The Dangers From Smoking Fake Marijuana

Smoking Fake Marijuana Can Really Kill You.

Do you think just because you can buy " Fake Marijuana" in any corner store, gas station or tobacco shop, and on the internet, that it is safe to use? Well think again. I wanted to write about this subject, because I found out a very dear friend of mine is smoking this Fake Marijuana. I knew it could not be a good thing when he is always coughing his head off. He is coughing worse than someone that smokes cigarettes. And I know because I smoke cigarettes.

Then I saw a news segment on Time Warner Cable News and it confirmed my suspicions. I told my friend about the dangers of smoking this fake marijuana, but it did no good. I think this stuff looks like catnip, and comes in flavors that smell like incense. I did not try this stuff. My friend was showed it to me, then he smoked some, and the smell even though it does resemble incense made me cough, and I had a hard time breathing. Keep in mind I did not smoke any of this junk. And I never would. Why would I want to?

So lets talk about this Fake Marijuana, also known as Spice. ( As well as other street names)

This nasty stuff is marketed legally as an Herbal Incense, and as being 100% organic herbs. The label says not for "human consumption." This is how they can sell it legally. This product was first introduced in 2002. The technical name for this is K-2, and it was first created in the mid 90's by a chemist named John W. Huffman. It is also known by JWH-018 ( which is his initials) And apparently this stuff was being sold in China & Korea as a plant growth stimulant. This is how the chemist recalled learning about the K2 compound. There is the possibility this stuff was first smoked in Europe. You can get really high on it,and it is about 10 x's more active than THC, which is the active ingredient in real marijuana. And you can smoke a lot less of the K2 and get just as high from it.

The K-2 acts just like weed, and you would expect to see the same effects, which would include relaxation, reduced blood pressure and sleepiness. Though in high doses can cause hallucinations and delusions. This is a very dangerous drug. There are other symptoms , such as blood pressure that is dangerously elevated, vomiting and pale skin. This means the K-2 is affecting the Cardiovascular system. It will affect the central nervous system, and will cause severe potentially life threatening hallucinations. There could even be seizures in some cases. The K-2 has never been tested on humans and could very well have toxic effects. It has been tested on mice however, and when the experiment was over with, the mice were euthanized. So it was not proven how it affected the mice in the long term. The drug is unregulated , so we don't know what else this drug can be contaminated with.

There are so many sad stories out there about this Fake Marijuana , and it is not funny. Why are people not paying attention? For one thing, there is not enough out there in the Media about this subject. Yes you can find it online, but the people smoking this stuff are not reading about the bad side effects of this very harmful and dangerous drug. We all hear about smoking and alcohol, but not K-2. There needs to be more awareness about this. We don't want our younger kids turning to this as a way to trick parents. They could just sit in their room and smoke it, and tell you they are burning incense because they like the smell. It used to be you burned incense to cover the smell of weed. There are also other factors in regards to why people smoke this stuff. They may hold a job that require drug tests, or they are on probation or parole. These people will get random drug testing. So they are looking for another way to get their "High On". In respect and no offence to anyone, but nowadays nobody has a private life.

There are many horrific stories out there about what this terrible junk can do to a person. In Dallas there were three teenage boys who suffered heart attacks, after smoking the Fake Marijuana for a few weeks. All the boys did recover from this, lucky for them. Texas banned the K-2. In another case a 13 year old boy from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania had underwent a double lung transplant after his lungs had collapsed from smoking the Fake Marijuana, and he had smoked it out of a homemade pipe made out of a Pez candy dispenser, and he died from an infection. He became ill after smoking the fake weed. He had complained of numbness in his hands and feet. He could not breathe and he was vomiting blood. There were severe chemical burns in his collapsed lungs.

Now here is a horrific story for you to think about. A guy in Texas faced felony charges after he bit, killed and ate his roommates dog while he was high on "Spice". He took spaniel mix out to the porch, where he beat and strangled the poor dog, and then he began chewing "hunks of flesh" from the dog. The roommate called the police, and told them the guy was "going crazy". The police arrived at the home and found the guy sitting on the porch with "blood and fur around his mouth" and the dead dog on his lap. The roommate told police the guy was "on a bad trip" right before the awful incident happened.

These are just a few examples of what this legal incense type of drug can do to a person. This is a true story, as it was on ABC News. Also the show 20/20 did an investigation which aired in 2011, and found spice and bath salts being sold to teenagers all across the country. Many of these kids were showing up at drug treatment centers, and according to Louisiana Poison Control Center " they think they are dying". They will experience extreme paranoia, and they are having hallucinations. They are seeing things, and hear things, aliens, demons and monsters.

There have also been reports in the Albany NY area, where I live, though Thank God none of the people involved have died. I see over in New Jersey, That Fake Marijuana is now a real crime. According to the state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa. He has announced a full ban on this synthetic drug, New Jersey became the 4th state to criminalize any variation of the chemicals. This is now a 3rd degree crime. A person can get 3 to 5 years in prison, and as much as $25,000 in fines. Over in Denver: Police stepped up operations to try an rid their city of this terrible drug. They had confiscated boxes of the fake weed, which they believe was being sold to teens. The bust was less than 500 feet from the high school. The target was high school kids. How sad. They seized 1,000 packets of "fake weed", and it has a street value of around $20,000.

This I hope is only the tip of the Iceberg in getting this horrible, yet legal drug off the streets. I have 5 grandkids, and they range in age from 16, down to 2 years old. I don't ever want them to be able to get their hands on anything like this. We need to put an end to this. The crazy money grubbing manufactures out to make a quick buck, at the expense of the unsuspecting and gullible, yet stupid public people. No offense here folks. We have to know though, you can't buy something like this in a store, and not know it won't harm your health. After all the label does say " Not For Human consumption". Here is a clue, right?

Let us just get this horrible "Fake Marijuana" off the Streets!!

Update: I am so happy to hear that the Law makers are really trying to get this nasty stuff out of the stores, and off the street. And there will be stiff penalties for those caught selling this stuff, and using it as well.

Recent Update : As Of July 2015. I just heard first hand, from someone that I know personally this Fake Marijuana is being smuggled into the prisons by visitors. I'm sure if all involved could face serious charges if caught bringing the stuff into prisons. Not only is it being brought in, it is being sold to other inmates for profit.

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blakeydoo 4 years ago

I have smoked this, and it leaves me feeling like I just smoked chemicals. I do not recommend this to anyone. I did not have a bad experience but i did not have any facts or knowledge of spice until I tried it. If you do try this only take a hit or 2, it is very strong stuff and can make you sick if you smoke too much. Again I am not recommending this but if you do try this please be safe, no high is worth your life.

Dale Hyde profile image

Dale Hyde 4 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

Most informative hub and useful! People need to be aware that such products contain an element of danger! Some herbal smokes are fine and have been used by indigenous persons throughout history with no ill effects, however, what you reference, well, once needs to be extremely careful. Voted up, useful and interesting.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Dale, I hope it will be banned from stores everywhere soon. I don't ever want to see my grandkids smoke this junk.

Dale Hyde profile image

Dale Hyde 4 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

Well, it is the junk or the "real" is the key, Lucybell.

Olde Cashmere profile image

Olde Cashmere 4 years ago from Michigan, United States

I was never interested in smoking this fake marijuana that seems to be big with the kids now days. More people need to know about the risks with this stuff. It's just an engineered chemical laced crap version of something that nature got right the first time. Great work with this, voted up.

poet83 profile image

poet83 4 years ago from Windsor, Va.

I have a friend that smokes Spice and I tell him over and over again that it is not safe. Unfortunately, he doesn't listen. I have tried it once and was not impressed. It is basically the same as smoking potpourri and that would be just stupid. The fact that it says "Not for human consumption" right on the package should be a red light. This was a fantastic hub and I will be sharing it with that friend! Voted up!

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether

Not that I condone smoking of any kind but it's almost scary that marijuana would be less harmful to a person than this crap. K2 is really bad...some say that there's been people who hace committed suicide on it due to the hallucinations & paranoia that it causes. NOT GOOD AT ALL. It is all synthetic...anything fully manmade is usually not good to consume...just compare processed foods to organic natural foods.

XxMr.TripsxX profile image

XxMr.TripsxX 4 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

I had a freakin panic attack on the stuff, good hub gettin that awareness out there!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

XxMr.Trips, sorry to hear that. I am glad they are pulling it off the shelves, not sure about the internet tho.

naimishika profile image

naimishika 4 years ago from India

Do not smoke. I do. I am ashamed of it.

Steve Orion profile image

Steve Orion 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida

I have also had horrible experiences on it, they are artificial chemicals that are purposefully used to alter your brain in dangerous and unknown ways. I've written about it and tried to get the word out, thanks for doing the same!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thanks Steve. Maybe the should really legalize the real stuff, who knows.

Feudkdng 4 years ago

I live in Georgia and I've tried this several times before and always after I smoked this i got so high that i couldn't even controlled my body and eventually i fell asleep. I knew that it was something different than regular marijuana after i have had experiences on this shit so people don't ever try to use this product

Ray 4 years ago

I smoked this stuff with my friend, I had a seizure for about 5 minutes then blacked out for about 20. When I came back everything was slow and I could feel my brain pounding and I felt like I was going insane. Point is, don't smoke that stuff.

Ray 4 years ago

This is a different ray.

Anyway, I bought this shit for the 2nd time in my life. I bought 1.6g of blueberry bizario. I first smoked it with my marijuana, just two little white fuzzy balls out of the packet, a single hit. After that and my marijauna, I came inside and a Panic Attack started. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, I was sure I was going to, I nearly wanted to call 911, but I've done a lot of drugs and calmed my self down and waited it out. The panic lasts 10-20 minutes.

IDK why but the next 2 days I kept smoking it, but this time 1-2 very small hits, held in for about a second. It gave me a buzz just like weed, that's why. I smoked it the night before yesterday, two big hits, i held them in to long. I had a minor panic attack again, I felt like I didn't exist, I was dreaming, nothing matter or anything I did mattered so why the hell was I doing it?

After I came down from the panic attack, I felt still really high, my mind was racing, I felt extremely dizzy. I went to bed right then and had very weird dreams. The next morning I woke up, feeling very sick. A few hours later I found my self back in bed all day, later that evening I was puking and still felt very weird. That was lastnight, now it is morning 9 AM and I still feel weird and slightly sick!!

I can't believe this shit is legal to buy in stores. It kills people, makes them very sick and makes them do very bad decisions. If I was not an experienced drug user, and I smoked this and freaked out like I did, very bad things could have happened, good thing I knew what I was doing and calmed down.

I hope this shit is banned,outlawed, prison time for being sold even minor amounts, get this shit off of earth! How is this garbage legal, and marijuana isn't !! Marijuana causes nothing like this, is not even close as bad and is almost harmless vaporized or eaten. I could have simply went to the store and purchased a dime of some harmless weed, just like all the other people and teenagers, played some games ate some food and went to sleep.

Instead I nearly died, I feel so sorry for the kids that did die, it would of never of happened if Marijuana was legal and it's users were not treated like murderers.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Ray, what a scary story. I'm glad you made it thu such a bad experience. And I hope anyone else who is reading your comment will pay attention and stay away from that crap. I think it is going to be a very long battle trying to get this stuff off the streets and the internet.

Kevin 4 years ago

K2 has been replaced with various other products in Texas since it became illegal. At the time I was driving a truck so I couldn't smoke the real stuff because I might be drug tested. The last product I smoked is called black label. I didn't notice any serious problems with it for a while. Let me tell you something though. Black label is very addictive! When I started with it I'd smoke a little and be cool with it. Before I knew it I was up to almost 3 grams a day in a period of only a couple of months. I wondered why I would make excuses to buy more and more. Then I tried to quit. When I was without it my skin would crawl and the cravings were awful. I finally left town for a couple of days and got off of it thank God. It's more addictive than snorting cocaine. I've never smoked crack or used heroin but it has to be addictive on that level. It is probably at least as addictive as cigarettes. DON'T USE BLACK LABEL!!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you Kevin for sharing your story. Wow those are some bad withdrawl syptoms. Glad you are off the stuff.

Adam 4 years ago

Smoked it since the beginning. Side affects are gilt,fear and most common getting high like with pot. It is NOT addictive!! It is Not dangerous!! Stop trying to scare people just because your against getting high.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Adam, at first I was not going to approve what you wrote. I am not trying to scare people about this stuff, and as far as people smoking the real weed, I have no problem with that, and I don't know where you got that from any part of the article that I wrote. Though if you had read all the other comments on this you would see that other people have had some really bad issues with this stuff. So you have your thoughts, as do I and so many other people...

dg 4 years ago

I have smoked various types of spice from jwh-18 to newer legal analogues and have no health issues from it whatsoever. Spice like mj/thc can cause paranoia due to the smokers inexperience with the high. The unfamiliar feelings can produce panic and thus panic attacks. One just has to make sure they only use mj/thc/spice in safe environments. Also, one doesn't have to smoke much, a few hits off a pipe is enough and more won't get you much higher. Spice highs only last about 15 minutes to a half hour while thc highs can last an hour to hours. The problem with most of these comments is that most all are anecdotal and not fact based. Many accusations here against spice are hearsay, not based on actual facts, and "reefer madness" propaganda. This drug should be legal so that it could be tested, regulated for purity and proper instructions for safe use can come with each purpose. Demonizing anything with out facts or something at least loosely based on scientific method is nothing more than opinion. I also find those that say they have tried spice have very little real world experience with thc or spice, as their stories betray their ignorance and infamiliarity with getting high on anything. Thc has medical use and the fact that it is still a schedule one drug while alcohol and tobacco are legal is plenty of proof to the hipocracy and lies the govt has foisted upoon us. Even the govts own studies have shown how harmless thc has been. Any death attributed to spice, I bet can be found to have another primary cause of death and there has never been anyone to die from and overdose of marijuana.

Ksjfjs mask xkd 4 years ago

I smoked scooby snax with my friend on a 4 wheeler. Good thing I fidnt smoke much. I felt lile I was in a video game. So scary. Another time I smoked with my brothers friends and they said it was real. So I smoked A lot but then my whole boddy started shaking and I felt lile I was gonna die. So I started throwimg up. Checkimg my pulse and my heart was pounding. I felt like I was on cocaine or something. I called my good freimd who has been threw it all with weed and he said I needed to.calm dow. So I went to sleep. the fake weed lasted 4 hours then that night around 2 am it came back. I got scared and went to sleep. Then the next few days I was Sock to my stomach. I advise you guys to never do any kind of weed. Its scary as hell.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Tripper 4 years ago

K2 is nothing!!! This new shit they have out now is insane, I was Introduced to it about 2 weeks ago, the 2 strongest ones were called "fullmoon" and "venom". The peaking affects I cannot even explain, as soo as you let It out your shoulders get very heavy, I felt like I was punched in the back of the head, neck cramping, hectic laughing fits, ok that was just the start. Then my heart started to pound do fast i was beginning to get heart palpitations Well that's what I think it was, I could feel my heartbeat in my fucking mouth! Sounds weird but I began to have tunnel vision and everything I looked at seemed so far away, If I focused on my friend everything behind him would look like it 10 meters away, I couldn't open my eyes from then on or I would feel very sick. All that lasted about 45 mins. Then the come down I felt like I was going to spew for sure Every time but nothing comes out, ok so that was my first trip. For some reason it didn't turn me off it. I ended up having another cone of it, and the high felt like a normal high but much more intense, so it seems the first bit of it you have trips you out then you can keep smoking it. From that night on I've been doing it just about every night, and everynight I have that same trip on the first cone. About an hour ago I went through a very bad trip from VENOM, hopefully this time I learnt, and will not smoke it again. Please if you have had any similar trips like this tell me about it, DON'T SMOKE THIS SHIT IF YOU HAVE A HEALTH CONDITIION. As far as I know I'm healthy and the way this stuff plays with your head and heart can't be good for you in the long run.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you Tripper for telling us your story. This is crazy stuff, and it is going wild, and it is really sad..

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DMVmimay 4 years ago

thanks.. so useful. i don't want to huff this drug! there's a lot of alternative drugs out there, just be mindful.

lisa 4 years ago

In 47 years old decided to quit pot because my husband objected. It was time to grow up. Went to buy incense one day at head shop, and asked about this product and purchased one to try. Since then, I purchase it once a week. I hide it from my husband. I've gotten caught for the last time, he wants a devorce! He can't trust me. I'm devistated, depressed and have had so.e bad trips. I do believe its addictive. I will do everything in my power to save my marriage. It may be too late? Pray for God to give me the strenght to quit. Please stay away from it. All ages, not just teens.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Wow Lisa. I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a ruff time. I hope that you can kick this nasty stuff, and that you can make it work with your husband.

Dan 4 years ago

My friend has started smoking it almost every day...we both like to have pot on the odd occasion but because she has not been able to get any she has started smoking this fake pot I had some last night & I thought I was going to die my heart was racing near beating out of my chest & my mind was all over the place I was scared to death lucky for me it lasted no longer than an hour or so it felt but it was too long for me.....I'm not a big pot smoker it's something I do on the odd occasion but never ever has pot ever had that kind of effect on me like this fake crap...I'm worried for my friend now after yesterday as she is smoking it almost everyday her mood is changing from this carefree happy person to someone I don't know....I hope they ban it here in australia cause its as far as I'm concernd dangerous stuff & I hope to god my friend realizes that before it stuffs her up completely....& as for the dude a few messages above saying there is nothing wrong with this crap,,,, obviously your right into it & living in denial !!!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you Dan. I hope your friend stops smoking it as well, before something bad happens. They banned it here is the US. And now they are working to ban bath salts as well.

julio 4 years ago

fuk im addicted im doin 5 grams a week ..its been about 8 months smokin this every day i don't feel it no more..i don't feel like i can't think after i smoked it no more. i started with 10X AND JUMP TO 20X . i can think when i smoke it but now i have notice when i wake up i find lil blood in my saliva. im gonna stop smoking cuz im not been feeling myself but everyone around says i act normal. but i don't think so. this drug has made me ask myself many questions nd realized many things.

ricky gonzalez 4 years ago

Man I smoke legal weed every single day and I have never felt any of the stuff y'all are talkin..all it does is gets me super blown nd I'm talkn bout I smoke it at work when I'm driving nd when I get home but I jus do pipe hits..

Kiyla 4 years ago

I have a friend in the Army that would smoke Spice because he couldn't smoke marijuana anymore. He would do it off base, or when he came home on leave. They recently started cracking down on it in his barracks, and quite a few people were discharged because of their usage. When my friend stopped smoking it all together, he started experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms, like cold sweats and constant vomiting. He told me he felt like death for a good week straight. I've tried it with him when he was home, and as mentioned it is definitely more potent than actual marijuana. The smell is awful, the taste is awful, and if I'm not mistaken continued usage can cause cancers along with all of the other health problems mentioned. Definitely not worth it.

me 4 years ago

Ive been smokin venom and can't stop.. if I don't have more than an hour start getting really bad cold sweats vomiting... An hour without it and it's bad. I am so addicted to the s*** and I don't want to be.. I don't want to tell nobody is embarrassing... I've never had an addiction in my wife.. didn't even know what it was until now.. anybody have any helpful suggestions please... it is to the point to where I'm scared to wake up...

james 4 years ago

me and a friend went down to the creek and had just bought a packed of "k2 black" we put it in the bong and had a bong each of it about 1 minute later my friend started shaking and couldn't speak properly then he started to fall over and told me he thought he was dieing, then he jumped up started screaming and ran down to the other end of the creek and fell over, at this point i was feeling sick as ever but no were near as bad as my friend. he started go unconscious while standing up and i had trouble waking him, after that he started screaming swear words and could not communicate with me or know i was there. by now he had almost fallen in the creek about 3 times but i had pulled him away it was like he was highly intoxicated and couldn't support himself. about 1 minute later he fell to the ground and had a seizure and was frothing at the mouth and unconscious i called an ambulance but because he had smoked k2 the police had to come and restrain him first. he was taken to hospital and then next day we caught up and he had no memory of what had happen from 5pm to 11 pm. this stuff is bad and i am told contains horse tranquilizer.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

James how horrible for you and your friend. I am very glad your friend did not die, and that you are okay as well.

Rob 4 years ago

Two of my best friends and my cousin smokes this stuff. They usually get this stuff called neutronium and my cousin is already showing symptoms. Hes coughing really bad and throwing up. I just don't kniw what to do none of them will listen to me or one of my other buddies. Does anyone have advice on how to get them to stop??

usvet1122 4 years ago

IV smoked this stuff for about 2 year. For the most part I have been happy with it and I have been to doctors for various reasons none of which were bcuz of this stuff. Sure there were times that I smoked to much of it and have fealt horrible but that is the same like any other drug. Some ppl just do too much like its weed and get the bad side effects. What people don't realize is is that all the bad things that have happened were bcuz of smoking too much. So for all of you who think it should b illegal then why not make alcohol illegal bcuz it has the same side effects. But since its the older generations making all the rules they like the alcohol and already have tried to make it illegal n failed. To all of you who think that this stuff is the cause for the hospitalized ppl how about looking up those ppls prior medical history and I can garaintee u that they have something wrong with them other than this stuff. Learn the truth about things before u voice it opinion. Of course the gov is going to make it look bad look at weed and what generation doesn't like it. Think about it. If it was all that bad then the gov would already banned it n every state.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Well usvet you may just be one of the lucky ones then, or maybe it will end up catching up with you.

me 4 years ago

My gurlfriend smokes it and tpnofht i made her flush it because she said her heart was racing and she felt weird

KellyMediaBest profile image

KellyMediaBest 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida

I have a friend who was on parole and smoked this to pass drug tests. The same friend once smoked it throughout the day while also drinking Red Bull and ended up in the ER almost dead; it was terrifying. I still don't understand how this stuff and cigarettes are legal, while real marijuana (a "drug" that is impossible to overdose on, get addicted to, and has never killed one person) is still being fought against like it was the devil. Our country just doesn't make sense in so may ways.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

I think the reason why they won't legalize it, is because they think it will lead to taking other drugs down the line.

me 4 years ago

Nobody have any opinions?

mee 4 years ago

Lucybell! 4 days now without it.... I can't take it still throwing up sweating like crazy... But im freezing.. Ilike to think im strong but im so weak.. Now i want it ''venom'' so bad.' What do i do? Please help me anything helps

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Hi Me. I hate to say it, but it is like any drug or tobbaco. You will have to go thru the withdrawl . Hopefully it won't be much longer for you. Keep going. I know you can beat this thing!

trust me 4 years ago

I am about to turn 19 and have smoked it for a little over 2 years. if you say you have smoked it regularly and that its not addictive you are nothing short of a liar. At one point when i was still in high school i had to sneak into the bathroom during just about every class and take a hit. for a full year or more. there is some truth to only smoking a little and being alright but theres more truth in the negative side effects and addictivness that comes along with it. a group of about 4 friends and i were buying the stuff on a daily basis and me being the one with a car and job was relied on to go get it. This got etremley annoying because the chemical they put in it makes it very hard to sleep unless you keep smoking it as you wake up throughout the night. as you can probably tell it gets very expensive very quick. my friends and I are all expirienced pot smokers and still all my friends except me have had freak outs on it. by freak outs i mean not being able to speak unless saying im going to die and crying. the friends im talking about are large boys both stars on the football team. the shits no good there is no telling what they spray on that shit to get you "high" or addicted. I quit sports my junior year and smoked a lot of this stuff as i said before. all other non athlete (or people who don't do cardio work outs every day) began coughing up blackish brown substance as i do. it almost hurts to take a deep breath these days. i am a pretty athletic and in shape kid and this shit has taken a major toll on me.not only has it deterriated my health rapidly it has caused me to loose several friends and become very distant with my family. if its not off the shelves within a few months mark my words i will be the leader of the campaign to get rid of it. i quit a couple weeks ago (a very difficult and time consuming process) and my friends still hit me up on a regular basis asking for "bowls" so that they can get to sleep. the problem is the chemical wears off in an hour or two completley and we all wake up in the middle of the night craving more. I had to religiously smoke pot for about a week to finally quit but now i am trying to make up for all the damage to my lungs by stopping smoking all together and running. i plan to eventually take up marijuana again but in the mean time DO NOT SMOKE that BULLSHIT if you value your life. i love life dearly and am saddenend every day that i have hurt myself so badly. if you don't think your getting any side effects just wait mother fucker haha no offense but take my advice along with some of the other people on this article and quit. this comes from a hell bent country boy who loves to toke up and drink some beer but im telling you right now that shit is as dumb as it gets. if you are heavily addicted i recommend you buy one more bag or finish what you have as slowly as possible to ween yourself off of it. you will find there are much better and funner and healthier ways to kill your time or make yourself tired. 4 years ago

In July last year my ex husband discovered K2 and since then it has been a nightmare of trying to keep him off this crap.... 14 months down the track he has destroyed his marriage, lost friends, lost his job and last week nearly killed himself when he smoked K2 and had such a bad reaction he ended up in hospital. My ex is not a kid he is a 55 year old man. I am staggered at the lack of knowledge and support here in New Zealand. I am also amazed that in our small town some bitch can set up a shop and openly deal drugs - she admitted to a friend that the drugs are the majority of her sales and the rest of the products were just a side line. All I want to do is get her run out of town and luckily more and more people are looking at this as an option. If you are reading this Vicky from Flurmo you think you are "community minded" (quoted from the local paper) no Vicky you are a dirty drug peddler nothing more.

In New Zealand we have a creep called Matt Bowden who is the drug guru that creates this crap - sadly some of the New Zealand media pander to this bastard and seem to hold him up as some sort of genius rather than the mongrel he is. Sad society when those that create the poison and damage lives forever, are seen as heroes by idiots.

train 4 years ago

i was wondering my friend smoked this scooby snack last night and he went pail and his lips and face was all white and he was not breathing. is this a side effect of this drug? he drank a little bit too ?

Wolf Pack 4 years ago

Coming from me, I smoke this "fake marijuana" everyday and I'm still here haha. I'm not saying that it's good but not saying its bad. People who smoke this and freak out just don't know how to smoke. It's all in your mind. If you think you're gonna trip then you are, but if you think your gonna have a good time, then you're gonna have a good time.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Well Wolfpack I guess you are one of the lucky ones so far.

mercy 4 years ago

I believe this fake marijuana does need to be banned in every state. Its killing our kids, and for those who are saleing it to kids shame on you.i guess the people that sale the stuff don't care who they hurt as long as they have that money in their pocket. Its about time that parents stand up and take control of their kids and find out who their kids are handing out with and put a stop to it. so lets agree in praying and pray for our kids that are out there to just say no.

Kymber 4 years ago

Stop doing these drugs, its crazy to even try it after hearing all these bad things going on. You may think your lucky now for those who r laughing but you may be next.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Mercy, when I wrote this hub I had my 2 older grandkids read it, they are 16& 13. I hope they learn from it, but I still have to worry about the 3 younger grandkids.

Doodlehead profile image

Doodlehead 4 years ago from Northern California

Wow...this is another thing for society to have to deal with. Yuck.

Gd 4 years ago

I have used fake when it first came out and the newer stuff that hit recent months. The stuff from before does not compare to this new stuff. Bizarro and Avalanche are the two I used recently as well as K4. The effects I personally have had were good and or completely horrible.

The people that said it is not addicting. It really depends on YOU and the product you bought. I have tried it before and could stop for a long while and be fine. Now I find myself having a hard time without it. I was getting 2x 3.5g bags a day and they would be gone that same night. I personally never felt like I couldn't live with out something before but that's how it made me feel. I was making up excuses to buy it a lot while trying to stop. Thankfuly right now my close friends have been a great help and I haven't done it for almost 2 days now. Doesn't seem like a lot but if you knew how bad I was you would understand how great of an achievement that is. =/

The effects I have had from using have been anywhere from mild buzz to I did not think I was real. And by the last part I mean I spoked k4 1 hard hit a while back with a friend and my head never thought of such things. I sat still and never moved from the chair I was in but I kept asking myself in my head am I real? And by that I mean I was thinking how do I know I am really real. I cannot see through my friends eyes and mind and see his perception of me and who he believe me to be. Then I thought I wasn't real because I could not be real unless I was acknowledged and if I wasn't always being constantly acknowledged then I just didn't exist anymore. I dunno, it just got weirder from there and got to the point where I didn't care if I was alive or dead at that point. My friends experience was at the same time and very similar but only in what he was thinking of meaning thew whole reality thing. He was seeing things, that is not something I had. His high lasted longer than mine but when I finally started to feel ok he was sitting in the chair with his head down crying. When he was finally ok he told me he was pretty much in a dark tunnle with lights flying by him and he assumed he was on a road and they were cars almost hitting him and that's why he was crying.

I used the stuff everyday for 3 months now other than the past 2 days. I did see my doctor a few weeks back and had my doctor check my out. I told him what I was doing and still doing and informed him I was trying to cut it out all together and wanted to see how my health was after doing this hard for 3 months. There were some minor health issues that I will have for a while but nothing to serious. 2 Days of not doing it though I'm shocked at how much better I can breathe though lol. :)

Anyway, IMO the stuff is horrible. I'm in the US and the State I am in banned it months ago but people always have it around here its still easier to get than anything. But i'd recommend staying away from it.

Sevraspar 4 years ago

You'd be glad to know they shut down a store in town a while ago because they were selling synthetic marijuana and heroin-laced potpourri. I knew a whole lot of people who smoked it, and even sold it.

scott 4 years ago

Bunch of boloney.. Been smoking this stuff for three years and i am healthy as i was not smoking it 3 years ago. Like many other designer drugs of course they will make it illegal sooner or later. People are just gullible and Overuse or misuse it. As pain medications and such. I don't see you complaining about all the chemicals they put into your kids food. I mean look at your lucky charms cereal. It has more poison it in than you know. DHA and many other chemicals. So go complain about the government trying to kill your kids.. Or do you not care enough? They did a lot of research and they know exactly what it does. They did added almost 500+ chemicals to the new ciggs. My god people are so pathetic.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Scott everyone has had something different happen to themwhile using this drug. And you are right about ciggs and some food products. I could write a hub on that alone.

stoney1 4 years ago

spice sucks. one night i was drunk and i smoked some dOpe so i was already on a good one. i took a gravity hit of spice and after that i had a panic attack. my heart was already goin fast before that so it made me feel like i was having a heart attack. i kept telling my homie to call 911 but then i changed my mind cuz i wanted to wait to see if i would calm down. i went home after like an hour and was still trippin. i spent most the night awake in my bed trippen out and barely able to breathe it sucked. don't smoke SPICE it sucks and is not worth it

tammy 4 years ago

does this stuff have a sweet small to it and if someone that don't do this can it make you sick by just smelling it

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Hi Tammy. Well yes it does have a sweet smell to it, ( as some types of insense ) do, and if you are around it for any period of time, it can make you feel ill, as well as develop a cough when you are around it.

Jessica 4 years ago

Will the affects ever go away ? i smoked it and still feel dizzy and sick 3 days later ,

AddictionSupport profile image

AddictionSupport 4 years ago from California

Please read my blog on this horrible crap. I used to sell it and smoked it for 2 years. This stuff messed me up really bad. Check out my story. It does get better. or read about how I quit

AddictionSupport profile image

AddictionSupport 4 years ago from California

Jessica ^^ They do go away. But you have to not ever smoke it again. The longer you smoke it, the longer it takes to get back to feeling normal!!!

AddictionSupport profile image

AddictionSupport 4 years ago from California

You have to read about my experience at

mike 4 years ago

i personally have seen some of the effects of this spice had a very good friend that has lost all her friends and has nothing because of it

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

AddictionSupport I will definatley read about your experience.

Jake 4 years ago

This stuff should be banned. I smoke two puffs of a joint filled with tobacco and "code black" here in Australia. Just TWO puffs and it was the worst thing I could ever do. It gave me the worst, most horrible, deep trip of my life and I thought I was going to die for sure. My heart was racing so hard and I was experiencing a thousand thoughts at once which just turned into the feeling of my brain being out through a mincer.. Words can't describe how bad it was.. I think I am really lucky to be alive. My state improved slowly but I was still a vegetable for another 2 hours until I went to bed.. I woke up this morning and just cried.. I didn't know how bad my brain had been put through torture. I have felt spaced out all day, slowly getting more "with it" as the days goes on but I am still very spacey, I just want to be normal again. I hope god, I know god will help me. God bless him. People don't EVER EVER do this stuff.. It's poison on the brain and I believe could cause brain damage.. Does anyone else have the experience of "spaciness" the next day? If so how long did it take to wear off?? Please reply this is killing me!

rodolfo gaytan 4 years ago

I smoked europhoma incents like 3 times and the third time I smoked it my heart started beating really fast had shortness of breath and felt like I was going to die and it keept going on and off for a week and stoped for two and no its starting again and I don't know if its going to stop but I do know something please please do not try this drug...

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Jake sorry you had to go through a bad experience like that. I don't know how long it takes to wear off, and I hope it does not last much longer for you.

420 4 years ago

I have been using this fake weed for 2 days now cause I have to pass a drug test I decided to look it up and see different affects that happen to other people it is crazy shit so I am done with it after my drug test I'm going to start smoking weed again cause there is nothing wrong with weed everybody likes to smoke a little weed everybody!!!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

How long have you stopped smoking the real weed for? Because it does take time to leave your system. Also in most states now k2 is against the law. And when drug testing you can get in trouble for it.

Zero 4 years ago

I never smoked this legal shit, I know people who have, almost killed one of my best friends. Smoking weed works much better and its not dangerous. It's time to legalize.

dan 4 years ago

Horrible stuff been dextoing for 5 days now and still vomiting cold sweats and minor panic attacks and now vomiting black. this stuff is no joke it will kill you !!!!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Dan, I hope it passes soon for you. How long have you been smoking the stuff?

Bingio 4 years ago

Lol I love conversations like this. Yeah this stuff is almost as bad as alcohol. Just like any other chemical/chemicals this stuff affects everyone differently and at different times and even different states of mind. Heck back when K2 was legal it was nothing compared to what they sell now. It was much much more like weed back then. Now it is more like mushrooms mixed with salvia. Realistically I believe all drugs should be legalized and regulated similar to pharmaceuticals but a bit more openly. In order to better regulate addiction. You wanna talk about drugs that should be made illegal don't get me started on pills. I would rather smoke not pot than take any narcotic pill any day of my life whew that stuff is bad news. I have seen more lives ruined by prescription medications than any other. Mostly people who do illegal drugs, lives get ruined because they are illegal. Not to say some don't overdo it and overdose and such. But usually those people have underlying mental or medical problems.

Ok back to the fake marijuana discussion. I have tried quite abit of this stuff. At first I thoroughly enjoyed regular old K2 it was a lot like weed with out the illegality. I liked that a lot. Then came the new stuff I did not like it at first because it created an intense anxiety that was not enjoyable. Then a friend said that the anxiety was coming from something in my mind. So I analysed myself and rid myself of many anxieties. Sure enough couple weeks later no more anxiety. Just good old super high. Mind you I sound like a big dope head. But I only smoke a little at night after my wife and kids are asleep. Don't dare work or perform any task other than sitting or standing still on it. Had a couple of bad experiences with that and no more.

I think the main reason I really enjoy it other than a short trip away from reality is that when I am sitting there late at night the creative thoughts just flow like a river. It has seemed to have allowed me access to portion of my brain I was not able to access before. It has been allowing me over the past few months to actually change myself for the better. I am working better, thinking better, even loving my family better. Becoming what I have always wanted to be but was to lazy and procrastinating to do before.

See it started one time when I was at my friends house a few blocks away (Never drive on this stuff) and we were smoking and playing a video game. In the game the main character was super strong and fast. I went into a hallucination mode where I felt that strong and that fast etc. It was really phenomenal I didn't try to jump of the roof or anything just the feeling was life changing. Since that moment I have been using this crap in extreme moderation to modify my whole way of thinking for the better. I mean for those who have played video games just think if you lived your life with the intensity that you play a video game how awesome would your life be in a year? I am not saying go GTA or anything. I am saying what if you conquered college or started a business as you would in the SIMS and just went all out. How awesome would that be. Unfortunately for most of us we are sucked to deep into the T.V. or computer or etc etc etc. Whatever the zombie state inducing device is your drug. Well anyway I got rid of television I am only on the computer now because I am researching some info on my next business venture.

Yeah I've had some "Bad" experiences on this stuff lets see. One time I smoked it driving in the middle of the day and I flipped into another world and there were these little black and red gremlins saying "You're in a car race hard right hard right" Thankfully I knew better and came back to reality only to realize there was no right turn there. Would have sucked to wreck my truck at 30 m/h but would have lived. Swore of driving and smoking it that day. I have had friends strung out on the stuff like heroin came and stole my last bowl twice and even took my pipes to scrape resin out. They told me when they tried to quit it was worse than heroin. They were smoking like well over three grams a day by there self. If I don't share I can make three grams last 2 weeks. That's about three to six puffs a night if I'm by myself.

I'll tell you what if you start smoking in the middle of the day it is hard to stop you just want to keep smoking and smoking every 45 min. or so it is kinda hard to stop its like automatic habit. One day I did it at the end of work not a good idea I was cleaning some paint tools. Well I couldn't do it I thought of the paint as staining kinda like blood, which it wasn't, and polluting, which it wasn't, so I took the paint tools home and cleaned them because I was afraid of making a giant mess, which I wouldn't have. Just a very weird feeling.

But the main reason I decided to type this is because of what happened last night. Twas a bit freaky. I had smoked then after about 5 minutes my heart started to race very powerfully. The beat encompassed my entire upper torso. For some reason it popped into my mind that I could control my heart beat at that moment. Well I in experimentation slowed it down and could hear and feel it slow down. I took it a little to far and almost stopped the dang thing. I almost got scared but new if I did it would stop so I just calmly stopped messing with it all together and let it do it's thing. It started beating normally again but I had to go in and go to sleep because it made me very lightheaded. My heart cavity still hurts a little today. Probably the strangest yet most interesting experience I have had on it. Controlling your heartbeat is not fun and just a little scary. And for someone who is not scared easily that is saying something.

Well anyway I'll stop ranting after this closing. In this world there are things that will kill you say a single undiluted drop of nicotine. Then there are things that won't in moderation but that can be addictive ,If You Let Them, like drugs, television, the internet, video games, food, water, sex, pornography, fighting, arguing, yelling, alcohol, driving, sleeping, waking, jumping, talking, running, walking, sitting, and well everything else you could ever possibly think of; could be addictive and could kill you in excess. So the moral of the story here is MODERATION IN ALL THINGS. Because things aren't bad; the way people use and respond to things make them out to be bad. Yes this stuff spice incense is not for everyone actually the more unstable your mental or physical state the worse off your going to be. Also I am sure there are allergic people out there that should not smoke this stuff. I noticed a mistake earlier about marijuana for instance yes people have died from marijuana. Due to severe allergic reactions. So if you want to smoke this stuff start off slow and keep it that way. Thank You.

NoLie 4 years ago

My brother told me to try this new shit, Full moon. At first I was like nahh. But I was going to bed and was like "fuck it, it will probably make me sleepy anyway". So I had cone and laid in bed, then like a flick of a switch I was having a deep trip.

It felt like I was in a nightmare/rave, seriously felt like I was in hell. I could see the devil looking straight at me. Then I honestly felt like I was going to die. I could feel my heart pounding. Could feel my soul lifting up outta my body. Lasted for an hour. Next morning I thought about what happened was like "WTF"!! I'm a tripper.

john 4 years ago

Well today was my first day trying this stuff I've smoked pot for almost 14 years this stuff taken in moderation can be just like pot but then again take a to big of a hit and you'll be sry I had a mild seizure about 5 mins after taking a big hit of it bottom line this stuff is not good

WNJohns631 profile image

WNJohns631 4 years ago

This cannot be overstated!! I had an acquaintance some time ago who got really into the synthetic marijuana scene... it really does something to you, like PERMANENT. She told me about vision blackouts and what sounded like an extremely erratic heart condition. After using it so much, using this junk seemed to change her personality, even long after stopping : \

It's good you're bringing awareness to this!

user14 4 years ago

this stuff actually a very weird chemical compound that makea you very sick at fist then you feel good if your use to it but before you get use to it it make you feel like you in another world an your trapped an can't get out like in a mirror an you feel like a creature its very weird the feeling eveybody gets its always the same for everyone no matter what. then when your feeling like that you thinmk well ill just close my eyes an relax... no no good don't do it whenever you close your eyes is where it begiuns your eyes start flying in circles an you feel scared an don't knw what to do. instead of telling people not to do this tell them to do it to be aware of it bc as soon as they smoke iut they wont want it again. yet again it is cheap very cheap but i think they put poison in it to make all the potheads quit but they wont this drug is worse than meth or anything it makes you addicted i recamend whoever smokes it should cut down an quit or get some help. ive read the posts on here you don't know what it actually does until you try it an nobodys going to listen unless they say theres poison in it an even if that they still arent going to quit. it makes you think differently.

Jaime 4 years ago

I smoked some of this called Gorilla Dro 'popo' and when i did it started as a heavy high. i was outside in my car then i was coming inside and as soon as i got in the garage, everything went haywire. i was standing in front of the door to go inside the house from the garage. i litteraly lost my mind. i 'lost my mind' there i was just standing there for a min of 10 minutes, with my mind lost.. i was there with my mouth open and i couldn't control my body i felt like my mind was lost in mindspace and i could see me or my mind going through this mindspace lost looking for its way out of litteraly retardation. after minutes passing i was gaining some concience and i it was hard to get my self feeling back right, everything looked weird and i forgot where i was. i was thinking i was going to be stuck this way and just be mind lost forever. as if my mind/soul or something was not in my body and i could not think. i went into the house from the garage and i could see again everything looked like it had to recompute and like everything looked like it was a bunch of patterns and there wasn't any true vision, everything was colors and weird little designs like shapes and such... i thought my mind was lost from being able to reconnect to my body

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

wow jamie that sounds really terrible and quite scary. Glad you are okay though.

Enelle Lamb profile image

Enelle Lamb 4 years ago from Canada's 'California'

This is the first time I have ever heard of fake week - live and learn I guess! Thanks for the hub, now I know to stay away from it and pass the word!

profile image

chelseam94 4 years ago

I have smoked k2 many different kinds of the incenses I hate this stuff I have had many bad experiences on it and this past weekend was the worst I was seeing things sweeting and thought I was going to die when the high came down I got really sick and started throwing up ive had heavy lungs sense and it feels like broncidis but the doctor said I have chemicals on my lungs this is very serious I only would take one or two hits my boyfriend however has been smoking it for three years he's done much more serious drugs in his past but now only does k2- incense he goes through 3 of the 3g bags weekly and I'm afraid for his health he's never caused harm to himself or me but when he does it sometimes he doesn't talk right or he asks me to hold him he's only told me about a few times when he's had bad trips on it but they don't seem near as bad as my trips were I refuse to smoke it my boyfriend smokes a joint or sometimes a blunt to himself within an hour sometimes less then an hour And it scares me he will fall asleep and forget things he sometimes sweets and other times I have to check and make sure he's breathing because he looks so still how can I get him to stop? He's tried so many times but he always begs me to let him get a bag he wants to stop for me like he did all the other drugs but if he doesn't have it he's in a bad mood and can't sleep at night he gets sweats and feels sick... Idk what to do because I want him to stop but how can he stop without it hurting him? Please help me I don't want to lose the love of my life because of this stupid drug its an awful drug please don't get addicted people!

brent 4 years ago

Ok I've read a lot of these comments. But I have stopped smoking it. I smoked it for about 9 months 7 grams to me ans 2 friends EVERYDAY. I am not proud of it. I had several bad trips but at the.time I felt like that was worth the fun trips. I learned it wasn't. Toward the end (last few times.I smoked) I felt my heart beating really fast. In my mind I could actually feel my heart got holes in it and feel blood squirting out. That's when I discide it was time to stop. Lol I legit thought my heart had holes. Its not ok. I am a very experienced spice smoker (again not proud). But ik what I'm talking about. Especially when I say DON'T DO IT! And not just kids. everyone! I really wish I could find future affects somewhere I want to know what to expect or if it'll work out. Also like a lot of people have said it is Extremly addicting. I would find myself an ashore when not having it. But until I took the first hit of the day I never even wanted it but once I took the first hit of the day I would legit brave it.more than anything. I treated like shit when not on it and I didn't even notice I'll never be able to take that back. I don't want anyone else to go through this. Please. Please do not do this. Think about ur family and friends. Would they want u to? Probably not

defeater 4 years ago

Ive smoked spice on and off for about two years. Started off with the original blend, then went to down2earth. Quit that, had nasty withdrawls, sweaty, cold vomiting no appetite etc. Kicked that with a little help from mary jane. Then shortly after started smoking amsterdam attic. Kicked that habit a few months ago. Again. Then started smoking bizarro. Once again i was addicted. Stopped smoking last weekend which would be saturday today is thursday. Luckly though this time no withdrawls just a little sweatiness though it's a little embarrasing since it happens at times when i shouldn't be sweating. When i was on it though i was emotional, and mental. As soon as i stopped smoking it for 24 hours, i felt so different. As if i was under some weird zombie spell. You can kick this habit trust me. I did. I no longer feel the need at all. Nor will i ever. It was a bad point in my life, and a little embarrasing but if i can get over it so can you. Though the only effect i still have is mild numbness throughout my body and its getting better as the week goes on. But no physical pain. My biggest concern was the mind fuck, but im over that now. This stuff is pretty serious. Id like to see marijuana legalized to avoid situations like this. And cut the "this will lead to legality of other drugs" crap. Of course with an appriopriate age limitation. You can do it

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

chelsea. I feel really bad for your boyfriend. Maybe he should try rehab, as it is as powerful as real drugs.

@ brent. I am really glad you are staying away from this nasty stuff.

@defeater. I hope that you will be able to keep up the good work with staying away from this stuff. I could never imagine myself trying this stuff.

Jared 4 years ago

The very first time I used this stuff called Diablo it made me feel like complete shit.. My throat felt like it was closing more and more, everything moved in slow motion, my heart rate was beyond belief... You would think it would turn me off... It didn't... I smoked it for the following 2 months gaining a tolerance to it.. I then quit all drugs for a couple days to pass a drug test. I passed and all went well!! I figured why not get high? I decided I would just buy some more Diablo (the strongest I could find) and celebrate my new job! It was only after that, that I realized what a mistake I made... I took a couple hits, remembering my tolerance.. Next thing I knew, 30 seconds later I felt like everything was shaking... I woke up 5 minutes later to be told by the paramedics that my brother had called 911 and basically saved my life... I had a very serious drug induced seizure... My heart rate was over 150 beats per minute, I couldn't remember a thing... I highly don't recommend this drug as it has almost been the cause of my life being gone for a 30 minute to an hour high... I am 17 years old in case anyone wanted to know.. Please, anybody doing this, anybody that knows someone that is doing it, or is thinking about

Jared 4 years ago

Trying it.. Please, just don't... It's not worth it.. You CAN overdose, you CAN become addicted, you CAN become seriously ill and most of all... You CAN die from it.... It is not worth it... Take it from experience.. Anybody out there.. If you need help, don't feel bad to ask someone.. Everyone needs help sometimes... Best of luck to everyone having problems with this very dangerous drug.. Do not substitute it for the real thing... It isn't worth a life or death high..

profile image

ashleyd0396 4 years ago

My name is Ashley and I wanted to share my story about this horrible drug called Bizario.

This shit is the worst thing in history.

My boyfriend- Rob-, my best friend - Rachel-, and her boyfriend -Ryan-, and I have all smoked Bizario before. Rob and Ryan are basically addicted to it. But the thing is, is that Rob smokes it every day and he will just keep going. And by keep going, I mean, he will take hit after hit and not feel anything how me, Ryan or Rachel feel.

Ryan is the one that trips that hardest. Usually when he smokes this stuff, he's alright. But after last night, there have been only two incidences where he freaked out.

The first time was about a week and a half ago when he almost cashed the hitter. After which, I tried to show him a video. He then threw my phone out of my hands and started shaking and "washing himself". He was rubbing his whole body in a seductive way, but we all knew something was wrong. He then got up from the bed in a stupor state and opened rob's window and threw his out out the window and pulled it back, i n about 12 times. Then he grabbed his car keys and went upstairs, got in his car, and started it. Our friend Tyler had to go up there and get him, turn off his car, and bring him back downstairs. After that happened, about 2 hours later, he took another hit. After Ryan took this hit, he curled up to Rob and kept repeating the phrase "Robbie, I'm dying. I'm Dying". He then curled up real close to Rob and fell asleep. After that, he said that while he was expierencing this trip, he said he figured out the meaning of life.

Now, moving on to last night, Rachel, Rob, Ryan, and I all smoked this stuff. Ryan again, almost cashed it. About 2 minutes after doing so, he proceeded to start "washing himself" again. Rob got Ryan up and helped him to the window. Ryan was mumbling things and we couldn't understand him. Then he walked to the middle of Rob's room, and threw up on the floor. Then he just layer in the chair and fell asleep.

While he was throwing up, he kept saying that he was dying. After he piled A lot, he pulled up his shirt all the way and was grabbing, groping, and squeezing his chest area. And he looked right at me and he said "Ashley, feel my chest. Feel it. I'm dead. I puked up all of my organs. I have no organs". After that, he fell asleep.

Just this morning, he yexted Rachel and he said what he saw last night was that he was in a crypt and the Grim Reaper was after him, but Rob pulled him up and killed the Grim Reaper.

That is my story, and I apologize for it being so long. My boyfriend, Rob, is addicted to it and I don't know how to go about asking him. We live in Illinois, and up here, if you get arrested for having it, they classify it as a heroin charge.

Thank you.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

@Jared. I hope you are doing better, and staying off this nasty stuff.

@ Ashley, wow that is some really serious stuff going on. Your boyfriend needs to stop smoking this stuff, before it really kills him. It's not worth it.

Nate55 4 years ago

I smoke this stuff... well did. When you first smoke it, you get too high and trip out hardcore. but as you keep smoking it you get a higher tolerance and you can control it better. It doesn't hurt my lungs or taste bad. It taste like strawberry sage. If you ever taste sage it tastes the same as bizzaro. It completely makes you trip balls, i can't control myself and have the strangest trips ever. It reminds me of salvia. DON'T SMOKE IT! You will have a heart attack if you have heart problems!

:3 4 years ago

It all depends what state of mind you're in, me and many friends have tested it, kind of like acid you will never do acid while you're in a bad mood because it will cause you to have a "bad trip". I have tripped the fuck out on this stuff to the point where I can't move or talk, and I continue to smoke it because I'm retarded.

Also another thing to avoid these bad trips and bad side affects, do not do it alone, try to always be with people Or have someone with you chatting, and If you do slip into a bad state get a good friend to talk you out of it.

Apart from that of you have never done it before, I suggest you don't and stay smoking the real shit.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Seems you have been lucky so far, many other people have not been.

C.S.S 4 years ago

I had a very bad trip on a spice called O.G kush. I thought I was dying and had no control over my thoughts or body. After I came to, after 5 minutes of hard core tripping. I did not remember a thing. Worst experience of my life. It left me confused and scared.

bossdaddy 4 years ago

I have used the fake weed for about 2 years now. I am a young man of only 19. By far the most powerful thing that I have had is a substance called "down to earth" or "d2e" it made me hallucinate the first time I tried it. I was hallucinating about a video game and when I played the game in the back of the arcade and lost the world ended. I repeated to myself in my head " I'm is so stupid, this is all my fault, this doesn't even make sense." This went on for about an hour I was lost inside my mind for a total of 2 hours.when the world ended it was as if my brain was trying to comprehend like what "complete silence" is and put it into a visual. Then I was floating above my body and watching myself just sit there. When I first hit it my body started to vibrate and it felt amazing! But then something happened and I can only describe it as if gravity were multiplying over and over on my body. I told myself that it was just a little pain and that eventually I would get used to it and I would hardly notice it. But I lied to myself. It just kept getting worse and worse. So I couldn't I have used other drugs before so I was somewhat experienced. I caught myself forgetting to breathe. And if I had not then I may have been dead right now. After "d2e" became illegal.( because it killed to many people) I began using other versions of fake weed such as "rip its" "bob Marley" ed hardy" bizarro" Mr. Nice guy" things like this. They gave me a much more mellow high. I enjoyed every minute that I was high. But I realised that whenever I didn't have it. I missed it. And whenever I did have it I couldn't get enough. Even after realising this I kept smoking it. Even though I knew the risks. One day I decided that I wasn't going to let something so small ruin my life. I have been clean for 9 months and I am now attending college and I have a steady job. Looking back I had some real fun times that I will never forget. But those kind of "good times" are not worth my family or my future. I do not believe that I will ever use again. :)

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you Bossdaddy for your story. I am glad you are doing so well now.

Amanda 4 years ago

Reading this just brought tears to my eyes. This happened to me last night I smoked this on top of ex. I only took 3 pulls and within 20 min I had a trip I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN BUT THE FEELING AS IF I WAS DYING MELTING AWAY . All I could think of was what was happening to me as I was screaming I was dying crying asking for help as he tried to calm my body sitting in the car i remember looking around and it was like i looked death in the face and saw my life flash before me.histerically crying ,screaming.My friend was trying to calm me down but I honestly thought I was dying !!! I am traumatized forever! I can't pull it together and I traumatized the one who had to see me react this way.this needs to get the fuck off the streets ! Marijuana is illegal !!! And this shit is killing people !!!! What is happening to this world I hope someone sees this cause what I just went through 19 years old and almost losing my life over this something must be done

johnny 4 years ago

dumb kids just smoke the real thing not this dumb shit lol scary to think someone could sell this and say its real weed

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Mark0591 4 years ago

Ok holy shit I smoked this shit called "neutronium" last night I took 3 hits and within 20 seconds my whole body went numb was not functional at all I thought I was going to have a heart attack I felt like I was 100% going to die 1000 negative thoughts ran through my head at once like my life was flashing before my eyes my friend was driving and he was high too I grabbed the steering wheel out of panic I'm so happy to be alive I have never experienced anything that terrible in my life and I don't freak out easily

kristy 4 years ago

well came across this site by accident, will be on house arrest soon, and usually smoke mj, but will have to quit cause the drug tests, i had been thinking of trying the fake stuff, but after reading all of this, i think il pass. thanks for the info

larissa 4 years ago

After reading everyone's comments, I noticed that no one had mentioned how they felt after being off it for awhile. I smoked various brands of spice for approximately six months. I was a heavy user and felt that I was unable to live life without it. I could not stand the way I felt sober, and obsessed over how to get more. Because I tried many kinds of it, I experienced suicidal thoughts, irrational thinking, disorganized thoughts, and poor memory. I've now been clean from spice and meth for nine months now and I still experience memory loss, confusion, paranoia, disorganized thoughts and speech, poor comprehensive skills, and my cognitive thinking is screwed up. So for those that may have been thinking about trying this drug or have just gotten started, do you really want to be f-ed up like me? I've done it for you so you don't have to.

2f'ed^ 4 years ago

I smoked and idk how long in but I started seeing red,I mean I saw everything normally but then I felt like something started moving from head to all over my body, which freaked me the hell out and I use to smoke a pack a day, so yeah this crap is whack!!!

sara 4 years ago

I smoked one .....ONE hit of this shit yesterday for the first time. I am a regular pot smoker, but I have had to stop for numerous reasons, so I decided to try this stuff. Within seconds of inhaling this shit I knew it was gonna be bad!!!! Immediately, I got extremely tinglily in by head and throughout my shoulders. I then got extremely pannicked!!!!! My boyfriend put a cold rag on my neck because I was sweating profusly and I was white in color. Then, my eyes rolled back in my head and I was unconscious. My boyfriend had to slap me repeatedly to snap me out of it. I then felt as though I was having a heart attack for about 5 minutes ( the longest five mins of my life)! I sincerely thought I was about to die right there and then. Only by the grace of God did I come back to normal. Never, never again. This shit is NOTHING like real weed!!! IT WILL KILL YOU!!!!

futureRN 4 years ago

To all you people in denial about k2, here's a story for you. My brother smoked k2 for about 3 years. He drinks too but quit smoking k2 about a month ago. My brother cannot function anymore. He has serious delusions and is completely out of touch with reality. He has lost his job, his fiancé, and he's expecting his first child in January. After numerous trips to the ER and psychiatric doctors, he's on meds and all we can do is hope and pray that they help. This k2 fried my brothers brain and I don't know if we will ever get him back. I'm glad we got him help before something really terrible happened but still I feel like I'm in a nightmare and can't wake up out of it. It is absolutely terrible to see someone you've looked up to growing up and lobe lose their mind right in front of you from smoking some crap that's legal!! And what's worst of all is that I live in the town that stupid chemist Huffman. I would love to get 5 minutes in a room with him and beat the crap out of him!!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Oh my god that is so sad about your brother.

momma 4 years ago

everyone needs to stop smoking all together this stuff is also laced with the real stuff and you may be smoking spice and not even realize it until its to late.laced with marijuana can also cause seziures and the next day you may have no memory of anything that happened.this can leave a very weird feeling for days even a week later.i thank god my daughter is still alive.

Patrick 4 years ago

I got addicted to this shit for over a year..withdraw was HELLISH, this shit is very very addictive.

ralph 4 years ago

Wow. Ok, where do I start? I can relate to both sides of this issue. I do think it should illegal. I think that because if you recall from the rest of the posts there are a significantly smaller number of people who have never had a problem with spice. I would however bet, and most likely win, if I guessed that most of those same people probably at least heard of someone having a bad experience. There simply isn't enough information about the drug for the idividual to make an educated decision. Doctors don't even have enough side effects and information to go on to determine if you've you are high on spice or suffering from a natural accuring health issue. Why is that? Because the drug test that has come out for it was horribly outdated before it was released. That's only because it was designed to detect specific strands of spice(jwh). Since those strands were banned manufactures came up with so many more variations of jwh that what was banned hasn't mattered. K2 left and shelves quickly restocked with other brands made from variated chemicals jwh. They want classify it as an analog drug which would be a huge step in outlawing it. Unfortunately, in order to do that you also have to change that 'Not For Human Consumption'. By change I mean completely remove. In order to classify a drug as an Analog it has to be for human consumption. If it worked though then that would also mean that some prescription drugs would be made illegal too. Why should it be illegal? I've heard and experienced myself the reports of people thinking they were dying. I've only heard of one person seizing and that was a friend. He went to the er. I have seen the news articals and think that most of it is probably true, but the way the media and the news distort so many things I think its a combination of facts mixed with a horrible misunderstanding. I am addicted to this stuff. I love it. I have had to stop though. I've found myself digging threw the floor to find what I may have dropped when I'm out of spice(just smoke one more). I've stolen and lied about money to buy more(spice is cheaper and less can go a longer way than pot but that only works if it isn't addictive, so it ends up costing more in the long runner). I smoked 3 hits one day after getting off work, had to walk the bike home because I couldn't keep my balance, the world was spinning. I laid in bed one night in the dark looking at the clock thinking I was floating but when I wanted to find gravity I couldn't move to put my feet on the floor(sounds cool but I almost freaked out in a very bad way). I felt like I was dying in that bed.I have smoked today, had to lye to get the money. Someone said a few comments back that you have to be an experienced drug user to get yourself under control, I agree. I've used all sorts of drugs off and one with some and constant with others. I've quit most of them and have done this 13 years almost constently. I've always loved pot, after a while I feel in love with painkillers, now spice. I've given up pot and painkillers for spice. Pot doesn't seem like much of a gateway anymore considering what I was looking for in spice was a legal way to get the same as pot. This is a very bad drug and if you live where it is banned and you use, beware. The cops will arrest users and sellers, also you don't know who you will react. So many people react differently to so many things including food. My main pot should be legal argument was always, 'Its never killed or hurt anyone.' It could be true, don't hear about the guy who died smoking pot. Never here about the woman freaking out and eating someones face because she smoked pot. But some pot smokers have used that same argument with spice, and let's be honest almost all of us have heard that one bad spice story with a hint of truth to it. I've seen and experienced to many bad things for me to want it to be legal and I have withdraws from it. My new theory is that it will cause the zombie apocalypse people have talked about, lol. What's sad is that joke is probably truth as well. Just becareful to all that use. Don't be afraid to admit if you have a problem with it either. Find help if you need it for spice aka fake pot.

ralph 4 years ago

Ok to add to my comment about analog drugs, there are new strains of spice coming out that state that are ment for human consumption. They tell you on the packet that you should not operate heavy machines or drive while on it. If every company that produces this stuff does this then it would be possible to make all of it illegal.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Ralph I really hope they don't do that, as it does not sound any better.

Coneybaron 4 years ago

Whoever wrote this- K2 by any means, is not good for you.

But you just sound like an idiot talking a bunch of wank.

So uneducated it's just too hilarious to not address.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Coneybaron. That is just your opinion.. Everyone else can't be wrong. I am sure they know what happened to them, when they smoked this stuff, unless you were with them, and know what happened to them when they smoked it?????? And I guess the Doctors are wrong as well. Least we forget, the packages do say ( NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION). So who are the idiots?

Shane 4 years ago

It people like you'll is the reason marijuana is not legal and we have to smoke this s*** to begin with.

Bruce 4 years ago

As bad as K2 is, after reading the story about the Dallas teens, I am fairly certain they were in to something else and were lying about it. Either that or they got a severely disproportionately strong bad of K2. Just doesn't add up that those 3 specific boys all got chest pains a day or weeks after smoking the K2. All 3, around the same time; but everyone else in Dallas that was smoking that K2 didn't get a heart attack... or frankly hardly anyone else in the country, despite, what, up to 10% of highschoolers admitting to smoking it now. That's a large sample size.

I'm more for thinking the guys did some bad crack or steroids and saved face by blaming it on Spice and pot instead of something that's been proven pretty much one of the worst things ever. If it was the K2, I'm guessing they got the really bad draw of things and happened to smoke a really "hot" batch. But I don't see how they would have smoked it again(since this happened over weeks apparently) because it probably would have been an extremely unpleasant high.

Bruce 4 years ago

Sorry, one more comment.

"larissa 2 weeks ago

After reading everyone's comments, I noticed that no one had mentioned how they felt after being off it for awhile. I smoked various brands of spice for approximately six months. I was a heavy user and felt that I was unable to live life without it. I could not stand the way I felt sober, and obsessed over how to get more. Because I tried many kinds of it, I experienced suicidal thoughts, irrational thinking, disorganized thoughts, and poor memory. I've now been clean from spice and meth for nine months"

You didn't think it important to mention you were on METH too in the beginning!?

I was a heavy user for 6 months along with my roommate and his girlfriend. Withdrawal sucked, but all of us were fine within 3 days after stopping use, aside from coughing up black crap.

Withdrawal seemed to include: nausea, trouble sleeping the first night, severe depression the first day, and pronounced physical urge to smoke it for another day or two. Day 3 all 3 of us were peachy. The only reason I wanted to smoke anymore would be why I would want to smoke pot or drink a beer... to escape reality a little.

All the seizure people just seem to not be able to handle themselves. I knew after a day of not smoking my tolerance would be down, and I would be prepared for feeling like I was dying(in a way too highway, not a real dying way) for 5 mins or so. I could imagine it spiraling out of control if one was not prepared; even leading to things such as temporary catatonic states.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Bruce, thanks for your comments, and the experience you and your friends have gone through. It must have been a rough time for you.

ralph 4 years ago

I apologize lucy, I think there may have been a misunderstanding. If all spice products say they are legal for human consumption or ment for smoking then it just makes it easier to make them completely illegal and schedual. I do know that the government wants all synthetic pot and amphetimines to be a schedual 1 drug. For anyone who doesn't know, and I find this to be the dumbest thing ever, pot is a schedual 1 drug(schedual 1 drugs are considered to be the most harmful drugs). Now, what most people don't know is that cocaine is a schedual 2 drug meaning it is less harmfiul than pot. So what we are really being told is that pot is a gate way drug to less harmful drugs. Sorry for my confusion DEA fellas but never once have I heard a cocaine addict say 'I think Id like to use a drug one step down from this shit I've been snorting for 4 years.'

Here's the real reason pot is schedual 1, fyi the DEA will tell you the same thing, Pot is a gateway drug to worse drugs(not my opinion I love pot). Pot is no legal in Washington and Colorado, yeah! Its only a matter of time folks.

ralph 4 years ago

Correction- pot is legal in Washington and Colorado, I don't mean for medical puropses either. It is legal to buy, possess, and smoke pot. Can't smoke in public and it is still illegal to sell. I think you have to be 21 to buy it. Washington is looking at some, I think, 5 million or billion dollars a year in revenue just from mj sales alone..

Kim 4 years ago

I've been smoking herbal incense for over a year, on a daily basis. It is most definitely addictive. It turns you into a different person when you smoke it. You lose yourself. I'm stopping. Last night I forgot who I was, who my boyfriend was, where my body was. Terrifying.

So here's to a life that I can enjoy without being high.

Erich 4 years ago

I'm in my 30s, I've smoked marijuana since 16 off and on. I tried herbal incense, and eventually bizarro and zencense's other products. One discontinued product caused me to have a seizure while I laid in bed wracked with pain. Bizarro is an interesting trip, if you take very small hits and don't let it overwhelm you. Makes the world seem cartoony and not as real.

Herbal incense products are research chemicals sprayed onto plants and coated with flavoring. You take your own life into risk every time you do it. This stuff is addictive, I get cravings for it constantly, I'd recommend not trying it out, even just to experiment. If you have the need to relax and get away from normal life I'd stick with mary j.

Nic 4 years ago

You might have just saved my life.

Ryan 4 years ago

I used to smoje k2 when that was out not as strong as the fake bud that they have out now. I stopped after i thought i was having a heart attack.

april 4 years ago

I smoked it for a whole year all day every day. I am pretty sure in that year I had developed a new personality and a alter world where I could escape into. Until one day the trips went from fun to extreme paranoia. But I craved it I still wanted to escape good or bad. Then I started to see crazy shit. I haven't smoked in a while but here's the after effects for me: I still believe I have another personality, I have a problem with my speech its hard to put words together amd I stutter now, in the icorner of my eye I always think I see something, I'm extremely paranoid that someone is hunting me, ive had a nasty cough, and I am super depressed. I haven't smoked in a while and I'm not sure I'll ever be the same... so it may be fun but make sure you're ready for

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Oh wow April, I feel so sad for you. I hope that things will improve for you.

april 4 years ago

Its crazy because there's always a voice screaming to get spice and there will be weeks where I'm depressed and angry but don't know why and I find myself "arguing" with my "other personality" about spice all the time. Thankyou I have have sought out help to see if I can be normal again.

Steve 4 years ago

Well, I have been smoking pot since 1971, but for the last 3 years I have had a job where I get random tested all the time and it wasn't worth the metal strain to always have to worry about getting busted by a random so I stopped smoking real weed 3 years ago. About a year ago I found the recipe for making "spice" at home. It involved buying Damania weed and some kind of marshmallow root and grinding it up and then spraying it with the jwh-18 or whatever and then letting it dry. I smoked it for a year and it did occasionally make me have mini panic attacks but I never vomited or got sick. It did however make me cough a lot. I would stop for a week or so and hack up all the phlem and then be fine, but would start smoking it again and then repeat the cycle over and over. It was almost or more addicting than weed. I wish every state would just make real weed legal and then us stoners would not have to resort to shit like this. I was buying the bizarro brand and again it made me cough more but was a pretty good buzz. People would smoke dog shit if it was a pleasant high and I would never tell someone else what they can and cannot do. Alohol and cigarettes are the biggest killers on the plant yet they are legal as hell because they are big business and make tons of cash for people. They never made weed legal because anyone can grow it for free so there is no profit to be made by the big alcohol and cigarette companies. Just goes to show how fucked up this country really's ok to ruin peoples lives as long as someone is making a profit. Please just make weed legal everywhere and I will be happy. I am seriously thinking about moving to Colorado or Washington just to be able to smoke to my hearts content.............just sayin'

43rd vet 4 years ago

I smoke it all the time. Quit being afraid. I had a few panic attacks, but since I'm not a sissy i just prepared for death. well, wouldn't ya know, I didn't die! I am an Iraq war vet, 03-04, and am disgusted with this country. We have no freedom. We took freedom from iraq and should just keep our damn noses out of other peoples business. Unfortunately, that's the american way as the author has clearly demonstrated. People with no experience think they know best. tsk tsk.

Ron.D 4 years ago

Lucy, K2 is a brand name, not the name of the drug. Most of the brands are using a JWH derivitive, as there are morw than 300 of the JWHs. The chemist it is named after actually SYNTHESIZED the first few ones. He did not discover it in an Asian plant food.

nick 4 years ago

Yea that shit is the devil ive smoked it for about 2years heavy and now i fill like im gona die anyday :( now joke can't breathe in the am when i wake up it makes me scared to sleep this is some mean shit boys and it don't play trust me im 24 and fill 94 not good wished i would have known but now u do so trust me don't do it stick to the real shit if u have to have the buzz

jon 4 years ago

I've been smoking incense for almost 2 yrs n never had a problem other then getting the stuff....... Nobody is the same n effects are going to be different for everyone but some people just can't handle their stuff..... I don't feel like I'm gonna die or eat anyone's face so please if you don't do then mind your own business..... I mean we don't do a world wide ban when a drunk kills an entire family...... I'm not telling anyone its safe or to try it

Just read me 4 years ago

Ok I am what u would call a pot head. For example I smoke on the way to get more....I can smoke a half oz in a day with no problem. I got this great job and get random drug tests so I had to quit after 15 yrs as a heavy pot smoker. I started buying the fake shit after my boy told me about it. The first couple times I got lit up.....I even had an apafany and talked to god twice on it swearing ill never do it again...which I still do. Anyway the fake shit is good if u need to pass a pee test...however it does not last but for like 20 min if u get used to it. I do agree it is more addicting then weed I think because ur always chasing the high every twenty minutes. I've never smoked crack but i feel like a crack pheen when I'm out of fake green. My advice to u would be don't get started....I do enjoy it a lot however it is running my life now....and I see no end in sight of me stopping...prey for me please.

FUH-Q 4 years ago

Those of you who have had negative experiences with 'spice, potpourri, incense, etc.' have simply had too much too soon or too often. In small amounts and/or infrequent use, this stuff will not cause a big problem. Why are you boneheads smoking giant hits and bowls of this stuff? Or smoking it so often? It's not pot, it's stronger. Depending on the blend, you usually just need a tiny little puff. Would you same people also guzzle down an entire bottle of vodka at once, then describe how horrible the experience was? Or drink large amounts every day for weeks? Would you also make your coffee 10 times too strong, and then drink massive amounts every day for weeks? Of course not! Why can't you people just use common sense? GEEEZ!

Joe 4 years ago

I took this stuff that had the head of a ninja on the outside packaging. After I took several hits I knew had made a horrible mistake. Everything starting to go fast and I went into a panic attack by myself. My heart was racing I felt like I was going to die. I was alone in my apartment. The bad trip lasted nearly two hours, I could barely. Almost called 911. The man at the store told me even this stuff had made him crazy and he was speaking from a lot of experience. That was over three weeks back. Now my heart area still hurts like it is straining. I am 42. I dumped all my bong gear etc. after that. I feel I may need to go to doc now and get my heart tested. What a fool I was. I was feeling a little depressed at the time and felt like I was going to die on this stuff. Don't do it.

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ucdis85 4 years ago

My name is Alejandro, I live in Kansas City, and I'am 25 years old. When I first heard about making marijuana legal... I thought, "yeah right, they will never do that!" SO when it finally happened my friend Jay told me about it and i went and got some. The first ones i remember buying were like the "earth ones", the packages had comfortable names like ;wind, rain, stuff like that. Anyway, up until he had told me that, I had previously quit marijuana for about 2 years. When he told me I wa so excited, and I went and got some that day. (Keep in mind, this is around the middle of 2009) Stuffed a bowl of, and took a hit. I remember looking at my girlfriend in shock and saying, "im high!' She and I couldn't believe it. After that, I did not get hooked, and I didn't continue to use it. As time went, i'd keep hearing about new names, and the trips people had with it. So now I'm thinking,"this isn't a fad, Its legit, and people want it." Since I was still a pot head at heart, but just quit due to my probation, I decided to jump on the potpourri bandwagon. (Afterall, its legal) Bad decision! This time around they have diff names and brands. Called my cousin, asked what one is good, and he recommended this one called white widow, it came in a little tube. The first time i went home and rolled a joint and too one hit, like 10 seconds passed and I was high as kite. It wasn't a pleasant high though, it was kind of dirty, dark, dipressing, and put me in an anti social box. I pannicked very bad, and even like one of the earlier writers, begged God to take this away and i wont do it again. idk why, but like the earlier writers said, I too didn't stop, i for some reason kept close to the experience as nasty as it made me feel. Within 3 days i was hooked. my life turned around completely, within one week. I became distant from people, my hygeine went out the door, no motivation, mood swings, I became a totally diff person. I stole from my family lied to my family, and in 3 months took 700$ from my baby, who at the time was one. My whole life was gone before my eyes in the matter of a week, no kids, no wife, and no money. One day, I remember I was so dipressed and i wanted to kill myself, and i prayed and asked God to help me get this crap out of my life. That was i believe on 02/05/12. On 02/12/12 (which was a sunday), I got invited to go to church, and i got saved that day. I got my whole life back, and was doing better than i ever have in my whole life, but about a month ago i was having a bad day, i went with my cousin to hangout and he offered me some Gorilla Dro. I was like,' the heck, ill take one hit." Since then I've been addicted again and it sucks. The first time it took me like two weeks to get ot out of my system, it was hell. (All the same side effects too) wide awake: always asleep, vomit, sweat, shakes, nauseua. To say the least, I relapsed and now I'am back at square one, and it sucks. This time it seems worse, my consumption, my addiction, and my need to steal. I steal from my kids, my wife, my mom, and my grandparents, this really sucks and I wish I'd never had touched it again. I've spent maybe more than 300$ this month on it. This stuff is bad, I've never stole anything, for anyone or anything. I never stole for weed or any other drug, but this one iam in the matter of 3 days. It only took 7 grams to get me hooked, like 2 days i was drug back into it. That wasn't long ago when i first smoked that gorilla dro, i believe it was christmas eve when i first started again, and by day 3 full blown addict again. Last 3 days i've tried to quit but could'nt, tonight is the night, im gonna do it and im not goona turn back this time. This stuff suck and is very dipressing, im sure suicide will starts going up from this crap. Please don't use this stuff, its not fun, you shouldn't use any drugs at all, but definitely don't want to start with this crap, ive always experimented with drugs, and have never had an issue like one that ive had with this one.

Chris 4 years ago

Here is an interesting find not that any of these current incense blends use this but interesting to see a big pharm making a cannabinoid.

BAY 38-7271 (KN 38-7271) is a drug which is a cannabinoid receptor agonist developed by Bayer AG. It has analgesic and neuroprotective effects and is used in scientific research, with proposed uses in the treatment of traumatic brain injury.[1][2] It is a full agonist with around the same potency as CP 55,940 in animal studies, and has fairly high affinity for both CB1 and CB2 receptors, with Ki values of 2.91nM at CB1 and 4.24nM at CB2.[3][4] It has now been licensed to KeyNeurotek Pharmaceuticals for clinical development,[5] and is currently in Phase II trials.[6]

John 4 years ago

Its been said time and time again, but if you try this stuff, don't be stupid about it. Users that are inexperienced with drugs should only take one small hit and see how it effects you, then wait about 10 minutes and then take another. More importantly, smoke in MODERATION or you WILL more then likely get addicted.

You smoke a lot of this stuff, you will probably get addicted like I was, consumes your life and you will start thinking about chasing your next high almost every 20 minutes. If you know you have a fairly addictive personality, be aware of that when you start smoking this stuff. You need to be able to catch the first time you feel addicted and either cut back a lot, or quit altogether, if you don't this stuff may start to consume your life. Just some words of wisdom from a previous k2 user, but for all the idiots that haven't tried this stuff you really need to stop being ignorant, you have no idea what you're talking about. K2 is bad for your heath (obviously, smoking anything is) but if taken in moderation, is very chill and relaxing just like pot.

DudeBro 4 years ago

Does anyone know about the new ones for example (bizzaro) made by zencense does this new blend show up on drug test? What are the chemicals in these?

@DudeBro 4 years ago

I haven't seen that blend yet around Maryland, but synthetic MJ wont show up in a piss test. The pee test goes for illegal chemicals from what I understand, so anything legal at the time you take the test you'll pass (or even recently banned will still be OK). You'll be fine. Regardless, even if you wouldn't pass...who cares? You're smoking something legal, if you get in trouble/fired from your job because of it, you have grounds to take legal action and (more then likely) win with the right lawyer.

DudeBro 4 years ago

Its made by zenscense they also make, orgazmo and a few others. So what your saying is that the drug test out now for it only looks for the banned chemicals and not the current being sold? Thanks

Niicole_d 4 years ago

Me and my ex boyfriend started smoking spice about 2 years ago and it ruined our relationship! Lucky for me i was the smarter one always trying to tell him i don't feel right about doing this anymore it made me have withdrawals to the point people think im a tweaker, it makes me sleep my life away to the point i havnt seen my kids in three months or even spoke to my family for a year. He became very agitated and abusive towards me and would spend at minimum 500 bux a month on it so i left him. He is now on the verge of homelessness, he is jobless, has no one left that cares and is slowly killing himself or he will end up in prison going his rate because he steels for spice and is constantly threatening pe0ple.. Anyone that cares about their self or their loved ones stay away and keep them away.

DDE profile image

DDE 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Who would even think of fake marijuana, I had no idea of it, well I don't go around looking for the stuff. The real stuff or the fake stuff is not good for you, interesting one. You have shared excellent information here thanks

profile image

lovedoctor926 4 years ago

Thank you for spreading awareness. This is the first time that I hear of fake marijuana. Drugs are hazardous to your health. They also change the way you react. Once a person is addicted, all they begin to care about is getting high, and once the high wears off, they need to take more just to feel normal again. There are other ways to cope with stress, depression or whatever it is that you're suffering from. There are a number of things you can do for relaxation. go to the beach, take a short vacation, practice yoga or meditation, enroll in a martial arts class. thanks for sharing

steve 4 years ago

This stuff can't be good for me but I can't stop and I feel like get chest pains or a pressure or something along those lines

Unforgiven 4 years ago

Hi, im here to say I'm a daily bizarro smoker. I can agree it his highly addictive. I head trip, I freak out, bout 7gs a day. Wish I never started. But.. I love the trips

profile image

ucdis85 4 years ago

@steve: The reason you feel chest pains is bc it messes with your cardiovascular system, when I was on it, I was either real pale, or very purple in the face and lips. Again, it's bc it messes with your heart,people with heart probs def shouldn't do spice or k-2.

Real weed is where its at. 4 years ago

Alright I have heard constant storys of this drug and have basically just read this whole page.. Now you people still taking this drug are idiots..

No offence intended but its true.. and if your one of those people that smoke it because you don't want to lose your job then that's completely rediculous..

What's worth more.. Your job.. The High... or Your life..?

Now just think about that for a minute..


..Why not just get some petrol or some paint and sniff it...or just smoke some rat poison or something I'm sure it would do almost the same thing.. Since it's just chemicals your smoking.. and it would be a lot cheaper that's for sure.


Real weed is where its at 4 years ago

Sorry double post but i had to say this.

I have been smoking marijuana for years. Yes there are side effects if you abuse it. As anything.. If you eat too much chocolate you get sick.. If you drink to much water you can drown.. Too much of anything is bad. Anything in moderation is fine.

The problem is the addicitive drugs, The ones where you get cold sweats and 'feel like death' if you stop taking the drug.

Differences that I can see...

Marijuana - is not addictive, Many people have disagreed with this over the years but I know what I'm talking about.. for a fact.

The drug itself is not addictive but the high of it is... Hence no withdrawal symtoms or none that are noticable except wanting the 'high' again. It's also impossible to overdose on real marijuana, if you smoked that much you would just fall asleep and wake up in the morning probably feeling very hungry lol, you do get paranoid feelings from smoking real weed but from what I read above it's nothing like the intensity of the fake weed.. There are also long term affects of smoking weed but thats if you abuse it, and even then it depends on the person.

Fake weed - Extreme Paranoia, Fear, Vomiting, Seizures, Terrible and unpleasant emotions, now those things are just a couple of things mentioned above...... and that's FIRST TIME SMOKING!.

Im sure there are a lot more side effects that I havn't listed..

All in all .. Real weed isn't good for you, Imagine what this is doing to your brain/body/health in general.

If you don't have experience with drugs I highly suggest not even trying this 'fake weed'... and if you do try it have an extremely extremely small amount. Don't give-in to peer pressure either!

So people PLEASE wake up because your basically smoking rat poison.

Linda 4 years ago


My man died 6 weeks ago after 12 month illness where he required increasing amounts of oxygen. I was told 6 months previously that he was about to die and we moved heaven and earth to get him home from hospital. My wonderful strong man carried on for 6 months despite what everyone said. I stopped work and we spent nights and days together mostly with me watching him almost suffocate to death every day. one day in September when there was no one else around I lay down beside him and fell asleep, when I woke up he had gone. I never believe that my husband death was natural..cos i know those that did not want his progress, every night and day i always cry i fill like killing my self because things where hard on my side, my husband family throw us out of the house me and my children where on the street begging for food and water..cos no money any more. one of my friend that i have not see for a very long time saw my on a street and she called my name, when i turn i was an old friend of mine, i explain every thing that happen she gave us accommodation and told me my husband death was not natural she told me i should not worry she is going to help me, will contact Dr Opingo who salve family problems i explain every thing about my husband to him and he said he will help me know about the death of my husband i was very happy that very day...cos i no something was behind my husband death and i see who is going to help me out, Dr ask me to send my husband picture, surname, and his name i did every thing immediately. After Dr Opingo have use the information i send him, two weeks later my husband step mum confess that she was the one that kill my husband through sickness...i am so happy i am free because the family believe that i kill my husband to take over the properties. thank you once again HELEN my best friend for introducing me to Dr Opingo you can contact his email if you still need his help

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

@ Linda. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband , and my heart really goes out to you and the family. I had tears in my eyes as I read your story. let me know how things are going for you.

Comcerned ex Spice smoker 4 years ago

I used to smoke this shit a lot actually because the trips were seriously insane. But I have a question foreveryone who reads this, are people who have smoked over 100 grams of this shit scared of what's going to happen In the future... Like 10 20 years because I am very frightened because no ones been smoking it for long enough to know the long term effects the future holds. I'm seriously concerned about developing cancer or something.please someone in the sameboat comment back. But also I think whatever it's going to It has already done such as memory loss 4 years ago

I smoke it it sometmes my ladt rime i smoked ot was last noght and i have asthma and i can bearly breath right and my jeada hurts and i keep hearing voices and strange noises ... i int gonna smoke that shit no morw hell no ....

Boss 4 years ago

Damn, I was smoking this stuff for 5 months and I waked in bake one morning on this stuff called blue magic. It felt good for a short period of time and suddenly my heart was beating at a tremendous rate. It's really hard to explain the next thing that happen for those 10 minutes but it was God awful. It felt like hell was in my mind and I was stuff and couldn't move and felt psychotic. Worst drug, I think

NHOJ 4 years ago

oh and by the way.. the guy acting like a crazy on the video.. you says he never smoked it then he takes huge bong hit and clears it??? IDIOT.. what do you expect? Just read my post above lol

Austin 4 years ago

I have had bad experiences as well. It's banned where I live but it is still being being sold over the counter and I also heard there are test strips for it now but I really don't know. I thought the DEA had put an emergency ban on this crap but apparently not. Someone needs to step up and put a stop to it.

Matt 4 years ago

I used to smoke spice often, mostly scooby snacks and diablo but then stopped for 2 months. I didn't feel any withdrawal symptoms like mentioned above. When i was smoking spice I did feel like it was fucking something up in my body. If you do decide to smoke this don't over-do it, take 2-3 hits then stop. I have a friend that smokes this everyday and although he hasn't been hospitalized he does seem pretty stupid but i don't know he's always been stupid. My worst experience with this was with some gold packet with a buddah on it, I took like 3 fat rips out of an apple and it hit me so hard I lost control of my body and I was stumbling all over the place and slurring my speech, everything seemed like a dream and none of my friends seemed familiar. Common side effects when i smoke this are paranoia but the high doesn't last long so its not major. I smoked this recently and apparently they changed the chemicals because on the packet it says "3rd generation" and it feels a lot different now. So just stick to weed, if u can't because you get drug tested (like me) drink!!! At least when you drink you know the long term effects. More research is required for this product

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

@Matt. Many states are considering this stuff as a drug, and they will get in trouble if drug tested.

Mark Drozdal 4 years ago

Worst shit in the world. I smoked this stuff out of a water pipe for a few months and now i have a constant cough and weez and i have a much harder time breathing while practicing martial arts. It sucks really bad. I hope over time my lungs can repair themselves.

Ron 3 years ago

Although I have smoked real marijuana before and didn't like the way it made me feel, I have never smoked this "Fake Weed" but have seen what this crazy stuff can make you do. My nephew is 28 years old and has been smoking marijuana for years. His co-workers turned him on to this "Fake Weed" several months ago and it has totally screwed up his head. This stuff is so addictive, it's unreal. My nephew has pawned every electronic in their house and has started selling and pawning his kids belongings just to buy this stuff. So, if you think it's not harmful and non-addictive, I suggest you think again. My suggestion, keep smoking the real stuff, it may not be legal, but at least you know what's in it and what to expect. Good Luck And God Bless To All Of You Experimenting With This Crap!

Wake up people 3 years ago

Synthetic cannabinoids is not a dangerous drug by any standard, just like marijuana it is near impossible to die from excessive usage or an "overdose" unlike alcohol or prescription drugs which can easily kill you in excess. Unless there is a serious pre existing medical issue like heart problems then you shouldn't be smoking anyway. The only reason this drug was bought to the attention of the government was due to underage and younger users becoming scared while under the influence and calling the hospital for advice. The majority of deaths are not caused by this drug itself but by its misuse by the user eg. Operating heavy machinery or senseless and self endangering acts by the individual under the influence. Rather its a lack of education and understanding of the safe ways to use, just like any drug be it caffeine, Panadol, Valium or even alcohol all effect motor functions and alter natural brain chemical function to some standard. Everyone knows not to drink and drive, take prescription drugs and drive, don't they?

Thousands of people each day enjoyed the use of these synthetic cannabinoids only due to the fact that it was readily available and legal. They had the right and choice to relax in their favored method without fear of prosecution, jail time, financial and emotional hardship. Not everyone enjoys water, some people like milk, Australia is a Police country where we are all being told to drink the water, at a certain rate and in a certain way and to never touch milk. It makes me sad to call myself an Australian, in a country that was founded on the American Constitution and Bill of Rights we have very very little freedoms and choices and the government is taking more off us each day. Many people turned to this item as a way to help quit Cannabis.

Marijuana itself is an all natural plant that has show to have amazing healing and medical properties and yet is still illegal. Am i going crazy? No. Due to the fact that it is too hard to regulate and the government cannot put out their greedy hands and take their share of the cash. Marijuana legalization in America has reduced youth crime by up to 20 percent in one year alone. Imagine if Australia could adopt a similar circumstance? There wouldn't be a need to make synthetic cannabinoids. How much it would stimulate our economy and reduce crime rates by epidemic proportions, We would reduce prison overcrowding and cost, increase tourism all while allowing the medial properties of Cannabis to benefit ours and future generations. Everyone benefits.........except the winging baby we call the government who is supposable doing what is best for its citizens.

Alcohol on the other hand is legal because the government makes millions of dollars in revenue from its sales each year yet it is killing 75,000 people each year. Not to mention pharmaceutical companies and their drugs which also give millions of dollars in kickbacks and bonuses to the government while they produce man made drugs that they know have overwhelming side affects causing serious irreversible physical and mental damage to the user but its ok because the government is getting paid and the drug has "medical use".

This is just another example of the Australian Governments plans to slowly remove civil rights and freedoms that our relatives fought and founded this country on. The people of this country need to stand up fight for their rights before we have none left at all. Australia already refuses us the right of self defense in our own home, the freedom of speech, and the assumption to be innocent until proven guilty and now it has taken another freedom of choice.

3 years ago

I'm an expert drug user in most cases, not proud. This stuff worked to me as a short 15 minute weed high, until i took a large rip of it from a waterpipe, and thought i was going to die. Panic attack/ heart palpitations/ INSANE heart rate. I calmed myself down in my room, but never before have i wanted to go to the hospital so bad. I almost accepted the fact I was going to die it was that bad. this shit is the devil, i curse the friend that suggested it to me while im on probation. Fucking bullshit. I don't enjoy the feeling of thinking yoru going to die. avoid at all costs. that's my 2 cents.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you C for your comment. You really must have had a really bad scare. I am glad that you choose not to use this nasty drug.

Qaz 3 years ago

I tried this k2 stuff yesterday at around noon and I'm still feeling weird. Is that normal? I can't sleep, my mind is messing with me, I'm having panic attacks. I just want it to end, how much longer will it take until feel normal again? I only took one hit.

Qaz 3 years ago

Also when I swallow it feels strange.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Qaz I don't know. I have never used the stuff. Hope you feel better soon.

Rygads 3 years ago

Have smoked many home brewed fake blends made by a friend that were very clean and pleasant. Uplifting and nice. Recently, another friend asked me to smoke some gas station stuff with him so I did. Took two hits and eventually started to trip. Once we went inside, I decided that things were feeling too intense so I was going to lay down by a fan to calm down since my heart was beating fast and hard. I could feel my pulse in my head and hear it clearly from the inside of my head. As I was laying, I was focusing on breathing slowly to lower my heart rate which worked to some degree until it started feeling like it was beating too slow and occasionally skipping beats. At some point, I stopped feeling my heart beat entirely and my vision would fade as well is my train of though, prompting me to lift my head and move a little bit to sort of kick-start my heart again. Whether or not I was actually experiencing heart failure is beyond me, but I really thought I was about to die. It was scary and overwhelming and the most unpleasant experience I've ever had, about a hundred times worse than Salvia extract which is an incredibly intense trip involving the full spectrum of sensory hallucination that is so powerful, your actual senses go blank. Never have I had a drug that made me feel as if I was dying before. Will never do that stuff again. Natural or nothing.

Worried 3 years ago

It's 5:34am... & I'm worried sick about my dad. At first I thought "how harmful could this legal marijuana be?" He just does it because he can't smoke "illegal weed" because of his job. I have smoked "legal weed" before & have to agree with mostly everyone on this blog. I wanted to call 9-11 & I thought I was going to die. I then told myself... "you just smoked too much" then I'd put myself through it again, & again. I learned that I hate the way it makes me feel. Anyway, he is hallucinating, talking CRAZY. Losing stuff left & right. Telling me someone is coming over, thought my sister & niece were here at the house? They haven't been here at all! It's 4:30! He comes to my door is Brook here? I said what are you talking about?

I don't know!! I'm exhausted can't sleep worried sick about my dad... I have been up keeping him company (checking on him) making sure he's alright.

I don't know what to do... :(

He finally is going to bed. So I started reading up on the Internet to seek some insight.

Yes, people react differently. But, hallucinating... He's hearing "people fighting" or "people talking", claims "he saw a lady crawl into a bush with a backpack talking on her cell phone", "expecting company at 4:30am" saying someone is meeting him to help him work on his truck!!! It's just not normal.... I'm a mess.... :(

I'm embarrassed to say its my dad... But I love him to death & understand smoking weed & having to smoke legal to pass drug tests. But at this point it is so scary. To think of losing him over this & not doing anything about it. I don't know how to go about telling him though.

I'm talking in circles it is now 5:46am. The articles have been help. Just, don't know what to do. It's scary just watching it. Let alone go through it.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Worried, You need to talk to your dad, and try to get him to stop, if he does not listen to you, maybe the next time you can video tape him so he can see how he acts, and what it is doing to him. I really hope everything works out for you.

profile image

missy5 3 years ago

I have two points I would like to make:

Point number one - Sadly, even though this coming out of the goodness of your heart, it is promoting these drugs. Risk takers will see this and unfortunately try it just to see what the fuss is about.

Point number two - I do see a bit of reefer madness going on here, as someone that has tried it, I cannot say that I experienced any of these horrible effects apart from the totally artificial taste and feel. What disturbs me is the fact there is no information on the chemicals used to make these products.

Legality aside, usually when someone picks their drug of choice they can research both the negative and positive effects of the drug. Alcohol will lower one's inhibitions, reduce shyness, cause depression and irreversible brain damage. (N.B: Knowing what I know about alcohol, I often wonder why it not only remains legal but receives soooo much promotion!!) Meth or ice will make your teeth rot, make you engage in dangerous, unprotected sex and will make you just plain crazy. There is no factual information on these chemicals. It's not just young risk takers that will smoke these unknown compounds, the whole sordid industry is aimed at harmless people that don't want to lose their job because they ingest a plant that causes less harm to families, society and the individual than the mind altering substances that are legal.

I have two suggestions -

A) Ban this stuff now.

B) Stop testing honest, hard workers for THC.

In the meantime, getting high aside, logically think about it. You wouldn't eat or drink something that had "chemical x" listed in the ingredients, so why smoke it?

Anonymous 3 years ago

Thankyou for posting this! There needs to be a lot more media attention focused on this! I would know! Im 19 years old. Ive been addicted to k2/kronic/any type of legal high I could get my hands on for the past almost 3 years. I would smoke it daily, all day, just like you said, in my room, I told my dad i was burning incense. If I wasn't high I was getting my next one. This stuff is BAD BAD news. It seems like fun and games at first but its really not... its terrible. It has horrible toxins in it which made me very sick. My whole persona changed, I just wanted to be alone, I was fighting with my family non stop. I now have anxiety issues and breathing problems, I rarely can get a breath in. All i wanted to do was stop.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Anonymous, I hope you can quit, before you won't be able to breathe at all.

XXXD 3 years ago

Been smoking few different brands for few years in Canada, they just recently banned all selling of it in my province. Hear a lot of bad things about it . I was a chronic pot smoker for 8 years and was able to quit by smoking synthetic herbs so i could work in the oil field and be drug tested .

have had a few bad experiences on it : mixed with only 3 beers and had similar experiences as other ^^ feeling like i was shaking all over, dizzy heart pounding paranoia thoughts that i might die,

luckily it only lasted about an hour of in-tenseness before i vomited and was able to calm myself down and remind myself that i was ok and that it would pass . Had i not been experienced with very high doses other drugs ( acid , shrooms , ketamine , dmt , meth , crack , x , in my past ) i might have called an ambulance on myself .

the point im getting at is: if you are not experienced with hard drugs do not attempt to smoke these synthetic herbs thinking it might be like a light version of smoking pot for your first.

it is very easy to overdose on some brands , potencys vary .

after my experience i thought to myself id never smoke it again but i still do , i never mix with alcohol again and only take 1 or 2 puffs per hour on days off work ( DO NOT DRIVE ON THESE PRODUCTS )

very easy to gap out and get into accident

after they banned it i started buying it online , a lot of products were hit and miss and a lot of sites never even sent anything .

the best one i found in canada is called fusion herbs there is a few different kinds of fusion , the one i find is closer to smoking weed than anything out there is black hole fusion . it is rated at extreme potency and is easy to overdose on if you have not grown a tolerance to these synthetic herbs , i only recommend smoking 2 hoots max per hour

( you can't get higher than your first 2 hoots and if you try you will only have an unpleasant experience )

I do not recommend smoking these products ( i just want people to know the risks and that some of the propaganda is just in-experienced people who have had an overdose experience that were scared away and are trying to scare others and not giving proper information) there really has not been any long term testing done and some products do not post any ingredients lists and you could have allergic reaction to some products do your research before ever trying any substance, smoking weed is healthier safer, cheaper, tastes better, smells better is all around better high .

some people can't smoke weed because of drug tests and such

( there are ways around drug tests but they are not all effective )

do your research before you waste your money

Oxiffbef 3 years ago

I like what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I've incorporated you guys to my own blogroll. make your pc fast

Kevonevo 3 years ago

Damn I'm so happy I'm one of the lucky ones cuz I smoke it everyday but not to the point where I'm addicted just wheni get bored like now lol but yea if you guys trip on it don't smoke it I gave my cousin some and he brought me back a message from the devil lmao

nurseleah profile image

nurseleah 3 years ago from West Virginia

Great topic. This is a real public health issue and needs all the attention it can get. Working in a mental health facility, I have seen many people suffering ill effects of smoking synthetic marijuana. It absolutely is not safe and can cause long-lasting and sometimes fatal effects. Thank you so much for writing this and sharing with the world!

Sammi 3 years ago

Don't smoke this shit. It gives you a really shitty high, I know from experience, nothing like real weed. One time I smoked this type of k2 called "po po" and I thought I was going to die. My face was really pale my lips were turning blue, I had purple circles under my eyes I literally looked and felt like a zombie. A friend of mine has had a seizure from smoking this shit that's when I decided to quit. Just sayin its a bad experience

DrivingPeace profile image

DrivingPeace 3 years ago from Montana

I've never tried it, but I know some people who have. The reviews are mixed. One friend says it the effects are just like real marijuana, with the added benefit that K2 is legal. Or at least not totally illegal.

Other friends have said much the same thing as the commenters above: that K2 is like smoking chemicals, that it made them sick, gave them a headache, made them vomit, etc.

My feeling is, if you want to get a marijuana-type high, there's no substitute for the real thing.

jerry fink 3 years ago

I have been smoking the stuff for two yrs and love it!!! Way better than any kush or dro I smoked. You need to find something else to talk about. Stop scaring these ppl. Well gotta go cuz bout to get my mind rite. I love this shit. Hope they never get rid of it. And im sure that this wonderful drug isn't doing anything these ppl are saying. Maybe there on pcp or lsd,maybe crack. So stop wit the nonsense.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Well Jerry fink, maybe you don't think anything is wrong with it, but many other people do, and not everybody can be wrong. and secondly I will talk about anything I so choose.

Plz read 3 years ago

I started 5 yrs ago while in rehab, no problems at first. It took a turn for the worst one night when I thought about telling parents goodbye, whom have lost a child from falling off a roof working. I'm their last child, losing my brother made me want to kill myself so no drug was enough until I started shooting up meth after a year of that I killed an unborn child in a car wreck from drinking, while on probation I could not seem to pass drug tests because of my addiction soo back to what I was saying I was in rehab in Kansas City Missouri and found this wonder drug that I could pass drug tests with got out rehab continued smoking it everyday allll day long had several near death experiences but I didn't care getting high was more important than life at the time and it was sooo easy to find I was arrested a few weeks ago and for the first time in 5 years I didn't get to smoke for 24 hrs while under investigation I was like a child while smoking it and didn't realize it was harder to give up than shooting up meth I have done mounds of coke, smoked crack, weed, drank bottles of liquor to myself nothing compares to the euphoric high that all forms of k2 gave me I read all these comments and you need to know after giving it up I have never felt more retarted for lack of better words, I had to leave town and stay by my parents side who care and love me to get off the stuff and its still very hard only being clean and sober 3 weeks but its the longest I have EVER been clean besides the 14 yrs b4 my brothers death. Please quit smoking. I'm now facing many charges and just being able to laugh again, I know it's hard but life is starting to be bright again not to mention the money you save if you were anything like me it can cost upwards of $100 a day I was Psychologically_manipulating my friends and family to get more and more I can't even think on my own hardly anymore without full blown concentration thank god for iPads correction in spelling or this message would be worse than it is.. Please quit while its still easy. I was one of you people that used to say it was ok to smoke this but I assure you it is really really bad for you, also my top left lung has been hurting lately and I'm afraid to get it checked out but I know I can't change your thoughts because no one could change mine till I was busted so I hope you get busted sorry, I love life and so should you without these chemicals.. If need be go burn a real joint that is so much safer sad to say. Thanks for reading hope I helped someone

AddictionSupport profile image

AddictionSupport 3 years ago from California

^^ his experiences with spice sound exactly like mine. I stole from everyone just to get high. I manipulated everyone.

Thank you for sharing. You sound like you are making progress.

I hope the best for you!

Jody 3 years ago

I wrote the comment above " plz read". I did the drugs mentioned before k2 once I found incense I didn't need any other drug, everyone needs to understand everyone is different what takes 1 day for a person might take 10 yrs for another.. Just know it will happen if you continue down this road of punishment to body, I feel like I have not even told you a grain of sand to my Sahara desert story, it would take a month to tell you all my horrific details of what I called my life. Stop for your loved ones before the police stop you.. Or your hospitalized

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Jody, that's great that you are trying to kick the habit, and have been clean for 3 weeks. You have been through so much. And I relize how hard it must be to do it.

Dennis 3 years ago

terrible stuff for you. only smoked it for about 4 months but now i've developed anxiety and i still trip bout random stuff. been clean for 3 months but i can't even smoke weed anymore because it gives me panic attacks or bad anxiety. didn't have anxiety or anything before smoking spice. sucks man. hopefully it goes away soon.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Dennis, thanks for sharing what it did to you, and I"m glad you stopped smoking it.

Brandon Barnes 3 years ago

I smoked super flame 4 days ago an I tripped out really bad it felt like my heart just busted open an I was bleeding out in my chest I couldn't breath an now every since I smoked it nothen has felt real I feel like I'm still here but someone is controlling my body some one please help me. Tell me what I need to do

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Brandon Barnes, first off I hope you are okay...? You need not to smoke this stuff again, and let it get out of your system. Drink a lot of water and juice, as it will help somewhat, all depends on how much and how long a person has been doing it..

FuckSpice. 3 years ago

I am using, the name fuck spice, because many reasons, 1. is id like to keep my identity hidden, and secondly, fuck spice, smoke pot.

Around Summer 2011 is when i started really sm0king spice, i'm not going to go into details of my trips or anything. When the school year kicked in is when i started smoking it more regualrly, i would smoke a little bit out of a one hitter everyday, just because i could. how sad right,well yea i smoekd it because it was easy, i never got caught, and it was super cheap in my area. oh and it wasnt showing up in drug tests, and my parents threatened to drug test me,(but never did) so to stay on the safe side, i smoked the spice,

well i continued smoking it, until about february 2012. then a few and i mean like 2 or 3 times between then and arpil 2012. Then i went back to just smoking weed. and havent touched spice since. and never fucking will.

I want to talk to someone about it,

I feel like since i've smoked as much of it as i have, that my life will be short lived, i keep having this thought that because no one knows what the fuck the chemicals do in the long run, they could cause my body to shut down in a few years, or another even bigger worry has just recently hit me.

What if the chemicals cause me to get some sort of cancer in the future? is that even possible? or since its already been a year wouldn't i know something is going wrong? i do know that while i was on spice i had no memory at all, and now i've been of it my memory has improved a shit ton. A few of my friends that know how much i've smoked have said that i may develop some sort of disease when i get to be an elderly man, like alzhemiers, or having really bad memory, but i am really seriously concerned that i will die in my 30's or very soon after, and its scary because im only about to be 17 june 26th. And i've just thought about how much i love life and would want to live to be 70 - 80 years old. I am just very concerned, and am wondering, if it did do damage, would have already taken effect? that makes sense, but it also makes sense that i could develop some sort of cancer in 10- 15 years because i ingested a large amount of chemicals into my body

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

fuckspice. I am glad you have quit smoking this stuff. I don't know what it will do to you down the line. Hopefully you will be okay. I have to tell you though I quit smoking Cigarettes 8 days ago, and I hope it is not to late for me. I know someone that had there toes removed, and just a few weeks ago had their leg removed. As far as getting alzhimer or dementia, I don't think that could have anything to do with it, at least I hope not.

FuckSpice. 3 years ago

I think you'll be fine, because quitting smoking, automatically reduces your chances of getting a smoking related disease because you're no longer inhaling the smoke. But why did someone have to have their toes removed, then their leg? what happened to them?

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

@FuckSpice. Because The person ( Tom ), has very poor circulation due to smoking, and the clogging in the arteries. He has also had cancer last year, but yet he continues to smoke.. Well I don't know about that yet, we will see when he comes back to us, as now he will have the prostectic leg, sorry I did not spell that right. I also want to stay away from people that do smoke, and My daughter will be starting Chantix on Tuesday. She quit for almost a year before, then went back when an overload of stress hit her.

xriley 3 years ago

I knew a guy who went into a coma after smoking that fake stuff. Not

worth it. Stay Natural! I get my stuff from this guy online, he has yet

to let me down, some of the best weed I've ever smoked reminds me of

when I first started smoking. Hit him up and tell him Xavier sent you:

Cristian.D 3 years ago

I'm in rehab for smoking Kush, a product sold in local smoke shops and gas stations. The stuff's illegal in my county now, and I'm back on real weed. I suggest NOBODY smokes this stuff, it's very harmful. That coughing the person mentioned, that's your body saying it needs the chemicals. You end up needing it, I made it out clean, and anyone can. I'm 16 years old, I quit while I was ahead. Stick to real weed, grows from the earth, and doesn't interfere with daily life. Smoke incense, dare you, you'll lose everything. It's just as bad, if not worse than heroin

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you Cristian D for your input and advice. I hope all works out for you.

Zack 3 years ago

I'm 15 I've smoked herbal incense/potpourri for almost a year now theirs nothing wrong with me I'm not addicted ever once in a while ill go a couple days without smoking an I feel fine I thk ever1 is just overreacting about it

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

zack it could still catch up to you, ya never know.

viking 3 years ago

Very dangerous and addictive. I smoked it for 3 years. Spent thousands on it ,couldnt breath or stopcoughing. Fell asleep while driving and smoking and totalef my truck, and about destroyed my marriage. Leave it alone.

ken 3 years ago

I smoked it for years and sold it in my store, I even made the stuff from pure powder even smoked the raw powder.I sold and did mdvp and methadrone for years and I loved it till it became illegal. Then the people in the community started fucking with me. They even tried to put

me away but they were unable to do it, ha,ha! to them. I moved out of town and still smoked herbal incense for the next year and a half. the formula changed several times because of changes in the law over the years. The new stuff caused me to have a seizures, so I stopped never did any of the stuff again, never had any withdraw or problems sense.

I do think the stuff is bad for your health.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Ken, thanks for sharing. I respect your honesty.

Brody 3 years ago

I'm 16 spice was the first drug I had ever tried. I was in 8th grade when I tried it and it made me hallucinate I probably smoked it a good 5 or 6 times and it did the same thing over and over so I quit. I stayed drug free untill id say half way through my freshman year and I started smoking real weed. I love weed and I love the way it makes me feel I think I am a much more aware fun outgoing and loving person when I'm high off marijuana. I promised myself I would never smoke spice again but my good friend I met( a year older than me) when I was a freshman just got out if Juvy this year on September 26.(I'm a sophomore now) That very same day he got out I rode with him to Hobbs nm (I live in Texas 30 min away from Hobbs) and he bought spice I dident want to smoke it because I new my body rejected it but I wound up taking a small small hit and I did get high but I dident trip out like I used to. I would still only smoke weed but if spice was their I would smoke it as well. As time went by I would say in mid October I began to only want spice I would still smoke weed but I would have rather smoked spice. Little did I know it was changing me drastically. On November 22 I ran away from home and I was gone for 2 days before I got arrested. Before I snuck out and left I had smoked spice resin because I did not have any and I had to scrape out of my pipe. I got high and made plans to go smoke real weed with some freinds (no longer freinds now) It was snowing and 27 degrees out side. I have a berry loving family that was worried sick about me but I honestly did not care. I got arrested in another town 15 min away and taken back to my home town jail. I was drunk and high off marijuana but they couldn't tell thankfully. Everything was going smooth untill last Monday I had made a deal. I got a gram of "Devils Eye" witch is a fairly new type of spice I had never eaven heard of and I paid 10 dollars for it. I new how much I could smoke to get high and have a good little high and so I began. I continued to take a hit when my high wore off and I would say roughly around midnight on Monday I went to sleep I left my pipe and the spice out in the open because I did not plan to go to sleep, but thankfully I woke up at 6 neding to pee and i forgot I left it out so I put it in my desk and took a hit and about 15 min later I was tripping out like I was crying and I thought I was going to have a heart attack and reality hit me that I was about to die because something was really really wrong with me so I got up and started screaming " mom" over and over I walked to the living room seem my mom and just started telling her how much I love her and shit and I was begging her to take me to the E.R and I forgot what happend after that but I remember me laughing my ass of puking in the toilet then reality hit again and I knew I was going to die it was the worse feeling in the world and she told me to go to sleep and I went and layed down and I thought that this was it and I remember crying and thinking I was in a fight and I couldn't move I was like paralyzed but I could feel myself being punched in the face and I guess I finally went to sleep I don't really remember much but my mom got me up at 10 to get ready because I have been sick and I had a dr appointment at 11 so I went to the doctor and everything had been fine now but I honestly did think I was going to die like real shit I did I'm not jokeing I thought this morning was my last day on earth. I will never in my life touch spice again! Even when I first smoke it it never made me hallucinate and feel like I was having a heart attack and was going to die. I will still openly say I will smoke real marijuana but I will never touch spice again. The crazy thing was Is that after I was puking I stood up and I felt like I was fighting for my life it felt like I was staring straight into the devils eyes witch honestly scared the hell out of my considering the name of the spice is "Devils Eye" from here on out I thank god for letting me live another day because I honestly thought that yesterday morning (dec 3 2013) was my last day on this earth.

lori 3 years ago

My boyfriend started smoking k2. He stays so sick coughing his head off. Throwing up when he is out. Going threw horrible with draws.he has crazy anger issues when he runs Out of K2 .please dont smoke this stuff an pray for ppl that do.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

My heart goes out to you Lori. I hope he can get off this crap.

Trampis Heble 3 years ago

A young lady I love very much is smoking bizzaro I have try every thing to keep this shit away from her but there is now a new man in her life that continues to supply this shit for her. I see the effects of substance and am afraid this shit will kill her. I will know who to blame I hope the law inforcement around her will to.

M8 3 years ago

Ummm... you do know the kid who died after smoking it out of a homemade pez candy pipe probably died from the chemical burns from the pez dispenser melting?

A4 3 years ago

I overdosed on Neutronium and it made me stop smoking that stuff all together for good. I made a song re-creating it the best I could to help wake people up before it kills somebody or leaves them with other serious injuries. I hope my music video helps save atleast 1 life from this deadly stuff....A4....

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

A4 that was a very moving video. Thanks for sharing, hopefully it could help someone else.

Anon 2 years ago

Legalize POT damnit. It's natural and no one has ever died from it.

chris 2 years ago

i have spice for sale 343 Jones fork road Steele ky. 41566

Jbyrdgon 2 years ago

Ok here goes my story been smoking fake since 09 I got caught with fake they sent that shit to the lab boom I'm fucked results say its mixed with meth sound dumb right well this happened in Feburary 2014 cops came looking for me I have a warrent for my arrest and I'm on probation came as controlled substance man I hope this will save someone but I'll leave it in Gods hands as long as change is on the rise

Melissa 2 years ago

I don't know what is in these blends. But the honest truth it that we are better off smoking crack than this stuff. At least crack has predictable results. There are no long term tests on this stuff, as a nation we are in the dark about it. Tell everyone you know how dangerous it is.

I believe the blends are mixed with large amounts of nicotine (LARGE) and various chemicals to make them very addictive.

The people who created it are evil. This is not pot or anything like it. If you want to smoke pot do it, but please don't give these bastards your money, sanity and health.

siberjam 24 months ago

herbal incens guru is a medecine

you may visit this link.

Helli 24 months ago

One of the most horrifying and degrading experience I have ever had.

No human have to experience such a terror I've had under the influence of this evil and cruel shit. I was terrified beyond anything I could predict. Pure HELL! It caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It took several months to get back to normal me...

I'm not a stranger to THC. Tried LCD once, speed couple of times and have had MDMA 3-4 times. Nothing comes even remotely close to that horrible spice-crap! It is mind-boggling that I was able to get that substance in my local tobacconist in Sydney. Thanks God it is illegal now in Australia and has been banned...

My honest and good advice to anybody - DON'T even touch it!

Smoke pot if you need to get away from some shitty reality if you need. Its good for you by the way...

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 24 months ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you so much for sharing with us Heli.I hope someday this crap will be gone for good.

Helli 23 months ago

Yes, Lucy, I hope so too!

I suspect that this devilish synthetic curse was funded and deliberately created by people who want to destroy this world and in the process to inflict as much misery and suffering on their fellow human beings as possible.

I think that it's chemistry is based on some clandestine military programs otherwise that artificial evil shit wouldn't be light years away in it's armful affects on psyche even from the hardest drugs like heroin, meth and crack).

I admire people like you who are trying to make some difference in the world and you are doing great and noble job!

P.S. However, I think that your blog/forum page should be closed for scum-bags who try to use it as advertising platform for selling "spices" and their posts with web and email addressees deleted...

....... 23 months ago

Hello.. I was just reading this and i have experienced a TERRRIBLE trip on this nasty drug, on my 3rd hit of this spice i go to pass the pipe and it hits me, BAM. So i went to sit down on the stairs ans i knew right then and there i was gonna have a bad trip. Well than i started seeing "blocks" and everything had a tint of yellow while moving back and forth, left, right, left, right. I honestly rhought i was gonna die, either that or get sent to an insaine asylum. Thirteen at the time (my B-Day), so those thoughts going throught my head i started crying.... My sister went and got my mom and she started talking to me (witch was the one thing that i needed the most) and it started going away, little by little. She stopped talking and went inside, than i thought it was coming back, my mom came back outside, helped me into my sisters room and layes me on the couch, saying its only a 15 minute thing but it went on for hours. Me crying and being trapped in my mind finally went to sleep (thank god) i woke up and was relived. Please everyone that read this DO NOT EVER consume this "spice" you WILL regret it.

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