ways to be calm

Stick to the plan

Even if you are not able to .........don't worry we can plan again
Even if you are not able to .........don't worry we can plan again

tips to stay calm

Ways to relax

Life is full of surprises, that too take you by Storm if you don't understand it well,and Staying calm in those hard times is a Himalayan task for many of us, but if you can understand the few tips below staying calm is really easy.

Don't think everything will go smoothly and that nothing should go wrong.

Do recognise that life is full of ups and downs.It comes easier when you take it in your stride without expecting the impossible.

Don't think that everything is important and make mountains out of molehills.

Don't think that everything you do has to be perfect.

Do recognise expecting perfection in everything makes you nervous tension inside you. Just be content to do your best.

Don't think that nobody else can do it like you. Nobody is indispensable.

Don't think you can safely leave matters to the last minute.

Don't think people should read your mind without having things explained to them.

Do recognise that if you land in a mess you have only yourself to blame and it is no use getting upset about it.

Don't think you must always stick to your routine and do it on time. What point is there in becoming agitated when you are, for example, unavoidably held up by a caller?

Be adaptable. Stay good humoured.

Don't think you always know the best way and are always right.

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