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This program was designed for anyone desiring to improve, regain and/or maintain good health. It is specially formatted to create an enviornment in the body that will allow it to utilize any nutrition efficiently to obtain optimal absorption. It can be used by anyone, any age.

Cascara Sagrada: A marvelous bowel cleaner found in nature. It gives the bowel strength to move. It allows you to obtain one easy(without strain) complete bowel movement after each meal as intended by nature. Bowel wastes that are not eliminated frequently are reabsorbed through emergency exits such as skin, lungs, ears,throat and sinuses etc. You could tear out and throw away one third of all the so called "dis-eases" of medical books with good bowel management in place. 90% of all "dis-eases" begin in the bowel, actually at the table with the food you eat.With Cascara or a milder cleaner depending, on your age, Buckthorn, or Turkey Rhubarb, the latter being mild enough for an infant, in two weeks you should be able to regulate your daily eliminations with diet alone. Every 6 months or so a capsule and a glass of water at bedtime should keep everything flowing smoothly. Stool should be unformed, come easily, float, have little or no smell and break up when flushed. If you fast, you still should still have bowel movements, being 1/2 of stool is dead cells and bacteria.

Alfalfa: In this particular regimen, acts as a detergent or scrub brush for the intestines. It contains at least 8 enzymes that aid in digestion. Alfalfa is an organic plant which nourishes the bloodstream and promotes youthful, flexible joints and repairs the stomach. It provides a balanced scale of vitamins and minerals(calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and sodium).This is plant sodium not salt shaker sodium. Also it acts as a deodorizer and stops excess sweat, stops hemorrhage, soaks up uric and lactic acid to prevent nerve irritation, lubricates joints, relieves pain, nourishes the pituitary gland,alkalizes the body rapidly and detoxifies the liver and body. You can see why it is called "the father of all herbs."

All Cells Salt (ACS): This is a combination herb, meaning there is more than one herb in it's make up. It has a seafood taste and is most interesting because it has all 13 organic salts which are found in the body.Each different type of tissue in the body contains a different concentration of mineral salts and elements which make up its construction and insure its proper function.The salts breakup congestion in the cells and the fluid that surrounds the, cleansing the cells to replace worn out parts with new minerals. ACS is a fantastic lymphatic cleanser. The appetite may decrease and weight loss may occur due to the cleansing process.

Beet Root: Great liver cleaner and source of sulfur compounds, potassium, magnesium and trace boron. It provides folic acid for proper cell division of all body parts including hair and nail. Beet Root , a great cleanser, Milk Thistle a great food for the liver.

Three Bees: Another wonderful combination. The best of the three bee products. It contains Bee Pollen which provides energy as well as high protein source and first rate anti-stress adrenal gland nutrition. Bee Propolis possesses the antibiotic spark to raise immunity levels and get the life systems moving again. Royal Jelly is the elixir of life. Together they provide energy and a powerful formula for the entire nervous system as well.

No body management program would be complete without the blood cleaner. To name a few, Blue

Flag, Burdock,Calendula, Dandelion Root,Greasewood,Oregon Grape,Red Clover Blended, Spikenard and Strawberry Leaf. Blessed Thistle oxygenates the blood, B.P.-W nourishes white and red blood cells, Myrrh raises the white blood cell count, Safflower for low iron content in the blood and Red Clover promotes alkaline blood.

This cleansing program covers the bowel, lymphatic system, blood and liver and much more. If you are now on prescription drugs, recognize that you are choosing to take them, there are safer, natural and more effective alternatives. Good health is simple, not necessarily easy (it takes some discipline), but amazingly simple. Bring your pH in balance ( the juice of 2 lemons and limes, in a pint of distilled water, 2 tbls of apple cider vinegar with "mother" in 4-5 oz of distilled water. Take both drinks 3x/day, 6 days/wk, natural dietary supplements ( our poor quality of food, will not give you the necessary nutrients). Combined with the proper eating regimen, exercise (a must for lymphatic system), rest and clean water, optimal health should be within your grasp. All products in this program are organic. For herbal products and more information

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phoenix2327 profile image

phoenix2327 4 years ago from United Kingdom

Are these items available in health food stores? Although my doctor says I'm healthy I don't feel it. I'm looking for ways to help me feel as healthy as the charts say I am. I'm making some changes to my diet and am always on the look out for anything that can increase my energy levels.

Voted up, useful and interesting.

Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

Yes they should be at any reputable health store. In extract, capsules, or dry herbs. I don't know which you prefer, but extracts are the most potent. You can also get them thru us at wholesale prices.

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