Suffering Loss

Sufferring Loss

This was an awful day,when i lost my Mum

from head to toe,all i felt was numb.

people walking by,saying their sorries,

all i could think of was my own personal worries.

time stood still, hardly a minute passed,

visions of my Mum,through my head they passed.

Times gone by so happy so content,

life ripped away,was it really meant.

one minute talking,having such fun

immediately afterward, the rising of the sun.

i sat at the corner,just after she died

the world looked still,that morning i cried.

no cars would pass,no people would walk by

my tears would glisten in the bright day sky.

went to my best friend,to give him the bad news

all he could express where his heartfelt views.

it was nice the company i had those first few hours

time passed slightly faster,those first few hours.

the day started so lonely,so bright and so sad

at the end of the day,i still felt as bad.

i knew it would be a long time,till i could smile before i cry

ten years later,i smile before i cry.

Poetry Section

this poem i originally wrote the day my Mum died.

It is how i felt at the moment and on the day she died.i have added very little to it since the first draft.i hope you enjoy it.

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donna bamford profile image

donna bamford 7 years ago from Canada

Very moving. Very well expressed.

Garimaa profile image

Garimaa 2 years ago from Kathmandu,Nepal

You've expressed it really well.

bigj1969 profile image

bigj1969 2 years ago from glasgow Author

Thanks Garimaa for the comment,much appreciated.

colorfulone profile image

colorfulone 2 years ago from Minnesota

I did enjoy reading how you expressed how you felt on that day your Mom died. It made me wonder how it will be the day my, adorable Mom passes away.

bigj1969 profile image

bigj1969 2 years ago from glasgow Author

Thanks colorfulone for the was a horriffic time in my life, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

dreamaserve profile image

dreamaserve 23 months ago from London, Great Britain

That's a beautiful poem.

bigj1969 profile image

bigj1969 23 months ago from glasgow Author

Thanks Dreamaserve for the kind comment.

QC_1983 profile image

QC_1983 20 months ago from Cleveland, OH

Great hub. I can relate to this all to well because I lost my mom 3 years ago this month. It still hurts not having her around but what gets me through is not mourning her death but celebrating her life.

bigj1969 profile image

bigj1969 20 months ago from glasgow Author

Thanks QC1983 for the comment,it does hurt for a long time,but it does get slightly less painful as the years go by.hope your ok my friend.

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