Taking Care of Our Seniors; A Duty and an Honor

One of the most amazing things, and probably one of the most annoying things about being adolescent, is the capacity to think only of the here and now. Adolescents enjoy a life of living in the moment, not worrying too much about what will happen tomorrow or next year.

But more and more, I see the middle aged demographic thinking like an adolescent. It baffles me, but even more than that, it worries me.

I have begun to see a selfishness surface that I believed was supposed to be buried at this age. I hear men and women say;

‘It’s my turn now. I’m taking care of me.’

I don’t see anything wrong with that actually, so long as you’re not shirking responsibility in the meantime. But that’s where I am recognizing a shift in our collective consciousness. For some reason or another, we have decided that ‘our turn’ excludes our duty to our Seniors.

This issue has come to the forefront of my mind for one big reason.

My parents have recently moved my grandparents in with them so they can have the comfort and help they need as they move into old age. When my grandmother voiced concerns of being a burden to my parents, my mother’s response was what really got me thinking. And her response went a little something like this;

‘I don’t think that while you were raising me for 18 years and putting up with me and sacrificing yourself for my well-being that you thought of it as a burden, did you? You took care of me mom, and now its my turn to take care of you.’

Well, that just about sums it up, doesn’t it? If we could all think that way, I believe our Seniors would be able to grow old in comfort and dignity.We have forgotten, conveniently, that we will all grow old. We will all be in the same situation as our Seniors someday and will want to be treated with respect.

It is amazing to me that we disrespect the men and women who fought a horrible war and who sacrificed so much for us to live in the free country we live in today.

We work, live, eat and love in our world at this moment because of the courage and determination of our Seniors. How did we forget that? And when will we turn it around?

Our Seniors deserve better. Taking care of our Seniors should be an honor and nothing less.

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Dad 7 years ago

Hi Megs

Just read your hub. Good article. Glad you guys got home OK. How is everyone? Just phoned home to get Mom and grandparents to read your article.

Love you


mom/dad 7 years ago

hi megan: loved what you wrote. taking care of mom and helping dad is not a chore. it's a stretching experience for all of us. i'm learning how to behave with propriety and they are learning to deal with the loss of a lot of independence. it's harder for them i believe than for us. we are experiencing a lot of enjoyment having them around.

love, mom.

Uncle Fletcher 7 years ago

Thanks Megan. Your Mom and Dad deserve our support and admiration. Thanks for articulating it.

Sarah 7 years ago

I totally agree. Somewhere in our 'new' North American culture these values have disappeared. Anywhere else I seem to travel - the younger generation values their elders with utmost respect - their opinions are listened to & have merit. I can't (don't) even think twice about letting an older lady go in front of me in line (here in Kuwait) - no mattter how long I've been waiting(!) The irony is that no one seems to realize this until they themselves are older and by this time the loved ones they have neglected are gone & it's too late. Where would be without the generations before us? People need to consider that before hastily dismissing the voices of anyone older than themselves.

Thanks Megs!

DoodleLyn profile image

DoodleLyn 7 years ago from Upstate New York, USA

Kudos to your wonderful parents, and to you for your support. If only more people felt this way about our elderly population, instead of thinking of them as burdens. Blessings!

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