Every time I would try and move my arms they were numb and it felt like my arm had fallen off. My heart was pounding and any minute I thought I was going to die. It's hard to explain a trip unless you have had one, but everyone was blurry and I felt like the car was moving in circles and that I could throw up any second.

Nicole 5 years ago

Bottom line...I was NOT in control of my body. And I can't stand that.

Joe 5 years ago

Fuuuuuuuuck spice, straight dank all day, haha when i see my homies smokin that shit i always call'em spice girl lol, spice is juss for scary ppl,, what the fucc is the point of it, at least budd has medical affects on you n helps with pain n other medical needs

StretchNuts 5 years ago

i smoked Spice a few hours ago, and the only effects it had on me was being high as F*** and that was my first time smoking spice, its nothing like weed though, but i do agree with some people on here, instead of having to smoke this 'dangerous drug', they need to just legalize marijuana... drinking one beer is just as much dangerous than taking a hit of dont always see "mom and two tot kids died in car crash because she was stoned"...but they still continue to sell beer and tax that shit, even though its a killer...and also, do know your body and how much you can handle,because some people can sit there all day and smoke blunt after blunt and be content, and then the other people take a couple of hits and start wigin out...people reading this, just be safe on what you do, and think about the effects it can have on you, good nor bad.. peace.

Dudemandude 5 years ago

I have had both great and horrible side effects from different brands of this stuff, but like others have said just be careful use small doses, and see how it affects your body. It would be a dumb idea to take a bottle of pills just like it would be a dumb idea to take in more of this stuff then needed to obtain the effects. Moderation is key and if everyone used drugs in moderation none of them would be illegal except for maybe the super hard ones.

hempsupporter 5 years ago

My nephew is in a hospital right now after smoking this stuff last night. I have been a supporter of cannibis for medical and adult personal use.... this stuff is NOTHING like marijuana.

new kid 5 years ago

spice was horrible at first ur heart beat races and u loose ur breath. dont smoke alot take it slow get high put it out then light it back up. my addvise just dont even do it cause i know i nevor will

Tayler 5 years ago

its only bad for the body. the feeling is great

shlby 5 years ago

this is the worst thing you can smoke. my friend smoked for less than a year and died. I have smoked weed for 15 years and death isn't even a thought in my head every day.

Laura 5 years ago

I sure hope some of you come down from this stuff, it doesn't sound like any fun at all. I don't smoke but purchased some at a smoke shop. It smells like perfume. I wonder how much toxic dangerous stuff is mixed in to get the high, I think its laced with some poison for sure. be careful

Primo 5 years ago

They need to legalize Marijuana and it will solve all of these problems in the U.S., im on probation and that is why used to smoke "mamba". I almost died 3 days ago from this shit, blood pressure went up to 150/90, i was falling in and out of consciousness, my chest felt like it was exploding, i had no movement of my arms, extreme body shaking, irregular heart beat, i honestly felt like my sternum was "boiling" from the inside (for lack of better understanding what was actually happening)

This was from 1 bong snap... and i would smoke multiple blunts at a time, multiple, multiple bongloads in a sitting and nothing like that had ever happened to me. You make think its "safe" now but when something like that happens to you you will change your outlook just like i have. I should have died that day, but i presume it wasn't my turn to die. I was lucky and got through these HOURS of intense pain and anguish but you or your friends or kids may not get through it...


chuckles 5 years ago

I feel sorry for those that have to get loaded on some sort of drug to loosen up, relax, have fun. A loser worker of mine showed it to me, why, I don't know, maybe he has been smoking too many of his grand mothers incense sticks, any way, think of all of the actually fun things you could be spending all of that money on.

Safetyguy 5 years ago

I am deeply concerned with the widespread activity of these five chemicals that are being used to manufacture "Spice". I work in an industry that requires the employee to constantly be alert, and rationalize when hazards are present. These synthetic cannabis products are a very dangerous. My company has started testing for the drug along with the standard "super 5". I caution anyone who uses the drug whether it be socially or frequent. This stuff is "methyl-ethyl bad news". Children beware. As of March 1, 2011 the DEA as classified the five major ingredients as Class 1 Controlled substances and you can be arrested.

Be safe!

Head 5 years ago

They should legalize Mary J and there wouldn't be as many problems.

Jeremy 5 years ago

Maybe this story is a load of B.S., but I think it's serious They've outlawed it here already, and most stores aren't selling it (but some are, I think).

I'm a supporter of a fairer marijuana legislation, and I fear that everyone will associate this with marijuana, increasing the steepness of the uphill battle that marijuana users face.


Your reference to prohibition is extreme. After, all we're dealing with a new, and synthetic, drug. The side-effects aren't known; that fact is infallible. Prohibition had to do with a known and highly-accepted social drug, the side effects of which have been known for some time.

Think about it. Is it worth it. While this isn't true of me personally, some out there have teenagers to look out for.

tómas 5 years ago

this is stupid, spice is fine

loco350z 5 years ago

hello ive been smoking spice regularly like if it was weed for the last 9 months, everything was fine i loved it cuz orf me it was just like week, exactly the same effects it just lasted less of a time on the high. but my story goes like this, about two days ago i sat down rolled a joint and started smoking it like if it was just another time like it, after i smoked the joind i imidiately stood up and started freaking out, i lost sence of where i was at, i looked over at my wife and didnt know who she was, i started going crazy but still somehow tried to tell my self that it was just the high but there was no way of controlling it, i started thinking that i was dead , i saw myself in the future dead and people visiting my gravesite, like if it was an out of body experince i convinced myself to go to sleep but there was no way, everything sceemed like of it was a dream, my wife was worried abut me, she had never seen me like that before and ive smoked a lot at a time before. from that night ive never been the same its been two days and i still feel a lil off like i still dont know who i am. i WILL NEWVER DO THIS DRUG AGAIN, im the person that said , oh thats not true, this stuff is good but now i say hell no, i will never somke that in my life agian. i feel like i got a second chance in life and i am gona take it and run....

J LBC 5 years ago

It s fine a time or two but DO NOT USE REGULALY ITS NOT AS "


earth 5 years ago

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DEATHSPICE!! 5 years ago

Worst shit i ever smoked! smoked weed for over 11 years and i smoked this spice stuff once and will never ever ever do it again.... I have no idea how this is legal a million times worse than weed at its most potent... super reckless I DONT NOT RECOMMEND!!!

rally4sport 5 years ago

hahahahahahah some of these stories are hilarious "i felt like i was gonna die" how the hell do you know what dying feels like. im pretty sure all you guys accidentally bought PCP, not spice. ive done it, and marijuana is way more intence. spice lasts for like 45 min. and is pretty weak. if it is such a big deal then outlaw it and legalize weed. think about it, crime rates would decrease, it would create jobs, and get the US out of debt. legalize weed!!!!!!

teffij 5 years ago

People seriously I know every page on here says the same thing, but this was the worst experience of my life. I honestly felt like I was going to die. I felt like ghost, out of my body. Lasted a good 3 hours of Hell. Heartrate dangerously high. Nassau was bad and the next day I still feel horrible. It is nothing like marajuana. This stuff is not good kids.... An I am a kid too..

Vince 5 years ago

I agree that people dont know how to smoke right. Me and my friend we ended up doing gatorade bottle waterfalls like every day all day and nothing ever happened to me. My friend puked sometimes but that is because he did not eat much and sometimes forgot his limit.

All those people that go to hospital are those that buy bad brands as well as those little fucking teenagers who rip it hard like a blunt because they wanna always impress and shit. For a starter one hit is enough to mess you up. Ones you build tolerance like me I was doing whole jays of BArley Legal. And fuck yea I did that shit in public on the beach but barley legal does smell like weed sometimes when it burns so I got fucked up sad there watched the ocean and then decided to move cause I was getting paranoid and dint want trouble with cops.

Vince 5 years ago

Oh and if you smoke to much you might panic or get axiety and I even got that sometimes but learned to cope. Because I see it as being in a mental chaos plane. And you gotta learn to walk and navigate in that plane of existance. Its all mental people

Sarah 5 years ago

Spice gave my little brother a seizure, hallucinations and he vomited every where. For a lot of people they have no problem with it, but it is a rather dangerous drug. It's herbs mixed with chemicals. Pot is 100 times more safer than spice, and I personally think spice should be banned for good. It's bad enough it gives people seizures, who knows if it could kill

CB0625 5 years ago


Vince 5 years ago

THe reason people are having crazy reactions is A. They smoke for first time and do 3-4 bong hits???? WTF! its not weed people, start slow. B. They bought a fake batch of the stuff, even some lable bags where found to be skimmed or fake. C. Stick with Mr.Nice Guy company. They make the only safe brands that dont kill people like K2 or some shit.

BEATSFALIFE 5 years ago

Spice lol, i've been smoking it everyday for just under two years but recently stoped about six days ago. It was so bad to the point that it wouldn't even get me high anymore... no lie... Smoking spice became a way for me to leave the world but stay in my body. And like i've read others say, ITS NOT LIKE WEED LOL,,, it made me cranky, but calm so i felt it was cool... it was to the point when i was deployed to iraq i had to smoke a blunt before every mission just to feel like i was on toes... I stoped because i recently have been seeing changes in my behavior with my wife and my social life... TRUST ME,,, PTSD and SPICE dont mix lol... im saying all of this just to say smoking spice is not a way to cope with life and the preasure that follows... since i've been "clean", ive been able to talk to my wife like we did years ago... Spice sucks man and i pray you guys will see it for your selves before its too late...


SUperman 5 years ago

The only reason people smoke spice is because THC is illegal, when it is really not the victim here. Have you EVER heard on the news that someone died of marijuana overdose? Nooo, I'm sure you haven't. People die more of alcohol related incidents than pot related incidents.

SUperman 5 years ago

The only reason people smoke spice is because THC is illegal, when it is really not the victim here. Have you EVER heard on the news that someone died of marijuana overdose? Nooo, I'm sure you haven't. People die more of alcohol related incidents than pot related incidents.

Lisa 5 years ago

I didn't have a problem with this drug until recently, I heard of a girl from the area where I grew up who was almost beat to death by her boyfriend with a beer mug. He was in a paranoid state. This drug definantly needs to be studied more.

baseball19 5 years ago

Hey guys, um. im 17 years old and i have always been the kid who never smoked or drank. but this past summer i decided to try weed. it wasnt that bad. i didnt do that much though. But then school started. my school has random drug test for athletes and i am "the man" on the baseball team. one of my other friends on the baseball team told me about spice and that it didnt show up on drug tests so if i ever wanted to smoke anything to call him and we could smoke that so i wouldnt end up getting caught.

so after school one day i told my mom i was going to eat and i met him in town. we got in his truck and started smoking spice.. WORST DESISION EVER. It started out okay. like everything anyone said was funny and it felt like it was all a good dream. but then i felt like i was having trouble breathing. i think it was all in my head but i was scared to death. my buddy was driving around and i was telling him to take me bck to my truck. my body started going numb. i couldnt feel my face. all i could think about was my parents and my little brother and sister. i would be looking at something, look up, and i would be somewhere else. everything was moving and i really didnt have control of my body. now at this point im thinking the absolute worst. like i literally thought that this was the end of my life and i was about to cry. I was just hoping that my friend wasnt feeling this way because he was the one driving and i knew that i was in no condition to drive. i was having a hard time staying focused on anything but i was trying to pull myself by to reality. i told him to pull over and i got out of the truck to just walk around for a few minutes. i asked him if he was good enough to drive me back to my truck and he wasnt feeling any of the same symptoms as i was and was confused as to why i was freaking out so bad. i felt embarrassed that i wasnt being cool about the whole thing. but my main concern was trying to come down from this awful high. the only way i can describe it was "purgatory". i was trying not to puke. i ended up going back to my truck which felt like 4 hours later. which only took like 5 minutes. i just sat there trying to think that it was all in my head and that i was just being a pussy and that this is what is supposed to happen. everything ended up fine but it still freaked me out.

i talked to a few people that have done it and most of them said that itd never happened to them and they said something was wrong with me. but there are a couple of people that i talked to who had the EXACT same description of it as me and they havent smoked since.

neither have i. i mustve done too much or something but i hated that feeling. if i smoke anything ever again, itll be weed. next summer so i dont get caught on a drug test.

im just so glad everything ended up okay.

this is a personal experience and 100% true. im not one of these people who are commenting and said "my friend did this".. no. i did this and i experienced it. there is something wrong with spice.

Db349 5 years ago

Look the thing with spice is, even though it's synthetic weed, IT'S NOT WEED. No matter what the name on the bag says, ZombieWorld, Pink Kitty, Cloud 9, ext... the synthetic chemicals change in each bag REGARDLESS OF THE NAME. Treat spice like you'd treat any other drug your trying for the first time, Get a nice setting going, kick back, relax and take A SMALL HIT. Find a 1 hitter and take a SMALL hit off it and see what the shit does.

The thing is the synthetic chemicals in spice, can range anywhere from 10 to 500 times for potent then weed. Your heart rate will definitly increase and sometimes it's hard to speak, and your palms sweat, but that's just part of it, if you start to freak out that your heart is beating faster then normal then your going to panic and your going to freak the fuck out.

Overall I find spice to be a pretty enjoyable drug, of course smoking anything isn't "good" for you but it's not gonna kill you either. There's a ton of misinformation put out on it, half of these stories on here are EXTREMLY exaggerated, I'd also recomend being with good friends that will be able to calm you down if you do start to freak out.

Tammy 5 years ago

This is what Spice can do to you. This girl is from my hometown and she's now in critical condition in Savannah:

And here is the DEA's report on "Spice":

Justin 5 years ago

the principal of the matter is that wheather or not it is bad for you, adults and children will still get there hands on anything they want. if you want something bad enough, you will get it. there is no stoping or preventing it no matter how hard parents, government,authority, or political figures try to stop it. whenever one drug becomes illegal, another will be created and thats a fact. As for all of you who are against it and for it. were on the right path to advancing in our evolution with each other. in the immortal words of dr. johnson quotes. he who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.

bdoll87 5 years ago






Elizabeth 5 years ago

I girl I went to high school with is now in the hospital fighting for her life. After her and her boyfriend smoked this, he apparently went crazy on her and almost beat her to death. She is now, blind in one eye, broken arm, metal plate in her head, on a respirator unresponsive. I am not saying it all because of the "spice" but I believe it played a major role.

Stormy Parker 5 years ago

Why does everything in the world have to be banned and made illegal because you got a bunch of dope head bums who wanna get high. If people who buy this stuff to smoke, they deserve everything they get because of the fact it states not for human consumption, it is lethal. Hot stupid can somebody be? If you wanna kill yourself, that's fine but don't make the world a miserable place because of your ignorance. Banning one thing will only lead to banning something else and on down the line everything cuz if you ban one thing, these stupid people will find something else to get high off of. Put them in rehab and serious confinement until they are healed.

grapeape_307 5 years ago

I am a 15 Year old kid and today i made that bad choice of smoking spice. My friend pulled up when i was at the skate park and he is on probation for smoking weed and he said to me "want to go get high?" At first i asked him i thought you cant smoke and he said he had spice. I have heard of spice but i wasnt sure what the side affects where of it, i thought it would be like smoking normal weed so i said sure and went with him. I took 3 hits off that and i was gone. At first it was really nice but then it was a nightmare. My heart started beating really fast and it seemed like i could hear my heart beat through my ears. Then i started to breath really fast and i was shaking really bad and my chest started to hurt really bad. By this point i thought i was going to die of a heart attack. A couple minutes later my heart rate started to go really slow and i could barley breath and it felt like i could still hear my heart beat through my ears. Everytime my heart took a slow beat i would black out for alittle till it beated again. Once this started happening i thought i was dying. 1 minute later my arms, hands, legs, and tourso started to tingle and get numb so i couldnt feel them. Once this started to happen i told my friend to bring me to the hostpitile and he said just relax and eat some ice. He had a cup from mcdonleds and had some ice in it. So i ate some and my heart rate went back to normal and the numbness went away. After that it just felt like a normal high you would get from weed. I went to sleep for acouple of hours and i was fine but i dont feel the same i feel really different and im hoping tomorrow ill be just like my self. THIS STUFF IS REALLY BAD AND DO NOT DO IT! I MADE THE STUPID MISTAKE OF DOING IT AND I WILL NEVER DO IT AGIAN LET ALONE SMOKE. IT FELT LIKE I WAS ON THE VERGE OF A HEART ATTACK AND THIS STUFF COULD REALLY KILL YOU. THIS STUFF IT JUST THE WORST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD! NOW THAT I LOOK AT IT I THINK I MADE A REALLY DUMB MISTAKE AND BEING ONLY 15 YEARS OLD I HAVE ALOT TO LIVE FOR WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

Keri 5 years ago

Please don't smoke spice. My 18 year old son died from suicide while high on spice. I have a report from the coroner that confirms this. He had smoked it with his friends several times before without having a bad reaction. I miss him so much.

RIo 5 years ago

I bet the reactions are from interactions from other legal medications onboard at the same time. The youngsters are "hopped up" on force fed ADD/ADHD and or antidepressants. Then they smoke spice and wham! BTW none of the drugs the FDA "regulates" are made in the USA. All are produced in India or China. They ship them over right next to the toys with the lead paint in them. Smoke weed it's natural and u know the person selling it.

Rio 5 years ago

@stevenclark999: Thanks doctor for your "facts". Try stringing together a complete sentence and someone might take you seriously. That goes for the rest of you idiots trying to make a point. The first step is to learn to read and write in your native language. The next step is to make your wishes known to your congressman.

Keri 5 years ago

To Rio, My son was not on ADD/ADHD medicine or antidepressants. Yes.....I wish that he had smoked weed instead, legal or illegal.

dunit 5 years ago

This shits a big hit on the rigs cus it dsnt show up on drug screen. ive smoked it a couple times and donot care for it.. honestly i tripped the fuckout. does any one know what its made of. Reg weed comes from the ground but this spice shit isnt natural

Samantha 5 years ago

hi my name is Samantha and i am 14 years old, almost three years ago my parents divorced and my bestfriend, my dad moved to Michigan and has been in and out of my life for the last two years. Different drugs were offered to me at the beggining of all of this and i turned them down. I always sat back and said to myself i am too strong to let any drug over take my life. 8th grade year go really bad. my sister is THE only reason i am alive right now. i have tried to kill myself, threw a knife and pills too. Neither worked so i turned to weed when i met this girl Sara. i didnt think that i would ever be in a place in my life where i would fall so hard and not get back up. along with all those struggles and abuse within myself and my dad, came my biggest regret. i am not one typical fuck up. i was always the girl that was going to make it far and dreamed big. Hearing my dad tell me he wanted nothing to do with me killed me. i tried to put it all aside for high school. i am a freshman and 7 weeks in i smoked laced weed. i have never in my whole life been so scared. my weed i smoked was either Spice or Meth.

Monday, September 19th, 2011; i rode home with these 3 juniors. not thinking i got in the front seat and one asked me to have sex with him. i said no because i had met this amazing guy and had just gotten in a fight with him the weekend before and was determinted to make things better. the 3 guys took me and my friend to this house. we went upstairs and they had 2 nugs. i didnt think anything of it. i was looking for another high to heal the pain for a few hours. i hit the gato, which was my first time smoking out of one and started coughing. the more i cough the higher i get, so i was thinking to myself 'rock on, i am about to be as high as a fucking kite.' well the same guy that wanted to have sex with me asked me a few mintues later if it had hit me and i was like no? and then he asked about 3 minutes later if i would like to go lay down. my whole body went numb. i couldnt feel anything.. i told the guys i had to go make a call and they wouldnt let me leave. one actually pushed me down and yelled NO. i eventally got out of the house after being told i had no more then 5 minutes. i walked a few houses down and passed out. woke up and asked this lady for water because i was so confused and scared. that second a ambulence rolled up. took me to the hospital and called my mom.. my mom thought i was walking home and had no idea. she came to the hospital and was crying uncontrollably. i had an outer body experience and dont remember most of my night, the doctors did tell me i came close to dying with my heart rate at 185 over 85 and my blood pressure was 215 over 115. i got home and threw up what i thought was my guts.

its been a week and i am feeling a little bit like myself. weed was never a big deal to me but after smoking Spice i will never pick up any drug again. you truely dont know how much you affect others.

i did this to get my dad's attention and he never even called to see if i was okay. i ruined trust with my mom that will take me years to get back. because i wanted one high. i will never forget that feeling nor will i ever let someone fall down the same path i was on. i look back and i always told people 'dont mess with lifes tracks. let it run its course.' i smoked that stuff for a reason, i lost that trust for a reason, i almost died for a reason. no matter what anyone goes threw in their life goood, bad, terrible, or wonderful the second you use a drug to try and fix it you know you messed up that track. it isnt worth it. and if i could take it back...honestly i wouldnt. i know now why God put me on this earth and i just hope that reading this, someone out there will sit back and say to themselves i will be okay,

girls; dont let guys take advantage of you. and dont look for someone like your dad. i go threw that abondment every single day.

and boys; dont take advatage of those girls cause you will fuck up. the guy that tried to harm me might end up going to jail.

Nothing in life is worth loosing your own.

Tyler 5 years ago

Somebody who isn't me was with his friends hanging out and partying, he'd smoked spice once an awhile before not to much cause of knowing that it's not good for you (spice is obviously bad for if you think its not your an idiot) but you know its a more intense high and he only did it like once a week, but Anyway he went with his friends and picked up some spice that was supposedly way stronger than K2 called like k12 or somthing and smoked it along with smoking 5-10 bowls of W and alot vodka, the W got him feeling good and when he had the spice he got messed up, he was gone just super high off it the bad effect was headaches which was perfect but all of sudden there was a weird feeling in his brain like it was swelling or something happened, it was the freakiest/weirdest/scariest feeling or so he told me. To people thinking of trying spice dont do to much, know your limit, I'm not your f****** mom I'm not

gonna tell you not to do it but don't be stupid, know it's bad for you and that if can f*** your brain up. If you use, use in MODERATION. My friend says he's taking a break from it if not quiting it for good. W is easy to get and far better for you, same thing without the messed up side effects why the he'll is It not legal but anybody can walk in and buy spice.

Joe 5 years ago

I'm sorry people but there is to much B.S on the internet I'm 21 years old smoke spice several times a week when i get off work to chill me out wined me down after a long day. I smoke 5x maybe 3-4 hits at a time out of a (pipe) Not !!JOINTS OR BLUNTS OR BONGS!! small controllable portions and have no side effects I do some times have anxiety but none more than when I'm sober. So all these people posting ridiculous story's about the time they smoked this horrible drug are wrong in accusing Spice.. the only reason they could have such a horrible experience is bye a allergic reaction. 3-4 shots or 3-4 beers Will intoxicate a lot more but alcohol is legal almost world wide.

tommie 5 years ago

ive been smoking spice npw 4 about a year i love it the only thing i can say is only take a couple hits or your going 2 freak out common since if u never have tried it dont smoke a whole bowl or u r gonna feel sick

Erick 5 years ago

Today I smoked spice for the first time through a bong. I had tried it many times before. It was like bud to me but a bit different. Well i took about 8 bong rips today. Something happened from the time i took the last rip and walking into the hallway. My heart was pumping far too extreme and i lost all sense of control. I dont know if you all are familiar with Fear and Self Loathing in Las Vegas. But I'm pretty sure that i was Jonny Depp. What I went through was the worst experience of my life. I couldnt remember what my life was about and created a alternate reality thinking that Spice had fried my mind and I was never going to come back down from my high... I honestly thought death was apparent. All i would think about is how did I get myself in this situation and thought about my family... And when i say thought it was a blur I couldnt make out where they were and if they lived near me . I looked at my phone and couldnt remember who i can call to help me out... I dont suggest this Synthetic drug. I would only stick to bud from now on... I feel like this day may have long term effects on me... I still dont feel the same... It was as if u were on a bad acid trip and u didnt expect it at all "since u weren't doing acid" and u are stuck with no hope and dont know if u will make it back...

rob 5 years ago

see they just need to legalize weed, i wld way rather smoke weed than k2, weed doesnt have all these chemicals and shit, but probation will lock me up for smoking weed, so k2 it is, ive been smoking k2 for over a yr now and im a pretty heavy smoker, and no problems yet, idk though i hear alot about it, but hell ppl tlk alot to sooo who knws, all im sayin is they need to quit b/s andf legalize weed 4 real....... until then k2 it is, atleast til im off papers...........

morgan bird 5 years ago

spice is so good that i love it ever day i smoke it all the time its sooooo goood

5 years ago

i smoke it every day and still feel the same after i get high so idk wat the big thing is

blossom 5 years ago

idk about this stuff, it seems pretty bad, weed is better than this chemical crap....

brooke 5 years ago

every story i have read says that the first couple hits feels great, but after they take 3 or 4 hits they start trippin hmmmm this stuff messes with your brain clearly....

jr 5 years ago

im 16 years old i smoked spice before an i still do. i really trip that fuck out bt i could control it.. i smoke 3-4 bowls every three hours n im ok

killah king 5 years ago

alot of you are idiots. its stupid people that say things like " its a drug. no matter how you put it, its bad people" please, you probably get prescribed drugs from your doctor that have worse effects than this. spice is bad yeah, but if you want it to stop, then legalize pot. to this day nobody can come up with a decent arguement as to why pot is so bad. half the world just likes to run theyre mouths. stop pushing your zealot-istic ideas and opinions on the whole nation. hell more than half the usa smokes pot anyways. this is already a modern day prohibition. maybe itll be enough to scare the idiot sheep away from theyre "drugs are bad, mmmk?" bull crap and get a clue.

killah king 5 years ago

also,to all the useless human beings who dont understand moderation, or just feel the need to get as high as possible? you should jump off the highest building you can find. your making things look bad and giving cause to the idiots saying its bad. if you ripped 8 bowls of spice out of a bong, you deserve the experience. i dont even rip 8 bowls in a row of pot, not that i cant, but its wasteful stupid and doesnt do anything but make you stupid and a waste. moderate. get high and go experience life, not your garage or bedroom or couch. lazy ingrates.

jballgenius 5 years ago

wow you guys are reallllly dumb. your telephone game of scare tactics is rather old and far to common in this country. get a life and get off the bottle. source. this site which should be blocked.

jballgenius 5 years ago

next we will ban nutmeg, marigolds, lotus flowers, chili peppers, paint, glue, but tobacco and alcohol will remain profitable. thats why these laws are here in the first place. wake up

darwin 5 years ago

Everyone will have different reactions to different drugs. Eyes look puffy, maybe a little pink and glossy, maybe not. I've seen people vomit, laugh out loud, couch locked, have mild hallucinations. I like it.

mom 5 years ago

if you want to die, smoke this SHIT!

SPiCE SUCKS 5 years ago

So yea I have been smoking spice about a year on and off now. They must have done something new to it very recently. The only side effects I've gotten were the high heart rate or whateverr and just a couple days ago my legs got super numb I could not feel them at all. It went away not too long after but I have not smoked it in 3 or 4 DAYS and the last 48 hours I have not really been able to feel my legs and the last few hours I can hardly feel my arms either. They're like tingling as if they were falling asleep. Starting to freak me the fuck out I'm at work so I can't really do anything about it right now. & if it continues for another 12 hours Im def going to the doctor. I thought everybody was lame as fuck for thinking spice is "so bad for you" until this shit started happening. So yea I'm done with spice, I'll have to go through the rest of my probation being sober but its better than having permanent side effects.

SPiCE SUCKS 5 years ago

O & by the way I only take 1 or 2 hits. Im not stupid and think its weed.. so yea all you people talking shit, that think you know what you're doing with some random chemicals that chanks sell in their shops, ur just as stupid as the people that freaked out and hallucinated on it. Cuz ur day will come where u trip out & get a bad high and see what everyones taking about.

Thenonymous 5 years ago

I'm not here to tell anybody what they can and cannot do. It's your life, so do your thing. I just want everyone to know that this is a very "hit and miss" drug. I know lots of people that smoke spice and i myself *cough cough* am a sucker for new things. If you plan on doing it as an alternative to marijuana then go ahead. But be warned that it is never quite like the real deal. I have been told more than once that the high you get from spice is a more jagged and scarier high than that of Marijuana. Also a little goes a long way- those trying it for the first time should only take half a puff and see how they feel in 5 minutes. It kicks in a little faster than marijuana from what i've experienced. Also using a bong would probably be a good idea seeing that it is basically parsley flakes soaked in chemical sludge. If you smoke more than just enough to get you stupid, it is NEVER fun. I have seen 3 different cases when someone did too much and begged to go to the ER because they were sure that they would die. Trust me when i say you should be careful when you are using spice. There are known cases of seizures, cardiovascular probelms, and a plethora of mentally unstable and life-threatening panic attacks related to some form of "spice". So have fun be safe and don't do drugs... Unless you want to... But be careful... Unless you don't want to and in that case someone should warn you that you are in fact human and it is completely normal to disregard one's own safety for a good time. But anyway I don't recomend it but who cares?! I still do it when the green meter is on E even though it is dangerous and a hell of a lot more intense than your average weed.

dolphingirlwithfaith 5 years ago

to the person that is on parole..its is illegal for people on son was on it and he got vilolated for it.. so dont let other people fool u cause they can test for it now..

LawDawg 5 years ago

I smoked a version of spice that had no k2, after k2 was banned. So I figured whatever. I smoked a bit, drove around the mall. Shit was hitting me like a ton of bricks. It was like an acid trip or something. Listening to Daft Punk, driving around the mall parking lot. 20 minutes felt like 20 hours. I even opened the door in the rain, to see if I was still in my own reality, or another dimension. It was the happiest i've ever been. Don't do spice, maybe once.

Frankie 5 years ago

the first time i smoked spice 2 hits i was higher than a kite i believe its worse than weed. I felt dizzy and unstable my mind was jerking bak and forth and i couldnt focus. it was painful i didnt know what to do i hope im never stupid enough to do it only 13

mark 5 years ago

im a 30 year old male and ive been a daily weed smoker for 15 years. yesterday a buddy brought some spice over for us to try. one hit for me and two for him is all we smoked. about two minuits later i began to feel my heart beat faster and faster and my muscles began to tense up through my whole body. i started to throw up ucontrolably and my eyesight became really blurry i couldnt think or talk i felt like i was truly about to die. my buddy had almost the exact same reaction only not as servere i think because my first hit pretty much burnt up everything in the pipe. after about an hour i finally started to get back to normal although the rest of my day was completely screwed because of the lasting sidefects. this product was called zombie matter and should be banned immediately. ive never felt like that in my entire life even on my sickest or most hungover day. truly a scary moment for me and thats what led me here.

Natalie 5 years ago

to mark: I'm a 28 yr old female. been smoking pot daily for 14 years. My neighbor smokes spice regularly and brought some over for me to try. We smoked about 3/4 of the bowl and suddenly it was like i was back on acid, or the verge of shrooming. Not gonna lie, at first it was fun. But then, became a pretty bad trip. Took about 45 minutes to calm down to a point where i could even talk to my daughters! This isn't pot at all. A lot of people are name calling and accusing others of stupidity here. I'm not for any of that. All i can say is, my neighbor said he smokes 1-2 hits and that's it, every day, a few times a day and he's fine. As for me, not my cup of tea. I prefer something natural and calming, not chemical compounds making me have a panic attack. We have halloween decorations up and it was just TOO far out. I actually PRAYED TO GOD to help me come down. Can't remember the last time i did anything remotely close to that! Personally, I will not be using spice ever, EVER again, and I don't think it's a great idea for anyone else. That being said, to each his/her own, know yourself and your limits, do not overdo it because i believe it could kill. I won't do it again. Make informed decisions!

beentheredonethat 5 years ago

one issue I have is nobody seems to know what effects it could/will have on our unborn children, I firmly believe that if more WOMEN KNEW that every drug you ever TRY, stays in your EGGS, vs with guys they get fresh sperm what every month or so, perhaps we would have less birthdefects, do your homework, be sure what you are putting in your body is safe, not just for you but for your children that you may want to have down the road. that goes for not only drugs, but foods that you eat, not everything is as healthy for you as you may believe, when in doubt look it up.

kassy 5 years ago

unfortunately . I went with my friends to go get it from a smoke shop about 20 minutes away . We came back and went outside . They said oh its just like weed it does nothing else . Everything was fine i was just feeling high . Then all of a sudden i rember saying guys something is wrong . My hearts beating to fast . Then my body went tingly and i flipped and couldnt feel anypart of my body . I was reapting my name over and over and that i loved my dad and brother . Then i started yelling bring me to the hospital somethings wrong . They wouldnt . Two of my friends ran inside i was so confused why they left i couldnt feel myself get up but i rember getting up and everything was loud . I rember my friend was sitting across the room starting to say the same things . I ran into the bathroom and stared into the mirror . My friends boyfriend keept saying were your best friends . I screamed at him saying no we havent talked in years . Finally his gf brought me back to her house and it went on till 6 am . I was so relieved to see my family the next day . I still get scared to this day that i died that night or its screwing with my body . Some people just cant take certain things . I 100 % would never do it ever again . I cant even be outside at night anymore or smell smoke . My therapist now thinks it might be PTSD . Always learn about the drug your doing before you take it . You never know the effects or the long term ones .

jessica 5 years ago

So here is my pitch on spice:

The drug is legal in all 50 states, but that definitely does not excuse it from being safe and ok to consume. In fact, on almost every package it clearly states “not for human consumption.” The reasons why the makers of spice have been getting away with it being sold and legal in the states are because they keep changing the active ingredients and because they claim it is only incense. There have been many near death experiences involving spice and although it is still legal, it is not safe and not healthy. It could seriously alter your brain chemistry and you will never be the same. The effects of spice are similar to marijuana; however I have experienced some differences myself. One of the differences is spice makes you way more paranoid and causes bad thoughts to flood the mind while on it. Also, when first inhaling the smoke, there is a body-high sensation that does not necessarily feel good. My chest and head felt compressed and there was a weird tingly but uncomfortable feeling in my arms. All I know is that cannibis does not make you feel like this. The first time I ever smoked spice was in china town, with a couple friends. It was the 100xlegal brand that we had just purchased in a store around the corner. The first couple hits made me get that intense body-high feeling and I automatically felt paranoid…not good. After the 3 of us finished one tightly packed bowl, we were all so intensely high I could not believe it. However, this high was one that I hope to never ever experience again. My eyes were bloodshot, more so than they had ever been from smoking weed, and I was absolutely tripping out hard. One of my other friends was having similar effects to me, and the other one was just laughing uncontrollably. I have no idea what is in this stuff but I do not recommend this drug to anyone for any reason. It is not worth it, and I am just now realizing how horrible and unhealthy it truly is. It may be fun for a while if you get lucky and don’t trip out, but trust me its not worth it. Honestly they just need to legalize weed already so people who are getting tested (like me) don’t have to turn to these harmful synthetic drugs.

kassyy j 5 years ago

jessica ,

it is harmful . And i regret that night so much . I have been paranoid ever since . Some people actually get ptsd because you really feel like your dying . And im not old ither im young havent graduated highschool yet . Now i tell my friends dont ever pick that up please . One day ill get over that night . Its just an unpleasent feeling .

kassy 5 years ago

jessica ,

it is harmful . And i regret that night so much . I have been paranoid ever since . Some people actually get ptsd because you really feel like your dying . And im not old ither im young havent graduated highschool yet . Now i tell my friends dont ever pick that up please . One day ill get over that night . Its just an unpleasent feeling .

Concerned Parent 5 years ago

How long does the affects of spice last after just one hit? I recently had a child that took a hit about a month ago. Can it be possible that he could still have affects of it?

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