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If you think about it, there was a time when humans ran comfortably without the aid of today's running shoes. The very fact that running has been a part of human activity since we first emerged from the primordial slime and became upright means that running shoes are not an absolute necessity. The idea behind barefoot running is that modern restrictive footwear and the repetitive strain and injuries caused by running on hard surfaces has resulted in a plague of foot and foot-related injuries.

While this can be corrected with foot strengthening insoles such as Barefoot Science insoles, another way is through the the ancient practice of barefoot running itself, which is making a comeback.

Key Barefoot Running Resources

There are some key resource guides for anyone who wants to look into this a little further. The popular bestseller Born to Run by Christopher Mcdougall is a great starting poiint. A thorough review entitled Born to Run: Christopher Mcdougall and the Tarahumara Running Technique is worth checking out. Another important book is the practical guide, Barefoot Running: Step by Step by Ken Bob Saxton. Reading both of these will set you on the path to safe and effective minimalist or barefoot running.

By delving deeper into the mechanics of proper running, these books make a strong case for the idea of running barefoot or with minimal footwear designed to naturally accommodate the human foot.

Another important book in this area is Run Barefoot Run Healthy: Less Pain More Gain For Runners Over 30. Here author Ashish Mukharji focuses on injury prevention for the average runner. The book explains how Mukharji himself changed his mind from a skeptic on barefoot running to a barefoot marathon runner. In the process, he draws upon a century's worth of scientific research.

Part of this whole area of discussion involves our disconnection with the Earth; here the idea is that our concrete jungle and rubberized footwear have helped to create a host of modern health problems such as chronic inflammation, which is the basis for so many diseases. While this area is controversial and many skeptics will raise their eyebrows, there's certainly a lot of chatter out there about reconnecting to the Earth in order relieve and even eliminate many disease symptoms. One groundbreaking (excuse the pun!) book in this area is Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? which purports to explain how to benefit from the earth's wonderful healing energies. When not running, there are other ways to stay connected to the earth.

At any rate, one need not buy into every aspect of the barefoot running philosophy to derive pleasure and healthy benefits from barefoot running.

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