Stammering:a habit with a solution!


"M-M-M-My name is G-G-G-George", ".....(pause) my name is George". You may be the one or friend of one who is continuously wrestling with words. These interruptions in speech by repetition of a syllable, prolongation of sound or a complete block on speech are generally termed as stammerings or stutterings.


No. Though research studies have suggested 'faulty wiring' in the nerve circuits in the brain needed for planning and execution, there are suggestions that suggest stammering is more of a habit.

  • Speech is a learned process. So, there's chance that your learning process went wrong and you got this problem.
  • You can sing, you can whisper fluently.
  • Nobody in this world is 100% fluent. Everybody stammers, either when they're afraid or anxious.
  • Sometimes you get stuck in a particular word, other times you utter the same word without any problem.
  • There are people who have overcome this problem and have become fluent.

Above points must help you understand the nature of stammering. So, stop being hypochondriac and get ready to triumph over your crippling habit.

As M.Twain puts,"Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man but coaxed downstairs a step at a time."

Hrithik Roshan: Bollywood superstar who overcame his stammering.
Hrithik Roshan: Bollywood superstar who overcame his stammering.

What can professionals do for you?

Stammering is a habit formed long ago during your childhood. It's one of the most notorious habit and so naturally very difficult one to uproot as well. So, seek professional help. Consult your GP and get enrolled in speech therapy classes. Professional help makes big difference.

  • You'll meet other people who stammers. That will help you stop feeling lonely and helpless.
  • Speech therapists teach you various exercises that help relax your speech muscles.
  • They address the psychological components of stammering and provide proper counseling.
  • Group sessions help you interact with other people. Good thing is you don't have to worry about blushing.

What can you do for yourself?

First develop attitude.

  • Stop having self pity. Remember you are a unique individual who speaks little differently.
  • You are not alone. 1% world population stammers. And I've heard of anybody who died of stammering!
  • You can pursue the career you like. I've met lawyers who stammer!
  • Believe yourself. You'll be able to speak normally.


  • Don't hurry while speaking. Take your time.
  • Breathe deep before speaking.
  • While speaking, just think of word you are about to utter, not the whole sentence.
  • Remember, the only cure of stammering is to stammer more and more. Don't panic!, just go on saying what you have to, putting aside the fear of being ridiculed.
  • Last but not the least, just keep going on focused on your dreams. Later you'll find out stammering doesn't cause much havoc as you have predicted.

Meditation, yoga, stress relaxation exercises can help you become relaxed. Yoga can be most helpful as it relieves tension in your muscles and make you feel more confident. So, try these. Be relaxed with your life and also with your speech. Best of luck!

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amir shahzad 6 years ago

this article is most perfect about stammering i read it and this is based upon full of research because i m the 1% of the world population

amitesh kirti 6 years ago

it is really a cofident bulding article for the stammer.

zahoor khan lodhi 6 years ago

I read this article and i have learnt a lot,It is usefull for me and for those who s-t-a-m-m-e-r-s.Iam a child who is special in the world.

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drabsurd 6 years ago from Kathmandu,Nepal Author

thanx everybody.

Bilal Shah 6 years ago

helpful article for me.

shiva 5 years ago

I got Confidence to see this.

RENUKA  5 years ago

actualy,what u provie inf. ,give confidence

Nilesh 5 years ago

Hey thanks Dear!!!!!!!

Give more updates....

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very good article for the stammers

....... thanks

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yar i m also a stammering person.very good article for help me to overcome stammering.

Manish 5 years ago

Thank's 4 the guidence .

rahul 5 years ago

thnx for these article.... These article help me from come out from stammering.. N plz update new article.

richard 5 years ago

i stammer real bad! not even repeating a sound! the sound doesn't jst cum out no matter how hard i try!and it shows on my face too!tanks for d tip all dsame...

ashwini 5 years ago

great to know that 1% of the population stammers , am also belongs to those. thanks 4 this articlc

jogendra 5 years ago

It give more confidence to me from this article because i am one of them who stammer.

fysal 5 years ago

nice,, these tips are good,

david 5 years ago

i'am is such a great solution.thank u..........

gujjar 5 years ago

good 4 me $helpful for me

muhammad umair 4 years ago

i think there is no proper medicine to overcome this problem in this time but we can minimize it by various techniques.

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Thanks bro..;)

Nimit Pandya 4 years ago

thanks 4 guide about reduce stammering........thanks

Vivek 4 years ago

Thanx 4 the's realy works

Rakesh 4 years ago

Very helpful article for stop stammering

Arif 4 years ago

My daughter is just 3.5 year , she also has this problem now. she was good and speak fluently, but suddenly she starts stammering. how can i help her to recover this problem. I think its not psychological problem but any brain problem. plz guide me.

drabsurd profile image

drabsurd 4 years ago from Kathmandu,Nepal Author

arif, i'm really sorry to hear about ur daughter's problem. based on ur description, i consider that her problem is a normal behavior seen in the children of her age group. most children stammer till the age of 7 and overcome it after that. just to make sure that she doesn't have any other underlying cause i recommend that u take ur daughter to a speech therapist. i wish best for your child.thank you

Micheal 4 years ago

Tanx 4 the tip..but mine is nt so nt a ful stammerer.My stammering strted when i was 12. But like i said its nt evrytime i stammer.but hv noticed dat i actually stammer only with certain words dat starts with a particular Alphabets. I dnt knw wat to do nw . Plz i believe dis is a minor problem so plz giv me sum tips on wat 2 do..tanx

sagar 4 years ago

thanks for develop my confidence

i hope due to this comment i improve my speech

Vasu Gowda 4 years ago

Thank You soo much..., i hav consulted Speech therapist but he is a waste body.., did't teached anything..., Many of the companies rejected me by this problem....., But ill surely overcome from it.....,


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Mashabletricks 4 years ago from US

I will try all these tips.thanks

aniket 4 years ago

thanx .........the article was to good to bring self confidence

nihal choudhary 4 years ago

thanks for this artilce.This article give me full of confidence..

vijay 4 years ago

Hallo friends i am a stammerer but not at all time, when i am going to formal talking or public speech and introducing my self of my teacher and book reading in class room i stammer. please help me! i am in stress.

shruti 3 years ago

i also want to speak fluently just like others. I have lost many opportunities due to this problem. I have a dream of becoming a good manager. so please help me out... please

ashu 3 years ago

Confident ....aftwr reading this article...thanku

Navneet 3 years ago

I am also suffer from this problem.but I don't know what I do Pl give me solution. plzzzzzzz

Dipak Patel 3 years ago

Dipak Patels Technique to Remove Stammering 100 Percent

Do below task and this is energy consumption task so eat much and drink milk daily.

1 Jogging Daily

2 Do Pranayam anulom vilom and kapalbhati daily in morning

3 Roll the mattress and screaming alphabate in different possible manner loudly

Example : k ka ki ku ke kai ko kam kah

kh kha khi khu khe khai kho kham khah

4 Memorize some paragraphes and try to speak it loudly without seeing it in different tone and manner like actor and actress.

5 Do suryanamaskar

USMAN 3 years ago


Stan 3 years ago

Its easy to cure stammering in children .. Ask them to write their feeling or a story and give them some reward so that they will repeat their behavior. Always narrate them bedtime story. And paint with them and get them used to some painting .. it will definitely help

pankaj 3 years ago

weelll said frend...............!!!!!!!!!!!

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vtamalraj 3 years ago

Thank uuuu for dis article.. it helps me a lot.. am going to follow some instructions in it....:-)

Sakthivel S 3 years ago

Dear Author,

My son is 5 years old & he has developed stammering for the past 1 year. I was initially told by his doctor, that it will be alright by its own. But it has continued till now. Couple of days back only i have showed him to a speech therapist & he is attending his classes. How fast he can be cured ? Everyone in our family are very much worrried & now my wife is 4 months pregnant & is there any chance the 2nd baby could also develop stammering ? Pls reply. Thank you.

Muhammad Asif Virani 3 years ago

one thing in this article very help full 4 every strammer this santance "Breathe deep before speaking."it is very help full 4 me when i speak & use it but when i forget than problam 4 me .

AHSAN YAQOOB 3 years ago

SIR, \

I am Ahsan yaqoob i m 23 year old i have a stammering problem last 6-months when i speak i stuck some particular words and some time i m very easily to speak i am very worried about this situation please tell me about its cure and particular food and exercise

Aamir vahora 3 years ago

Thanx for advice, thnx google, thnx Internet invented N so on all my friends.

janne 3 years ago

i don't know why but when i talk with stranger i can talk very well.i really want to get away from this stammer problem so tell me some exercise to stop my stammering

Ashish Bansod 2 years ago

I am stammering when I am in any stress, tension, in hurry to speak or any part when speak infront of big boss, interviews or any situation which is not favourable to me at all time I get stammering. . Plz give me any suggestion on this problem. Your suggestions good for me..

muhammed 2 years ago

thank you very much this advises.....

samarth 2 years ago

Hi i am 14 yrs old child i hav stammering problem still i don't know wat to do pls guide me if possible pls give some speech therapist number i live in Mumbai

Milan chaudhary 2 years ago

A very good article.... enhanced the request to the site that keep posting such type of articles ,,, it will be glad to us

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