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Agro Textiles - 1

Our Gardner used to bring manure to be used in our garden in HDPE plastic woven bags and store them in a remote corner.The Sewage pipe in our road was dug up and they were replacing with new bigger diameter pipes as the one laid around 30 years back was too small to carry the increased flow of sewage due to higher volume of shit as a result of population explosion.The worker doing the work on the sewage pipes came to our house and wanted few HDPE woven bags,I knew why he was asking and told the Gardner to give him the bags but my neighbour who was standing asked him what for he wanted the bags.The worker told him to go over and see for himself,after seeing he came to me and told me that he was using the bags to cover the cement work done in joining the pipes.Since he knew I was a textile man he wanted to know all about the use of this plastic bag as he called it.I the explained to him the use of this textile fabric in Agriculture known as Agro Textiles.

Agrotech or Agro textiles is the application and use of textile materials in Agriculture mostly made from Man Made Fibers over natural fibers.The demand for the increase for these items is a direct result of the increase in population wanting to be fed by the Farmer who wanted increase in production form the same area he had.Thus Agro Textiles became one of the growing area of Technical Textiles.

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