Does Tamiflu Work and How Effective is it? Treating Swine Flu and Stopping it Spread

Does Tamiflu Work?

Does Tamiflu Work to Treat Swine Flu and Halting the Spread of H1N1?

As the WHO (World Health Organisation) has declared that Swine Flu (H1N1) has reached Pandemic it is becoming increasingly likely that you will suffer the illness or will come into contact with the disease and therefore be prescribed Tamiflu. This article reports on the effectiveness of the drug.

  • The Effectiveness of Reducing the Spread of Swine Flu Among Humans

So far, Tamiflu appears to be performing well to reduce the spread of Swine Flu among humans. People who have been prescribed Tamiflu as a preventative precaution have come into contact with one or more person who has been confirmed to be suffering from the H1N1 strain of influenza. As yet none have been reported to have developed Swine Flu.

  • The Effectiveness of Tamiflu in Reducing the Symptoms of Swine Flu

In addition to prescribing Tamiflu as a precautionary measure (as above) Tamiflu is given to treat patients who are conformed to have the disease. In these case Tamiflu is also shown to reduce the longevity if the illness in confirmed sufferers by 1-2 days. However, this is only the case if treatment with the drug is commenced within 48 hours of the first symptoms showing and a correct diagnosis is made.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this article has been researched and written after the WHO declared that Swine Flu had reached pandemic proportions, relatively few people have been prescribed the drug. Also, it is widely held that the second wave of the flu, predicted to mutate and spread by October 2009, will be more virile. At this point Tamiflu may need to be improved or replaced with a more advanced drug treatment.

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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

I recently was prescribed Tamiflu on the theory that I had flu, perhaps swine flu, and I took the drug for three days before being diagnosed with pneumonia whereupon I stopped the Tamiflu and started with an antibiotic. Shortly after I started the Tamiflu I began to experience quite painful neuralgia in the nerves of my face and scalp. It felt like someone was sticking needles into my head. Once I stopped the Tamiflu the neuralgia disappeared. I suppose the neuralgia may have been caused by something other than the Tamiflu. I wonder if anyone else has had experience with side effects from Tamiflu. My neuralgia was so severe that I had difficulty sleeping at night.

After making the above comment I saw the Hub on Tamiflu side effects and am going there now.

Kate L 6 years ago

Hi Ralph

I contracted swine flu 10 weeks ago and was presribed Tamiflu as there was no doubt that it was anything else.

About 5 days into treatment I developed severe pain in my ears, both sides of my face, and to the top of my head. When I was clear of swine flu I visited my doctor, who told me I had an internal ear infection to both ears, so started antibiotics for this. A week later I was told I had an external ear infection and in all had 6 courses of antibiotics. I was then told I had a fungal infection to my ears and was given anti-fungal drugs (this was apparently caused by the antibiotics). This still didn't work. Throughout this time I was on Tramadol for two weeks and have continued on Dihydrocodeine ever since, so you can imagine just how much pain I'm in, and this only just takes the edge off the pain!

Eventually, 2 weeks ago the doctor decided that it wasn't my ears at all and is now very sure that I have neuralgia. He referred me to a specialist who I am still waiting to see and put me on a drug called Gabapentin, which is specifically for nerve pain. He told me not to expect to be going back to work anytime soon, and to expect that this is going to be long term.

I am obviously devastated, as I am a children's nurse and only qualified six months ago, and this could potentially ruin my career. The doctor is of no doubt that the swine flu caused this.

I now even struggle to spell correctly, have to do tasks one thing at a time, and can barely string a sentence together.

I was glad to read that someone else who suffered from swine flu had neuralgia, and would also like to know if anything like this has happened to anyone else who has suffered from our symptoms?

Obviously, as swine flu is a new illness,the evidence is not there to prove that the swine flu has caused my problems so it would be great to hear other people's experiences.

Sorry for the long windedness of my response, but this is only a brief overview of what I have experienced!

Ada 6 years ago

Hi I was given a swine flu vaccine four days ago and I have had severe neuralgia in the face ever since. I rang the clinic who said it was something unrelated. CRAP

Jenna 5 years ago

Did't works for me either , I stop taking Tamiflu., it's just a mess.

Sue 5 years ago

I had swine flu but didn't have vaccine or Tamiflu and got neuralgia anyway so perhaps there is a link between the flu and neuralgia and not to do with Tamiflu.

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