Work stress drives me crazy...

...i need to breathe

There are times when i hate living this life when i have to get up at 6 and prepare myself to work. Been living most of my life working since i finished from college in 1988 and had it not been for my family i think i wouldn't want to survive all these years of struggles, stress and pain in my lifestory.

I worked for a supposedly multi-national company that runs with etiquette, company procedures and standards observed well all over the other regions except where i am. Call it fate or simply bad luck. Been struggling for four years trying to get along with a condensed management team of 8 people whereby, my part represents doing 4-parts of the whole, not to add the "dossiers" of uncalled for lazy, unreasonable and stupid demands, complaints and "ungrateful" comments quite often. You do a good job, nobody even says "thank you" miss completing a job out of 100 task you have just done and u get all the "barkings" that bite the flesh and heart out of you and all you can do is cry.

I used to come in the morning filled with hope for a better day, love for what i do, and prayers for "demons" around to stay off from least for the day. i know its not good to complain, but sometimes it just drains me and i bleed from angst...pain, hatred...and i cant help but curse in a way, and i know it is wrong but i am only human.

There are days i wish i haven't changed from my old job. i was working just the same hours, but at least i only have to do what i am supposed to do based on my job description. I've been working as an exec. secretary and i believe i have only one boss who must give me orders...but not like the same i am into now where i have to perform half of the job titles of your whole organizational chart, more so...with very complicated, unreasonable, demanding "b" & (some) colleagues like mine ;'(

I know i am a multi-tasker, i know i'm adaptable, easy to learn...organized...accomplishes jobs on time like a superhero, but i am only ONE :( i have two hands, ten fingers, ears to listen and take calls, a mouth to speak and give replies...and a terminally distorted, stressed & worn out brain).

But i am a person, i have a heart...i don't need to be sick with severe hypertension again because of stress from insensible and ungrateful people around and let my health deteriorate and sadden my family. i don't mind working long hours, type a lot of letters to the embassies, certificates, emails, summaries, collate reports and payrolls, summon maintenance here or there, locate people, get the files, scan the files, answer phone calls, do bookings, changing bookings every now and then...cover truths and speak some lies sometimes (as instructed), stay still and do everything when almost half of the staff are enjoying taking their vacation or emergency leaves...with no replacements and enjoying their perks.

As one famous commercial says "Yes, You can!!!" well...I know i can!!! I CAN DO ALL THINGS, but PLEASE...don't STRESS ME MORE AND MORE with countless blames & ingratitude saying..."you're not doing your job well" because if so, TERMINATE ME please, as i don't need more STRESSSSSSS!!!

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angela martinez67 profile image

angela martinez67 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

@cinia...thanks gF, i know we all are great m0mmas ;) @ernie, salamat po for taking time to visit and for all the sign language...*toinkkk! love u guys!!!

ernie 5 years ago

Wink, hello, and toink!

Cinia Ocampo 5 years ago

Awe ... Well , no wonder your such a very strong and Brilliant Momma ... But see ! you still have the smiling face despite those challenges ! Nice one Gf ! mwoah !

angela martinez67 profile image

angela martinez67 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

hi again nia :) i really appreciate u taking and giving me bits n' pieces of ur own sad experience & advices. wish i would learn the art of loving & appreciating myself first & foremost more than anything else in this mad world we live so that nothing won't ever upset and stress me that much. *wink..

NiaLee profile image

NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

I feel you, cutlures treat people, subordinates, and ladies differently!!! I actually had a family like that! I've distanced myself, healed myself and now am coming back gently and every time somebody crossed the line (which didn't happen often), I remind them that I don't accept this kind of treatment in a short, straight and strong way...always the iron hand in the velvet glove! Love yourself, make moments of happiness for yourself (music, sports, discussions, movies, etc...) and keep that happiness, that strength within anywahere you go and anything you do. Beware that emotions should not control you, try to take some distance, meditation is great for that.

angela martinez67 profile image

angela martinez67 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

hi nialee :) thank u so much for ur time reading on my hub and feeling my misery. i do agree about most of the things that u said, and i know that to change my job is the real solution to the problem as these issues will never go away. i'm the only girl in this group of people and i feel that instead of being pampered in a way,as i'm the "only rose among the thorns", well sad to say i belong to self-centered, selfish, lazy and inconsiderate people comprising of different nationality ( i need mention tho') and different religions. i do try to act positively and do reverse psychology but these do not work at times and i still end up losing my patience...and afraid to lose my sanity at times. however, reality is that life is really hard these days and its not easy finding another job. thank u so much for ur concern, and ur points and advices are well taken. i wish and pray to get over with my current tight situation and am planning to move on...quit my job and maybe try some place else where my worth will be much appreciated.

NiaLee profile image

NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

Dear Angela.

you definitely do right to let the anger out so you can release some stress. After that, take some distance and look at the situation, you have to ways to solve the issue: get your company to treat you differently or get a better job. I mean a job with a better environment because you are the priority and the most important thing in all that, so you need to make a better life for yourself. Now, when it comes to dealing with those kind of people, kill them with love and have some fyun. Have you seen the show Ally Mc Beal? Yes, that is what I used to do when I had a boss that was crazy jealous and a staff of lazy ungrateful dishonest liers!!! Yes she used to follow me to the bathroom thinking I would steal her old not handsome at all boyfriend by sneaking to the front desk when I had a whole comfortable office I loved and a job I loved even more! I used to bring them spiritual poetry. When, they went to the extent of stealing my reading glasses, stealing a credit card and tried to point at other people... I brought them the ten commandments!!!

Ok, you may not go as far as that one some may jump thfought the window(lol), but youneed to change you in the company or change position, or change company. Maybe another branch, maybe another position, maybe another company...or a new improved happy stainless steal complaint proof Angela. Remeber you are precious and your health and happiness are important.

You cfould talk to your boss and tell him/her that you love your job but you need this and that kind of things to be able to keep on performing great and even better. Love to you and know that there is always a way: improvement of change. Take care... you have the cards in your hands girl!


PS a few things to do to relax:

1 meditate

2 exercise (yoga is great and benefits bodymind)

3 build healthy meaningful relationship

Take care of your precious self

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