Synsepalum Dulcificum: The Miracle Berry


For years people have heard rumors about a "Miracle Berry" that turns sour foods into sweet foods. The truth is that this berry does exist and actually has a long history of use in Africa and Asia. It is possible to get tablet forms of the berry today to check this out yourself, although they can be hard to find and may be costly. Attempts to offer this product on a wide commercial level in the United States haven't panned out so well over the years so this tends to be a niche product that not many people ever end up trying out.

History of The Miracle Berry

It is believed that the Miracle Berry was first discovered in the early eighteenth century although it is possible that it was used long before that in the area where it was discovered. An explorer documented its use at this time because it was found to be so interesting. A tribe in West Africa would regularly consume the fruit prior to eating other foods in order to enhance the flavor of those other foods.

How The Miracle Berry Works

Basically, the Miracle Berry binds to the tongue in a really unique way. When it does this, the taste of other foods consumed after the berry are altered. The most common change that is cited is that sour foods are made to taste sweet. This change is most pronounced when the berry is smeared to coat the tongue and the tongue is allowed to absorb it. It may be diminished when the fruit is taken with liquid. The effect of the berry on the tongue tends to last 1-2 hours but is most noticeable shortly after consuming the fruit.

Possible Uses for the Miracle Berry

Many people like the idea of the Miracle Berry as a diet food. People crave the taste of sweet foods but don't actually want to consume the calories and sugar that are in those foods because of health problems and weight gain associated with eating too much sugar. The belief by these people is that consuming the Miracle Berry would allow them to get the taste of sweet foods without the problems related to eating sugar. This belief hasn't been widely tested.

Miracle Berry in the United States

The Miracle Berry was introduced to the United States in the 1970's after discovery by globetrotting hippies who were bringing home bits of Eastern culture from various parts of the world. There was strong interest in this food at the time and there may have been a strong market for a commercial product made from the fruit. However, attempts to market such a product didn't ever get off the ground. There are many theories as to why this was the case (including conspiracy theories about the sugar industry's fears that this product could take away their business) but it is unclear what the real reason is that this product was never successfully launched.

Using Miracle Berry Today

The Miracle Berry is most commonly found today in Asia. It is possible to purchase this product through online channels in its tablet form. Those people who decide to do this should follow instructions carefully to get the best results. This includes making sure to coat the tongue with the tablet rather than just consuming the tablet as it's the plant's effect on the tongue that causes the flavor-changing properties to occur.

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JohnBee 8 years ago

Thanks for this great article! Great information!

Annette Rozen profile image

Annette Rozen 8 years ago

Funny cuz someone just told me about this last week and asked me to research it for a hub - i guess now i dont have to! She actually was interested in it because she cant stand the sour taste of yogurt, but really wished she would eat it for the health benefits. Im sure there are countless benefits to the berry that as it becomes popularized, will be discovered over time.

John 8 years ago

miracle berry tablets are all over the internet now

Jack 8 years ago

This really is amazing, I got some Miracle Fruit tabs and tried them with all sorts of sour foods (used this list: Freaky!

miracleberryfruit 7 years ago

Cool info.

Theres an awesome article on growing miracle berry at

Zach 7 years ago

Interesting, I was acctually doing some reasearch on it because I wanted to grow this plant. The only thing is, I cannot find what zone it grows in! Do you know, or do you know where I can buy seeds/plants?

caredy profile image

caredy 7 years ago

i think it was the miracle berry use in one of medicines that i had take. It was called "Goji Juice" i don't think if it's familiar to you. but the one who's selling me said that it was now in the worldwide. But yes, i agree that it was really a miracle berry because it really heals me it makes me younger than ever.

Hope to know where should i find those plants. I love to have it.

craftybegonia profile image

craftybegonia 5 years ago from Southwestern, United States

Never heard of this fruit before. Thanks for the article.

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