How to Keep Yourself Healthy even as you age:10 Golden tips

Golden tips on ways to stay healthy

Tips on how to keep yourself healthy as you age
Tips on how to keep yourself healthy as you age | Source

Ways to keep yourself healthy even as you age.

You, as all of us, may be endlessly trying to find out the realistic ways of how to keep yourself healthy and remain hale and hearty even as you age. For providing answer to the pitfalls of modern life, especially due to various stresses and strains that lead to deterioration of our physical and mental health, listed below are 10 simple tips on the ways to keep yourself healthy at body and mind even as you age. You may be sure of instant results if you follow these tips as a guide on your journey on the path to good health and to nurture yourself to keep fit and healthy in this rapidly changing world.

Routine health check up for keeping fit and healthy
Routine health check up for keeping fit and healthy | Source

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip1: Go for regular health check-ups

Go for an annual health check-up on a regular basis. Do not disregard your health either by referring time constraints or because you feel nothing is wrong with you. For women breast examination is a must. For those with detected problems do not delay to get important tests done from time to time relating to diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid.

Ways to stay healthy- give up smoking
Ways to stay healthy- give up smoking

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip2: Stop smoking

It has been told an umpteenth times that smoking is harmful for each and every organ of our body and that this habit has far reaching dreadful consequences. A report says that each year thousands of Americans die from serious lung disorder and heart attack caused by smoking. By giving up smoking you can improve not only your life but also the lives of so many other people around you. One report brings to light that children of smokers are almost three times as likely to smoke as children of non-smokers. Therefore, smokers need to make a vow to quit smoking at the earliest to stay healthy and save lives of people around them.

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip3: Avoid self medication

A lot has been said about emergence of antimicrobial resistance due to widespread self medication by us, which is making most viruses/bacteria immune to the antimicrobial medicines commonly used by us. We should, therefore, do our bit to halt the spread of antimicrobial resistance by taking medicines only when prescribed by doctors and desist from self medication.

Regular exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit
Regular exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip4 : Make Exercise a Daily Habit

The benefits of exercise, be it yoga or regular exercise, are endless. From losing weight and increasing bone density to elevating mood, decreasing feelings of pain and negative effects of stress as a result of release of endorphins during exercise and so on are the several benefits that are derived from exercise which help you to stay healthy and lead an improved life. Hence a daily exercise for 30-45 minutes is one of the most important ways to stay healthy and fit as it keeps diseases at bay and helps you to better manage your stresses and strains, the pitfalls of modern life.

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip5 : Spend more time outdoors

In today’s’ digital life, everyone needs to give his eyes and body a break from the computer or television screens which would enable him to return to his task refreshed and with renewed enthusiasm. Take a break and spend more time outdoors, play outdoor games, relax, have fun, take air and have exercise and feel the difference.

Tips to stay healthy - Eat and drink healthy
Tips to stay healthy - Eat and drink healthy | Source

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip6 : Eat and drink healthy

You will be surprised to see the amazing benefits of healthy eating to keep one younger and healthier. Ensure getting plenty of fibre in your daily foods and to take a balanced approach, which should be without intake of too much of any nutrient or too many calories. Have five servings of fruits and vegetables daily and ensure your each meal includes at least one high fibre food, which is nature’s own simple remedy against many deadly diseases. A balanced nutrition helps prevent and decrease signs of aging and as well as strengthen cardiovascular and the body's immune system.

Water helps wash out our systems of unwanted produce and toxins. Under normal conditions i.e. during a regular day of work or school indoors with moderate temperature and no special physical exercise, one should drink at least 3 litres of water daily and few refreshing healthy drinks like fresh fruit juices. You should spread out this consumption throughout the day. Avoid drinking water during a meal and make particularly sure to drink some quantity first thing in the morning. For those with drinking habit, cut down and limit your alcohol intake to twice a week.

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip7 : Take care for skin and hair

Keeping fit and healthy is not only about keeping your body in good state by healthy diet and exercise but also giving your skin and hair some special treatment for looking good, especially for the women. So get ready to pamper your skin by face-washes, suitable moisturizers, anti-aging products and so much more. For your hair health put on a deep-conditioning treatment and some oil messages.

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip8 : Aim at quality sleep.

A sound sleep at night is essential for a person’s health and well-being. If you have unbroken and peaceful sleep at night you will feel energetic and alert all day long, from the moment you wake up until your regular bedtime. So get yourself into the routine of at least seven hours sleep at night which is one of the most important ways to stay healthy and function at your best. Avoid having caffeinated drinks and alcohol before going to bed to have a quality sleep.

Learn to relax to stay healthy
Learn to relax to stay healthy

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip9 : Learn to relax

The stress and strains in today’s modern life lead to deterioration of our physical and mental health. Take a break from your busy schedule in a while and de-stress yourself by practicing breathing exercise combined with Yoga-Asana.

Build support network for good mental health
Build support network for good mental health

How to keep yourself healthy-Tip10 : Build own Support Network

We all need meaningful relationships with people around us who may be able to help for our mental peace. Start nurturing and strengthening your relationships you share with your family and friends who are loving and supportive and who inspire, encourage and help you to feel good about yourself.


I have only given here a list of the 10 best ways on how to keep yourself healthy, which are directly responsible for preventing major diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer related diseases etc. and increasing our number of years of health. But apart from these steps here is another vital word of advice for staying healthy and fit that can help you to keep in shape and live a longer life - studies have found that men and women with positive outlook and happy thoughts about heading into their advanced age live a longer healthier life by about 7 years!

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Brandon Spaulding 5 years ago from Yahoo, Contributor

Everyone needs tips to stay healthy no matter what your age. I like the idea of feeling empowered to stay healthy and fit. It think there are so many simple things like the ones you talk about in your article to keep healthy. Thanks for the hub. Voted up, useful, and interesting!

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radharenu 5 years ago from India Author

Hi, Brandon

Thanks for your well thought out comment.

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Verna MacKay 4 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

Hello. I like the layout of your page and the information that you provided which is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Continue writing. I am new to hub so I'm trying to learn all that I can.


radharenu profile image

radharenu 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Verna,

Thanks for your comment. Looking forward to read your interesting health hubs!


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Verna MacKay 4 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

Hi Radharenu: I like your article. It looks as if we are both on the same track. Great information.

Have a great day.!!!

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radharenu 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Verna,

Thank you for your comment. I am glad that there is someone like you who is showing great ways to stay healthy irrespective of age, through your beautiful hubs! Keep up your good works.

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