Tamulosin or Flomax Side Effects in Women and Men: Bleeding, Insomnia, Liver and Teeth Damage


Tamulosin or Flomax has several side effects in women and men, such as bleeding, insomnia, liver and teeth damage.

Tamulosin’s side effects on the teeth, liver and heart have been documented by the pharmaceutical companies that produce this treatment. This medication is used to help shrink an enlarged prostate gland in men. It is also used to treat urinary incontinence in women.



Usually, men and women who are affected by urinary incontinence may talk with their doctor to decide which brand of this drug they want to use. For example, this alpha-blocker is also sold as:

  • Cositam
  • Flomaxtra
  • Pinexel
  • Flomax

What are the symptoms of benign enlargement of prostate?

Like many other drugs that help with serious health problems, patients often have to trade one set of symptoms for another. It is the responsibility of the companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals, to constantly try to improve on what they offer to the public.

Men who are on this prescription usually take one capsule daily. Side effects start with the first dose, which can often make patients feel dizzy. Doctors generally recommend that you lie down for a few minutes after swallowing the pill.

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The drug can also result in the following:

  • Diseases affecting the teeth
  • Painful erections that last longer than four hours
  • Rashes and itching
  • Pounding heart
  • Swelling of the lips, tongue or face
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Mild to moderately decreased liver function

You should contact your doctor if you experience any of the more serious problems that go with taking this treatment for an enlarged prostate. Remember that you should never drink while you are on this medication. Acting quickly when you notice these symptoms decreases the impact of Tamulosin’s side effects on the teeth, liver and heart.

What Causes Incontinence - Bladder Control Problems In Men And Women

Flomax side effects in women are similar to those experienced by men. Female patients usually take this medication for bladder problems. If you have urinary incontinence and your physician prescribed this treatment, you may have developed other issues such as rashes and are wondering if they are related to the drug that you are taking.

These are a few of the problems that users have when they are on the treatment:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble breathing
  • Insomnia
  • Rapid heartbeat

Flomax Side Effects In Men, Flomax Natural Alternatives

If you are a woman who is on this pill and you notice any of these signs, you should let your doctor know. Some of these are more serious than others and you may need to call for emergency medical help. With moderate to minor problems, your doctor can switch you to a different set of capsules. There are many treatments available for urinary incontinence.

If you have tried other medications without success and have gotten relief with this prescription, still report all problems you experience as quickly as possible, even if you want to continue using it. Your health care practitioner can still find ways to help you alleviate some of Flomax’s side effects in women.

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Does Flomax Cause Bleeding, Insomnia or Rashes?

Many men who have to take Flomax wonder if it causes bleeding, insomnia or rashes? While the side effects of this drug may have been discussed with your doctor, you may not be certain if some of the symptoms you see are related to the medication you are taking.

Flomax: How Do I Get Rid Of My Flomax Side-Effects?

The answer is that rashes are one of the frequent but less serious side effects of taking this pill. You may also have itching. The two may or may not occur together in the same patient. Men who take these capsules for an enlarged prostate may have itching and swelling on their face and tongue.

The medication may also cause bleeding and a rapid heart rate. If you find that your pulse is racing as a result of using the treatment, you should notify your physician. If you find that you have nosebleeds or rectal bleeding when you are passing stool, you should also let your health care provider know.

Patients who are affected may also report their side effects to the Food and Drug Administration by calling that agency. If you find that Flomax is causing bleeding, insomnia, difficulty breathing or rashes, you should get emergency medical help.

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