The Dangers of Letting Your Kids Play Football

Recently, one of my teenage cousins expressed interest in playing football. My aunt and uncle firmly put their feet down, telling him it simply wasn’t an option. They both believe that the sport is too dangerous for a teenager to play. I can’t say that I disagree with them. While adult players can, and do, sustain life-altering injuries from playing football, teenagers have a higher chance of serious, long-term injury. According to a September 2007 New York Times article, “At least 50 high school or younger football players in more than 20 states since 1997 have been killed or have sustained serious head injuries on the field.”

Stats on Football Injuries

Mean Coach Scene from Varsity Blues - Warning: Swear Words Used

Troy Aikmen's Injuries
Troy Aikmen's Injuries
Wendell Murphy suffered a football spinal injury before DISD's insurance for players improved. Courtesy of Dallas News.
Wendell Murphy suffered a football spinal injury before DISD's insurance for players improved. Courtesy of Dallas News.

When High School Football Gets Dangerous

If you’ve seen the movie Varsity Blues, you will see an exaggerated (dramatized) version of high school football gone wrong. The coach in this team bullies the heck out of his players. One student is dangerously and unhealthily overweight. He suffers multiple concussions, but still the coach wants him to play.

Sounds crazy, right? Unfortunately, a lot of teenage football players aren’t telling their coaches when they might have suffered from concussions. I believe almost every high school football coach would pull a player who sustained an injury that could be made seriously worse by playing again. But if the coaches don’t know about the injury, they can’t pull the players.

These kids endure the pain. They don’t understand exactly what a concussion is, or how dangerous it can be. Many players believe they shouldn’t stop playing because their team needs them. While it is wonderful to teach teenagers responsibility and how to work as a team, they also need to learn how to take care of themselves. Sometimes, a game is just a game—especially when it comes to a person’s well-being.

Think I’m Exaggerating?

In October of 2007, an eighth-grade boy collapsed while playing a football game. He died. The autopsy revealed that the boy died from a head trauma. How did the trauma occur? He was tackled on the field. He got up, walked to sidelines, and then collapsed. Sadly, he died the next day.

In September of 2007, a high school football player ended up in the hospital with a severe brain injury. After watching a tape of the football field, no out of the ordinary events popped out to highlight when the injury could have occurred. This is scary because it means that the boy could have been seriously injured during regular, normal, and acceptable game play—game play that can lead to life-risking injury.

More Concerns

Not all injuries on the football field are as serious as life or death, but all injuries have the potential of leaving lasting effects on the players. Some of the most common football injuries affect the following areas: cervical spine, neck, knee, shoulder, and head. Broken noses, black eyes, broken teeth, sprains, and broken bones are also incredibly common.

If you do decide to let your teenagers play contact football, remember that their bodies are still developing. Educate them about the serious risks of injury, and what they should do if injured. As well, make sure they are aware of proper safety procedures—including wearing their helmet whenever they play, even during practice drills.

Thoughts, feedback, or comments? Let me know in the comment box below! I only ask that you be respectful if we have differing views.

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In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 9 years ago from California

I was completely and totally glad that my son had a physical condition not allowing him to participate in football... whew! I have met so manypeople that are young adults now, that have injuries from high school that have messed up things like their knees, ankles etc. for life, or until surgery. Good information, thanks.

Stacie Naczelnik profile image

Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle Author

I don't think I will let my kids play. I'm thinking track & field, no contact sports.

Dave Pear 8 years ago

I played 6 years in the NFL and I have been receiving social security disability since I was 51 years old. However, I do not qualify for football degenerative disability from the NFL. The disability system for the NFL is corrupt and denies valid medical claims. Gene Upshaw does not understand the laws that govern disability and pensions. For the past 25 years Gene has stood behind laws that do not exist to the detriment of injured players.We all knew that football was a tough game but once you get seriously injured the NFL (especially our union the NFLPA) turns their back on you and you have to fight their lawyers for medical benefits. The problem is, The Groom Law Group has written the plan to defraud injured players and their families of their medical benefits. I hope Congress initiates legislation that will take away the anti trust exemption from the NFL because they DO NOT play by the rules.

Dave Pear

Stacie Naczelnik profile image

Stacie Naczelnik 8 years ago from Seattle Author

Dave, that sounds rough. Hope you are doing okay.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago

Wow, I just read Dave's story in the news. Poor man!!!!!

Maryam Thomas 8 years ago

Last year, a large young man tackled my son and broke his wrist. He suffered and lot of pain and agony. I always thought in my heart that football was a dangerous sport and did not care for it. My husband loves the sport and wants to have my son live out his own unaccomplised dreams. Now, I realized that I have to discourage my son from ruining his body and his spiritual well-being. Since he has been playing the game, he seems to be a meaner, less sympatheic person. He has to deal with convincing himself that feeling pain is o.k., when it isn't. The whole things is evil to me. It reminds me of the Roman Emperors who took pleasure in inflicting harm and death on it's citizens in the colliseums for the fun of it (sport of it). If you believe in God, you too should realize that our bodies are precious and that we should keep them well and free of harm. I can assure you that there will not be any football in Heaven.

DYEMONTE JONES 8 years ago


johnny vaughn 8 years ago

sports have injuries there is a posiblity in all of them that you could get hurt. if you run track instead of playing football you have just the same chance of getting hurt so i play ball everyday and i will take any risk to get to my dreams!!!!

johnny vaughn 8 years ago

sports have injuries there is a posiblity in all of them that you could get hurt. if you run track instead of playing football you have just the same chance of getting hurt so i play ball everyday and i will take any risk to get to my dreams!!!!

Joey 8 years ago

I play football I love football, you know theres apossibilty of getting hurt but you still do it because you love it. Theres a possibilty of getting hurt just walking down the street but people still do it. If you hide away and don't do anything than you waste your life.

David Mcdonald 7 years ago

everybody listien kids ar gonna want to play football or contact.But don't hold them back from that that's being extremly over protective and your holding them back from what they want to do and plus you only live once so just let them do it

David Mcdonald 7 years ago

sports arent about inguries.its about the fun of the of the game. being with your friends. scoring the winning touchdown having a great conversation on the field w. you know my dads friend got crippled from the neck down from football and he dosent regret playing it. and do you really want a kid to wonder what life could have been like. do you want that kid to watch football and wish it was him.. oh by the way most head spinal cord inguries or deaths arent caused by football but stuff like riding a bike or drving car. oh by the way stacie i was on my schools track team and we do have inguries and most days we have more inguries then the lacrosse team

Amy 7 years ago

My son is 15 years old. He loves football. He eats, sleeps and is football. Just two days ago my son had emergency surgery from an injury in football. We thought it was a pulled muscle until he started having numbness in his legs. We went to a specialist who found through MRI and a Cat Scan that he had fractured a vertebra and had a blood clot on his spinal cord. Had we waited 12 hours the Dr. said he would have never walked again. That was very scary for all of us. The day after surgery my son is already thinking about next season. He went in his wheel chair to the home opener just 3 days after surgery. He said he had to go and see the team.

TL 7 years ago

My ex-wife & I our back & forth in court about my son playing tackle football. He's 10 that pratice 5 days per week & play Saturdays. It takes away from other activies children should also be involved in. It's brutial sport. Anyone that have play has some type of injury that make them regret the times they did play. Any man that says he does not regret becoming cripple from playing football is lying. If the game is about fun. I have no problem with my son playing flag football.

james 7 years ago

Football is a perfectly safe sport, the most common way of getting injured is when you arent paying attention or if you are not trying 100 percent. contact sports have been in this world for hundreds of years and there is no reason why you should not let their kids play. most kids who play football get better grades during the season because football teaches discipline and dedication.

Bluesey 7 years ago

Football IS NOT a perfectly safe sport. They take anyone who wants to play on the high school team. It doesn't matter if your built like a fireplug or a pencil to the coaches. That is UNTIL you meet your maker on the other team. Football is a dangerous sport.

My opinion 7 years ago

Let's just put our kids in bubbles. We are on track to raise the greatest generation of weenies our planet has ever seen.

unkown 6 years ago

kids should not play football

Teresa 6 years ago

My son is 15 and has being playing football since he was 8.

My husband and I know that football is a dangerous sport, but we cannot stop our son from playing what he enjoys the most, We wether keep him busy in football than hang out in the streets, or just lay around the house and do nothing, football does give them discipline my son helps me alot around the house when my husband works out of town, he is respectful, we listen to him so he listnes to us, His dream is to play for the longhorns some day, We just wish him the best and at every game he knows to pray or himself and his teammates,

dave 6 years ago

According to a Mayo Clinic study the risk of injury in youth football is no greater than in other recreational or competitive sports.

· According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, youth football has 12% fewer injuries per player than Soccer.

The younger a child is, the less likely they are to get hurt. The Mayo Clinic’s study showed that the risk of injury for a fourth grader playing tackle football was one-fourth of the risk of injury for an eigth grader playing football!

Matt 6 years ago

What's worse football or hockey

Brandon Rose 6 years ago

ive been playing football since I was 6 years old I'm now 17 years old this is my last year playing high school football right now were in spring training in my years playing football ive broken both my arms at different times ive craked my knee cap suffered 2 concussions and I will keep playing until the day I die this has nothing to do with religion for all those ignorant people that say god wants us to protect our bodies no what god wants us to do is live our life to the fullest to be successful and not live life with any regret and ill be damned the day anyone on this planet tells me that I can't play football so for everyone that says your protecting them be not letting them play your just crippling them yourselves by not letting them play and spreading their wings. Holding someone back is the worst most selfish thing a human being can do to someone all they want to do Is live their live are you going to hold them back?

urpussies 6 years ago

have your kid play soccer.

unknown 6 years ago

Amazing that someone who's only lived 17 years can declare others ignorant..... God does not want us to inflict pain on ourselves, physical or otherwise. He is the one teaching us to benefit ourselves. If only we would just listen, adults and youth alike. God gave us freedom of choice. Whether right or wrong it is in our discretion to do what we are driven to do. As people, we use what we need to use to justify our actions, make them appear right. If ever you want to assess whether a decision or choice is right, you should take a look at Jesus' life. He and his apostles never engaged in any contact sport in the name of fun or an adrenaline rush. It's expected of anyone to enjoy that rush. Especially when you're young. Believe me, it can be found elsewhere and without taking unnecessary risk to the only temple we have.

Bob 6 years ago

That's right. Let's raise a generation of sissies.

Rufus 6 years ago

I think every kid should be forced to play footbal to weed out weak. And instead of giving out trophies for last place for" just trying" the champions should be forced to run victory laps until they puke to to show how much tougher they are than the all the other losers

MacKenzie  6 years ago

I agree, with the lack of protective equipment for the players. Football is a very dangerous sport. Not to mention the violent fans, or hooigans as they are called. Football is a very violent sport, just watch you average world cup game. Riots, fights, and beatings. At least in American style football the players are protected with helmets and pads.

Jay 6 years ago

1st...Stop trying to smother your children. If they want to try out a particular sport you should let them. You can't be there to protect them forever so you might as well let them grow. If they don't like it then they won't play it.

2nd...I am not trying to be insensitive because for those of you who have had bad experiences (personnally or with your children) playing football I am sorry for your situation but don't gloss over a whole sport based on a few incidents. There are 100,000s of thousands of high school players not to mention all the college players, pro players, and other leagues in between who play the sport without incident every year. So if you child wants to play let them!!! As some have already said football teaches life lessons better than just about any other sport believe me I can speak from first hand knowledge. We need to stop rewarding our youth for doing nothing and get back to teaching them about hard work and dedication and not giving up even when you don't want to keep going. It really upsets me to see so many people who think they can protect their kids from everything. So you don't let them play football but while riding their bike to the park to play soccer they get hit by a car. It would be unfortunate but it happens everyday.

3rd...I played 3 yrs of high school football, 3 yrs of college football, and 2 yrs of semi-pro football and I don't regret on day of it. The two-a-days in the august heat in high school, the three-a-days in the august heat on astro turf at that in college, and some of the injuries I sustained had no negative reflection to me. I would do it over again any time if I could. By the way none of my injuries required surgery and I was back to playing with in a few weeks, but guess what just last year I tore my acl and meniscus in my knee and had to have knee reconstructive surgery and then 5 months later I had to have the same knee scoped to remove scar tissue and guess what...this injury happened at work. So where was my mommy to keep me from having to work so I wouldn't get hurt.......

tim 6 years ago

ok this is messed up more people die from from soccer more then football 50 people died from 1997 out of millions so just shut up and let your kids play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon 6 years ago

Its not that kids shouldn't play football. ALL sports can injure, and BASEBALL kills more than any of them. My big issue concerns starting the kids on football regularly from a young age and basically creating what is going to be a chronic injury. That's not fair to the child, they just want to have fun. What's wrong with doing something other than football for a little while? Why the football focus? The older they get, the more the kids will hear "Hit him hard, Joe." Chronic injuries, especially head injuries have devastating effects.

dave 6 years ago

stacie wht don't you just put helemets on you're kids and put them in plastic bubbles.

robert fritz 6 years ago

stacie if you don't let your child at least try sports like football then they wont know what its like .. you should let your kids pick out sports that they think are fun and let them try it if they don't like the sports then just don't do it but you shouldn't hold them back from doing something like football


It is okay for your child to participate in sporting activities at school.However,if there's a risk of serious injury which will rob them of their education then we as adults should remind them of the main reason for being in school.Long practice session takes a big chunk of their homework time.Fatigue sets in and sleep follows resulting in poor performance on tests etc.Missing classes for games.In their youthful years having a good understand of the basics is of paramount importance in moving forward.I sustained an injury to my nose while playing cricket at school.This never stopped me,later it was a broken teeth and erosion of skin above my lips and so on.Today as an older person i wish protective gear was made available.Luckily i never suffered any brain injury.If your child seriously love football then

Kristal R :) 6 years ago

than you !!!

jackie 6 years ago

I have seen more kids injured from baseball then football in my 16 years working in pediatrics. My son has played football for 5 years now and has not had any injury. He loves it and I will let him keep playing as long as he wants.

Paula 6 years ago

In all the schools I've attended and taught at, the football players weren't the ones making better grades. They were continually making the worst grades of them all. Maybe it's all those concussions they aren't reporting getting.

I agree, it sounds like some of you are focused solely on football. There are other sports that don't cause so many concussions, broken bones, injured spines and helmets slamming helmets like barbarians at war.

Lisa from Baltimore 6 years ago

My 12 yr old played YOUTH football for the 1st time this year and what an eye opener!! You would have thought these kids were in the NFL! Anyway...I knew we were in trouble when a football mom said her son LOVES the game..since he can KICK SOME ASS and not get called to the Principle's office....WOW ...very scary..then she laughed.

Think we might be seeing this kid play for the STEELERS one day? Oh sorry I take back that comment...

Somehow people associate this aggressive behavior with being a man?? I don't get it...

As a sports enthusiast and a spectator..I have never experienced this type of brutal mentality and behavior in ANY youth sport before.Some of the players are not out there for the fun of the sport..they are out there to hurt people.

ray 6 years ago

I played peewee, junior and high school football. Joined The Marines after school. I knew both were dangerous. Should I not serve my country becouse of some danger. There is more danger driving your car or just walking down the street than either one, football or The Marines. Mothers tring to protect their sons have made this country weak. Where are the dad's. Lets teach our sons to be men. we have a president that can't even throw a ball like a man. Sports can help a child, boy or girl, in many ways bad and good. It's up to the parents to teach them how to deal with it. Let's quit blaming someone else or teaching them to rely on government or someone else. Many peaple with handicaps have done some amazing things because they didn't pity themselves but took charge of the situation and overcame any obsticals and to those peaple I salute you. I am a Christian. Was saved when I was a young teenager. God doesn't want us to purposly harm ourselves but He also doesn't expect us to lay down and let everyone else take care of us. Man up to being a parent. Man up to being an American.

diana hampo 6 years ago

Did you know the most dangerous sport in America is high school cheerleading? Football is a lot better than rugby. If a boy has a good coach and a desire to play...let him play. It's America's game. And he'll feel and learn things on the football field he won't find anywhere else. I just wrote a blog in defense of football and little boys. Good article though

ryan weiland 6 years ago

football is awesome

Smucker Jones 6 years ago

I think ryan weiland is cool

Falash Flood 6 years ago

I played youth football, high school, and college and sustained many injuries. I still live with a few today, BUT I would never cheat my boys out of the lessons and fun I had playing. I attribute my work ethic, showing up every day on time, graduating college and my toughness to football. I also became more confident, social, and perserverent. Plus my greatest memories came on the field. There is NOTHING better than knocking somebody down and seeing the snot role down there lip. If I could play right now instead of ANYTHING else, I would. The only thing football didn't help with is my spelling, sorry for that.

Random kid 6 years ago

Now im a kid whos going into freshman football nxt year and have played two years youth football and even youth football is rough and brutal but the experience of the game is like nothing i have ever seen before. When i walked into the endzone for the first time i ever i swear that i was in heaven. Lets kids play the sport, don't stop your kids from doing something they love.

Iain Tapscott 6 years ago

sure football is rough but when you really think about it people love football just as i do and they still play it even when they know the risks. holding your kids back from football or anything like that makes them act the same way you do, paranoid. kids are not going to want to be friends with the kids that are not allowed to play football because its too dangerous.

brody 6 years ago

i played football for 3 years and i suffer from very little pain, you only get hurt when you don't give it your all

zimell riley 6 years ago

i played football for 6yrs from ages (10-16) and i have also taken sports med classes and helped my atc in high school and i think its a mind game players wont to feel as tho there the strongest fastest and bravest on the field instead of thinking about what there doing ex.the year i played high school football i cracked my helmet and it started a lot of rivalrys for me and i think that's where a lot of the danger comes to play but on the other hand football is a beautiful sport i love the rush i get when im running into a qb or a fb from the mlb spot trying to gain short yards. the sport really shows u who u are and can be and helps u fore fill other roles in life ,builds character and gives us young men a good was to blow things off that are bothering up

Benny 5 years ago

There is no question that football is a dangerous sport. But is it more dangerous than other sports; e.g., cheerleading, wrestling, figure skating? Moreover, isn't life dangerous? I'm not sure why we try to protect our children from everything that poses a potential danger in life.

Also, for those of you who have never played, let me just say that a young man learns much on the football field, such as: teamwork, leadership, perseverence, I could go on and on. Let's stop coddling our kids and let them take some risk and, with that risk, comes responsibility. All good things.

nick 5 years ago

yes agreed

Tom 5 years ago

We're always most afraid of what we haven't experienced. No offense, it's hard to take an article written by someone who hasn't played football very seriously. Percentage wise, more kids are in the doctor's office playing basketball and soccer. Check it out for yourself.

Swim-Fag and Proud to be one 5 years ago

Im a swimmer, so im not the best person for this topic. in high school i was called a swim-fag and all the rest. not really all that bad, kinda sad and pathetic really, but when you get called that so much it pretty much replaces your name it gets bothersome. so i tried out for football in my junior year just to shut them up.

what can i say, this swimmer dominated football. i could do any job the coach wanted. it was very hard to get me down, and im not even large, it was hard. i loved wining and would hammer my opponents brutally to get beat them. did i get hurt, no. you just had to be smart and know when it was time to attack and when its time to fall.

i quit after that year. it was an enjoyable past time, but it made me change. i tend to be calm and nice, football had me hammering people trying to get a stupid ball into a stupid area. i hurt people and was proud of the what i did to them, i broke bones all in the name of winning. not only did i star to act like an ape but my grades spelled out that i was a ape.

if your kid likes the game let him play. but as a parent your job is to protect them. not from the game but the mentality the game can promote. I swim like i said, and im proud of my accomplishments, but of my time as a football player i can only be proud of hurting people just to win.

Rene 5 years ago

Ok Yes there are injuries in football, however statistics prove it to be less fatal than basketball, baseball, cheerleading and gymnastics. We live in a competitive world. Please don't let your child play if you are going to be scared the entire time or make your child play timidly it only hurts the other players and your son or daughter. Football is a sport. Sports are competitive...go play flag football at the YMCA if you want to have a non competitive fun run on the field. My sons have learned a tremendous amount on by playing sports especially football. Discipline, working together towards a goal, ambition, thrill of victory, defeat and how to handle it, how to cope with difficult situations, (and yes sometimes this means a some pain), even coping with overly aggressive parents and players, in an organized environment all of these situations have better prepared them for life and all the pleasures and pains it has to offer...

Evan 5 years ago

I play football and I love it. And as for getting injured you can get hurt doing anything.

Natalie 5 years ago

I cannot believe the way the statistics in this article are manipulated...50 kids in 20 states since 1997. Okay, lets say there are 5,000 kids per year in each state (way low if we are talking California, Texas or New York) The article was written in 2007 so that is 10 years or 1 Million kids playing football of which 50 were killed. That is .00005%. I would like to see some REAL numbers not this kind of manipulated data. Very poor article to base a decision on...sadly not everyone understands statistics and the way they can be skewed to mean whatever you are trying to prove.

Football Mom... 5 years ago

My son has played football since he was in fourth grade. He is now in eighth grade. He weighs in at 244lbs and is six foot one. Last week at equipment handouts he was given a belt that was too small. The next night at practice apparently there was no time to get him a bigger belt so the coach had him practice without his football pants/pads on. This was a full contact practice. He was injured and I took him to the Chiropracter immediately. She told us that he pinched his sciatic nerve and strained muscles. Tonight I went to practice to pick him up (thinking he would only stretch out with his teammates) and he was back at full contact and is now hurt again. The coaches in the past have made him play both offense and defense and plan on doing the same this year!! Is this normal behavior for football coaches???? Someone please give me some insight. My son loves football, but as a parent when do I say enough is enough?

matt 5 years ago

I have been playing football for eight years now and I'm 14 and I absolutely hate it but I feel so preesured by my coaches to play. My coach is a madman andathe game thinks we are in the NFL

A coach 5 years ago

Football is a great sport but can be a miserable experience without the right coaching. I was blessed to have great coaches at the youth, high school and college levels. Many kids are not ready for the contact of the sport until they are older. Good coaches will realize that and tone it down, focus on technique and try and keep the kids interested. Some kids pickup the hitting early, others it can take several years to tick. However, if done properly the comaradarie of this sport is 2nd to none. It can take a 12yr old kid who has low self-esteem and little pride and completely change him forever...if you have the right coach. I don't regret a minute of it and the relationships you build with your teammates often last a lifetime. Find a coach who has their priorities in the right place. If you are struggling with a coach who simply wants to 'hit' and make the kids 'tuff' then pull your son before he is turned away from the sport forever. The lessons the sport teaches are everlasting. Sacrifice, self-discipline, team-work. You know, stuff you also learn being a marine.

nick 5 years ago

Three games into the season our freshman team has had a broken collar bone, broken wrist, 2 broken arms, 2 concussions, a bone contusion, another broken wrist, a hyper extended knee, a broken ankle and a dislocated shoulder. That's high school football in ohio for you.

Mark 5 years ago

Today, i was playing football. I got leveled by another player and blackout. I could see blocks of colors of the rainbow, i got right back up and started playing again. I made a some tackles, but i don't now if i have a concussion. Sometimes when i hit people i blackout for a second

Mark Junior 5 years ago

can people die if they play football with a concussion?

Anonymous 5 years ago

I'm in highschool football, I'm a big linemen and I'm the slowest kid on my team. When we run afterwards, the WR coach is always on my butt that I'm not pushing myself enough, which is not true, I'm trying my best and sometimes beat a few other people, I have very bad ashma and in the 5th grade suffered an ashma attack during basketball practice. The problem Here I guess is this coach is always

Putting me down calls me fat a lot, and it's no surprise he does not like me. I always try impressig him especially while running. But he just puts me down everytime, and today we ran so many sprints I about had another one, he just couldn't see that and kept getting on to me even when there are other linemen and backs that I know aren't going their hardest, it's just the fact he doesn't like me..

Josh 5 years ago

I really want to play football, but my parents wont let me, i play basketball and that's really fun but its contact enough. I really wish my parents would let me play, i know the risks and i accept them, i just want to play one time for one year and that's it ill stop after that but they wont let me.

Anonymous 5 years ago

If you do end up going check into the coaching staff and see if anyone favorites, it's not worth it if any do some like mine will give you hell that you don't deserve

joshua 5 years ago

come on! football is less harmful than soccer. they don't give you protective padding for nothing! if its used properly and the kids play the game the way its supposed to be played there are hardly ever any injuries! sure bodies are flying at excess of 15-20 mph... but that's why they have pads... football is perfectly safe.. and anyone who says otherwise has obviously never played the game.

keegan 5 years ago

Yeah ik it is danger but it not good for kids could be die but idk. so i did happen during high school in Michigan. so my is Michigan school the deaf. so i got real very bad my shoulder not well so i can't play football for well until doctor tell me can play it is danger also my mom wont let my bro play football it is danger so. I hope no one get hurt in football.

Shane 5 years ago

Kids are more likely to die in a car accident..

Ash 5 years ago

I'm sick of hearing people saying how others need to live their life based on what Jesus did or what God expects them to do. The God you speak have no FACTUAL proof that he exists so stop trying to impose your delusional beliefs on others. I'm a junior in high school and I've been playing football since freshman year. Football turned me from a fat little quite boy who couldn't shake someone's hand or look them in the eye when talking into the man I am today. When I joined football my freshman year I was unconfident and had no friends but in a matter of a few weeks, I was exactly the opposite. Football taught me dedication and gave me a good work ethic. I apply this work ethic and dedication to everything else I do in life like school and work. As a side note, I'm so happy with the body I've built from football and weight lifting for football and my family and friends are so impressed.

profile image

doctari 5 years ago

Hmmm lets see, continuous blows to the head, multiple concussions that arent really accidental knowing that it does result in some form of brain injury.In my opinion it's irresponsible to let your kids play football. You cant hide from the science, if you want your kids to possibly have a life long learning disability than let them play. With any luck at all maybe they will just end up with blown knees or back related injuries. Just sayin

Kimberly 5 years ago

First, I'd like to say that playing football, or any sport, has nothing to do with "being a man." That comment is sexist and archaic. I myself am a girl and I play football all the time. I think it shows how sexist people can be when I can't join the school team or even any outside leagues.

Personally, I have lasting injuries from things way tamer than football. My knee is probably messed up forever, or until I get surgery, because I was kicking a soccer ball around. My shoulder is the same because I was doing some exercises. Football is not the most dangerous thing in the world, but the way you continue to speak about it depicts it as such. People are injured every single day. It is a fact of life. We are not invincible. But we are not totally weak and vulnerable either. Our bodies were made to be able to work, to take damage.

I play tackle football, with all my friends, without any equipment. We all have fun and, besides a few cuts and bruises, nobody gets hurt. I will not be stupid enough to say that football is safe, by any means, but it is not going to kill us all. Real football, where most football related injuries occur, require players to wear protective equipment. Nobody is sending people out there to be run over by linebackers without a means of protection.

New helmets have recently been designed that will tell doctors and coaches where and how hard a person was hit. This is just an example of the advances we are making in an attempt to keep players safe. Nobody is ignorant enough to believe that football is not dangerous. Of course it is, but so is just about everything else we do. All sports have a very great risk of injury. Many of you say you want to put your kids in track and field. My cousin runs track and she now needs surgery on her knee.

Unless you want to put your child in a bubble and give them dependency issues, let them live a little. Maybe putting them on a football team at 7 or 8 isn't the best idea, but as they get older, if they want to, let them at least try.

On another note, football, just like every other sport, has definite benefits. Most, if not all teams, attatched to a school require certain grades to be able to play. This encourages players to keep up their grades and stay out of trouble. Sports and other similar activites also teach leadership, responsibility, and discipline.

I am not questioning anyones parenting abilities or decisions, I am just saying that maybe some of you are naïve and you choose not to see all sides of this situation. Injuries occur everywhere and to everyone. It's going to happen. We all just have to deal with it. I don't think it's fair to keep anyone from doing something they love because there is a possibility of getting hurt.

Let me just ask you this. Would you rather your child be affiliated with gangs, on the streets, with guns and fighting, or on the field, getting good grades, making friends, with a chance of getting hurt?

cody 5 years ago

i play football 9th grade an in the 7th i tore my acl

nick 5 years ago

Yes football is dangerous but, so isn't any other sport. My teammate recently blew out his knee playing soccer. So should you tell your kid not to play soccer also? Last year in track I tore my quad In my left leg. I was out for the 10 weeks. Injuries are a part of every sport. Cuncussions happen in soccer all the time not just in football. Last year a pitcher received a searous concussion from a ballbeing hit back at his head. Another point is more people die in car crashes each year. So what some of you are saying is that instead of stoping your kid from playing football don't ever let him in a car. Risks are taken every day in life wether they are mental or logic risks like good choices or physical risks. Let your child play what ever sport he wants because one day your child will regret not being part of a team. Sports teach you many things. Dicipline, team work and heart.

A 1st string 7th grader 5 years ago

I have been playing contact football since I was 7 and I have never had any serious injuries. Only minor ones that played through. I only had one concussion and that was last week in our game and I still played through it even though I was dizzy and couldn't remember what happened in school earlier that day.

defensive end and offensive tackle 5 years ago

Seriously, ya football is a dangerous sport but at least give your kid the option... football has taught me life lessons and it is proven to make schoolwork better, plus there's just no feeling like being in front of a crowd out on that field... its great!I play high school football now, and start, yet ive never been injured,so At least let your kid choose.

adam 5 years ago

Seriously, Your trying to stop your children playing football? What a bad parent you are... You should let your kids play any sport they want. Its there life not yours let them choose there sports. If you choose them they'll soon get bored stop playing and become fat.

angry dad 5 years ago

my kid plays football and hockey because he likes beating people up

he likes football best because you can headbut

mormen 5 years ago

i personaly think you should pop footballs with a pin i doo

me i tell yu 5 years ago

im a dad and my son is cooler than everyone's kids cos he likes to kick people'shins realy heard in football

mrs nesbit 5 years ago

the person called me i tell you is very stupid obviously my

son is better he kicks peaples heads

Mike Z. 5 years ago

You are doing a great service. Young children (and adults) should not engage this type of collisions for fun. Allowing your child to ram his head and body into other children is just plain wrong. However I think the effects and injuries are kept hidden. You read about bad injuries and death but each incident stands alone. To give parent s the proper information you should catalog life changing injuries. I think it would shocking to parents to see how often these injuries occur. There are other ways to build camaraderie, respect and strength without the risk or permanent injury. Just today I read of a boy in upstate NY who died of a head injury in a HS football game. Courageously his mother went out of the way to let the kids on the other team know she did not blame them - it was an accident. Unfortunately it was an that is part of the action. This "accident" would not have happened in other sports or other activities.

Brian 5 years ago

Really? This is just sad football is the greatest sport on earth, and no other sport will have tge same rush as playing under the lights

Aaron Buckley 5 years ago

I think kids shouldbe able to play football if they waant i mean u have to take risks in your life. Like they always say no PAIN no gain right. u cant be so parinoid. let your kids excel and try to make there dreams come true. and evveryone that looks at this web page is only looking at the bad thing in playing foot ball. you guys need to look at the good thing in it to tell u makeup your mind if your kids can play or not. And stacie if your kid wants to play let him play i mean ya he'll get bumps and bruses but who no maybe he could go in to the NFL and go to the hall of fame. So, i think if they want to play let them play

Gabriel Kunz 5 years ago

I played Ice Hockey for 4 years and i think that its more dangerous than American Football. Just saying.

Highschool player 5 years ago

Ive been playing football almost all of my life. But recently at our past home game I broke my ankle. The coach told me that I wasn't gonna be able to play for the rest of the season even though my ankle would be better within 3 weeks. Well I asked him about it and he said besiege want babies playing on the team and said that I wouldn't be allowed to play the last two years of highschool. The reason I'm righting This is because I wanted to know if a coach for highschool football is allowed to make such a call or is it up to the school and board of athletics. But I stumbled across this story which kind of relates to me.

Highschool player 5 years ago

Sorry my iPods autocorrect made some parts of that story weird. He said he didn't want babies on the team not besiege.

ytwolf 5 years ago

all sports are dangerous. even thoguh they may seem safe they're not you cna hurt yourself no matter what you do. track and feild my borther broke his arm my sister had surgey on her arm from it to. but my sisiter still does it and i am starting to do it to .

Ramsey 5 years ago

My nine year old suffered a concussion september 16 and is still not ok....he missed one month of school, has been back for 2 weeks but had to be taken out of his challenge classes by he was unable to concentrate. He has terrible headaches....constant headaches....we have had to travel 2 hours away to see a pediatric neurologist. He has post concussive syndrome (pcs.) and he is already talking about playing next year. Last year he cracked the growth plate in his elbow and this year a concussion all you "pro" let play people....what would you do....seriously...what would you do....4 broken bones a concussion missing a month of school and still " not right". If he was your kid, come August WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Kawika Young 5 years ago

You know its not whether the sport is safe or not its whether you have the heart or the drive for it I personally am approaching my 13th season of football in my life my fourth season of football in High School and yes from time to time I have been injured and I have had surgery recently on my left leg from a bone growing off my femur but I am still going to play this sport I love because I have heart and I love my team and there is nothing that will stand in my way to help or protect them and if I die oh well there are plenty more talented teenagers in the world and there are some still kids growing up... so if your son wants to play football and shows interest and heart let him play!!!

?? 5 years ago

I don't think it's worth risking everything for one big play or big game..I suffered a severe concussion 2 months ago I don't remember anything that happened or anything from before the accident. Like I don't remember the first 16 years of my life..I love the sport but you shouldn't be able to play until your at least in collage

Lloyd 5 years ago

There is a risk in what ever sport you play that you will become injured. For example i once read a survey that showed that football players are less likely to receive serious injuries in comparison to ballet dancers.(repetitive joint injury forcing operations )

A Parent in life should never force their child into any sport. They should simply support the choice they make and ensure that they understand the risks in which they take.

Personally i play rugby (uk) It is much like american football with its contact but for the exception that you do not normally were any padding Although rubber pads are accepted. While playing this ive broken my collar bone, majority of my fingers also had tendon damage around my ankle. Also more recently neck pain from a tackle completed incorrectly.

i would argue that a lot of sporting injures around the neck area are because players do not understand how to protect their neck and tackle correctly by placing their head on the correct side of the opositon.

For example if a player running right to left your head should be going onto the right hand side behind them so it is only your shoulder taking the contact. and so for example a knee or something similar can not hit your neck.

Also the importance of gym work should not be under rated. Players should understand that muscles help protect the body but also improve your game.

From a personal point of view since i started training in the gym alongside sport it removed a lot of the pain in my neck. Because the muscles became strong enough to support it correctly and allow the tendons around the neck to heal.

What ever sport your child plays a parent should support them and point them into directions which would help them succeed but also stay safe. something which my father did very well(even tho he hates me playing the sport because he has played it himself and knows the injury risk you take each time you step on the field of play ! 0

CAm 5 years ago

I used to play until I tried playing with a torn mcl And in the process of doing so messed up my shoulder to were I can't even lift my Arm for more than five seconds. I wish I could play but with probable surgery coming up I won't be Ble to play with my knee blow Out. But if my son ever wants to play it's his choice. The coaches said to use the first day football can possibly change you life this all happen to me my 8th grade year

matt 5 years ago

There is nothing bad about playing football. Being an offensive lineman I have sustained many injuries and handed out my share towards the d lineman just get up if u get hit and hit the guy harder the next time. Playing highschool football and in a league you know sooner or later to.everyone. My friend bruised his ribcage and now he is completely fine. Just give injuries time to heal that's all

Sam 5 years ago

If anything, football helped my brother. I play football too, we both love it. My brother had a back injury and his ribs where flat from holding his guitar the way he did since he was 7. Hes almost 16 now and he realised it when his back started to give him pain during football. He got His back fixed and his ribs. Football is a great game. I haven't been injured once with playing for 3 years. Kids playing football is kids getting exercise and kids getting exercise is better then kids lying around the house all day, eating junk and getting fat. Let your kids play!!!!! By the way i'm 12.

Marissa Pitts 5 years ago

I don't think that this story is right. I have played football for 5 years and have NEVER been injured. I am also a girl and I'm 12. Not everyone gets hurt playing football. You can only get hurt if...

1. Your coach teaches you wrong.

2. You don't play the game correctly.

3. Somebody else doesn't play correctly.

Football is NOT such of a neggative sport as you are making it out to be!!

Alex 5 years ago

Football is dangerous. People only get hurt when people fool around, and being stupid. If you have good coaches, they'll drill good hitting into you, i promise, you'll never get hurt as long as you tackle properly.

I've played football for 3 years, and the only injury i received was a sprained finger. So, let your kids live, Football has so many advantages, and you'll have some great memories.

Terry B. 5 years ago

These children need to wait till they reach a more mature age. Starting out when they are 7 years of age is just asking for trouble. Ramsey(of 2 months ago) asked what would I do? After her 9 year old child suffered several injuries. I would step up as a parent and say enough is enough, you are sidelined till your body heals and matures. Yes, children fall off of bikes and skateboards and get hurt in car accidents but that is exactly what they are accidents,not intentional hits from another player. Our children are being forced to mature beyond their age. Wake up parents and

really think about why you enroll your children in sports at these young ages.

They don't need contact sports while their brains and bodies are growing. They need your love and guidance.

noah l 5 years ago

doing a research project on it now i will have it posted on the internet

ALAA 5 years ago




John K 5 years ago

Football is not a bad sport, it is just seems that way from the way the professionals play it. Just let your kid play, it won't leave a negative influence on them. If anything it teaches your kids to be disciplined, and to be better around the house.

nick s 5 years ago

my son plays football and he got 3 concussions so far and he is in 11 grade. so they need a new kind of helmet.

Football 5 years ago

50 out of what? 7 million? Lol now that's some small odds

Steve Milner 5 years ago

I'm actually looking for a good argument to let high school allow paintball teams, colleges have them and the odds of getting hurt are less the football with the right gear

josh riddlespur 4 years ago

You people need to let your kids play whatever sport they want to, if you start restricting them and telling them that they will end up getting hurt if they play is a bunch of crap. I seen players get hurt and seen some players that had to be air lifted off the field, the reason why is that the player that got hurt was scared and shouldn't have never been on the field. Talk to your kids and tell them the truth about, don't start assuming that your kid will be part of every damn statistics in the world

Nnnn 4 years ago

I hate football my parents made me play and yes it is very dangerous

Ken 4 years ago

Guys I understand you don't want your kids to get hurt. That's a part of parenting. But if your fears hold your child back, then that's a problem.

Uk guy 4 years ago

Football is a safe sport, but American football, I don't know. It's pretty boring though, try doing it without all the padding, i.e. Rugby.

john castro 4 years ago

i have played football i understand how it feels i had brain promlems and i have staye at the hospital for 42 days that my head would not stop.

Nick G. 4 years ago

I am 16 I love football, practices are tough but the games are amazing you get such an adrenaline rush and you feel like your on top of the world. I played football for 2 years it is safe and fun, you make friends, you are made into a man. You people and your so called god, can't decide everything for us. Let your children be free and make there own decisions. Be Better.

Annoyed 4 years ago

Leave it to a peace lovin, tree hugging soccer mom to post this crap about injuries in THE ONLY FOOTBALL. Hope you are proud of yourself for raising homos instead of real athletes

Colton C. 4 years ago

I've been playing football since 1st or 2nd grade and now I'm in highschool. Ive never had an injury from football, not even just a twisted or sprained ankle. However, I did manage to completely tear my hamstring from the bone so violently that there's a big chunk of bone floating around in the back of my leg somewhere. This was in track, a sporting event devoid of all physical contact. I was both stretched and warmed up at the time

bob 4 years ago

let your kids play football

albundy 4 years ago

So this is the spot where all the people who believe everything they hear are discussing the imagined dangers of youth football. Get the facts.

profile image

suzzette 4 years ago



Pat 4 years ago

You people are idiots like seriously unless your son or daughter is a wuss who cant talk or strand u for himself cuz I've played with 3 girls in my football career they all loved it ironically it's more often then not bad players who get hurt because there not phisically ready to play the game or just plain out stupid

Smart 4 years ago

I just laugh at all you bullies (you know you are). You're the ones calling others wussies and stupid and weak. You're the ones who are proud of the damage you inflict on others, both physically and verbally. You're the ones claiming you're ok with being injured or paralyzed but telling others how dumb they are for not making the same decision you made (that's called projecting and you're secretly envious of those of us who decided NOT to do what you did). Hey, everybody exposes themselves to what they want, but because somebody doesn't want to play or doesn't want to let their kid play, that doesn't make them weak. Good luck, bullies, keeping real friends in life. You'll never know a friend who likes you for who you are. They only pretend to like you so you won't beat them up or make them feel weak. Now, why don't you get out of here and stop trying to coerce others.

vivek 4 years ago

nothng vry srious jst let your kids play football.........

Corona 4 years ago

1.I played football throughout high school and graduated with a 3.7gpa. Some of the best memory's I have from high school is playing ball.

2. For those of you who are trying to use the bible to put down the game. Did god give man free will to decide for himself I doubt god sees football as a sin.

3. If your child wants to play then let them play. If you stop them from playing in school or a youth league then they will just play in the streets.

4. There is more to football than just hitting. It teaches commitment, team work, perseverance, and a list of many more life lessons.

And finally it's ok to let your kids get a little scuffed up it will make them stronger your not going to be around to protect them forever. It might just make the two of you stronger

skktbrittain 4 years ago

We let our son play football and thought what he would be fine got him all the safety equipment padding he was sacked and 2 helmets hit his and we found out 2 yrs later he had a concussion and the coach's took him out but put him back in and only took him back out because he couldn't remember the plays. He now has brain damage

Pamela 4 years ago

I had a friend die in high school playing soccer. It can happen in any sport. He got kicked in the ribs and the rib punctured his lung and he passed away right there on the field. I am a mom now, who remembers very vividly seeing my friend laying in his coffin. It was very traumatic. I guess I am more paranoid now because of it.

My now 16 year old son signed up for High school football. There is so much data on head injuries, and it you get hit more than once with a concussion how much damage that can cause. I have heard coaches say "Oh, you are ok, you are not hurt that bad right?..Get back in then!!" I want my son to drop the team, he does not have a passion for it, he was recruited by the coach, sort of pressured in to it. I am not happy about that because I wasn't even asked beforehand. But they had no problem billing our account for the gear.

Shaun Best 4 years ago

Dear Director:

Could you promote a program that stresses the importance of wearing a helmet when biking, skate boarding, etc.? I ask because last year it cost America $2.3 billion for those not wearing helmets, alone. If this continues we are killing our childrens futures. Please consider the next generation? It cost me both the Olympics & the Air Force. Do you want to deny your children a future? I was hit in the head without a helmet & survived a three-month coma & you do not want to intentionally challenge (neglect) your childs' future.

Shaun Best, Protector of the Natural State

Challenged Conquistadors, Inc.

falcons 4 years ago

u people are crazy so what there are some injurers. there are injurers in every sport i am 11 and have had no conscious in six years. but i had a sprained ankle and a broken finger but it was my choice to play and i had fun. cause i was the quarterback but for all u moms out there that are scarred of letting ur kids play football com down its not that bad sure there are injurers but there are more fun then injurers

Ray 3 years ago

The equipment, the so called "padding" makes the sport more, not less dangerous. It allows the player doing the hitting to hit much harder. It does not cushion the impact for the player getting hit. And it causes a false sense of security as well as the helmets and shoulder pieces being weapons. The impact is much harder than in rugby where players have to hold back. The injuries are much worse in catastrophic nature than in other sports regardless of the numbers of injuries.

Doddie 3 years ago

The sport is not worth you not being able to bath or dress yourself at the age of 40.

james 3 years ago

I am a jh player

james 3 years ago

I am a jh player I had have lots of injury's but it motivated me to do work for my team and try in school and I have been getting better from a concussion and I have been fighting trew it so I shold play football and yore kids cause we are wearing 600 hundred dollars worth of gear football is a great thing put yore kids in it

3 years ago

just jeilous

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