Take the First Step to Lose Weight

The Importance of Patience

Losing weight is an endeavor that takes awhile. Some people are discouraged by the length of time it takes to lose weight. This is because people find it hard to have patience. Yet patience is behind most of the great successes of life. It is easier to stay enthusiastic over the long haul when the goal is set up properly.

Do You Have a Weight Loss Dream?

It is very helpful to have a weight loss dream. This can be very inspiring and help you get to the motivation you need. It is a fact that nothing is achieved without motivation. The dream can be as marvelous and inspiring as you would like. Why not go ahead and dream very big? This big dream will cause you to feel great excitement.

Break the Dream Down Into Sub-Goals

In order to achieve a large goal it is best to divide the goal into sub-goals. Small goals that are systematically arranged are easier to achieve than one large weight loss goal. As you reach each goal, you will feel excitement to reach the next. As you carry on in order, you will feel more and more successful. The feeling of success is what is exciting and causes you to have more enthusiasm for your plan.

How Many Sub-Goals Do You Need?

Only you can know how many sub-goals you need. It should not be a prohibitively high number or you will get overwhelmed. You definitely want to stay out of the emotional state of overwhelm if at all possible, as it yields counterproductive results. The number of sub-goals should not be too long or the overall goal will take too long to reach. Use discretion when setting up the sub- goals and a healthy dose of common sense.

What About Weight Loss Rewards?

Rewards are intrinsic to motivation. Perhaps the weight loss and the better health would be a motivation unto itself. It would likely feel so great to just get healthier. If not, then you should give yourself rewards like new clothes or special outings.

New healthier behavior like eating well should be rewarded. If you have a weight loss dream then break that goal down into sub-goals so as to not become overwhelmed. Decide how many small steps it will take. Remember to reward yourself for weight loss and staying on your plan.

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