How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Cure Head Lice

Tea tree oil is more effective against head lice than permethrin which is the ingredient used in NIX. Nix did not kill all the live louse I found in my daughters hair. Tea Trea oil is an awesome home remedy for curing head lice and also repelling against it.Tea Tree Oil contains terpenoids which have antiseptic a well as antifungal properties, which kills head lice by attacking there nervous system.

I have had enouph of my daughter coming home from her fathers with head lice. I placed tea tree oil in all the shampoos and conditioners. I placed a few drops in a spray bottle and sprayed my entire home. I also placed a few drops in the carpet shampooer after cleaning her entire room, washing bedding and clothing.You name it, and I have done it and I combed, combed and combed and picked till all the eggs where gone. I spent hours on my daughters hair alone and many more hours on the entire home.

I purchased Tea Tree Oil at my local Walmart for around $6.00.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil also has many other benefits as well as a cure for head lice, such as a treatment for nail fungus. Tea tree oil is used to help with the effects of fungal infections of the mouth and throat. Tea tree oil is also effective in treatment of vaginal infections. Tea Tree oil also helps cradle cap in infants. It also helps by reduceing blemishes and acne. Insect bites, rashes, cold sores and warts will also benefit by using tea tree oil. Hemorrhoids can also be treated using Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree oil also helps with sore muscles and joints.

I plain to keep a bottle of Tea Tree oil in my home at all times with all of its uses and sending some with my daughter as she has to go to her scheduled visitation with her father. The small bottle of Tea Tree oil does go along way as you only need to use a few drops.

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tamron profile image

tamron 5 years ago

Tea Tree Oil is good for a toothache also but its very strong! I never thought tea tree oil was good for head lice. Learn something new every day. Great Article!

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