The Best Natural ADHD Remedies

Does She Need Adderall -- or a Nap?

Most Natural ADHD Remedies Leave a Lot To Be Desired

The best natural ADHD remedy shouldn't require you to ask yourself, "Is it working?" You know it is working because you feel good, but not wired. You feel "normal", like you sense that most other people feel.

It has been such a relief to find one of the best natural ADHD remedies that helps me feel bright, alert, and full of energy without the jitters and tension caffeine can cause. (I used coffee to get through grade school, high school, and some college, but frankly, it had it's downside.)

Over the years, I came to hate coffee. It had an unpredictable "Jekyl-and-Hyde" effect on me -- I never knew for certain whether it would pick me up or leave me angry and anxious. I knew I had to find something better, more predictable.

For years, I went through what seemed to be the most promising ingredients and combinations-of-ingredients that could give me the focus and engagement in projects that I desired without making me edgy, angry, or unable to sleep soundly...or at all.

Two things I never tried were the conventional pharmaceutical remedies, Adderall and Ritalin. Once I tried a pharmaceutical benzedrine that a friend gave me and I hated it. That, together with many observations of the damaged souls who indulged in these artificial knock-offs of Nature's remedies left me convinced that natural remedies are best.

I should explain that I have never officially been diagnosed with ADHD. That's definitely a good thing because I was never strong-armed into taking medication -- the common drugging of hard-to-manage kids in public schools had not begun until about the time I left college.

Somehow my father had the bright idea of giving me a half cup of coffee every morning from about second or third grade on and this helped me get good grades and be sharp, but a bit of a mouthy wise-cracker. I got a lot of negative remarks on my report card about "lacking self-control".

So, coffee was what I got through school with, but now coffee was becoming -- or had it always been? -- a monster. One thing I knew -- Coffee had to go!

Some of the Best Natural ADHD Remedies Are Ones You Leave Out

Yes, removing some key additives and environmental toxins are also natural ADHD "remedies". Our personal environment is a swirling mass of synthetic and occasionally natural chemical substances that affect those of us with ADHD. Each individual reacts differently to different toxins so some detective work is required for us to deduce which ones are the cause of our symptoms.

It is a fact that we don't live in a "natural" environment. Our environment has been modified by chemicals, synthetic hormones, pesticides, food preservatives, soaps, perfumes, burnt petrochemical residues, and artificial food colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

For those of us who are sensitive to these chemicals, it is up to us to figure out which ones are affecting us -- and then try to find a way to remove them from our diet or our external environment. This can be a huge time-consuming project, but if you want to be able to think clearly and enjoy some peace of mind, this becomes your mission, and you have no choice but to accept it.

The alternative is to go on bouncing from mood to mood and job to job, making it difficult to get anything done -- and limiting your income and social contacts.

You can resist this if you want to, but here is the conclusion I came to many years ago -- and it has been very helpful in guiding my choices about what to eat, what kinds of work to do, and where to live:

Stick with the natural, organic, non-toxic options wherever possible!

This is a simple, general rule. For instance, if you prepare most of your food from organic, unprocessed ingredients, you automatically remove any possibility of there being most of the artificial ingredients listed above. No need for preservatives like Sodium Benzoate if food is cooked fresh. No colors, no artificial flavors if you are doing the cooking. No hormones added to meat or milk if you don't eat these things, or if you can find organically-raised grass-fed alternatives.

Does this cost more? Of course it does, unless you manage to grow your own. But then, you could even turn this into a revenue-producing business by providing clean, non-toxic food for the growing number of people who appreciate the importance of controlling what goes into their body.

But speaking realistically, if you have a bad case of ADHD, it may be impossible to go through the detailed mental work of finding which ingredients in your foods and environment are throwing you for a loop each time you run into them.

You may need help now, just to think straight enough to manage your life from day to day.

On the other hand, you may be reading this, looking for help for your child or spouse.

Either way, I have revealed the two best natural ADHD remedies that gave me quick relief and peace of mind from this problem. Simply click the link below to learn what I found.

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