The Benefits of Wearing Cotton

Why Wear Cotton?

If you have ever had asthma or allergies, you may know that cotton is hypoallergenic.
This means less dust and debris to accumulate on and in your clothing, which is also great for sensitive skin.

In warmer seasons and during exercise, cotton will absorb and pull the moisture away from your skin. This not only will keep you more comfortable, but prevent more severe irritation that may be caused by other fabrics that don't hold moisture as well.

Much of today's cotton is grown in the USA, so by buying cotton clothing, you are helping to stimulate the economy.

The ability of cotton to breathe means that it has the potential to keep you cooler in the warmer months and warmer in cooler months. If you are temperature sensitive, you may realize how very important this is.

Cotton is versatile, strong, durable. It is also biodegradable making it healthy for our planet as well as our bodies, and we have reached a point in our existance where caring for both our bodies and our planet is very important to our survival.


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