Swine flu and homeopathy

H1N1 Cure with homeopathy

Homeopathy has always proved its mettle for various epidemic disorders, be it hay fever or flu. If we see back, homeopathic remedies were proved amazingly successful to treat the flu epidemic way back in 1918. As with other diseases, homeopathy here too believes in the individualistic approach to patients with symptoms of flu. Therefore, depending upon the symptomatology, the medicine may at times differ from person to person. 

What are the major medicines used?

However, considering the common symptoms, there are certain remedies that a homeopath would prescribe and Gelsemium tops the list. Homeopathy even does not believe in vaccination against flu epidemic and believes in treating the patients with appropriate remedies that match their symptoms. Even during Spanish flu epidemic in 1918, the major remedies used were Bryonia and Gelsemium, with wonderful results.

Symptomatic treatment and convalescence:

There is absolutely no need of pain killers (analgesics) and antipyretic remedies other than the properly selected homeopathic medicines depending upon the symptoms. It is also true that after the symptoms of flu subside after a few days, the person becomes weak to handle even the day to day chores. During this convalescent period, certain homeopathic remedies like China work wonders to bring back normalcy to life. Also certain biochemic remedies are useful during this period like Kali phos and Calcarea phos.  

Auxiliary Treatment:

Remember swine flu spreads through close contacts. Avoiding crowded placed during epidemic is the best solution to avoid possible outbreak in your vicinity. Take care to entertain utmost hygiene and consume clean safe food. Rest during febrile period and also during convalescence will help you recover faster.  

Strengthen your immune system:

Remember whatever the infection is, it occurs due to weakened immune system. Therefore, opt for homeopathic consultation even after the flu episode is over, whether it is swine flu or else. The constitutional medicine given by expert doctor will definitely help you tackle all future possibilities of catching such infections and lead a healthier life! 


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