Taking Charge of my life

The day I took charge of my life is when I had my first child in my teen-years. At that moment I knew I didn't want my child to grow-up in poverty-stricken environmentment as I did,but then my  mother got sick. That Was another responsibility for me, still in my teen-years helping my father and taking care of my mother. My father was the sole provider who was bringing in a salary that supported the whole family. There were times when  my siblings and I went to bed and I would see an unsettle look on his face. During my mother's sickness he would try to put on his happy for all of us. My siblings were too young to really see the true expression he had on his face. Because I was the oldest of them, I knew. My father would gather all of us in one room to discuss how mother's health was going to affect everyone in the house including hin. For one thing, if he didn't find someone to keep her until he got of work or returned home from school about 3:15 p.m., he would have to quit his job and we would have to get on welfare, we couldn't buy the basic necessities from month to month and still have enough money to buy groceries. The other option was to get someone with patience, understanding and also with compassion to handle my mother's situation wiTh her healTh. He also had get someone he can afford. That was a big responsibility for a person, but she would have enjoyed her work as sitter. That weekend, be began his search for a sitter. His family and mother's family were first to help, which they repiied they would do their best to help us out,but you know we worked alot. They recommend a lady. She came highly recommended with all the qualities my father was looking for. He called the lady as soon as he finished talking to both families, then arranged for an interview. Everything seemed like it was begining to look a lot better. She entered on th first day on time and her appperance was neat, with immpeccable vocabulary skills. My father was a hard-to-pleas man, but he was impressed with taking care of mother such as; when she ate her meals, her medication should also be given,because if she took her medicae first it would make her skick. He also mentioned the he would need 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p. m. tjhat was the time everybody would be going to school and work. Another thing, he wtold her, that if I made home first she could leave, becasue I could take care of my mother untile he got home.The first couple of months the sitter came the days she was supposed too, then after that she started missisng 3 consecutive days out of a months. Those were the days I missised school, because my father asked, " me too unitl he could find someone else to take the sitter's place Eventually I quit schoold but reture later after I had been out of schools some years. The first school I entered into was a high school that was offering night classes, for people like me who hadn't finished high school and gotten their dipolama, but under noraml circumstance I would have .. The courses lasted for about six months, during that time I got GEneral Education Dipolam within that six months, which Novemember 7, 1983. That was my most exciting day, with my children that there to see it. It was a blessing in itself. Becasue I did try and I finally got Waht I was going after, My Dipolam. My stride for knowledge didn't stop there. soon as my General Education Diploma came in the mail I went to the unempolyment office to apply to in the license Pratical Nursing. The interviewed made me appointement when th next lab test would be giving. The following week seemed like wasn't comming. Everyday I was looking into the mailbox to see if I had gooten a letter from the interviewe. Then it finanlly came on Friday and I was anxiousoy to get a respond from the interviewer. My appoinment was December 0f 1983 0n a Monady morning about 8:15 a.m.. I got up early, ate some breafast, and took a bath then dressed myself. I was so excited that I went to one of my friend to make sure I looked fine that day. Thew interviewer told me I needed tp get an application and fill it out for the nursing porga if I intenedt to get in the next classes, it going to be January, which it was too late for me to start om tjis calss because it almost over. Which I did, Then I have to take the ACT test. After I had submitted my application, and met the reqirements, the interivewer set-up an meeting with me and asked differnet questiions about why I wanted to become a nurse. Everthing looked firn and fter finishedtalking to them but they alos told me how many other pwoplw taht were applyinng, and if therir scorces were higher than mine. They would be therie first chosen if tjey met the requirements to enter into the nursing program. If ACT test was 16 or lower I might could retake the test in order to get in the program, before I started. The next the lettre I recieved said I didn't accepted, but I could try again next and stilll attend colloge and start on some of the basic classes I needed. Than I got a job as housekeeper, but still yearned for more knowlwgede,cause I didn't get it from the start. I felt cheated, Because I didn't chance to make adecison on in school to succeed or or fail. So after working for Mr.allen, for about 8 years, my heart still wasn't filled. them I enrolled into a a Nursing Assistance Program .The Day I enrolled at Holmes Community College was ehen I I finally starte postive step in taking charge of my lif. My Grammar and math skills have improve alot. Before I came to my skills were pooere than they are now. All ofinstructors that I had for this semeter are patient individuals with comapssion for me. HAt's goes esepically Mrs Pace. I believe that God broutght them into my life ot help guide me through my academic into succeding toward my goal. I am blessed. All of my children have improved in school. I guess it is tuth my children see me trying to my homework. Now they do their's more. I 'm so proud of all my children. In conclusion, dreams do come true, When you put God first and every else will fall in place. I didn't License Pratial Nurse.But I became advocate for th people I am taking of with unconditonal love.


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