Health Care Debate Continues

Health Care Debate Continues

I am watching the debate on health care again on CSPAN. I cannot believe a Republican Congressman actually used a baby to make his point. This cute little baby girl was used so that the representative could say that the health care bill would cause her mother to lose her current health care. He also stated that the baby would have too much debt in the future because of this bill.

The Democrats talked about how this bill would help the people of America. The bill would allow students to stay on their parent's health care until they are 27 years old. It would provide medicare to more individuals in the rural areas because it will attract more doctors to these areas. Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz indicated that if this bill is not passed she would not have health insurance if she lost her job.She was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year and this would be considered a pre-existing condition. There are millions of women out there who are like this congresswoman. Therefore, we really should pass this bill.

There was a questions regarding how this bill would treat veteran's health care. The Republican indicates that the bill would deny veteran's health care. The democrat indicated that the veterans would have the option to either stay with VA health care or purchase their own health care insurance.

A Democrat Representative indicated some concern about the health care bill in relationship to state laws regarding health care. The democratic chairman indicated the language would be looked at regarding this issue.

The Republicans seem to think that the Texas model for health care is the right one. The only problem with this health care plan is that 24 percent of the people in Texas is without health insurance. The Republicans state that once again that health care would just cause too much. They state that the health care bill will cause health care premiums to increase. They predict that health care would be taken over by the Federal Government. Finally a Republican representative says that there should be no mandate to purchase health insurance. They seem to think that it should be up to the individuals to purchase health insurance. The Democrat Representative argues that if you have people who want health insurance and cannot afford it, they are not free. I really do not know how the Republicans can possibly say that they have an alternative because if they had an alternative why did they wait until now to present their alternative. Health care should have been reformed when they were in the majority.

The rules are 4 hours, divided among committees. So you can see this is long process. This is just some of the highlights. As you can see it is very important that we all see and understand what is going on with health care reform. Please, please turn on C-SPAN and watch this debate. You will find that this is very interesting.


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