Health Supplements for the Elderly

I'm not going to endorse it, but to me it seems like a good idea. According to a new study, a pill to extend life is in the works. As it stands now there is a drug that when administered to mice extends their life span.

Wouldn't that be nice? Some people might argue that prolonging life should only be done through diet and exercise staying positive and laughing. I am in that boat. However, it also seems to make sense that taking a pill to extend life could ultimately be a good idea . . . sometimes.

The person who has hardly any quality of life would be hard pressed to even sticking around a little longer. Youth is not dependent on birthdays. Youth is a state of mind and body. A pill to supplement an already healthy lifestyle is ideal. It means we can enjoy a good quality of life longer than without it. Let's be honest here, living longer, but unhealthy can raise the cost of medicare and medicaid, and other insurance.

Aging in a healthy way, with exercise and wellness habits allows us to be happier longer, love more, and influence the next generations. After all, the elderly have worked too hard not to leave the earth in good hands.

So, a pill to prolong life? The magical anti aging pill of the future? Is is a good idea? A bad idea? Ethical? Practical? Would you want an anti aging pill to supplement healthy living and activity? Should there be another solution? Who should take the anti aging pill? Who shouldn't? Should we even prolong life? What would this anti aging pill have to do to make it worth your while?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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jxb7076 profile image

jxb7076 7 years ago from United States of America

Aging is a gradual, yet progressive multi-factor process involving both genetic and non-genetic factors. The rate at which people age, in most cases are dependent on several aging and anti-aging forces such as the presence of - or absence of free radicals in the system. It will also take into consideration the unhealthy diet, lifestyle, smoking, environmental pollution, emotional stability, physical and mental stress, self confidence, etc..

I don't think any pill can modulate these factors which are unique to the indivisual. Therefore, in my opinion an anti-aging pill would most likely boost one's energy and play on the subsconscience while prolonging the envitable. The body is designed to rejuvinate itself through a healthy diet, excercise, and proper rest. A pill will most likely alter this natural process resulting in damage cells and weaker muscles. So while the individual may live longer the quality of life may suffer tremendously.

Of course our solution to this would be stem cell replacement. Oh well.....

Great information and thanks for sharing.

Arpad Szekeres 6 years ago

I was a nurse once and saw what actually happens when people

treat a disease with pills and injections ,the treated patient poisons their neighbors with their breath and neurotoxins they release it is called second hand poisoning one way or other now that first observation was

26 years ago then i came to US the land of encyclopedia and saw real action on my own skin lucky i was ,the gift of discerning the spirits helped to fix my problems as they came one after another,My final word regarding this pills is poisonous to your neighbour.To back up this statment for

the kids sake i give one example;Take for example the pain reliever (blocker) epidural procedure it does help ladies

relieve temporary pain and creates 1000 other pains in the future ,This blocker when gets into ladies it changes the genes and tells the body that need mercury to fight back this blocker since the cells were not instructed that this is just temporary pain reliever.Now the body produces the most deadliest neurotoxine and to prove the point 2-3 weeks later some family members lose body parts or even die since

mercury has remote control capability distance no problem.

kids develope autism and half brain block,now the husband

becomes dad i mean(dead) in short his brain is full fills

this toxin when the lady approches him the dick dies ED arrived ,now behind the block is the 1000 miseries that i

reserved to tell another time i hope one day u ask if the pill selfish or good for all,or take a little pain when the future of your kids is at stake or ask the FDA if tested

the second hand relases

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