Take care of Yourself by changing attitude


Taking care???

This world now seems to be Too Busy .

If you ask anyone , their reply may be NO TIME..

Where is time. Whether anything changed??.

Leave everything. just concentrate on our personnal health. Thee is nothing important if we are sick.

So take care of our health before anything happens.

1. Get care when You are ill

When we are ill , try to take care of ourself. Because if we left that assault, then the desease will increase and make empty our pocket. Sometime this may took our life oo.

Due to this our environment , our dfamily members may feel unhappy.

to make them always happy first we need to be happy always.

2.Keep Our Body clean

The second most useful tip is KEEPING OUR BODY CLEAN ALWAYS.

If you are talking with a stranger or a needed person , if they are tidy with their dress and bosy, what you feel???

The same thing will happen when you are in a tidy SHOw.

Keeping our body clean not only increases the helath , but also the visible appearence in the community.

Be polite

3.Preserving our Teeth

If you brush twice a day then i will assure that no teeth problems will affect you.

Try to use tongue cleaner to clean your tongue. you may not know about how your tongue looks , but others feel it.

If you missed to brush due to busy time, then get a bottle of water and make a soft teeth cleaning using water alone and using FINGERS as Brush.

EaT Properly

We are living in this world to Say Thanks to God and Pray to him.

He gave us Food to live.

Many of the peoples are not getting any food daily. But we have it. Please eat food properly when ever you need. It will keep our health in good condition. Don't waste the food. Why you through a food when you don't need, So keep our foods prepared only for our need.

Don't go further extra. It will surely go to Recycle Bin

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