Ten ways to be a healthy caregiver

Remember we are humans

1. Get a diagnosis as early as possible...and don't delay; some systoms are treatable.

2. Know what resources are available...Adult day care, in home assistance,visiting nurses and Meals-on Wheels are a few

3. Become an eduacated caregiver...understand and cope with the behaviors and personality changes that occure.

4. Get Help...seek the support of family, friends,and community resources, and Alzheimer's Association support group meetings are available.

5. Take care of yourself...Watch your diet,exercise and get plenty of rest. Make time for shopping and some fun.

6. Manage your level of stress...Stress can cause problems (blurred vision, stomach irritation, high blood pressure) as well as changes in behavior (irritability, lack of concentration, loss of appetite)

7. Accept changes as they occur...Often care beyond your capabilities is necessary...It's ok Just check it all out thoroughly.

8. Do legal and financial planning...Plan ahead while they are still able to understand.. Consult an attorney,get durable power of attorney; wills and trusts;future medical care;housing; and long-term-care insurance.(believe me if we didn't have this it would be really bad). Mom and dad planned well for the future.

9. Be realistic...Know your care and concern does matter and that the progression of this disease is inevitable, give yourself permission to grieve your losses and focus on the positive moments that come up and enjoy your good memories.

10. Give yourself credit, not guilt...Your loved one needs you, and that should make you feel proud. You are doing the best you can, even though you may lose patience and find you are unable to provide all of the care the way you'd like. It's ok.

Again here is their number 1-800-272-3900 or www.alz.org if you need more complete information...G-Ma :o) hugs

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newcapo 8 years ago

Great Advice! Thanks for the info.

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free Author

Well I hope it has helped...Are you in need of this information?  I have a mother with this disease and she is now in the middle/end stages and is also 89....I am attending 2 support groups a month and they really help..

I am reading a couple of books that are really, really great..."Dancing with Rose"  and "the 36 hour Day"...May be helpfull to you my dear...G-Ma :o) hugs

newcapo 8 years ago

Actually, I'm a caregiver myself. I was just impressed with the information and it's value to people that have to face this.

6 of our residents have Alzheimer's, it prompted me to do a hub on it:


It is so sad to see the decline of someone. A few of our residents with Alz. came to us of a somewhat sound mind (they knew their relatives, their names, where they were,etc)...and now the can't tell night or day, don't recognize family members, wander aimlessly and usually they are unable to speak coherently.

I'm sorry to hear about your Mom, she's lucky to have someone that loves her to look after her needs, making sure she get the right treatment....some of these folks have NOT ONE person that even acknowledges they are alive, no family-friends. Thanks G-Ma J - have a great night :-)

newcapo 8 years ago

-got posted twice- had to edit

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free Author

Well you too are a dear, sweet, loving person...and I do see what you talk about everyday I go get my mom...right now she is happy as can be with a baby doll I have...that is life size ( my job for 40 years was childcare) and it makes her feel so good...She also did childcare as a young Mother to help make money..and from reading "Dancing with Rose" I was able to do this...

It is a tough disease and I am lucky as my parents provided for this sort of care...My Father died 6 yrs. ago and the insurance is about to run out (well the long term is) but she still has many more policies I can pull from...I figure she can live for another 10 years before all her money is gone...physcially she is in pretty good shape...It is just her mind and she is as sweet as she can be...

Not sure why I am rattling on so much here...just you were so thoughtful and caring about this situation and I guess I needed to unload...Hope you don't mind...and Thank You for becoming my fan and leaving such a nice note...You are a Blessed Man....G-Ma :o) hugs

newcapo 8 years ago

Thank you .... these issues always bring up a lot of emotion and discussion. It really does affect all of us in some way-at some time in our lives. Glad to have found you and your hubs---I'm glad you express thoughts about Christianity, growing up in these times I feel like this is a war on Christianity (not all religions???)- I get skiddish about talking about God because people get so offended if it's brought up!!!! It's unreal!! My wife, son and I are getting baptized next month and my daughter will be dedicated-I see a big surge in people going to church that never did before (people I know)-it's a good thing------------------------hubpages is such a friendly place to spend time online- it's starting to become a great hobby for me--and I know it is a hobby for you. Take care! JD

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free Author

Well JD...... Congratulations ! ! !  on your Baptism...is wonderful to hear...just wonderful...  Never be afraid of speaking about God..I am not...just better not to Preach...LOL ...And yes people turning to God certainly says a lot to me...Like maybe we need to be better people and get back to the Real things that Life is truly about...Have a wonderful day...G-Ma :o) hugs

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