Sugar Coated Shell On The Outside, Hides a Soft Center Inside

Wow kids, I think we are M&M's. Yeah, yeah....sure there are a select few out there who would like you to believe that the hard shell coating is who they really are, but I would have to call 'bullshit' because I've seen plenty of these "hard shells" when they first started coming around. And I got to tell ya, I remember the scared, cowering children they were when they were bruised, battered and defeated.

Strangely they grow a little confidences, a bit of knowledge and an outer shell. Suddenly >poof< they are Super Recovery (insert echo effect). I can't tell you how annoyed I get regarding this subject. I've personally shown many kindness, compassion, and I do express a less than 'mainstream view' I meet many who are thankful because I treat people the way I wish to be treated. Oddly, many of these 'thankful people' forget the kindness, compassion, and directness that they were shown, and bash the next newbie, relapser, or the hybrid (the newbie relapser) Some forgetting when it was them in that same position, many have been, and cried for kindness, and compassion.

Now some feel they are so mighty and strong. Forgetting that they too needed to reach out, or a place to crash, or something warm in their stomaches. Some of have watched the growth and we have not forgotten who you were. Because we have been there too. Hopefully not forgetting the beginning, the roots to the recovery held close but willing to let others share. I believe you don't need a tough outer shell...Didn't we have that shell when we were actively using.

Peel it away, learn to be yourself, and feel like being human....Show others kindness, compassion, and guidence...Let them feel welcome, wanted, and that they belong. Most of all give recovery a good name, by being the best example of living.

Cream "I'm So Glad" (the 2005 reunion)

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