Ten years younger with one small glass of Aloe Vera per day

how to slow down the aging process and rejuvenate the skin

I am a big fan of aloe vera drink supplement . I drink at least one small glass of it per day. I am 44 years old and time is running fast for me so since I was 40 I decided that besides a healthy diet and exercise regime, I needed a good daily supplement to try to slow down the aging process. I began to read reports saying that Aloe Vera is particularly good for regenerating the skin after burns and cuts because of its excellent anti-inflammatory and healing properties thus scars, burns and minor cuts recover quickly and skin grows back smoothly after applying aloe gel. It follows that a product that is good for regenerating damaged cells is likely ideal for fighting wrinkles. So for me aloe vera is the right answer. As someone who suffers a bit from indigestion and heartburn taking tablets has always been a little bit difficult, so I started my daily supplement routine with a drink of aloe gel. There is a specific reason for this: aloe is particularly good for the digestion and helps precisely those kinds of ailments that I have been suffering from since I was born. However I wasn’t very bothered about my stomach problems when I decided to take aloe; my motive was pure vanity, I wanted to fight the time, get rid of wrinkles and help my skin to stay young. Aloe is perfect for this purpose because it exerts its influence mainly in two areas: membranes and surfaces in other words the epithelial tissue such as the skin.

Aloe contains all the nutrients I need to keep free radicals at bay: with vitamins such as E and C and a little bit of selenium, a micronutrient such as bioflavonoids there is no doubt that it is an ideal complementary supplement to my diet . Aloe contains all the elements essential to transport oxygen to the cells, maintain the efficiency of the immune system , and with this wonderful group of antioxidants it protects the skin from external agents which are among the causes of the aging process. Because its excellent anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, aloe triggers the production of the collagen and elastin. For the above reasons,creams based on aloe are also extremely good . The aloe gel contains 99% of water another important component of aloe and it is he especially for burns because it regenerates the damaged skin so quickly. Once, after a sunbathing session that ended up with excruciating sunburns I applied my aloe daily face cream on my arms and legs because I had run out of my usual after sun cream. The soothing effects were beyond my expectations. The skin recovered very fast: not only did the aloe alleviate the burning feeling but also my skin, depleted of water, was back to normal even more moisturized and hydrated than usual.

Along with these benefits, I am pleased to say that aloe is doing an excellent job not only for my skin but also for my digestive track,and my immune and respiratory systems. In fact it is prescribed to people who suffer from asthma and respiratory problems, for inflammatory bowel conditions, colitis, severe eczema conditions, psoriasis, acne and cold sores. Is there anything for which aloe can’t be good? Difficult to answer really! With 75 known ingredients contained in its leaf from which the inner gel is extracted, among them 8 minerals, vitamins (A,C,E,) Vitamin B12 (very rare case of a plant containing such vitamin) folic acid and as many as 19 amino acidis (the human body needs at least 20 of them for maintaining good health) plus a number of enzymes and sterols (important anti inflammatory agents) there isn’t much left, I suspect, that aloe vera cannot tackle.

I won't go too much in details of the other wonderful properties of aloe but there is plenty of good stuff in it, therefore I would recommend anyone to have a drink of aloe because each one of us will benefit from it whatever is the reason or purpose for taking it. For instance are you on diet? Introducing a small glass of aloe will replenish the body of essential nutrients, among them something called Chromium that helps the insulin to do a proper job in cracking down the glucose, thus reducing the excess fat in your body tissues. The only recommendation that I have for you is that for aloe to be really effective you need to choose a high quality product that contains at least 100% aloe components. Therefore read the small print when you choose your aloe cream, gel or supplement. A small quantity of aloe will not be as effective as it should be . Remember that as it is a natural product, it takes some time to see the benefits (especially if it is taken as a drink or supplement to the diet). Stay away from cheap products that put aloe on the label to sell more but don’t contain a sufficient quantity of aloe to get the benefits of it.

So, am I becoming younger, prettier and happier because of aloe? Younger I doubt, but my skin is glowing, well moisturised, and the nasty wrinkles on my face have become much finer and less noticeable. Plus the benefits to my health are just as good: I rarely catch a cold, my digestion has improved greatly, I feel much more energized and overall, better in myself. Aloe Vera, truly source of endless health.

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Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 5 years ago from New Brunswick

We have just begun to drink a small amount of aloe vera in the am, will see how it work.

laral profile image

laral 5 years ago from England Author

It takes time but it will work. Stick with it. Let me know.

Tracy Lynn Conway profile image

Tracy Lynn Conway 5 years ago from Virginia, USA

This sounds like a great idea! My brother has Crohn's disease which effects the stomach lining and has used this with good results but I never considered it for myself. The health benefits sound great.

laral profile image

laral 5 years ago from England Author

Hi Tracy. Thank you for your comment. Aloe is wonderful for skin. Apparently the best way to absorb vitamins and minerals it is via digestion and Aloe contains all these nutrients. Try on and let me know.

deborahs the word profile image

deborahs the word 5 years ago from Georgia

Great hub, does it work for gray hair?

laral profile image

laral 5 years ago from England Author

Hi Deborahs the word. Thank you for stopping and reading my Aloe Vera hub. I don't know that there is a direct link between Aloe Vera and grey hair because I don't know what it is the cause of grey hair. Aloe Vera is good for your overall health.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

I just purchased a bottle of "Fruit of the earth" wild berry aloe vera juice The website is good. The recommended amount is 4-6 oz per day. That doesn't sound like much, however it is pure aloe vera. How much do you recommend? Great article!!!

laral profile image

laral 5 years ago from England Author

Hi Vocalcoach,it is advisable to start in small quantities after some bottles you can increase. However it is pretty much up to you. I usually take 1/2 glass per day. Let me know from time to time how it is going for you.

Esther 5 years ago

thanks May God help you too, you are so great and wonderful with the good new you share with us, i have the same problem, but as from today i will countinue drinking it

thanks allot

laral profile image

laral 5 years ago from England Author

thank a lot for your comment.

xstatic profile image

xstatic 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

With my Anglo-Irish fair skin, I have spent too much time in the sun growing up in Texas and Cakifornia, so have to visit the dematologist onece a year for a once over since I had a brush with skin cancer. I will definitely try some aloe.

laral profile image

laral 4 years ago from England Author

Definetely! You need some help for your fair skin. Aloe is ideal!It grows in place like Arizona and New Mexico so you shouldn't have any problem to find some quality Aloe products. Good luck and thank you for stopping and leaving a comment.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 4 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Thanks for the info. So far - so good!

laral profile image

laral 4 years ago from England Author

I am very pleased that it's working for you!! Thank you for letting me know.

debanjali 4 years ago

i will start drinking it from tomorrow.............thanks for your advice.

dr vinteshwari 4 years ago

yes its realy wonderful..

chris 4 years ago

How much Per daily amount of the Minerals and Vitamins do you get from Consuming approximately 1 Ounce or 28grams? Example: 28 Grams Contain such a such Copper,Zinc and so forth?

I am a big believer in Aloe and consuming lots of Seeds such as Sunflower and Sesame seeds....

laral profile image

laral 4 years ago from England Author

Do you know what? I don't think I can't really calculate it, I'm so bad at mathematics but I will try to work it out

manoj 3 years ago

I just started a back and the aloe juice really helped me overcome my sleep disturbance problems..thanks to aloe juice

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