Strength Training For Overweight Teens With Chalean Extreme

Strength Training for Overweight Teens

We have all heard the news reports about the obesity epidemic in America. The media urges everyone to eat a healthy diet and exercise. Because of our busy lives in this day and age, it may be difficult to fit in a workout in addition to studying or working. Nonetheless, we know that somehow this must be addressed, but what are we to do?

What if working out could be something you look forward to as much as your favorite TV show or talking to friends on your Facebook page? Chalene Johnson has a solution. She is the energetic, spunky and fun fitness guru who developed the TurboJam Cardio Party, TurboJam Booty Sculpt, TurboJam Total Body Blast, and TurboJam Kickin' Core which all give amazing results.

Chalene is about to release her latest workout designed to burn calories, melt the pounds away and get you into terrific shape. What's more is the workout is a lot of fun. The Chalean Extreme Workout Program uses strength training to build lean muscle which turns on the fat burning engine in your body. The workout will help you achieve the level of fitness you've always wanted.

You might be wondering what strength training is. Strength training is a form of resistance training. Resistance training requires that your muscles be pushed beyond their normal limits until they reach overload. This might sound like a bad thing, but it really isn't. In fact, overload is where you want to take your muscles to ramp up your fitness to a new level. When you reach muscle overload, they are broken down. Gradually, the muscles recover and rebuild themselves, but they are not the same as before. Now they are stronger and your body looks different. Your body has a more athletic, toned and lean look than before you began the program. Strength training also increases your endurance. You will have the energy and strength to participate in more activities like sports or other things you enjoy. Here's the added benefit: the increase in muscle mass allows you to burn fat, causing you to drop those extra pounds!

The Chalean Extreme Workout Routine is divided into three, 30-day phases; burn, push and lean. The ‘burn' phase trains the muscles to correctly do the moves from start to finish. Chalene challenges you to ‘burn' your way to muscle failure. You're there when the correct form of the move is lost when you attempt to do it. How many reps does it take to reach this threshold? Some people require more repetitions of the moves than others. It depends on the individual, as well as the moves themselves. Chalene makes them challenging, but attainable so that you can have the confidence to succeed.

Chalene Johnson has achieved remarkable results with this program. If you put in the time and effort, your end result could be a fit, strong body with those extra pounds gone! This is just one of many ways to lose extra pounds. If the stats are correct, then the likely hood of you being over weight is huge. Even if you go for a walk around your block once a day, do something and it will help you to lose those extra pounds.

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noneofurbusiness 7 years ago

does this girl know that there is a photo up of her like this?! SO NOT RIGHT!!!

ufgcom profile image

ufgcom 7 years ago from Florida Author

Well the great thing is, she will probably NEVER know her picture is on here and no one really knows who she is ;)

? Person 6 years ago

Hi, I'm almost 13 and I am about 25 pounds overweight. I have tried a lot to stay healthy, but am having lots of trouble. I do pointe dancing and my toes are in lots of excess pain because I am overweight. I dance two nights a week and I was wondering if you could give me tips or advice or a diet. Thanks!

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