Get Ready to Stop Smoking Now - Get Your Mind Ready

Using Herbal Alternative Cigarettes is Still Smoking

Tips on ways to quit smoking
Tips on ways to quit smoking

Smokers Quit by Being Totally Ready

Some people can quit cold-turkey and some can’t. Most can’t, it always takes several tries and a lot of mind conditioning for the general majority of people trying to quit smoking. You not only have to really want it enough to act on it, but you have to be ready to quit. If you’re not ready, it won’t happen no matter how much you want it. People are creatures of habit and changing life-long habits are difficult to change over night, or even over time.

Here are fifteen things to help you wrap your mind around the final commitment of quitting smoking. They’ve been tried and successful, although what works for one may not work for another. They aren’t written in stone, either, so make your own steps if your needs differ. A good idea is for the smoker to give two weeks to getting ready. That time can be shortened if you’re that ready, but lengthening it is only procrastinating. Make the commitment to get ready to quit, at least.

Get Ready to Stop Smoking Today

  1. Make a list of all the positive things about being smoke-free, like, you’ll smell better and your sense of smell will work better, etc.
  2. Make a separate list of all the negatives about smoking cigarettes, like, you’ll have bad breath forever, you’ll always have a telling cough, the bad health effects of smoking, your hair will always stink no matter what shampoo you use, etc.
  3. Look over these lists, and add to them if possible, every day. Think about them during the day while you’re working or doing other things.
  4. Make it uncomfortable to smoke, like, go outside no matter the weather. No fair getting into the car, either!
  5. Don’t take your cigarettes with you. If you’re not at home, you don’t smoke. This can take a big chunk out of your smoking, making you get used to smoking less.
  6. Buy the kind of cigarettes that you don’t like. If they taste bad to you, you might smoke less of them.
  7. Every time you crave a smoke in the first week, make yourself wait fifteen more minutes before you light up. The second week make yourself wait thirty minutes. You’ll find that two hours can slip by while you’re waiting for that fifteen or thirty minutes to pass. It’s a great way to cut back.
  8. Don’t smoke a whole cigarette. Smoke only half of it, then put it out. You’ve had enough to satisfy your craving and you don’t need the extra smoke in your lungs.
  9. Every morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say how stupid it is to smoke and what it does to you. Tell yourself, "Smoking can kill you!" Think about this throughout the day, too. Also think about how much others hate the smoke.
  10. Devise a distraction of replacement for oral activity, like, using suckers or chewing gum. Pop one in your mouth when the craving hits you and you can last a lot longer between smokes. Smoking withdrawal symptoms include gaining weight, so be careful you don't eat too much.
  11. Change bad habits, like, smoking while you drive or talk on the phone. If you don’t take the cigarettes with you, you’ll be driving without them, but at home, don’t pick up the phone and your lighter anymore.
  12. Create a support system for yourself for when you actually commit to stopping for good. Just like any addiction withdrawal, there’s a strong emotional side effect to it, and having someone you can vent to is quite helpful. Someone you can call at a moment’s notice if you need to talk or need to be talked out of having a smoke.
  13. For every pack of cigarettes you buy, stow away an equal amount of money, making it more expensive to smoke. Use both your self control and your free will to control the urge to buy a pack if you can’t afford to stash away the extra dough. Later, after you’ve quit, you can buy something real nice with that money. You’ll also be amazed at how much cash you’ve saved up; smoking is expensive even if you only pay for one pack at a time.
  14. Tell everyone; family members, co-workers, friends; anyone you talk to regularly that you're going through nicotine cessation. They’ll likely ask you for updates and give you encouragement, making it harder for you to let them down. They're your smoking cessation support.
  15. This one is just as important as the decision to quit, itself, is. You have to know that it’s not only hard, but uncommon for someone to quit completely on the first try. Studies show that it’s common for someone to try six to eight times before they succeed forever. If you slip, so what, you slipped. It doesn’t make you a smoker again unless you keep smoking. So simply stop and continue to try to quit.

These are good ideas to train you mentally to be ready and cut down at the same time. Smoking cessation is the ultimate commitment to your self betterment and you will never regret you did it.


  • Don’t get discouraged, it’s hard for everyone.
  • Keep trying, it’s important.
  • If you fall off the ‘wagon’ then get right back on and continue on.

Good luck!

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efeguy 6 years ago

great hub.hope those smoking will follow this tips and quit smoking?nice work sandy

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johncimble 4 years ago from Bangkok

great hub!

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