Static Contraction Training - Strong Range and Overload

Lifting Heavy
Lifting Heavy
Lift Heavy Or Go Home!
Lift Heavy Or Go Home!

Ya Gotta Lift Big To Get Big

If you have ever spent more than an hour or so in a gym trying to "size up" then you have probably heard one or more of the following bits of advice:

  • 3 sets of 10
  • 4 sets of 6
  • down slow, up fast
  • confuse the muscle, come at it from different angles
  • Breath! Breath! Breath!
  • Ya gotta lift heavy to get big

This is a very short list of hundreds of different ways to attack a weight lifting program and I must admit that there is some good advice in that short list, especially that breath, breath, breath part.

I was raised on four sets of six reps (4x6) starting with 135 (2x45 + a 45lb bar) as a warm up then adding 10's and 5's until you got to about 205 and the last two or three reps were supposed too be the hardest and your spotter did a lot of the lifting.

We never questioned this as we were 16 to 18 yrs old and Coach Martarano was freaking huge and that is what he did so that's what he told us to do and we did it.

I weighed about 145 at the time and I managed to max out with a full range 1 time rep with 285 lbs on the bar.

I was very proud of this fact and still am, but that was 25 years ago and I have learned a few things since then about weight training and full range reps.

Thankfully I learned these thing BEFORE I had an opportunity to be injured trying to complete a full range exercise with a very heavy load.

Let me get back to that list again and allow me to direct your attention to the last one that got mentioned, Ya gotta lift heavy to get big.

Never was a truer sentence penned, but (and that's a big but), how do you lift heavy and not hurt yourself or let me put it another way, how do you safely lift enough weight to get results?

I know the answer and if you are or were anything like me, it won't sit right because

  1. It doesn't seem like you are doing enough, and
  2. It feels like you're cheating.

Lift Big To Get Big

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stestifie profile image

stestifie 5 years ago from Sin City

Very nice Hub for someone wanting to know more about lifting weights or how to get BIG. Voted up and Useful. Thank you.

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