The Dangers of 5-HTP


Neurotransmitters are the chemicals within the brain that transmit impulses related to emotion and thought to the brain; should an imbalance in neurotransmitters occur there can be all manner of symptoms including depression, headache and fatigue. Many different factors affect the level of these crucial chemicals in your brain and one thing these various factors may be effecting is the level of 5-HTP and other such chemicals that are required for neurotransmitter synthesis.

Depression and other issues related to the levels of neurotransmitters are becoming increasingly common as average stress levels rise and a sedentary, indoor life trumps all other lifestyles throughout many of the industrialized countries. As a result, in the last ten years there has been a focused effort in research and treatment for these disorders. Amongst the myriad treatments now available on the market, the supplement 5-HTP has shown promise in treating some types of depression as it is a key chemical for the creation of serotonin.

Taken in supplement form, 5-HTP helps boost the rate of serotonin synthesis in the brain; this is often preferred to prescription drugs because of the lower risk of side effects with 5-HTP supplementation, though it isn’t without risks. Probably one of the most dangerous side effects of 5-HTP is the risk of serotonin overdose if the medication is taken improperly, a potentially fatal condition that can appear as confusion, restlessness, hallucinations, fever, nausea and on up to coma and death. Overdose is a very serious situation that can escalate quickly and reach its final stages within 24 hours of symptoms first appearing. Luckily, taken as directed there is a low risk of such dire side effects.

Because 5-HTP targets serotonin levels, it should never be taken with other serotonin-targeting chemicals such as tryptophan, St. John’s wort or SAM-e. Supplements of 5-HTP should never be taken along with prescription medications for anxiety or depression unless it is specifically approved by a physician as these all increase the risk of having too much serotonin in the system.

Higher blood pressure and a faster heart rate often result from taking 5-HTP supplements, so anyone who already has high blood pressure should discuss the dangers with a physician. Because of this side effect, 5-HTP should be avoided by anyone who is pregnant, nursing or has any cardiovascular diseases or risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, anyone with carcinoid tumors should also avoid 5-HTP as the increased blood pressure may increase tumor growth rate.

There is some risk for minor side effects as well such as headache, dizziness and mild nausea. While all of these are potential issues with 5-HTP, all are fairly rare with the most common side effects occurring in only about 3% of people who take 5-HTP supplements. As with any supplement, a physician should always be consulted before you begin taking 5-HTP to ensure that you are not at risk for these side effects and to ensure there are no adverse interactions with any medications you may already be taking.

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expectus profile image

expectus 7 years ago from Land Downunder

nice hub, i very skeptical when taking these kind of supps, especially when I see things like l-tyrosine (another mood enhancer) linked to melanoma growth.

No way to really tell until proper tests have been carried out

Greg 7 years ago

I took 100mg 5HTP today and my blood pressure is now 164/106. No thanks.

cool 6 years ago

Do supplemens effect serotonin levels?

Denise 6 years ago

5 htp should be started at 25mgs for a week, then doubled if tolerated well. I have been reading today that 50 mgs is plenty for most people. I took 1/3 of a 50mg tab today and felt a little like I did when I started zoloft, but the feelings passed in a cpl of hours. I will give it a try as anything within reason is better than the nightmare of effexor and lifelong ssris. Read, research and make informed choices about your health. Good luck!

My Experience with 5-HTP 6 years ago

5-HTP gave me severe food cravings. I am an athlete and have always eaten to live. I stopped taking it because it made me feel very anxious. I used an excellent product too.

Chad 6 years ago

I overdosed on it and ended up in the hospital for a week. Not reccomended.

Haha 5 years ago

These comments are full of shit. 5htp is very safe...much safer than ssris.

Agreed with Haha 5 years ago

Yeah these comments are ridiculous. Do your research; do not trust these comments.

Franco 5 years ago

I found 5HTP supplement to have the opposite effect. It made me noticably more depressed and tired. I'm not a depressive eater so it didn't increase appetite. But every time I take it at night, the next day it's like a black cloud has swept across my mind, sucking up every last trace of feel good chemicals. Similar to tramadol, it's an abysmal feeling, as if not even a million dollars could make you happy. You have no motivation to live, just apathy.

4 years ago

I take 5htp for stress and my blood pressure has been 105/70 for years. Attributing high bp to taking 5htp once is very unscientific. 5htp is the only thing that has ever helped my anxiety/stress, zoloft did nothing for me except make me feel like I was passing out when I leaned over, it never helped my stress at all.

michelle 4 years ago

I took 5htp mondat afternoon 100mg and was fine couldn't sleep so took 100mg at 4am seemed fine at 10am took st jons wart and 100mg at 11 started vomiting over and over maybe i took to much but scared to try thid product again

Mom 4 years ago

Nobody should take such supplement with out test. I had side effects with 5HTP but it is because of low adrenals which can cause the same symtoms. When my test confirmen reduced serotonin I tried it again in very small dose. It worked better and now I am free from insomnia.

My doc told not to take 5HTP without tyrosine which I can`t tolerate at all and add NAC (safe Cysteine form ).

Do you know why?

GOD 4 years ago

Half of these comments are BULLSHIT

spo 4 years ago

people what are u talking about ?? find the dose right for taking 100mg every second day, no side effects and im feeling well..when i was doing 100mg everyday i had very real dreams, actually always nightmares, so i started take it every second day

cincin 3 years ago

I agree with Franco 100%!

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