Stress Busters - Reduce Stresses

Stress Busters

You’re late for work but your baby is crying, another kid refuses to wake up, the Kettle boiling sound from kitchen………
Your office table full of unfinished work,a new job come again and the phone ringing every minutes……
Here have some tips to reduce your stress……

1. Take a very deep and slow breaths

Our bodies can easily calms down by the deep and slow breaths.
Deep and slow breaths able to lower down our stress, blood pressure and pulse rate. So when you feel stressed, please close your eyes and made deep and slow breathing, in and out from the abdomen.

2. Focus and Action on now

Let go the past and pay full attention to the present.
Rather than concerning about the next appointment or issue, direct your full efforts towards on your most immediate issue.

3. Schedule some “COFFEE” Time

In the busyness of the daily life, we need to schedule some “COFFEE” time.
“COFFEE” time is necessary mainly because it provide us the opportunity for us to sort our thoughts and also to relax.
So, go for a “COFFEE” when you feel stresses.

4. Learn to Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine for reduce stresses and also boost the body’s immune system.
So when you start feel frazzled or pressured,
Just picture something ridiculous that is bound to make you laugh, thinking of something funny or funny memories that’s happened to you.

5. Learn to Meditate

Practicing just half an hours of meditation a day to help us to increases blood flow, slows down the heart rate and relax your mind.
To get into the mood, do also play some relaxation music during meditation.

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ilitek profile image

ilitek 5 years ago

it came at the right time.i am stress out.

GT Ooi profile image

GT Ooi 5 years ago from Penang, Malaysia

Sound very familiar, stress! stress! stress! no. 1 killer today. Coffee is good but can easily get addicted

Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 5 years ago from India

Some simple tips - run around burn off some energy, try to fall asleep,talk on the phone, play on the computer, or just sit and relax like a bubble bath or girly stuff.

My Footprints profile image

My Footprints 5 years ago from MY

Too many things to juggle, stuff to attention to and what not can easily eat into us. Trick is to take it easy and breathe deeply when everything is so overwhelming. Or re-prioritize.

beginners-dslr profile image

beginners-dslr 5 years ago from Malaysia

Thanks for the stress-busting ideas! Agree that the laughter is a great stress-busting formula as it is doubly contagious and can help to relax our tense muscles as well as achieve the results meant out of the situation.

bjtutu profile image

bjtutu 5 years ago from Malaysia

At the time when I stress out, i will tried to get something to laugh at, especially for during traffic jam. It works for me. Thanks for sharing.

doubleH profile image

doubleH 5 years ago from Singapore Author

thanks everybody....

ilitek / GT Ooi / My Footprints / beginners-dslr / bjtutu, let's go for a "COFFEE" time...^^

idex231 profile image

idex231 5 years ago from MY

Learn to laugh is important for stress relief. Able to just laugh at ourselves sometime help bring the stress level down. Thanks for sharing!

doubleH profile image

doubleH 5 years ago from Singapore Author

idex231, laugh can bring more oxygen to the brain and blood cells alleviating the symptoms of stress.

Jacinta104 profile image

Jacinta104 5 years ago from Penang

Yes, today's world is a very stress out world. Knowing how to de-stress is really important. Thanks for this great article.

martinyz profile image

martinyz 5 years ago

All are good ways to relieve stress.

henrygogoals profile image

henrygogoals 5 years ago from Singapare

I like "3. Schedule some “COFFEE” Time". My ideal stress busters is retire full from work like my mentor, Mr. Alvin.

doubleH profile image

doubleH 5 years ago from Singapore Author

henry, I like "COFFEE" time too......

calvinlau88 profile image

calvinlau88 5 years ago from Malaysia

good info

mrcan profile image

mrcan 5 years ago from Malaysia

Learn how to work under pressure without working under tension. This is possible if you have periodic breaks in your activities.

profile image

learn4ever 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing the stress buster tips. Need 2 remember to smile and laugh :D when under stress. P.S. totally agree with Henry on his ideal stress buster.

profile image

abacus2000bc 5 years ago

Stress, please go away. I know how to handle you with these useful tips. Thanks doubleH.

klyyong profile image

klyyong 5 years ago

Listen to music is my way out. You could give a try. If nothing works on you, talk to somebody.

umakeit profile image

umakeit 5 years ago

Your tips are good and it will help in our quest to reduce stress that we face in daily life. Thanks for sharing.

profile image

happyyeo 5 years ago

Stress can affect our health, we have to learn the ways to reduce stress. Watch comedy movies can reduce stress also. Thanks for sharing.

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