The Dangers of ETS Surgery for Excessive Sweating

If you have an excessive sweating problem, you may have heard of endoscopic sympathectomy (ETS) surgery. If you are considering this option - Don't!

This surgery can have severe complications and, in spite of the promises, could leave you in a worse situation than you currently face. Some people have experienced more sweating after the operation than before.

That's right - more sweating. Doesn't sound like a good solution to the problem of excessive sweating, does it? Okay, you have problems with excessive sweating, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. You want a solution. That's fair enough. However, ETS Surgery is NOT the solution.

Read on to find out more about ETS. And be sure to visit my website for more information on the major hyperhidrosis treatments.

Is ETS Surgery Worth the Risk?
Is ETS Surgery Worth the Risk?

ETS Surgery Leads to Compensatory Sweating

More than half of the patients who have undergone the surgery have experienced "compensatory sweating." Over 50 per cent of people sweat more after the surgery than before!

That's because the surgeons basically prevent you from sweating in a certain area, but sweat is the body's way of releasing some toxins from the skin and providing self cooling.

While excessive sweating is uncomfortable, sweating is actually part of how our bodies work and we need to sweat in some way. If you have ETS Surgery, you may stop sweating from under the arms, for example, but many people sweat more on the trunk of the body or their thighs.

Even Worse

Some patients experience such severe compensatory sweating that it continually soaks through their clothing. Imagine sitting on a bus for 10 minutes, getting up and leaving a pool of sweat on the seat as you leave? Do you want people to think you are incontinent too?

I've seen videos where people look like they have their own shower as they walk around - the sweat just drips off them in sheets. The compensatory sweating can be more severe than the excessive sweating problem you started with. It's just not worth it!

Doctors Don’t Know Who Will React Like This

This is something the doctor's can't determine pre-operatively - that is before the operation. Techniques, instruments and doctor experience vary so greatly, there is no guarantee in this type of surgery anyway.

It is even more difficult for doctor's to pre-determine who will experience severe ‘compensatory sweating', following ETS surgery, because no-one's body is exactly the same as another one. This means every surgery is slightly different, and individual variations in nerve routes can be very different from patient to patient. This could mean the surgeon misses some branches of nerves and you could end up with persistent symptoms of excessive sweating.

The surgery is painful. Some doctor's claim to be able to do ‘micro' surgery with only a few cuts, but this technique means there is more likelihood of them missing some of the nerves. Others will remove one of your ribs to complete the surgery.

All operations and surgeries present some risks, but before you consider ETS surgery, think carefully about how the list before would impact on your life. These are all possible dangers of the ETS Surgery.

Complications of ETS Surgery

Other known possible complications of the surgery include:

  • Phantom sweating, where the patient feels the sensations of sweating but is not actually sweating.
  • Numbness of the skin
  • Sensitive Pleurae (chest lining sensitivity) limiting exercise
  • Heat Intolerance
  • Failure to improve symptoms
  • Regeneration of the nerve Infection
  • Gustatory sweating (increased sweating while smelling or eating)
  • Dry face, dry mouth, dry eyes
  • Pneumothorax (collapsed lung)
  • Bleeding
  • Postop Neuralgia
  • Hair loss
  • Bradycardia (slow heart rate) possibly requiring a pacemaker

Don’t Risk the Dangers of ETS Surgery

If you suffer from excessive sweating, look for other, more natural solutions to the problem. Don't risk making it worse by ETS Surgery. None of the above complications are worth the risk. Not being able to exercise, go out to dinner with friends, having a collapsed lung or a pacemaker are not things you want in your life.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has had good or bad experiences with ETS. Please leave a comment below.

This article is general in nature and does not represent medical advice. Always consult with a qualified medical practitioner before choosing a course of hyperhidrosis treatment.

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G J 8 years ago


I had the Operation when i was 9 years old (Im 25 now). I had it because my hands were sweating excessively and at school it was hard to hold a pen to write with without having it slip out of my hand. Since then, i don't sweat at all now on my hands but was told that i could sweat more around my trunk and back, which i do but only when i spend 2 hrs at the gym... Probably the place to sweat! One side effect is that because they are separating nerves endings in the op there is a small chance that you can have a reaction in your face. Basically one eye lid can droop because of the nerve endings that have been severed. Obviously this sounds alarming, but it is not noticeable until you point it out to people. Don't worry if your thinking of having this op, it won't make you look like you've had a stroke down one side of the face. After the op if you sweat more in other places there is a deoderant for it called Drychlor, which is a roll on and you apply it before you got to bed without washing prior to applying it, and it blocks the pores. You wash it off as normal in the morning but it really does work. If you use it all the time though you can get a rash from it so its advisable to use it for a couple of days then have a gap without it! I wasn't every able to wear grey tops because of sweat patches, and always carried a can of deoderant with me, until i used drychlor, not im soooooo more better!

D Davis 8 years ago

I had ETS surgery on the right side of my arms in 2001, it was very painful. The doctor made it seem as though I would recover in no time and I would be able to have the left side done within the week. I was not informed ahead of surgery that my lung would be taken down during the surgery. When I came out of recovery I had oxygen and when it was removed I had a very difficult time breathing; this is when the nurse informed me that I had my lung taken down. I never had my left side done. I would not recomment it to anyone. I have experienced compensatory sweating and it is very irritating however it still is not as bad as having funky under arm odor. The ETS slowed down the sweating on my right side and on my forehead but as the years went by it gradually increased. Last year I had my apocrine glands totally removed and it has been wonderful. If someone is dealing with uncontrollable sweating and is not able to wear deordorant as I was not. I do recommend the excision of the glands. I have my quality of life back and I still experience trunk sweating but I am managing that by trying products such as sweatstop that help with body sweating and I am experimenting with organic pills for body odor. I have informed my doctors of what I am doing. I also continue to use bedtime deodorants because although I don't have to worry about underarm odor when I get overheated, I have the sweaty gym smell. I shower twice a day in the summer and if necessary freshen up around lunch or shortly after in order not to offend others. However, I count on them closet to me and to let me know if I need to freshen up because they are my inner circle although it is difficult sometimes, I try not to let people in my outer circle influence me when it comes to body odor. I have been to many different doctors and they had assured me that I did not have an odor while sitting in their office. So I trust that I am a little paranoid at times because good hygiene is very important to me.

EM 8 years ago

I had ETS surgery for excessive hand and underarm sweating five years ago. I have no regrets what so ever for having the surgery. Yes, I do have compensatory sweating in the trunk area, but only when I overly exert myself or am in extreme heat. I don't know anyone who does not sweat in those conditions. I have never had a case of compesatory sweating where I sweat through my clothes. If anything I think it has improved with time. I did experience a collapsed lung after surgery. My doctor did discuss this as a possible side effect, so it was not complete surprise. My doctor monitored me very closely to ensure that I made a full recover, but the conditions corrects itself. I did experience some back pain due to the lung complication, but still feel it was worth it. If you do not have this condition, you have no idea what it's like to have hands that are constantly and uncontrollably wet. Just make sure you have a good doctor who has experience with the surgery and knows what they are doing. My doctor also told me that it is usully the people who do not have severe hyperhidrosis and do not need the ETS surgery in the first place that have the severe compensatory sweating.

Charles Burnside 8 years ago

Top the last guy, " Your docotr told you that ususally people who do not have severe hyperhidrosis and do not need ETS in the first place that have the severe compensatory sweating". Your docotr is and idiot if he or she told you that. It is obvious none of you have ever looked at what ETS truly does to the body. You all may not have Compensatory sweating but your bodies are now messed up. Do not have ETS it will mess up your life. People who say they are happy with the results better hold on tight and hope they do not start to have more and more problems as a result of this surgery. All ETS surgeons should be hung.

no-ets 8 years ago

To the person who had their glands removed, were they from the armpits? Can you post some more info about that at:

I am experiencing excess feet sweating post ETS, but don't think I can remove sweat glands from there.

Gedam G 8 years ago

Hey, I'm a 16yr old athlete being looked at by Div. I schools for basketball but I'm concerned for my sweating. If I get nervous at all I sweat on my palms like crazy so I try as much as I can to zone every1 out so I wont slip and miss the ball. I'm considering the ETS surgery and needed some serious feedback ASAP as it'll probably be within the next 2 weeks. Thanks. ----------- put something is the subject box that wont get spam filtered

jjk 88 8 years ago

This is for the above athlete.

I had ets surgery 2 months ago. I do experience compensatory sweating in the back, chest, and trunks, when I go to the gym or work in hot conditions. Which is okay. I am more sensitive to the cold and the heat. I did suffer from excessive sweating on the face and facial blushing. So far the surgey has cured the excessive sweating. I will have to wait for the summer months to see how it turn out.

I often play basketball, at the gym and in basketball leegues. After the suffer I notice my game has decrease tremedously. I get fatigue a lot faster. My shot has been off, losing confidence in the game. I noticed when I play, I only sweat below my shoulders. my arms, hands, face, head remains dry. My legs, feet, chest, trunk, and back gets dripping wet, which is very weird. I do not know if the surgey has effect my heart, but will get that checked out with a doctor. When I play basketball, my mouth and eyes gets very dry. My energy level is just not there any more. Maybe with practice, it might come back. but it might never be the same.


Personally it has been great I have been able to stay dry in social situation. For work it has been good, I can talk to client and not sweat, but I do sweat when working in the heat. For play sports, it has not been very good. My game has suffered greatly. I'm in my late 20's and playing basketball competitively is no longer important to me. I'm much more focussed on work and staying dry in social situations.

For the above athlete I do not recommend this surgey. If you are already been looked at by div 1 schools, you are doing something right. Keep practicing. Ets surgey is not for you. Maybe later on in life when your basketball career is over. For now, just keep playing.

I will have to go through this summer is see how well the surgey turns out in hot weather.

If you have further question contact me at

sarah 8 years ago

had ets 8 days ago still in a lot of discomfort under arms and wounds very sore. keep sweating at night,and get cold very quickly. i was told this would be a very simple operation and would be able to resume normal activities within a few days . this is not the case for me ,feel tired uncomfortable and cannot lift my arms without pain is this normal. night chills are shocking and sweat is on back,chest ,behind knees,stomach and feet

Abe 8 years ago

My sister had this surgery 8 years ago and has regretted it ever since. I'm searching ETS on the internet cause I'm trying to see if there is any info out there that may help her. She used to have severe sweating in the hands, now she has severe sweating in the trunk and on her head. She constantly sweats through clothes and she really doesn't even want to work or interact with people cause it is so severe. This surgery sounds like it has worked well for some people but has all but ruined the lives of others and it's just the luck of the draw, sounds too risky to me.

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tangobob 7 years ago

I had this surgery about 12 years ago, and it changed my life for the better. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Before the surgery, my hands dripped with sweat, making social situations awkward at best. In the twelve years since, I've been able to shake hands, caress my sweetheart, handle masking tape, apply postage stamps, write letters without resting my hand on a blotter, and eat M&Ms without them melting in my hands. Sure I still sweat a lot in other places and I have body temperature issues, but those I can live with. The surgery liberated me from a barrier that obstructed my personal contact with the rest of humanity, and for that, I'm very very thankful. I shudder to think what a restricted life I would have had if I hadn't had the surgery.

beans 7 years ago

You guys need to check out the long term effects of ETS, they can be horrific. This surgery should be banned worldwide as it is now in Sweden where it originated. The percentage of people that have an improved livestyle is small compared to the people who's lives are ruined and that small percentage of improvement is usually just in the so called "honeymoon period" and they will later develop exteme symptons. This surgery is barbaric.

Jake 7 years ago

I had ETS 11 years ago and my life has been hell ever since! From my chest down i sweat everywhere in any situation, got no energy and the feeling that im gonna be like this for the rest of my life is just killing me! If any of you who had ETS done and found some way to cure the compensatory sweating, please let me know 'cos im just gettin further and further behind on life..

7 years ago

I had the surgery 7 years ago, and its totally not worth it. I called myself doing research prior to the surgery. Never ran across any real negative side effects. My rib actuall pops out of socket if you will every time that I try to bend over, side ways or literally bend in different direction. Yes I no longer have those sweaty hands that made my life so difficult. ( I thought) In return I now have a sweaty abdomen, sweaty legs, sweaty back, and sweaty feet. I can't get over the tempertue of 75 degrees. That is my comfy zone. above that I am a soaking mess. I can't where any of the sexy clingy or items to show my abdomen or back. It looks just sweaty and really unattractive, people just see sweat they have no idea that there is a name for complusive sweating. Because I can't always control the temperature. So I can't just pick out clothes I have to be prepared to not be embarrased if I have to go outside or walk to my car. The taste of anything zesty sends weird sensation throughout my body. I have told my husband I am not real sure what is the severity of my damage that I have brought on myself. My daughter has inherited my sweaty palm gene but she also has the sweaty under arm to go with it. She will not be getting the ETS surgery. I really feel her pain she is a teenager and loves all the clothes that other teens wear but she knows she has a compulsive sweating disorder. Please if you are contemplating the surgery please don't do it, the side effects are not worth it.

7 years ago

Hello everyone,

I got ETS in 1999 about 10 years ago, and I know EXACTLY what everyone is talking about and going through. The sweating on the back, chest, abs, trunk area, legs and feet. Absolutely a tough situation for all of us to be in, especially during the summer months. I just want to let everyone know that we all need to be strong and resilient and try, just try to enjoy the natural things in life. Most people will not understand and tolerate the excessive sweating, and smell that comes with all this, but try to not get angry and upset, and remind yourselves that we need to practice positive thoughts and actions. I'll tell you this, my feet are now DRY. I tried using the iontophoresis tap water machine for about 6 weeks, and it WORKS!!! If anyone of you wants more information, feel free to email me at

Take care everyone and I hope you guys email me and just say hello, vent, or talk about whatever's on your mind.

7 years ago

Hello everyone,

I got ETS in 1999 about 10 years ago, and I know EXACTLY what everyone is talking about and going through. The sweating on the back, chest, abs, trunk area, legs and feet. Absolutely a tough situation for all of us to be in, especially during the summer months. I just want to let everyone know that we all need to be strong and resilient and try, just try to enjoy the natural things in life. Most people will not understand and tolerate the excessive sweating, and smell that comes with all this, but try to not get angry and upset, and remind yourselves that we need to practice positive thoughts and actions. I'll tell you this, my feet are now DRY. I tried using the iontophoresis tap water machine for about 6 weeks, and it WORKS!!! If anyone of you wants more information, feel free to email me at

Take care everyone and I hope you guys email me and just say hello, vent, or talk about whatever's on your mind.

Nick T. 7 years ago

I had the surgery done about 2 years ago, and I must say, it was the best decision I've ever made. The only problem I've had post surgery is CS in my trunk, but only when I over exert myself at the gym or during my daily routine. To those who have hyperhidrosis, I would like to say that you should think about it really hard. Although I've had 110% success and am extremely happy with my results, it's a give and take issue. For me it was easy. I am a very social guy, but there was always the pesky problem of my soaked hands that flat out just held me back so much. Now though, I'm fearless in social settings and I finally don't have to worry about grabbing my girlfriend's hands or buying e-books because I hate ruining paperbacks. I no longer have to rub my pants as I'm meeting someone new, or have to spend 10 minutes trying to flip my gloves inside out after I take them off. To all of you who have had negative experiences, I feel your pain and I hope you all well, but unless you have super crazy CS, try and remember how it was before it. I know I'd rather have my ass sweat and invest in more boxers than having to live through another day of explaining why I'd rather bump fists than shake hands and the awkwardness that follows.

thankgodforets 7 years ago

I had ets surgery 2 days ago..i would say it was one of the best decisions i made. i used to smeat so bad in my hands i didn't want to do anything..i didn't want to talk to people interact with anyone...did want a gf..couldn't do good in school discomfort holding pencil..i could go on forever..theres nothing better than having dry hands..i used to wipe my hands on my pants so much i used to go through pairs and pairs of pants cuz i runined them..i feel for any of you that have that problem of hand sweating it is no fun at all..u would be surprised how much it can change your life. i now sweat alittle more on my back thighs and behind the knees..this is only when im in heat..before my hands would sweat even if its cold..therefore i think ets was way worth it it turned my whole life around.

profile image

lbsurfsider 7 years ago

why is this surgery soooo controversial?? It can be a miracle for one person and a disaster for the next. It was banned in Sweden, and i've done a lot of research. There are very few people i've come across who are satisfied passed 10 years. Some people discribe being emotionless. I have sweaty hands and feet and yes it sucks, but they never drip and never sweat in colder weather plus i treat it with iontophoresis and hydrosal gel. I'm not getting this surgery until they surgeons can figure out what level nerve to cut or clamp and what the sympathetic nervous system actually does besides control sweating. I've talke to several surgeons who do this surgery and they all have different methods, they just seem like they're experimenting. I' think i'd rather try to control the sweating than tamper with my nervous system and make a permanent change unless the sweating were to get worse but i think my case is moderate.

profile image

noladude 7 years ago

hey Ibsurfsider,

You're comment is spot on! Congratulations for doing your research and not blindly jumping into this surgery like many people do. I had ets surgery performed on me 10 years ago when i was 17. Soon after the surgery, i was stoked to have dry hands for the first time. I could tell that my body felt a bit different, but i wasn't really paying attention to it. I was young, on my way to college, dating girls and just so busy with everything. I immediately had CS sweating in hot weather (everybody does that has this surgery because you can't sweat above the line of your nipples), i sometimes felt slightly disconnected from reality, disconnected emotionally. But i was still excited to give people high fives with dry hands. Hold my girlfriend's hand, not be anxious about my sweaty palms. it was great. i could tell my body was messed up, physically and emotionally, but i was ignoring these symptoms. Especially because i already knew that the surgery was irreversible and that there was nothing i could do about it.

profile image

noladude 7 years ago

Each year that passed after the surgery i began to feel slightly worse and worse. I had constant dry itchy uncomfortable scalp and face. Horrible dandruff, dry eyes and nose. constant difficulty breathing through my nose. I noticed that exercise no longer gave me the "runners high" feeling. In fact, exercise would make me feel worse, more tired, and mentally disconnected. i would get easily overheated in warm weather. I feel tired all the time. Almost like chronic fatigue syndrome. Mentally i'm not as quick. I no longer feel adrenaline rushes. Like you said above, i feel emotionless every day. I'm 27 and and always tired, uncomfortable, too hot, too cold, really dry's making my hair fall out slowly, my mental capacity and intelligence is getting worse and worse

profile image

noladude 7 years ago

i know it sounds like i'm ranting.....but i'm only being completely honest. I thought the surgery was a good thing at first... but slowly over time, i've realized that it was the worst decision i've ever made. It take TIME to realize the effects that this surgery has on the body. i feel like shit every day now. i'm tired every day, all day. i'm uncomfortable, and emotionally disconnected. Like NO EMOTIONS. Dont' ever get this surgery. Do not destroy your nerves. Do not tamper with your nervous system. it's not worthit!! I had the surgery performed by the leading thoracic surgeon at Duke University. He knew what he was doing. he did not mess up the surgery. My side effects are just the normal side effects that this surgery creates. DON'T DO IT!!! best of luck everyone.

Nicky 7 years ago

Well too say ive had my eyes opened reading these comments and others similar is the understatement of the decade. I had my Ets 12 years ago for servere hand sweating, and for the first few years it was simply the best thing that ever happened to me, I can not begin to explain the handicap this condition brought to my life and not to have this condition anymore was truly life altering, however these good feeling were not to last. I started to develop cs all over my body including my hands, it wasn't just when the tempreture was hot as my body could be covered in cold sweet even when it was freezing, this led to a paronoia about smelling a far worse infliction than having sweaty palms. CS is only a small part in the overall effect having the EST has had on my life, I am currently not working after having a breakdown my nerves are jangeled and im not the girl I just to be and yes im aware age does that to you but its more than that a feeling that im not some how connected the way I use to be. To cut a long story short, my advice is don't do it, there isant enough information on the long term effects of having this treatment done, and whilst reading these sites has reassured me that i am not going mad and theres others out there having their life ruined by what is in all accout a cometic proceedure, it brings little comfort to know that I have caused this damage to myself.

Good luck,

GAry 7 years ago

I had the ETS Dec 07, and yeah hands are dry, but CS is way worse than hands. You don't realize how bad CS is until you actually experience it. As the Dr. went through the side effects, he downplayed it and made it seem like the chances were at best minimal to who would suffer from "severe" CS. Anyone have success with Rubinol?

dreams 7 years ago

i 2 underwent surgery for ets,my surgeon played down to CS part and said that it was managable den my original problem sweaty palsm,i really regret it bein done,how can the still let it be done when they are aware of the serios problems that rise from it.does any1 know of a way to cope with CS...

Wayne 7 years ago

I had ETS just over a year ago, and i really wish i didn't. My back legs groin and chest sweats like a tap is on. Now the doctors have no interest in helping me as there are apparently nothing else they can do. My life is ruined. I have even stopped going to my parents and stopped seeing my god kids as i cant even play with them with out my clothes getting soaked with sweat and have to go to the bathroom to wipe down. I have really thought of ending my life it is that bad....... Please do not get this operation...... I am going to see the doctor one last time to see if i can get it revesred. Trust me sweaty arm pits are better than this.....

Paul 7 years ago

Trust in God, alternative measures aside from surgery. Bless

Kevin N. 7 years ago

I had the ets surgery 3 years ago cause my facial sweating was uncontrollable and being facial it wasn't something I can just hide. My life is exactly the same cause my cs is also uncontrollable I wear nothing but stain repellent dress shirts so It doesn't soak thru. All this surgery did for me was take it from my head and move it to my back and stomach. I feel like im screwed either way and my life is sorely suffering from this cause I can't be the person I really want to be it's really putting a tole on my personal life or so called personal life. If someone has any clue how I can control this stupid cs please email me Good luck to us and I hope we find a resolution to this monster we call sweat!

Tracy 7 years ago

I agree that ETS surgery has made me have far worse sweating than before. I had nervous sweating on my hands, underarms and I still sweat under my arms and feet but also my trunk, legs etc... if it is above 70 degrees!!! You can't hide that kind of sweating like you could under your arms,feet and hands!!!I can't enjoy outside activities with my family...I look like a freak!! I had the clamping method done. Does anyone know if there has been any successful reversals of this horrible surgery!! The doctors performing these surgeries are just taking advantage of desperate people and making their lives even worse!!

Urban 7 years ago

I had the ETS procedure done over 4 times in the last 2 years but I am very happy to say that although it was a very stressful 2 years I now have completely stopped sweating through my clothing from the trunk, shoulders, arms and hands.

I have spent most of my life being uncomfortable in social situations and now can confidently go in public and even take up dancing!

I do not regret the 4 procedures. The doctor was very patient and took the time to only do small amounts each procedure.

I'm very happy and twice as confident!

Do the procedure. Don't suffer with the embarasement!

tracy 7 years ago

Questions for Urban: Did you have the surgery redone 4 times because of the compensatory sweating? Did your insurance cover all of these surgeries? What doctor performed these surgeries. I had the clamping method done abt 7 years ago by Dr. Reisfeld in CA. Each year my compensatory sweating has gotten worse. I am talking with him about the reversal surgery but would like to talk to someone who has had it done. My fear is that after the reversal my nervous sweating will come back and there will be no change in the compensatory sweating!!

Beky Swinn 7 years ago

Hi Im 22 and had the surgery in 2 halves when i was 16. No regrets at all! my palms were the worst affected area and since the surgery they have never sweat at all! i do have CS mainly at night, i have bad night sweats, wake up soaked all over but id rather that than how it was before. i still sweat more than normal under the arms and feet but it is much better than before. i would recommend the surgery but do your research first and make sure you are willing to risk having the side effects mentioned above. my experince is positive and the side effects i have experienced are well worth having a more normal life with dry hands! i have considered seeing if i can have more surgery to reduce the sweating futher. does anyone have info on wheather the proceedure can be repeated to reduce the sweating futher??


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lbsurfsider 7 years ago

from these comments and from my own research is seems that girls have the best results with this surgery and also that everyone's experience is different. this surgery is definitely not a cure but a trade off and i'm not sure it's worth all the risks unless your hands drip all day long which mine do NOT. in fact my feet are worse than my hands especially now that i treat them with iontophoresis which is something i recommend.

beky swinn 7 years ago

yeah lbsurfsider is right. i only opted for surgery because i had such a severe case. but its totally a trade off not a cure. i had iontophoresis for about 2 years before the surgery and it did work for most of that time but got less and less effective then finally stopped working alltogether.

Be sensible guys, think it thru and unless it is completely controlling your life try all the other treatments first, we are all different - be well :)

casey 7 years ago

i had ets in 1999... all of my friends had told me immediately i changed psychiatrically, and the list of side effects reads like a book for me..after leaving the house it looks like I just left the pool in my clothes..i see a lot of warnings for people who are considering the surgery but what about for people who had the surgery.. i saw the surgeon who did my operation when i was 18 and he said there was nothing that he could do.. interesting

Will 7 years ago

Hi All,

My name is Will and I had ETS surgery in October 2008. I went in for hyperhidrosis of the hands and now I am fixed for that. Recently I have had issues with excessive sweating of the back and stomach badly. I have often had to leave work and school due to me sweating so bad (mind you i might sit there and just sweat until I'm drenched). I have been talking to an enderconologist about these issues. I may go back in for more surgery soon depending on the situation of the approach. I told the doc I don't want to do any meds or botox injections so surgery would be my only resort. I hope he listens to me and I hope this gets taken care of very soon. I am also doing a 24 hour U/A to see if there are any hormonal issues that could be causing this although I highly doubt it.

kiddnotsofresh. 7 years ago

its friday and i was suppose to get the surgery on monday but now reading all these comments and issues i was stupid to just think about jumping into it im not gonna do it anymore i do have the discomfert of sweating in my palms it does sometimes hold me back to fist and not shake hands but after reading all these things i see it as something i rather live with and find more natural things then get this surgery thank god for this website it really opened my eyes from making this mistake.

Ticked Off 7 years ago

To ANYONE considering ETS -- You better call a time out and you better do it quickly!! Do yourself or your loved one a huge favor and hold off until you read and research 10 times more than you already have. I am 3 1/2 years removed from ETS clamping performed by Egozi in Miami, FL and it is absolutely the biggest mistake I have ever made. Physically and psychologically I couldn't feel any worse. No energy, shortness of breath, living each day on another planet, ED, new allergies, trouble breathing through nose, and SERIOUS compensatory sweating. Before the surgery I was energized, witty, funny, interested in others, focused, and driven. And now? I am a complete train wreck and struggling in every aspect of my life. Think you've got a social problem with your hyperhidrosis? Get the ETS and then tell me about it. The bottom line is this ....... ETS surgery is the biggest risk you will ever take and if you do so after reading these posts, you are a FUCKING IDIOT! Please, please, please don't do it. It may not fuck you up immediately but IT WILL DO SO EVENTUALLY. That is a promise.

profile image

lbsurfsider 7 years ago

Hey what did you have ETS for originally? I've been thinking about this surgery for the past 2 years now and all I read is mixed opinions about it. Are you going to get a clamp removal

RP 7 years ago

I have what I consider to be excessive underarm sweating. I do not experience excessive sweating in any other areas of my body. I am considering alternative to moderate the perspiration. I have tried clinical anti-perspirants, homeopathic methods (that are garbage and don't work), and a product called "Drysol" (in Canada) which is an aluminum salt solution applied at bedtime. Drysol works for a few days, but the itching within 3 hours of application is maddening.

I have read the discussions over ETS, and truthfully, I'm very apprehensive about the procedure. I was also considering selective sweat gland removal. I have an appointment with my general practitioner next week, but in the meantime, if I could get my fellow sweaters' thoughts on safe and effective treatments, I'd be really thankful.


RP 7 years ago

I have what I consider to be excessive underarm sweating. I do not experience excessive sweating in any other areas of my body. I am considering alternative to moderate the perspiration. I have tried clinical anti-perspirants, homeopathic methods (that are garbage and don't work), and a product called "Drysol" (in Canada) which is an aluminum salt solution applied at bedtime. Drysol works for a few days, but the itching within 3 hours of application is maddening.

I have read the discussions over ETS, and truthfully, I'm very apprehensive about the procedure. I was also considering selective sweat gland removal. I have an appointment with my general practitioner next week, but in the meantime, if I could get my fellow sweaters' thoughts on safe and effective treatments, I'd be really thankful.


Gary 7 years ago

I had ETS clamping done in DEC 07 - had Severe CS, and my body felt abnormal, lack of energy, emotion ect. A month ago, I had the clamps removed. I have to say CS is not as bad. I feel better. My thing is the weather has gotten cooler, so the real test comes when Summer comes back around. However inside my work enviorment I have noticed a strong difference in tolerating the temp and signifacant decrease in CS. Any question email me

Beky Swinn 7 years ago

People shouldn't be saying you SHOULD or you Shouldn't have ETS surgery! You have got to think about how much this problem effects you, theres no point in people on here saying that you are an idiot if you go ahead with ETS surgery. Only you know how bad it makes you feel and if its worth the risk, ive got side effects 6 years later but it was the best thing i ever did, im greatful that it worked for me more so than it did for others but they took the risk and they cant be bitter about it an tell you what to do, it might work out great for you. there is so much negative feedback around but consider the success stories aswell, make an informed decision. you don't have to suffer with this

Kurt 7 years ago

I had this surgery in February this year, and for about the first 2-3 weeks, I had difficulty lowering my arms, right next to my body, due to the pain under my arms. At first I thought the surgery was great and my sweating problems had disappeared but I was wrong. Now in summer, I don't even have to be in the sun and I sweat much worse than I did prior to the operation. I sweat on my back, chest and legs, whereas prior to the surgery I ONLY sweated in my armpits and my palms. I must say, had I been aware of the extent of the sweating Im undergoing now, I would rather live with sweaty palms and sweaty underarms. I now only found out about a newer better surgical procedure, laser therapy under the armpit skin, less invasive and apparently more successful, with less side effects. I don't encourage anyone to go for ETS as you DON'T know what lies ahead for you after having the surgery. I personally wish I could rewind time, and not have the operation done.

Ann G. 7 years ago

i was diagnosed of having sympathetic nerve overactivity causing hyperhydrosis of my palms and feet, rare heart condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, gastrointestinal dysfunction,and occasional muscle weakness. I had been presented with this option called ETS and was told that as a side effect, i shall have moderate compensatory sweating and will resolve all the other problems i am experiencing. Being a veteran of operations (twice in breast and a cholecystectomy), i immediately researched about this ETS in the internet and found the many harsh side effects. i'm worried that if i do consider this, my life would be altered forever, thus im taking my time to study my options as there are rarely cases published here in the philippines. the sweaty palms and feet are something i could live with. however, the other organs affected by the sympathetic overactivity is something that i fear will progress if there would be no immediate cure...i hope somebody could shed a light on my case.

sweatttt 7 years ago

thks for this wonder site. my ets surgery was schedule nxt week, and i am glad i came to this site. I think i've made up my mind and forgo the surgery.

Writer 7 years ago

Great article Mr Boon, thank you.

Cheers to the bravery of all those who posted about their ETS side effects. I live in New Zealand and I had ETS 8 years ago for severe palmar hyperhidrosis. I got very lucky - I do not have any major side effects.

I only recently learned about how ETS has devastated some patients' lives. I am disgusted that surgeons do not fully warn patients of the risks of this surgery - my own surgeon certainly did not tell me all the risks and he downplayed the ones he did mention. I also disgusted that most surgeons virtually slam their doors in the faces of unhappy patients who return to them, seeking helping with their ETS side effects.

I am a freelance writer and I am trying to talk to as many people as possible who have had ETS. If anyone would like to contact me, my email address is:

I would espeically like to hear from New Zealanders and Australians who have had ETS but I'll still be happy to hear from you if you come from another country.


gregc 7 years ago

My story is somewhat a little different, but the resulting side effects sound very similar to those of ETS and equally as devastating and embarrassing to my life. I'm currently trying to obtain all required background and information to the operation on my Lumbar sympathetic nerves in Christchurch New Zealand 1979 which was to restore blood flow and circulation to my feet and lower body.

After this operation blood and warmth did return. I actually had the very first signs of frostbite in my toes at the time. Three of my toe nails never recovered and are now little more than rocks of nail.

Six months after this operation I was actually had another to restore full circulation to my hands. Thankfully in retrospect this was never successful.

However the major side effect that I was never warned about at the time was the resulting and embarrassing sweating on my back, trunk, legs and feet. Pretty much from my nipples down becomes drenched in sweat when Im in temperatures above 22 celsius and high humidity.

For 20 years I lived with it in Christchurch where sure its gets hot in summer, but its only a dry heat. However a shift to the much more humid northern city of Auckland has seen me come to absolutely dread the approaching long hot summers as there's no way to escape the sweating. If I exercise or run during the day it can take me a good hour to actually stop sweating. Obviously I have to be extremely vigilant on my fluid intake.

Looking back 33 year, having this operation was been the single biggest mistake of my life. I wish the doctor at the time had simply suggested a move to warmer climates as my problem would have been easily solved.

KFD 7 years ago

I am an 18year old guy in South Africa and sweat a lot under my arms, it is really uncomfortable in this warm weather if your shirt is constantly wet under you arms! I just finished my final exam and I have to say it was awfull to sit there and the sweat just kept on STREAMING down my body like mad! I am going for ETS on Monday and to be honest, I CAN'T WAIT!! people judge me for doing this and say I have to wait a year or more, but they don't know how this feels and how my selfconfidence took a plundge! it sucks to constantly smell the bad odor from under you arms. I can't wear any tight fitting shirts because of the wet patches under my arms. And I also think that if you just trust in God and believe that He will help you and guide the people thats operating on you, nothing can go wrong! I really hope the people experiencing the side effects will get better and that you can go on living your life to the fullest!

Good luck to those who are going for the op!

God Bless!

Sunny South Africa

Sunny South Africa

Writer 7 years ago

KFD - I hear you but I must say that sweat gland curretage surgery would be a FAR safer option for your axillary hyperhidrosis. In this operation, the surgeon removes sweat glands from under your arms - rather than tampering with your central nervous system. Please reconsider your decision to have ETS because there IS a far safer option available.

Writer 7 years ago

A support group for New Zealanders living with ETS side effects has just been set up.

A group of four ETS patients got together in New Zealand on December 23 to talk...and talk...and talk. We all found each other via the internet. We feel there could be many New Zealanders living with the side effects of ETS because there are several surgeons in NZ who routinely perform ETS, and have been doing so for years.

You can find us at

My contact details are on the blog and I can put you in touch with other Kiwis who are living with ETS side effects. If you are a New Zealander living with ETS side effects, you are not alone.



Joe 7 years ago

I had ets 9 years ago by the butcher Dr. Lin in Taiwan.. ETS will ruin your body. I got it for facial blushing/flushing. The entire top third of my body will not sweat any more. I have severe dry skin on my head and face. MY eyes are bone dry. ETS effects your heart rate as well. Mine is very low and I am fatigued all the time. I have sores on my face and head due to zero moisture. This surgery should be banned.

Ashley 7 years ago

I had the surgery several years ago. I had neuralgia for 4 months around my chest and underarms. I have severe CS. My feet hurt every day from painful neuropathy, and I have been diagnosed with an autonomic disorder that involves degeneration of the autonomic nervous system. I can't say for sure that ETS caused the nervous system problem but Duke is sending me to Vanderbilt to find out. I will leave later this week. Don't have the surgery. It is nice not to have sweaty hands but, the cost is: quality of life. It is not fun anymore. I hope this changes someones mind about the surgery. It should be a crime to perform it!

KFD 7 years ago

Hello all!

Writer- I went for the op like scheduled, and it really hurt like mad when I came out of theatre! But now I am so much better and I am so dry! thanx so much for your concern, but I am really glad I did it! my hands and arms are dry and I can wear shirts that is tight-fitting!

Ashley I really wish you the best of luck and that you will get better soon!

Good luck to you all!

kay 7 years ago

I got my ETS done 10yrs ago and I have been very satified with it. I do have cs but much more tolerable than sweaty hands. I went back a year ago to get another procedure (lumbar sympathectomy) for my feet. Now ever since this surgery I'm having low back pain. I have been in an out of doctor's office trying to figure out what is causing it but they can't seem to figure it out. All the MRI and CT scan is coming out normal. It has to be the surgery. I'm going to see about have the clamps removed. I just hope it's not too late.

Stacey 7 years ago

I had ETS surgery about 5 years ago for underarm sweating and facial blushing. I have horrible CS (and just served a tour in Iraq where I was soaked in sweat every single day). For me it was good and bad. My life has improved drastically due to the elimination of facial blushing as I used to struggle with social anxiety. I am considering having the 2d clamp removed however due to the CS, shortness of breath and I have also been diagnosed with bradycardia (slow heart rate). I find that my muscles don't recover as quickly from workouts and I get tired easily. ETS surgery is a very personal decision that each person must make. I would highly recommend it for facial blushing, but would find alternative methods for hyperhydrosis. Good Luck Friends!

king 7 years ago

I read and decided, if I have the money I will do this surgery cause, I have a facial sweating and my body is totally dry I mean dry even I run around don't know why, my problem is, im a waiter and I talk to people face to face while holding a food and my dripping sweaty fukn face,would you like to order some grilled fish with a twist of my sweaty face? Of course not.

confused 7 years ago

okay so im a teen, i sweat in my hands, feet, and armpits, and i saw this Dr. (Neri Cohen? anybody have him?) and talked with him about the surgery. he said that out of his surgeries, only 2 had CS and nobody else complained of the heart rate thing, and that 100% if his patients had awesome results. hes been doing this surgery for a long times so its not like hes only done like 5 or something. after reading all thses comments im still skeptical cuz i asked him about therse issues but, im not sure if his method makes it so that the cs really doesn't effect people, or that hes downplaying it. im a serious athlete and i don't want to jeopardize that. and i mean i would say my case was moderate, but it always seems that i don't sweat when im alone and it doesn't matter. also i wanna know about recovery time, bc if i do choose to do it, i might do it over spring break, and be ready to start playing sports again by the end. pleaseee respond. if not directly onto here, email me @ THANKS

Suicidal 7 years ago

I am really researching ets, and although we see plenty of dissatisfied people, I am very sure there are plenty of satisfied people, especially those who don't come to post about it on the internet. I tried out everything and this is my final choice. This will make or break my life. I'm gonna see as many doctors as I can in the following week and read as much as I can about the procedure. I would love it if learned members could also give me knowledge into the subject. I tried everything and i'm losing. I have this girl I met on the internet that really likes me for who I am, but when we meet, i'm sure hyperhidrosis is gonna fuck it up. I'm going ahead with the surgery.

Btw, I have sweating all over especially in the face, palms, armpits, feet. I also have facial blushing. I really want an honest to god doctor that can give me the real deal on things.

My email is if anyone wants to help me out

thank you a lot

stephanie  6 years ago

I had this surgery done when I was 17. It was well explained to me. I underwent six months of screening to be sure I was emotionally and physically read for it. I wont lie and say it was all rainbows and bunnies. It hurt afterwards for at least a month. But, I only missed two days of school and was able to return to my normal activities within a week.

I would never change it for the world. The second I became aware after the surgery my mom said I rubbed my hands together and then cried because they weren't sweating AT ALL. to this day....they have only broken out into a sweat maybe three times and it was only in extreme heat. This surgery changed my life and I understand you want to tell people to think about the risks involved...but for many of us who are/were humiliated by this condition I think some of those risks are worth it.

angie 6 years ago

I had ets surgery 1 week ago for my sweaty hands which was successful not only for my hands but my underarms have stopped aswell, yes its risky like all surgery but i do not regret it at all, after surgey i did have discomfort for a few days pain killers helped me with that, my lungs are fine i just need to take deep breaths everyday like the doctors advised me too just to keep the lungs open, i visted my gp today to get the 2 stitches out he said everything is fine its looks good...but i can say that i have started to sweat in the lower back, trunk and chest i asked my gp why this is happening he told me its normal because the nerves have been cut to stop sweating so the body is in shock and does not know where to sweat so it goes to other parts of the body this is normal he told me that i have to wait until my body balances out and recovers from the shock either it will go away or it will reduce but i can honestly say i rather sweat on my lower back then my hands...hands are exposed so its more embarrassing compared to trunk, chest , lower back, i recommend anyone who has this problem to get it done only if its really bad which mine was a one day surgery i was out the next day i have no other side affects it was successful :)

ETS saved me 6 years ago

I had this surgery 14 years ago. VERY happy!! Seems the unhappy people are uneducated and have SERIOUS emotional problems!!! This is why proper screening is essential!!

jessica 6 years ago

hi everyone i am 21 years old i had ets when i was 18........i had amazing results cs was not bad still isn't i can only say i wish my feet would ot sweat as much. Just recently about 1 month my hands have been just barely starting to sweat on my fingertips and right on the middle of mt palm.. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? please let me know...feel free to e mail me thanks

jessica 6 years ago

my email is

Lauren 6 years ago

I have had severe underarm sweating for the last 12 years. I am not 30 and have the ETS surgery schedule in 7 days. I can be sitting in a room or getting ready for work and within 5 minutes of putting my shirt on, I have huge rings of sweat under my arms. My confidence has been destroyed and when any situation where I am sweating( which is almost all) I am too afraid to attract attention because I am afraid people will notice the sweating. This has been running my life but I am afraid of having the surgery after reading from this forum. My sister also had the surgery and things have turned out great for her. She has CS but only when working out and she says it is by far a better trade off. I have 2 small children and don't want to do something that could prevent me from raising them to my full ability. I don't know what to do! Please give advice!

daniel 6 years ago

how much did you guys pay for the surgery?

Dan Armstrong 6 years ago

This is a f***in weird surgery. seriously. I do believe that people over exaggerate the mental side effects of this surgery but I certainly believe they are real. Im 23 had the surgery at 19. Had a wonderful childhood and great outlook on life. The people who deny that this surgery does something to the way you feel are lying to themselves. As are the people who say they feel like robots and have absolutely no emotion anymore. The truth is, is that the outcome is somewhere in the middle. You will not experience life the same way you do now post surgery, and its for the worse... These nerves that they cut are a significant part of your nervous system... they cut you at a chain that branches right off the spine. These are signifigant nerves, and they determine how you experience your surroundings. Im a biomedical engineering student at the University of Utah and this surgery has shaped my entire life. I have become inspired to find a cure for neurological conditions. Paralyzation, ALS, and yes ETS! having ETS is giving yourself a self inflicted neurological condition. You will regret it. beleive me on this. I went through a phase of denial for a while as the people on this thread are currently experiencing. Its very very VERY hard to accept that you have made a decision that completely altered your entire life and you have altered how you experience the world arround you. Its common sense really DON'T let a doctor cut up the nerves in the middle of your body!!!

AS -X  6 years ago


has anyone had the liposuction surgery for HH? I don't think I will go head with the ETS surgery, at lest for me I find the prospect too scary, it seems rather destructive and rather hit or miss, simply shifting the problem to a different region.

Is the liposuction surgery as destruction, any feedback would be great!

I don't think there is a lot of support out there for HH sufferers, it does have huge psychological implication, I heard that Cameron Diaz suffers from HH would be interesting to see what choices she made, I assume she has access to the best doctors around

I'm not wishing to jump into surgery in the immediate future, some of the comments here are scary I don't think there is a quick fix for this condition, I want to try oral medication and Botox before surgery.


John 6 years ago


I had ETS surgery when I was a junior in high school for sweaty hands and facial blushing. I was told about the compensatory sweating, but never knew it could ever be as bad as it is now. My face doesn't sweat at all now, but from the nipple line down I'm drenched in sweat if it's even remotely warm outside. My hands are dry for the most part unless I'm working out...then they are dripping in sweat just like before the surgery. The most troublesome part for me after the surgery is the butt sweat I now have. I have to avoid wearing khaki pants/shorts now b/c it looks like I sat in a puddle of water if I'm sitting down for more than a few minutes. I work as a fireman now and I literally have to change my uniform at least once a shift b/c I'm drenched in sweat.

Denean22 6 years ago

First of all i would like to say if your considering getting ETS DON"T! I got ETS surgery about 4 years ago , it was the biggest mistake of my life, i'm now 27 year old female, I had the surgery to cure facial blushing and sweating. In exchange for that i received MAJOR C/S i sweat in the armpits, breast, chest, stomach, back, legs, feet, croch and the left part of my face. I never sweat in any of those places before it was just my face and head. I was told by the doctor in hamilton ontario canada that in his opinon i should get it, i have a very little chance of getting sweating in the trunk and he rubbed a small part of his stomach, i did not know trunk meant chest, breast, back, stomach, croch, legs or feet. I now feel disgusting as a woman. i hate summer now more then anything in this world. If i plan on going out for an afternoon or anytime of the day i wear a tank top underneath a shirt so my sweat would soak into it and it wouldn't be noticeable to people right away, or i wear tank top and big dark sweaters, and pants all i wear is blank spandex pants so i can breath and then it's harder to see the sweat or the look like i peed my pants. I'm so tired of what i have to do to hid it so people don't think i'm a dirty sweaty woman. I have to shower so much to get a clean feeling. I dread going to bed with my husband because i feel very dirty and don't want to be touch because i know he can feel my skin soaking wet. I cannot go and get a job where i would like because of it, it affects my life so bad, I 'm not the happy outgoing person anymore, i'm now a digusting home body. I wish i were informed about this from my doctor who i trusted and took his word to do it, that i would be FINE!!I can't have the life i wanted anymore because of this! Thanks for reading and don't get ETS !!

any good stories 6 years ago

ets june 9 2010 wish me luck

any good stories 6 years ago

yesterday I was in class dripping wet everywhere. It was about 70 in the class room. I was dripping from my face to my feet. As I'm weiting this now my hands are soaked. I get hotter all the time because I'm afraid my sweaty arms will show so I always bring a pull over. Cs I have it now to the max. I feel it can't get any worse. You should have seen my face in my first job interview. If imy body is dripping 17 hr a day how could ets make me worse. I'm a male 18 and could take whatever pain. Fuc sweat

GG 6 years ago

I am a female and I had the surgery about 7 years ago, I had sweaty palms that would leak like a faucet.I couldn't stand it anymore. So I started looking for information about having the surgery.My job demanded me to be very social and meeting the public along with politicians. That was the biggeest mistake of my life. But hats off for those few who didn't get the compensatory sweating. I sweat on eevry part of my body except my face and head.. It is so scarey and it get worse every year. I can't wear bright colors and I always have to doube layer my cloths. I used to be able to show off my abs, now it looks really gross because I am constantly sweating like a pig. I can't get warm at all or I will be litereally sweating from my breast all the way down to my toes.. I can't work out because I get dizzy because I can't realease any sweat or heat from my head so I have to do only light exercises. Your blood pressure never rises. That is so scarey to me. I would take back my sweaty palms any day if I could give back the compensatory sweating. Along with a rib bone that constantly shifts in and out of place all the time. Cuddle time with my husband is like sports I am completely drenched and he is to with my sweat. My daughter also has excessive sweating but only natural treatments for her

Hello 6 years ago

I had ETS surgery in 1998 with Dr. R in Calif. My issue was FS and I had clammy hands and the armpit problem. The operation has been a mixed bag for me. Yes I am glad to be rid of my FS and it nice to have dry hands, but the CS is bad in the summer time. I sweat on my chest and back and can soak a shirt. I am thing of getting Botox injections on my chest. Has anyone done this? My email is

no name 6 years ago

its ruined my life and my doctor never told me any of the side affects he was far to keen to get me under the knife for his own medical gratification. I cant even have a relationship because i soak the bed every night and sweat drips of my body. The day i had surgery ended my life. If i knew the deverstating affect this would have on my life i would never of had the surgery. Unfortunatley internet wasn't available then, i never had any guidence with the discision to have surgey. I trusted my surgeon BIG MISTAKE!!!!

Alexa 6 years ago

Thank you to everyone who has written comments good or bad... I'm going to be a sophmore this fall and have been dealing with the self conscience feeling of holding someones hand. it's something you can't run away from. i recently met a guy i really like and we have been going out for a little over a year. whenever he reaches for my hand i have to pull it away because my hands start sweating. it's the worst feeling in the world, you feel disconnected. my dad thinks it's nothing serious, however, when sweat starts going down your arm from your hands you know somethings not right. i have considered this surgery because i think it would make life easier in a way. i have no idea what to do. i have tryed many different prescriptions and have bought many organic medications. nothing seems to work long enough. i need help i want to hold my boyfriends hand without worrying.

Denean 6 years ago

Hi Alexa,

Please do not condider getting ETS. Beacause it may cure the hand sweat, but you will suffer C/S and i'm telling you its bad, you worrie about your hands, if you have the surgery you WILL suffer from croch , upper legs, back, stomach armpits, and boobs. And you will soak through all your clothes. Just explains to him about you condition, and if he know and understands it will be easier on you. Just think when your are about to be intemate, and your body is entirly sweating he will probaly think it is gross and run. Trust me i am so happy i was married when i had the surgery so my husband understands. Maybe try botox, but they say you might have C/S from that too, but it should only last for about 6-12 months. Please do not get it , it was the bigest mistake of my life, here is a forum i would like you to read so you can see for your self the hundrend thousands people who have had it. I regret it. The doctor never explained it to me that i would understand and he will try to talk you in to it. I was told from my doc that in his personal opinion " you should get it and you will be fine and you may have lite C/S but he never had a patient who got it" All LIES Really think about it is hand sweat worse then your entire body soaking in sweat? where you have to change cloths all the time and then learn how to deal with hidding it. It is very bad! go to this website and it will show you picture of the sweat going through your clothes

Jay Dodds 6 years ago

I suffered from excessive armpit sweating which I believe was driven by anxiety. I had ruined all my clothes through excessive use of spray deodorants and anti-perspirants. I have previously tried many anti-perspirants which did nothing for me. I literally tried them all. I must have spent thousands of pounds on under arm sprays etc. throughout my liftime and got little relief in return. I literally tired them all! I did have some joy with anhydrol forte roll-on but was reduced to tears most evenings when applying this due to the severe itching a stinging it caused. My condition really knocked my confidence and resulted in countless enbarrassing situations, especially at work and when meeting people for the first time. I had to be really careful about what to wear and couldn't wear fitted t-shirts or shirts. I was told that ETS was the perfect solution to my excess arm pit sweating so I agreed to the surgery, which was performed about 6 months ago at my local hospital. I even spent £400 on botox injections (20 injections each side) which gave some relief but only lasted about 8 months. I really had high hopes for ETS now regret having it done and I suffer from moderate to severe compensatory sweating (CS) on my back, chest legs.. pretty much everywhere. I've even witnessed some under arm sweating too unless I'm sweating so much that it has migrated elsewhere? I wish I had been offered ETS clamping sweat gland excision or that I knew about ESB4 at the time. Unfortunately I now have no options since ETS is permanent. I'm finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that I will probably now have to 'suffer' with CS for the rest of my life?

Josh 6 years ago

I had ETS surgery in high school for facial blushing and sweaty hands. Since the day of the surgery my lungs havn't functioned like they used to. I feel like i'm short of breath all the time. About a month after the surgery I went to my surgeon to talk to him about this and he basically told me this was a possible side effect and there was nothing he could do. Aside from the SOB the compensatory sweating is ridiculous. Just out of curiousity has anyone experienced the shortness of breath issue and if you have what have you done to deal with it?

Matt 6 years ago

I went to the consultation for my ets surgery and I was impressed with the doctor...he seemed very nice and said he would love to have me on the morning show with him if I had the surgery. The day of surgery I was being prepped for surgery and started having second thoughts about it. I told the doctor I think I just want to go home...He came unglued and started yelling. He told me these surgery rooms aren't free; I've already reserved the room. At one point a security guard came in to see what all the yelling was about. I finally just agreed to do the surgery b/c I didn't know what else to do. After surgery I felt like I couldn't breathe and they assured me that this would eventually go away. It's been 8 years now since the surgery and I still havn't found a cure to my breathing difficulty. I've been prescribed asthma inhalers and advair and nothing seems to work. I work out every single day and people are always telling me how muscular and how good I look. On the inside I feel like shit every single day b/c I can't breathe. I've never smoked a cigarette a day in my life, but imagine what i'm feeling is like what it feels like to have emphysema.

Jared 6 years ago

I had my ETS surgery done in August and at first I thought the surgery was hands didn't sweat anymore, but I was also a little alarmed with the fact that my head stopped sweating when I'm outside in the heat (I live in Texas so it's pretty hot). The following year in July is when the side effects started coming on strong. First came the compensatory sweating, which I was told by my doctor since I'm in good shape and skinny he would estimate I would have minimal compensatory sweating at most. I now look like somebody dunked me in a pool from my nipple line down. The same year, I went to go see the thoracic surgeon who performed the sugery to talk about what I can do about the compensatory sweating. I lifted up my shirt and showed him the sweat running down my chest, abdomen, and back. I then turned around and showed him how my cargo shorts were soaking wet. His comment was "Do I need to get you a beach towl?" I asked him if there was any possible way this could be reversed. He told me there are some nerve graft surgeries you can do, but they have seen limited success. I asked him if this surgery would ever be completely reversible? He told me in his lifetime no, but in yours maybe (I was 16 at the time and am about to be 25). I remember reading these types of forums before my surgery and saying to myself this compensatory sweating isn't as bad as these people are saying. If I had it over again I would have gone to at least one neurologist, a pulmonologist, and even a cardiologist to get a second opinion. It's affected my body in so many different ways. My general practice doctor say's I'm now bradycardic which he says is some of the reason I'm tired all the time and feel weak. A respiratory doctor ran a few tests and tells me he thinks I have moderate asthma now. My brother told me he has a guy that works at the same fire station as him in the dallas area who also had the procedure done. I had a chance to talk to the guy and he tells me everytime they have a fire now he throws up inside his mask from the heat b/c he doesn't sweat from his head at all (hard to believe you can be in 1000 degree fire and not have one drop of sweat on your forehead). My thoracic surgeon apologized to me and told me he was sorry that i've experienced all these side effects. He told me he wished he spent more time screening me before the surgery. He went on to say that he would have never performed the surgery if he new I was so active and liked to be outdoors so much b/c those are the people that usually have more compensatory sweating b/c they are in the heat more. I can't tell you how many times throughout college that I was in an air condtioned building and when I got up to leave class there were water marks on the entire chair I was sitting in. My surgeon was reluctant to give me anything for the compensatory sweating b/c he said there was no drug strong enough to combat all my compensatory sweating and plus if you are outside a lot it might cause you to overheat. He finally gave me a sample of glycopyrrolate which has helped some, but he was right it just slows down the time it takes for my clothes to become soaking wet and sometime you feel like you are going to pass out b/c of the heat.

G_UK 6 years ago

I had ets in Sweden Oct 1998 for blushing and cranial sweating. I still no longer blush nor sweat.

With a competent surgeon, the immediate surgery issues such as Horners should be a none issue.

The only side effect for me has been compensatory sweating which is a real inconvenience but far easier to overcome i.e. hide, than my original blushing and sweating. It requires lifestyle changes; that are largely wardrobe based.

What I don't have to do is hide from people, be scared, or avoid social situations.

I have absolutely no social problems now and indeed have seen my professional career blossom and even become a judge. I could never have been a judge who blushed and sweated.

This does not mean that I wholly endorse ETS. I lived with my problem for 25 years before surgery and tried everything including cognitive behaviour therapy. ETS MUST be the final option and only in consultation with your own doctor.

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yummy80 6 years ago

Hi Everyone.

I was thinking about this surgery due to excessive underarm sweating. I'm soo happy I came across this site and has truly changed my mind not to have it. I have read almost everybody's comments and mostly everyone has really bad side effects that pop up years later. I really thank everyone for their sincere comments.

Will 6 years ago

I never had ETS surgery and was convinced I never needed it even though I sweated a lot on my chest during workouts. I am always in top shape but simply sweat a lot on my chest after 30 minutes & some would say it is normal since there is no issue with my hands or face. Well, there are loose fitting clothes that make me sweat in 80 degree temps and I am doing no activity whatsoever so where does that fit in? In humid weather like Florida, I am drenched after a workout. In dryer weather I sweat maybe half of that. So I am not sure if there is an issue. No bad odors or anything. I think I'll try a stop sweat deodorant. OF NOTE is my brothers did have sweaty palms and had thoracic surgery and they do not complain about any side effects and they believe I don't need it since my problem is mild. I am not a fan of surgery and believe natural ways are best.

Night Sweat 6 years ago

THANKS so much for this site! I often get asked about ETS surgery, and sometimes people answer with: "Well, the doctor told me it's just a small low-risk procedure". Quiet frankly, I think these kinds of doctors should get their license taken away, they're obviously just doing it for the money. I'll show them this site in the future, I hope this will help to change their minds.

Donna 6 years ago

I had ETS surgery a little over 2 months ago. I do have PS but that is getting better and I do have CS on my lower back and under my breast but using Gold Bond powder helps a lot. My main issue is with the stabbing back and chest pains. Anyone having that?

Regret 6 years ago

I had the surgery done approximately 5 years ago. I didn't start with the CS until 6-8 months later. I also had a lung collapse afterward, but refused the chest tube and eventually got better with O2 and rest. I am a High School teacher and simply traded one embarrassing wet spot for another. Like most of you – I can’t handle extreme anything, temperatures above 70, mild activity, alcohol, etc. Once it starts, it is like a faucet and just drips and drips. I get it mostly on my trunk, and half the time on my legs. I NEVER wear just one shirt. I always have a spandex or latex tank top underneath. Of course I’m drenched when I work out, but I can’t also start sweating for no apparent reason whatsoever. I wish I had a solution, but like the last person that posted, I am concerned with the same stabbing pain on my left shoulder blade that seems to come through to my chest. Has anyone else had this, or know what it is?

Heavy Sweating 6 years ago

I really think that ETS surgery should be forbidden. I can't see how surgeons who perform it can sleep at night - they must know about the havoc it can wreak on their patients lives, yet, they still are willing to put people at this risk. To me, the only explanation is that they are doing it for the money, not for the patients.

Sarah 6 years ago

I got this surgery about 2 years ago, yes, it was very painful and not as "minor" as the doctors made it out to be, however, I don't regret one thing about it. The pain was well worth it.

Boots 6 years ago

I had my ets about seven years ago... no side affects.. im acctualy shocked at peoples side affects... my only concern is that i have recently saw tht my finger tips on my hands have started to sweat.. i had my nerve burned... is there a chance tht my hands are gonna start to sweat again?

Another Regret 6 years ago

Yes, this surgery takes away blushing and sweaty hands, but jesus christ, my face is so dry and white now, it hurts to laugh, and my body gets so drenched in sweat, just sitting down, I feel like I'm swimming... Not to mention the comments I get when I walk outside during the summer while I live in Phoenix! I don't even want to go there... I had my surgery 12 years ago, and the side effects just get worse; deal with it on a daily basis, but learning to cope (ie, put an extra shirt on no matter what! ha). I would think about these things before blasting into the surgery is all I can say :/

Dan 6 years ago

There are published studies which confirm that ets has a psychological effect on people in the form of diminishing emotional response. The bottom line is that people can say that they do not feel any diminishment of emotion post surgery and that is great, but you are completely wiping out a large portion of your bodie's response Your SNS tells the body what to do in response to outside stimuli... It has a significant role in how you feel. Had ETS at the age of 19. 5 years ago. I push forward because there is nothing else to do, but I am miserable. It ruined my life... had a good one going to dammit.

Joanie S 6 years ago

I had the surgery for my hands about 14 years ago at the Cleveland Clinic. I'd say it worked about 99%. It was MUCH more painful than I expected but I don't have any regrets.

leland 6 years ago

i've researched this surgery for almost two years and this is what i've found out: I'll start with the negatives

-It almost always causes compensatory sweating

-It will only cure the feet 50% of the time or less

-Some people can't sweat from the nipple line up afterwards and feel like their living in two separate bodies

-The clamping method isn't proven to be reversible

-From what i've read women seem to be overall more satisfied with it, maybe because they're more of them

-Your heart rate can decrease

- Some people claim emotional changes.

- The symptoms can recurr after some time


- You will have dry hands for sure

- You may be less anxious

My condition isn't severe maybe that's why i've held out of surgery so long. It's worse on my feet than hands. Anyone who reads this should thoroughly research this surgery before making a decision.

Hayley Marie Cannam 6 years ago

I had ETS last week for underarm sweating and it was very painfull. When recovering i had many doses of morphene and still in a lot of pain, thankfully all the chest pain has passed but still struggling with upper back pain. No sweat under my arms so far, but doing normal household activities I feel like under my boobs, back and behind my knees are moist and goes onto my clothes. Does this happen to others, will it get better?

I also feel very light headed from time to time?????


Danielle 6 years ago

I am absolutely HORRIFIED. I had ETS scheduled for THIS Thrusday. I canceled it, thanks to my dad.

I have had extremely sweaty hands and feet my entire life. I've tried everything - acupuncture, prescription medicine, natural herbs/supplements, drysol, electric currents. You name it. A few weeks ago I decided I couldn't take it anymore and talked to a surgeon...he recommended ETS (which I have never heard of before). He told me it was soooo great and there would be NO effects what so ever, compensatory sweating would be little to none. Luckily, my dad researches EVERYTHING and he discovered the truth. I had made an apt with the devil to be mutilated. Fuck that doctor. I should have researched it myself but I was so excited about being "cured" I didn't care about anything else. I owe my dad big time for saving my life.

alexandra 6 years ago

I am so glad danielle cancelled her surgery. I am 38 & I had ets done in canberra, australia 14 yrs ago (BEFORE the internet took off & I could research the surgery). Initially, i thought it was great. Then I went to the gym & noticed that 1/2 my face,head, neck, upper back was bright red, while the other 1/2 could not sweat at all. I rang the surgeon about this & he replied that I must be "imagining" it. I had struggled for 3 yrs prior with sweaty palms & thought I had problems.. They were nothing compared with what I have to deal with now. The only thing that stops me wanting to top myself is knowing that there are others out there like myself, battling away, + a very supportive partner. Please, anyone considering ets DON'T! - it will ruin your life.

Hayley Marie Cannam 6 years ago

Im ok now, feeling many benefits of the surgery, I had side effects of excessive sweating in my legs and back but it was just settling down and now im totally fine!

I think everyone should look into it a lot before going through with the surgery, there isn't many good reviews buts its like the papers they hardly put positive stories in there as we all get up in arms too much about the negative!


Mike 6 years ago

I had ETS Surgery 10 years ago and it was the worst decision of my life. The mental vagueness, no physical drive, no sex drive, etc., has drastically changed my life for the worse. Do not have the surgery because the ramifications can't be reversed and you will be put in a state of depression for the rest of your life. I struggle everyday due to this choice and will never forgive myself for the grief that it has caused.

Victoria 6 years ago

Hi, I am due to have ETS surgery in 2 weeks time. I am 22 and have have suffered with excessive sweating since I was about 14 years old. I have tried all different methods of treatment, special prescribed deodorant, a prescribed talcum powder, and botox injections for 2 years, all of which failed. I sweat excessively from my armpits, hands, forehead and now my back. My quality of life is not very good when it comes to social situations, I can't shake hands with people, wear any coloured clothes apart from black and white, I am permanently nervous about it and its awful when I try to carry my 2 year old daughter as I have to wipe my hands before picking her up. I am at a loose end.

Are the success rates higher with women than men?

How long is the recovery time after having surgery? Will I need to take time off college?

Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.

Hayley 6 years ago

Hi Vic, I Don't Know The Success Rates But Its Quite Painful At First Make Sure You Push For 1 Night In Hospital For The Pain Reief. Once You Get Home Its Quite Ok With Mild Pain Killers, I Had The Week Off Which Was Maybe Little Longer Than I Needed.

The Surgery Has Made me Sweat On My Legs More Which Is Only In Bed, But Gets On My Nerves As Have To Take Cover On And Off All Night. But You Can Get CS sweating On Your Back And Chest, Ask Your Doctor How He Can Keep That To A Min.

Hayley (

Larysa 6 years ago

I'm so disappointed in reading all these comments. I just had ETS surgery 5 days ago and everything is going well but now I have a fear that everything is going to go completely worse. Hyperhidrosis on my palms ruined my life, I didn't want to shake anyone's hand, give them money and found it difficult to even write on paper without it ripping. I'm so glad I had it done but i'm supposed to go back for my left side. I'm debating whether I should get it done or not, reading all these comments have made me think twice and to be honest very worried about my future..

surfsider 6 years ago

Larysa. Who performed your surgery and were you cut or clamped? Do you have any compensatory sweating. I've been researching this surgery for about two years. I have palmoplantar but my feet are a little worse than hands. If you can get a long fine now I wouldn't get the other side done. It could increase your chances of getting side effects.

I've also noticed women seem to have a slightly better result maybe because they sweat less to begin with, or they don't over exert themselves as much as men so comp sweat is not a problem

Sweaty steve 6 years ago

I read absolutely all of the comments and Im frankly disappointed nobody has found a feasible cure for CS, which is absolutely destroying my life. I figure I shared with some of you pre-ops and post-ops the side effects I have experienced. I am 22 years old and had surgery exactly 1 year ago. I had cauterization of the Sympathethic nerve bilaterally at the T2 level for facial blushing.

1. CS concentrated in the thorax and groin area

2. Lack of sweat from the nipple up.

3. EXTREMLY dry hands that have turned me completely USELESS when handling objects (even paper)

4. Arthritis in the hands.

5. Neuralgia in the site of cauterization

6. Goosebumps feelings when eating sweet things.

7. ALLERGIC REACTION in forehead when eating highly condimented food

8. EXTREMELY ALLERGIC REACTION in forehead when eating spicy food.

9. Hypersensitivity to cold weather leading to goosebumps

10. Phantom sweating

11. Reduced workout output

Essentially, Ive had ALL the possible side effects :/ except for the pneumothorax, collapsed lung, and raynauds. My immune system was not able to cope with the surgery and absolutely when ape sh1t. I wake up everyday thinking how am gonna be able to live through the rest of years I have on me with the hell ETS has caused in me. Our bodies is the only tool we are given in this life, and we should PROTECT IT at all instances to be able to cope with life. For those considering ETS, (specially males), I truly recommend you to restrain from ETS surgery if you value the most magnificent tool ever invented: the human body.

Sian 6 years ago

I had the surgery one year ago and it is the one major regret in my life. I now sweat profusely on my back (which I never used to). When meeting with the Surgeon , who is based in Johannesburg, he gave very little information and I feel that he should have given a print out of possible side effects. I also know that I should have done more research before doing it. My advice is don't do it as it often results in compensatory sweating, which in my case, is far more obvious than when I just sweated under my arms

mike 6 years ago

i had the treatment of ets now want too end my life had it done three years ago

Clairey 6 years ago

Larysa how did you get on? How do you feel.

KAREN 6 years ago

for all those who have the same conditions as mine..

huhh its really hard it really affect me on my daily living, and how long i will live this far......socially emotionally, physically. even career had affected me with this illness.. and now i only stay at home and preferd not to socialize with ANYBODY..

is ETS? really works? i want to get rid of this illness i have

KAREN 6 years ago

for all those who have the same conditions as mine..

huhh its really hard it really affect me on my daily living, and how long i will live this far......socially emotionally, physically. even career had affected me with this illness.. and now i only stay at home and preferd not to socialize with ANYBODY..

is ETS? really works? i want to get rid of this illness i have

rachael 6 years ago

I had the surgery done 8 years ago... right afterward I was extremely happy, but about 3 months after the surgery I began to experience compensatory sweating on my back and stomach and thighs. It was a million times worse than the excessive underarm sweating was. From the first day after the sugery on I have had the dryest skin. My hands are the worst. I put lotion on them like 3 to 5 times a day and they still are paper dry. I am very intolerant to heat and the worst thing is now I sweat when I eat ceratain foods, not spicy things like normal people but sugary foods. If I have a bite of cake frosting my whole face and neck instantly break out in a layer of sweat. Its totally gross. I have to have a box fan blowing on me the whole time while I get ready in morning or sweat starts running down my legs. If I could go back in time I would just stick with the burning deoderant you use at night... and not wear cotton shirts.

John Smith 6 years ago

Can none of you write sentences in English? JHC, I can barely comprehend your rants and raves - these comments are so poorly written. Maybe if English was your 5th language ... Did you people write these comments with the hopes someone else would read them and actually understand them?

I had the ETS procedure done at the T2 level about 4 months ago in October. Compensatory Sweating can be significant during times of physical exertion in warm areas - to the point where dripping sweat soaks through my clothes. I am not looking forward to experiencing a hot and humid summer in Washington DC.

While the surgery appears to be almost always successful at stopping localized sweating (e.g., palmar), that it stops your head and face from sweating may lead to this excessive Compensatory Sweating.

If you ONLY experienced localized hyperhydrosis, in say your hands, and didn't seem to sweat excessively during other times, you may be a good candidate for this surgery. However, if you could say you were a heavy sweater, either at the gym or on hot days, you will likely experience significant compensatory sweating and may regret the surgery.

Australia 5 years ago

I have excessive facial sweating...I'm 34 now and interestingly the excessive sweating I used to have under the armpits has lessened. I still have sweaty feet and trunk.

I've never had the ETS procedure, and have at different points definitely considered it. What I've personally come to realise is sweating is not only part of me, but everyone does it. I've also realised that people don't really care if I'm sweating...I used to think they did, but honestly my phobia of thinking everyone must be looking at me and thinking what a freak I am has only turned out to be a phobia.

I'm an executive manager of a professional firm and face clients every day. sure, some situations are challenging and cause me to sweat excessively, but that's never stopped me.

My kids now have sweaty hands, and they don't know what we all know and understand, but I will be building into them that everyone sweats...some just a little more than others.

To all who post in this forum about the ETS procedure, continues to give me perspective on my condition, even 20 years after it started.

To all who are considering the surgery, take a moment. Sweating doesn't define you EVERYONE SWEATS and MOST PEOPLE DON'T CARE IF YOU SWEAT MORE It's part of who we are and if this is the worst thing that will happen to us then I say we've got a fortunate live.

Michaelmets 5 years ago

Don't have this surgery! It has made me and thousands of of other people a cripple. I can no longer exercise because I have asthma. I can no longer wear any clothes but black layers because the sweat shows through. My face and hands are so dry I get cuts and bleed!

Google Coposcindosis and see what really happens to you when you get butchered like this! And as the years go on, side effects get worse and worse!

MissSunshine 5 years ago

wow thnks to everyone for there honest comments.. i was almost thnking about getting the ets surgery done, cuz im really fustrated to having sweaty and smelly armpits all the time, whenever when its freezing. but the side effects just don't seem worth jus sucks the way some ignorant ppl react to u as if ur cuzing this upon urself, like oh jus take a shower or wear deodorant, umm excuse me i do, they just don't get how hard it is to live a normal social and emotional life dealing with hyperhidrosis.. im going to a dermatologist on wednesday, hopefully some other treatment works..ive been having trouble with excessive armpit sweating since i was 13, sometimes i jus want to break down and cry when other people to get what u go thru cuz they dnt have to deal with the embarrassing of it. Its jus feels a lil better to know there are many good hearted ppl out there that understands how its like, that lets me know im not alone. I hope we all can find a treatment that works or help alleviate most of the sweeting.. best wishes to all.. stay strong.. my email is if anyone has advices, suggestions, or just want to talk or vent.. lol aahh i feel better to get some stuff off my chest to someone that knows what i mean..

Omg 5 years ago

Wow.... My 19 year old son is scheduled for this surgery on a month.... Thought it was a miracle his hands drip... Now I'm terrified and want to cancel... I was just trying to make sire he went to the best surgeon and found all of this..are there ANY success stories out there???

castiljl 5 years ago

I just had the ETS surgery 5 days ago and at the moment I am happy with the results. Both my hands and feet are dry and I feel good. Yes I still feel like I'm in recovery but not to the extent other people have posted. I went to a Dr. Neilson in San Antonio who was wonderful. He was very good and explaining things to you and made sure you were sure you were ready for this surgery. I understand everyones concerns about the CS post surgery and trust me that was one of my concerns, but there is a procedure that can be performed in those areas called SDLA. This procedure can be done at the Drs. office and should help with the post CS. I hope this helps some of you who have had or are considering getting the ETS surgery that there is something you can do about CS you don't have to keep expericing excessive sweating.

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feebs34 5 years ago

Hi, I had the ETS surgery done 8months ago for excessive underarm sweating. I was reffered to a consultant by my GP. The consultant on the day did no examination of any sort to see extent of sweating nor did he ask many questions. Without hesitation he said that he would like to proceed with this surgery and assured me it was a very straight forward procedure which was done regularly. He told me that less than 10% of people were left with compensatory sweating post op. Leaving his office that day I felt very confident that it was only a small uncomplicated procedure.

On the day of my surgery I was nervous but excited, I thought I would have a new found confidence post op and that this would help me to become more confident in my teaching career as I had always felt the sweating impacted on my teaching as it often stopped me leaving my desk for fear anyone would see or smell me!

When I woke up in recovery post op I was in excrutiating pain and was given morphine. This made no impact on the pain and they gave me more and more but the pain did not improve. My incisions were only very slightly sore but my chest and back pain was desperate. The pain continued, I was unable to sit up or move in the bed. I was given chest x rays and experinced more pain and problems breathing but was assured that I was fine. The surgeon discharged me even though I was still unable to move properly and was still vomiting with excrutiating pain.

After discharge I visited my GP who contacted the hospital and only now was I told that I had suffered a bilateral pneumathorax and extensive surgical emphysema, hence my discomfort in hospital. I was so cross nobody told me why I was in so much pain while I was in hospital. The surgeon claimed he never saw a case like this and offered no solutions.

I continued to have very bad pain in my chest and back. My sweating was cured but the pain was worse than any sweating. 8 months later I am still suffering from bad back and chest pain. I cant do any exercise because it hurts too much and I feel like I cannot breathe properly. I cant even lift a saucepan without bad pain, no walks, no standing for long periods of time etc. My life is ruined and I don't know what to do anymore. My teaching career has suffered greatly I cant work properly and I'm only in my mid twenties and plan on having children in a few years but coping with pregancy seems impossible not to mind tending to a small child.

I have a consultation in 2 days with a pain specialist who is suggesting a nerve block to stop the pain but I really don't want to have to resort to this. I'm devastated but if anyone had any advice or similar experiences I would love to hear them. Most of the complications seem to be other symptoms so would love to hear any similar stories.

Don't get the surgery!


AshleyD 5 years ago

Hi castiljl!

I am so glad I found your post. I have actually been in contact with Dr. Neilson in regards to having the Micro ETS preformed and my insurance has agreed to pay for it. Did you have Mirco ETS as well? I have experienced hyperhidrosis since I was born. I have primary hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet but I also sweat everywhere else on my body. I work in the medical field and it takes me 15 to 20 minutes sometimes to put on latex gloves. I have broken numerous computer keyboards, cell phones, and even wrecked my car once due to my hands slipping on the steering wheel. I have tried Drysol (which made my hands so dry they bled and I still sweat through the cracks), medications, Botox (was getting injections in my hands and feet once a week and had zero results), and my insurance even paid for me to have my own iontophoresis machine to use at my house daily. I have done so much research and have consulted with 3 doctors (a dermatologist, an internist, and a cardiologist) who all say that my last and only option is the surgery. I understand that I could and probably will experience the compensatory sweating, but as I mentioned before, I already sweat everywhere and I therefore I do not know how it could possibly get much worse. Since I have to deal with sweating on my back, legs, face (when nervous), and armpits already, I strongly believe that having dry hands would make me the happiest person alive!

I would love to speak with you more about your experience prior to and following your surgery. Would you mind if I was to send you and e-mail so I could speak with you directly? I would appreciate it more than you could imagine!

Thanks again,


jj123 5 years ago

Hi all...

I know most of the people on here are hoping for a success story with ETS, and I truly wish I had one but...I had the ETS performed in 2002 by Dr. Garza for underarm sweating and regrettably, there isn't an hour of a day that goes that with every fiber of my being I don't utterly regret that decision. I know with a condition like hyperhidrosis, it is hard to imagine your symptoms getting worse but, it is entirely possible. This surgery can ruin your life!! I went from having an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation in one region of my body, to a worse condition spread out over numerous areas of my body. I used to exercise frequently, go out all the time, be a social butterfly, enjoy outdoor activities, I used to like to dress up for no reason, and many other things that I now dread. I now possess a closet full of clothes I don't even know why I own because I am afraid to wear them, I avoid outdoors as much as possible (I live in Houston, where the summers last 8 months), I suffer from horrible anxiety when I know I will have to be around people because I never know what my body is going to do, if I need to get cleaned up, I have to take a shower way ahead of time because when i get out, even if I take a cool shower, I sweat for about an hour afterwards...the list goes on and on. All i can say is, I wish someone had given me these kind of warnings beforehand. My life is a nightmare, a nightmare that at times i wish would just end. In addition, don't rely on this procedure being reversable, because it isn't....Dr. Garza assured me it was so several months after having it and realizing the mess i was in, he took a nerve out of my leg to graft the nerve lining back together....that was nine years ago I here I am today suffering from the same horrible "lifestyle". Incidentally, after everything, my underarms still get drenched sometimes....think about it. This surgery procedure jacks with your central nervous system, those nerves are connected for a reason, don't play with the natural structure of your body...while the CS is terrible, it isn't the only side effect. These days, my stomach is always in knots, my anxiety is through the roof, i don't have nearly the energy I used to, or the motivation, my sex drive has diminished....everyday of my life feels like inserting a key in an unfitting lock.

I have recently been in contact with Dr. Neilson from San Antonio about his SDLA procedure and while I was hopeful, I have recently read some reviews about the unsuccess rates so....its like there is no escaping the nightmare. Does anyone have anything to offer on that topic? Thanks


Chirs 5 years ago

Hey all, Im from UK and have been sweating a lot in the face for 10 years now. I remember I was 18 when it first happened and it just seems to never go away. 2 of my friends have had ETS and they said it was great, but they did suffer from CS in the back, and thigs but nothing above the chest. All I want to do is live a normal life without having to put on anti-perspirant on my head and not sweat on the face. I work in the city of London as an Insurance Broker and I find it impossible to not sweat when around people.

It is very embarrassing and I am looking into the ETS procedure as I cant cope at work anymore, or in social occasions down the pub. I can feel the sweat coming and I say to myself in the head that is is coming, and then say to myself "no it wont" but it does and it is unstoppable.

However, there does appear to be far too many storied of despair and hardly any of success. I will continue to be open minded but am edging towards having this procedure carried out.

sierra  5 years ago

When I was about a year old my parents started noticing my sweating. I would cry and scream until someone took off my socks and shoes. I wasn't actually told it was a medical condition until I was about 15. I had ETS done almost 7 years ago. I was told going into it that I could have compensation sweating afterward. In the summer heat I sweat on my lower back, stomach and inner thighs. To me, this is much better than having sweat drip off my fingertips. It was so embarrasing going through school with sweaty hands. Pencil lead would smear all over my papers and there was no way I was going to shake someone's hand. I also have sweating in my feet but my Dr. told me that the ETS most likely wouldn't fix it. It hasn't fixed it but my hands were what I was concerned about. Now I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to stop my feet from sweating. I hate that I can't wear sandals or heels.

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HaleyB 5 years ago

I know exactly how you feel, Sierra. I am 23 years old, and I have sweated excessively all over my body for as long as I can remember. My biggest concerns have always been my hands and feet. Before I had the ETS surgery in May of 2008, my hands would make puddles on the floor or table. It was terribly embarrassing. No one would shake or hold my hand when they discovered it, and who would blame them? I am an attractive, intelligent and sociable person so my excessive sweating was the target of choice for a few girls in my high school. I decided the surgery was right for me a couple years after I graduated. Since the surgery, not having cold, wet clammy hands all the time has been amazing, but I do sweat even more everywhere else now, especially my back, chest, groin, legs, and face. However, my feet have always sweated so much, I can't tell a difference. I soak through my clothes (shirts, pants, socks), and it is very noticeable. I have never been able to wear sandals and want to so badly. I hate having to wear socks ALL the time and worrying about the sweat rolling off of me. I have recently been looking into ELS (Endoscopic Lumbar Sympathectomy) surgery for my feet. The doctor I talked to said that the lumbar sympathectomy is common after ETS surgery, and that ELS will not worsen my compensatory sweating. If this is true, I definitely want to have it done. I would like to hear from some people who have had it done before I do though. So that people do not mistake the surgery I am referring to, with ELS, 3 small incisions are made on both sides above the hip as opposed to the 2 small incisions I have on my ribcage and edge of my breasts from ETS. This may not be an option you want to consider, but I thought I would pass the information on just in case. If anyone has had the ELS surgery, I would love to hear more.

Sergey 5 years ago

Hi guys, I'm glad I found this site with all this feedback about ETS surgery. Although I don't have hyperhidrosis, I do have Idiopathic carnio-facial erythema which I inherited from my mother; my brother is suffering from similar more severe condition. For those who don't know, Idiopathic carniofacial eythema is an involuntary physiological reaction localized in the cheeks area which is also know as facial blushing. I have been struggling with this condition for 24 year, I can tell you that it has a tremendous impact on my social life. I'm not a shy person, however, due to my condition, I occasionally have to resort to avoiding certain social interactions or situations. This condition is causing me a great grief and discomfort in my life. I recently came across the ETS surgery and I found out that by burning the T2,3,4 nerves it stops facial blushing. I'm seriously considering this operation. However, it seems to me that there are more cons than pros. I went to my family doctor, and he was completely oblivious to this surgery, he had no idea that this type of surgery is performed. I live in Canada and I have been researching a lot about ETS. I don't think there are many surgeons in Canada who specialize in this particular procedure. The reason why I'm considering ETS is because my condition is tormenting me and has been controlling my life. As I was saying, I'm glad I found this forum and while reading through the comments I was hoping to find someone with a similar condition who had undergone that surgery. If anyone has/had similar experience please email me at

Neil Miller 5 years ago

Worst mistake I ever made. Life ruined. Don't do it.

jake 5 years ago

im going to com suicide i cant stant this operation iv had

Mark 5 years ago

I am nearly with you Jake.

I know EXACTLY how you feel. But please think again. We mustn't give up. There is always hope.

I had ETS ~ 10 years ago and have regretted it every minute of every day ever since. My life is now a living nightmare.

My main problem is left sided neurological problems cognitive impairment, altered sensation. I used to be smart, quick, witty. Now I am very slooowww, and feel like I am functioning with half a brain.

Also have muscular shortening/tightening down my left side from nerve damage, minor horners syndrome, compensatory sweating, bone dry fucking horrible unsensitive hands.

At 23 years old I earnt 30K, with great prospects, Accountancy / IT. 10 years on I have recently got a job as a supermarket delivery driver, earning about 11K. And I struggle with that.

Every day as I'm driving there is only one thing on my mind. Why was I so stupid to have this operation. Why is this operation allowed. Why why why...

Because of this I will not have a family. I have not had a girl friend in 10 years.

I often think of suicide as a way out. But I think it's better I try to do all I can to stop other people from having this barbaric operation, and try to make some good from my life.

It is impossible to describe my pain.

I can barely imagine a life worse than living with these side effects, and regret.

Christina 5 years ago

I am turning 19 in march and I had the surgery almost a year ago (beginning of june) and honestly it was a blessing . Of coarse I sweat in places I never did before but I could care less ! Before the surgery I didn't sweat on my back or stomach . It was as if all the sweat came out of my hands . I would rather sweat there than have to go through the stress of being afraid to meet new people just because that usually comes with a handshake . Now , I don't have to worry about people being grossed out because my hands are wet . The only problems I have had since the surgery are with my chest . Sometimes it hurts a little to breathe on my left side . It's annoying . But not as much as sweating . My advice is that if you are willing to take the risk and can't bare living with the embarrassment anymore then GO FOR IT ! But if you arent suffering like some of us had to and you are second guessing then obviously you don't need the surgery bad enough .

mikehad 5 years ago

had ets worst thing i ever did was thinking of ending my life . my doctor put me on oxybutynin hydrochloride i feel free again stoped sweating on my chest my back under arms. im free again . people try this drug it works for me and thousands more

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jacksonoye 5 years ago

ohhhhh:::plz i request u as a human being,sweating is very better than this fucker ets,,the surgeons are ilitrate,they read only books and do the surgery and fill their pockets,but always think who will bear feeling and pain,your surgeon or u???i had this surgery success on the other had it will increase more pains,,,,,so any one thinking 4 this surgeory plz forget this thinking at any othher tratment,,,thanks...

komal 4 years ago

since 10 yrs i am suffering from hand and feet sweating which specialist doctor should i prefer is [ETS] surgery is the best way to remove this promblem fast provide me your opinion

Fiona 4 years ago

Komal, there are success stories but lots of horror stories to do with the surgery including my own as is described on this page. I have pain daily from the surgery now almost 2 years later and medical bills for problems caused by the surgery are in their thousands even though I have medical insurance. I would strongly advice against it.

heidrex 4 years ago

castili i just want to have your advise since you already done with the surgery i want to ask some question about the experiencing done with the surgery and also the doctor who made your surgery please give me a chance to talk and make my life change from this illness. thankyou

free1045 4 years ago

I wanna comment after reading some of you guys talking about suicide, trust me, i thought about it, but i can't leave my family. I feel at least i have to do something for them before i'm gone. I know i'll never have a boyfriend or husband, but it doesn't matter to me anymore. I wanna fight until the end. Try anything again & again guys, remedy, medicine, antiperspirant... don't give up

shern 4 years ago

i hav sweaty hand,feet and face.And it still killing my personal as well as proffesional life.

Living with hyperhydrosis very difficult for me and or all who suffer from this disorder.

So i am planning to do ETS surgery eventhogh watever may be the CS may be.

So friends please help me finding a good doctor for ETS in India.or the hospital doing ETS in India.And also the cost of the surgery.

4 years ago

I had this operation 10 years ago it messed me up emotionally and physically DO NOT HAVE IT!

Daniel 4 years ago

I suffer terribly from sweaty hands. I tried everything and nothing worked so I really wanted the surgery. In my mind, nothing is worse then sweaty hands so I figured CS would be nothing. I however made my own Ionophoresis machine for $13 and have been using it for 4 days now. My hands hardly ever sweat (even in stressful situations where I know im going to be shaking hands). Thankfully this has worked for me and from what I've seen, has worked for 90%+ people. Im now 23 and was curious why I had never been told about this by a doctor (I found out about it a week ago by my own research). The reason you don't hear about it is because doctors don't make any money on it because the machine is so easily made. I strongly urge everyone to give it a try because it really does work (my keyboard is completely dry right now and before the treatments, there would be puddles on each key)....

BiggieP 4 years ago

The reason there are so many negative comments on here is because all the people who have problems are stuck inside and depressed looking to talk to people (and actually searching for cures) while all the people who it worked for are out enjoying life and have put this part of their life behind them. Think about it, if you had ets 10 years ago and feel great, why on earth would you ever find yourself at this website? You don't search for this if you're cured.... So for all of you who call others idiots and stuff, your just pissed cause you didn't get the results you're looking for...

utsjournalist 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

I'm a journalism student at the University of Technology in Sydney Australia and I was wondering if anyone on this forum would be interested in corresponding with me about their experience with the ETS surgery.

For an assignment I've been asked to write an article on a health issue and I've chosen to focus on hyperhidrosis. The article requires me to include a 'case study', basically someone who suffers/ has suffered from the condition and who has undergone the surgery. Being quite unfamiliar with the topic I went to research it and came across this site..

What I'm asking is if anyone would be kind enough to share their story with me. I will deal with any information very respectfully and will not write anything against your wishes. Please contact me at within the next few days.

Empathy 4 years ago

I was going to go through with this surgery, against the good advice of my PCP. Boy, was I wrong! I consider it a blessing to have come across this website...reading through all the testimonials not only made me reconsider, but completely abandon ship on getting ETS!

I noticed a lot, if not most, of the surgical websites offering ETS emphasized on how it's a minimally invasive procedure... they boast of the 98% success rate in patients... and yet not once did they have a testimonial that gave us the negative consequences of getting this surgery. Of the multitude of posts on here, WHY WAS YOUR VOICE NOT HEARD???

I'm completely disturbed by this type of practice ... and this is coming from a healthcare provider.

THANK YOU to all those who took time out of their day to post of your experiences. Without your voice, I myself would've walked into this surgery blindly -- and may as well have experienced the same adverse effects as many of you have. I just wanted you to know that my heart goes out to you -- I feel the same pain as you having to live awkwardly with excessively sweaty palms and feet. I hope find you solace in knowing that, because of you, you had truly made a DIFFERENCE in my life!

Thanks, again! You saved my life!

shell 4 years ago

Im booked in for the operation on wednesday and very anxious and nervous about it reading some of the horror stories as i have a 2 yr old to condend with too any advice would be appreciated please... thanks!

James 4 years ago

I'm just going to add to the repetitive comments here, but I'll try to be brief. I had this surgery six years ago (almost exactly) and it cured me. Yes, you're going to be in pain afterward. It's surgery; expect discomfort. You'll have pain under your arms at the incision site (you know, where someone cut into you with a knife) and you'll have discomfort/pain in your chest as the gas (used to collapse your lung during surgery) dissipates. Just get through it and you'll be fine in a couple days.

Long term: compensatory sweat is the most common side effect and you should expect it. However, and I can't stress this enough, COMPENSATORY SWEATING HAPPENS DURING EXPECTED TIMES. If you are suffering from hyperhidrosis to the point where you're reading this article, you're likely sweating constantly and without provocation. You sweat the same amount in a desert as you do in a tundra. If you sweat a little bit more on the face/torso, but it's when everyone else is also sweating, this cannot possibly be a problem. I mean, are you guys serious?

Two other points: I don't sweat on my hands at all (surgery was for underarms), so my hands get dry. I also sweat a bit on the back of my neck when I eat certain foods. These are easily solved by lotion and not freaking out when my skin gets a tad moist.

Everyone's different, but, I mean, if you're sweating through three layers of clothes and nothing else is working, for the love of God, do it. I remember worrying everyday about sweat before the surgery and I can't think of a single day since that it has taken up even a minute of my time.

James 4 years ago

Anyone with any questions about my experience can reach me at

severe Facial sweating armpit and blushing 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm from middle east and I'm facing this problem since 2009,

I can't talk to srangers without dripping sweat on my face.

It's only 10 months since I realized this disease on me!!

I did a lot of Web searching and used Odaban, Maxim and Sweat Stop Aloe vera , it works great for underarm but nothing work for severe facial


Finally I found Robinul or Avert 2mg from Canada it's a miracle and it works!!

the only side effect for these pills is dry mouth and heat on my face.

I'm taking 6mg at morning on an empty stomach.

For those who facing a Compensatory Sweating do some search

about SDLA or Sub Dermal Laser Ablation at Dr.Neilson for whole body

except the face. I'm not sure about it.

Good luck everybody and exuse my English.

the only side e

Rachel LaPlante 4 years ago

What ever you do DON'T have ETS surgery. I fought with my insurance company and pop for years complaining that head and facial sweating was keeping me from living. How wrong I was. I flew to Texas from Maine to have this surgery in 2008 and I have had nothing but heart ache since. I has severe sweating now on my torso, back, legs and groin area. I sweat through my clothes which is More embarrassing than facial and head sweating. I have tried all types of prescription drugs etc and nothing helps. I cry everyday thinking how stupid I was thinking this surgery would cure my problem! It has done just the opposite, I spend most of my days now hiding in my house from people. It is sad that I had to suffer for forty years with facial and head hydrosis, but it is even sadder that now I am suffering more and will for the rest of m life. Don't do it learn to live with your disorder

grandma 4 years ago

My Granddaughter had this surgery two years ago. Now her health is in jeopardy. She has lost a lot of weight, abdominal pain, tingling in hands and feet, hot flashes, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath, insomnia, joint pains muscle twitching and anxiety. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms since having this surgery. Doctors are stumped. They are concentrating their Med tests on the abdominal pain but I think it is something else. I am hoping it is not side affects from the surgery.

CS Cart Module 3 years ago

This is so Informative! I just wanted to tell you great work on the blog. You have a nack on answering my curiosities.

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Larysa183 3 years ago

Hi, I posted a comment about 2 years ago, 5 days after having ETS.

Tbh, I still don't regret it. It's been 2 years, yes I do sweat in other places. Particularly my face when I'm eating.. Quite embarrassing! But it's sooo much better than having to feel paranoid about meeting someone & shaking their hand! The puddles left on the table after eating dinner! Seriously that's how much my hands used to sweat.. Now I can't wait to shake someone's hand :)

I had my surgery done in St. George's hospital in Tooting south London when I was 18 y/o. I thought it was ok.. Had no problems with the surgery.

It's entirely your choice but it did change my life completely. I'm glad I went for it. Just wanted to share a good ending.

mike 3 years ago

i had ets in 2005 for facial blushing and was the best thing i have ever done. yes I do get cs on chest, back but is nowhere near as embarrasing as blushing horrendously in social situations. i have recently read many bad reviews about the surgery and was v surprised.

Susanne 2 years ago

I have just has ETS at St George'hospital in Tooting London for cranial and facial excessive sweating. I'm into my third week and have numbness,pain,breathlessness and CS everywhere except my head.

Is there anyone out there who is a week,month or year in front of me who can hold my hand so to speak through these uncertain times

dan 21 months ago

will commit suicide.

don't understant how medicine in 2015 can allow this? truly i don't..

the doctors from all over the world are doing this and i don't understand why

maby beacause of the positive feedback they get from some retarded inactive indoor people who don't understand what life is in the first place.

went for armpitsweat and they fixed my whole upper body. cand sweat from head arms hands. what is that?.. your buying one thing they give you another.

Rachel LaPlante 21 months ago

it's been 2 years since I posted and I'm still suffering from compensatory sweating from my ETS surgery. People please stop funding these doctors that tell you they can help you! They are only in it for the $ - learn to except and live with your sweating. I sweat so much now I sweat through my clothes. So sad I thought my self esteem was a result of facial and head sweating. I needed to except me for me and now I've found some peace with this full body sweating with accupunture. It hasn't removed it, but reduced it somewhat and better yet has helped my mood an attitude. Again, I'm trying to warn you people out there, learn to live with your disorder. Life is what you make of it.

ts wade 21 months ago

endure many years of sweating on head,about 30 years, had ETS performed on upper nerve ganglia, when I came to they told me to breath deep and I had swelling of my chest and head spent two days in ICU and another 3 days on a ward. sweating did not completely stop and started some on back. had two other surgeries on the lower nerve ganglia and now I have greatly improved sweating on head. now I have Compensatory sweating on torso and everything from the waist stopping at the feet. told there is no other procedure. get use to wearing black of white and changing clothes and underwear several times a day, hope this doesn't happen before your find the right woman. I would go back to head sweating in a heartbeat to stop the rest of my body from draining daily.

Rachel LaPlante profile image

Rachel LaPlante 21 months ago

TS Wade, I hear your pain. I am learning to TRY to live with my decision to have ETS. Nothing more embarrassing than sitting on a bus and getting up leaving a big wet spot where you were. Most people don't have any sympathy for you or your disorder. I've now learned that I need to bring a towel to sit on, extra clothes to change into and to breath. I had the surgery in Texas in 2001 and have suffered ever since. Only had like 2 months of dryness without compensatory sweating. Now those of us that sweat even more must except we made a huge mistake and attempt to get on with our lives. I'm retired now and at least I sweat in privacy now ( except when I decide to travel ) eek then the extra clothes, towels and try to have a good time. You are not alone my friend. There are many more of us out there, but some not willing to admit it was a mistake. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE THINKING OF HAVING SURGERY, DONT!

Alvinsduckie 17 months ago

Had ETS 2002, ruined my health. was unable to sue. Still experiencing side effects but some improvement. However,all the side effects are still debilitating. even on a good day . been on disability since 2006. "normality" is not an option for me (and many post-ETS patients)

Debbie 13 months ago

I continue to suffer from compensatory sweating after having the ETS procedure in 2003. Please check out this website:


I receive a vast amount of emails from those who are suffering significantly from compensatory sweating. Many are extremely depressed, which is very concerning to me. Sweat Better is not a cure, hence the name sweat better. It simply helps manage the side effect compensatory sweating, making life easier. Best Regards, Debbie.

John D 13 months ago


I've had my ETS surgery about a 1 year and a half ago. I do want to ask someone if they have had the feeling of 'not being completely there'. I'm still doing well in school. But i notice i no longer feel nostalgic and feel disconnected. Im really trying to figure out if this is emotional or a result from the operation. I started feeling like this soon after the operation, but I also was in a state of extreme regret and I still am from time to time due to the lack of sweating above the nipple line. I cant say ive moved on, because i still think about what could i have done differently. Im hoping that this is a result of trauma rather than the procedure, but not afraid to face the truth. So please leave a reply on your experience emotionally after the operation; perhaps this feeling is short lived?

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