The Best Survival Kits

If you have just started putting together an emergency plan for disaster, then you are most probably on the look for supplies as part of that plan. This can be difficult and confusing, especially if you have no idea where to start, or you are planning in case of several different types of disaster. This is where having a pre-prepared disaster survival kit can come in very handy.

The kits featured in this article are all designed as pick-up and go kits, and should be part of the plan but by no means the whole plan. You will have to add to the kit with things such as copies of all your legal papers, contact numbers and names, and a change of clothes or two, just to give you a general idea. You will also have to decide on where you plan to keep the kit, or whether you should have a few in different locations.

You will notice some of these kits have more supplies than others, and when considering purchase, look at your needs. Do you need a more complex kit in your home, and a more basic one in the car? Do you need several to ensure that everyone in your home will have enough basic supplies? What will you need besides what is in the kits to round out your supplies (such as water containers)? A basic kit can also be used as a building block to start with, and can be augmented over time with more supplies. Work within your budget when looking to buy.

The good thing is that the kits you see here are all available online at Amazon. The ones selected for this article have all been rated highly by the people who have purchased them, and are good value for money.

Deluxe 2-Person by SurvivalKitsOnline

The Deluxe 2-Person by SurvivalKitsOnline is the perfect way to start, if you are looking at buying an emergency kit. Survival kits online have put together a kit with literally something of everything, and believe me, it is too much to list here. It does include food, water, a radio, a tube tent, dust masks, and even toothbrushes and toothpaste. The whole idea of this kit is to get you and one other person out of immediate trouble.

The kit itself will  cover all of your needs, especially for the first two or three days, but beyond that you will have to lay in more supplies and equipment. You just need something to get you up and going, and that is what this is meant for. The backpack that all of this comes in is sturdy and has extra space for you to add more such as water bottles, extra clothing and your paperwork.

This is a great starter kit, especially if you have no idea where to start, and for that reason alone, it is a great safety net that you can keep in more than one location.

Emergency Preparedness Kit - Lasts Up to 12 Days

The Emergency Preparedness Kit is meant to last  one person for up to 12 days or four people for three days, all fitted into a backpack. If you do the numbers this means paring down the items included to just the absolute basics needed for survival. The most basic thing is water, and there is a lot of that included in the pack. The other is emergency rations, blankets, a first aid kit, long lasting candles, a torch and radio which don't rely on batteries, and a cell phone charger which does the same. In this kit that is what you get.

It's a pretty basic kit. That said, it will cover your needs in an emergency, and believe it or not, it also exceeds FEMA guidelines for emergency supplies. You will hopefully be able to get out and get help before you use up all of the supplies in this kit. Adding extras such as your papers and some clothes would be ideal, as long as they are light and don't take much space.

This kit is good for peace of mind, but if you are after one crammed with goodies for all types of situations, rather than one concentrated on basic survival needs it may not suit you as well.

Quakehold! 70280 Grab-n-Go Emergency Kit

The Quakehold! 70280 Grab-n-Go Emergency Kit kit is exactly what is says it is. A really, really, basic kit to keep you and one other person going through those first few days after a disaster happens. It has food, water, emergency blankets, dust masks, gloves, an emergency whistle, tissues and a 33 piece first aid kit, and safety lightsticks all packed into a small backpack.

This kit doesn't have anything to help you charge your cell phone, or to help you see on a dark night. If this is what you need to make you feel safe, or complete in your emergency preparedness, then this kit may not be for you. The other option is to use this kit as a basis on which to start a larger and more complete kit of your own design.

What is great about this kit is its size and therefore portability. You can keep one at home, one in the car, and one at work, and it doesn't take up much space. If what you need is to enable you to get somewhere with supplies after a disaster happens, then this will most probably be enough.

If all you want is basic to get you started, and don't have a lot of money to spend, then this is the best kit for you.

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