Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse-Are You Their Dealer?

I've recently been exposed to the world of drug abuse. I know what you're thinking...wake up it's been a problem for years! Well I know that, BUT I had no idea about the HUGE prescription drug problem going on in our High Schools, Middle Schools, and even Elementary Schools.

Most parents check and snoop around their kids rooms for cigarettes, pot, cocaine, crystal meth and ecstasy, but I wonder how many of you actually are checking your own medicine cabinets? Do you ever think about keeping track of how many pills you have left in your prescription bottles? What about those pain pills that you were given during your last visit to the doctor or the dentist, you know...the ones that you never finished and thought, "Oh well, I will just save it for the next time I have a migraine, feel sick or my back is hurting." We all have the secret little "left over" stash for emergency purposes. Do you even remember which bottle's you had? Would you know if any of your "stash" went missing?

Unfortunately, this is the current problem facing our kids today. No longer do they have to go out and try to locate a drug dealer or scrounge up enough money to buy the drugs. You have become their new "FREE" drug dealer. Right in the comfort of their own home, they can get high from their, loving, caring and trusting parents. That's right, you have not only become your children's drug dealer but also the neighborhood supplier.

More and more teenagers are taking these drugs in large quantities and then mixing it with alcohol (yes, probably also supplied by you). They will then sell their extra pills to their friends, WOW, what incredibly smart little entrepreneurs you've raised! You have now started getting the whole neighborhood high, with the excuse of, "I didn't know, I couldn't remember how many pills I had left in the bottle" or "I thought I lost the bottle so I had it refilled". I will give you two words to think about "HEATH LEDGER".

These kids do not discriminate...if you have prescription pills of any kind, Vicodin, Darvocet Loritab, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, pills for depression, hyper-activity pills...you name it they'll take it! Everyone seems to have a pill for every problem, which means easy access for our children. WAKE UP PARENTS!! We need to lock up ALL of our medication and keep a list of how many pills are in each bottle.

Open your eyes and see that we may be giving our children a prescription for a lifetime of abuse, anger, self-loathing, misery, and even death...why... because WE JUST DIDN'T REALIZE!

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

I am from street life in chicago I know only to well the cost of drug alcohol abuse street violences its my heritage . I am with you iahve done hundreds of online articles on this subject even at hulium Its a sad life. It takes drug use goes from generation to generations its sad to see all the hopeless ness of so many children its hard to believe yet I have lived in this life for many years until years back. the loss of life is in the hundreds of thousands every year not includinbg those who go to prison. Greatarticle god bless mike

Lisa Petrarca profile image

Lisa Petrarca 7 years ago Author

Some of my family members have had a problem with this and I felt compelled to write this article. I was very naive and always thought, "Well it's prescription drugs so it's not so bad." But once many of my family members became hooked and I had to start monitoring any prescriptions that entered the house...I knew that I was probably not the only person out there who was unaware of this.

Thanks Mike, I'm glad you are opening people's eyes also!

Katharella profile image

Katharella 7 years ago from Lost in America

Hi Lisa,

When I read these things it makes me glad my son hates taking his pain medication. He has a bad ankle and he is a big guy, so it really hurts him. But when he takes it he eats and goes to sleep so he doesn't have to feel that feeling that those others LIKE. Not to go on a tangent, lol but the same thing with cigarettes. I never started because I thought the other kids smelled horrible when they came in from break! Great hub! Kudos that my guess is you are a good mom too! I some of your other hubs caught my eye! :) Have a great day Lisa. -Kathy

http://www.darvondarvocetlawsuit.com/ 5 years ago

Yes we should be aware of the drugs taken by our son or kept in our house. We our self(Parents) are like the first doctor in the family. I have a link with darvocet lawsuit, this site can help you file a case for that faulty medicine. My brother was also a Darvocet victim, and they help him get back what is taken by darvocet.


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