That Old Man

An old man
tracked me down
asked me what I was about
and what I was into.

Seemed a bit odd
and my face reflected that
and he didn't react
all that well.

An old man
tracked me down
asked me about the sound
I was listening to.
Said he liked it.
Said he thought he was like me.
Said he's just old
but he's basically the same
as me.
He's basically the same as me.

Seemed a bit odd
and my face reflected that
and he seemed sad
and frustrated.

Said we are the same.
It's just that I'm young and alive
and he's old and reflective.
Said he felt the same
as he always had
but it's harder now to take part
in life.

Said he still had dreams
Said he still don't know what life means
Said he still sings in the car
Said the distance between us
wasn't all that far.

And I thought about that
And what he was all about
And I heard a song
that I liked
coming from this device
on some kid
and when I asked him what it was
it was like it might not be allowed
because now I'm the old man
but I haven't changed at all
I just aged
like that old man I think about.

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JBeadle 4 months ago from Midwest Author

Super cool that I got a LIKE from Jackson Phillips of Day Wave @daywavemusic!

Check out his Facebook page:

I really love his song Drag and most of the other stuff he does. Awesome new talent.

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