Living With Stress and Anxiety - Tips & Advice

Are you under stress? If so..

Here are 5 tips that will help you to control your Stress levels throughout the day.

1)Most importantly you must take the responsiblity and accept that you are suffering from stress. Sometimes there is a fine line between stress and depression. If you are unsure which one of these you are suffering from then please visit the following site.

You need to identify why it is that you are feeling stressed? The most common cause of stress is work and money. If work is making you feel stressed then try this link

2) Acohol can be a fantastic relief from stress. However this will only be a temporary stress relief and help you to forget for a little while. In the long term this do will do more damage than good. You should avoid acohol and nicotine as these will lead to dependance. To relieve stress you could take up a hobbie. My studies show than men who go fishing generally suffer less stress. Why not learn how to fish?

3) It is important to get plenty of sleep. Sometimes stress can lead to insomnia. You should search for tips on sleeping to help you with these. You are advised not to nap during the day as this will make it harder for your body to know when it should sleep properly. Avoid Caffeine before bedtime.

4) Maintaining a healthy diet is also important. It is surprising what eating correctly can do for you.

5) Make time to have fun and spend time with your family. Don't keep things bottled in.. have someone that you can share your emotions with.


  Sometimes the understanding of your stress is enough to remove half of it. Knowing why you feel the way you do and knowing how to deal with it can make stress so much easier to handle. Heres some wonderful books that could really help out.  ----->


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