The Doctor Effect

Going to the doctor is scary no matter what your age. First you sit and wait way past your appointment time to get your blood pressure up. Then they finally call you back to get weighed and your blood pressure taken. The doctor comes in, looks at the chart and says, "hmmmm", and leaves the room. Now you start to worry and you srart stressing out wondering what it is. You sit in the little room in agony for what seems like hours and the doctor comes back in.

He takes one look at you and tells you that you are a nervous wreck and have high blood pressure. Then he proceeds to tell you that you need to learn to relax, maybe take some time off work, go on a vacation. Then he tells you he will write you a prescription for high blood pressure and also for your nerves.

You walked into the doctors office feeling great, and came out with high blood pressure and a nervous wreck. He wants you to take time off work, go on a vacation, and gives you prescriptions for high cost medicines, none of which you can afford. Then he gives you the bill.

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